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NY: Senator Murphy questions State on placing sex offenders in homes for the developmentally disabled

[ – 10/11/18]

Albany, NY – Being a sex offender carries with it the often well-earned reputation of being unable to mix with society. Even hardened criminals have expressed their disgust with the lewd and deviant acts perpetrated by sex offenders. A recent study has found dozens of sex offenders in New York State living in group homes for people with developmental disabilities. Their crimes can run the gamut from watching child pornography to public exposure to sexual assault.

In his capacity as Chairman of the New York State Senate Investigations and Government Operations Committee, Senator Terrence Murphy has received numerous inquiries from concerned citizens regarding the housing of violent convicted felons and sex offenders in group homes for the mentally disabled.

In response, Senator Murphy wrote a letter to Anthony J. Annucci, Commissioner of the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision, and Kerry A. Delany, Commissioner of the Office for People With Developmental Disabilities on October 3rd, requesting clarification of their policies. His concerns include the standards for placing violent felons and sexual predators in residential facilities; how to keep residents, staff and the surrounding community safe; notifying residents, their families and the community before dangerous sex offenders are placed; and training and educating the staff of residential facilities.

“The idea of putting a registered sex offender under the same roof as someone who is developmentally disabled and unable to care for themselves defies logic,” said Senator Murphy. “Nothing good can come from this policy. You’re dealing with a very vulnerable population. While the sex offenders are themselves developmentally disabled, that doesn’t mean they’re any less dangerous. Families put their loved ones in these homes so they can get specialized care, not so they end up living in constant fear of being sexually assaulted.”

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  1. LS

    So wait… Are all RC’s here in the state of California, considered (by law) “developmentally disabled” ? Because if that were true, then that means that we all automatically qualify (via the Lanterman Act of 1966) to be on, and collect, State of California disibility. Just apply and wait for your big fat check to roll in every month. With “so many” of us, I imagine this would begin to drain the big overstuffed state coffers, faster than anyone could ever imagine!! Wow, having to pay an RC because he actually qualifies for State Aid. Ill bet that would piss a lot of people off!!

  2. Eric

    Someone please inform Senator Murphy that the developmentally disabled sometimes do socially unacceptable behavior. If they were able to abide by all social norms then they wouldn’t be labeled as developmentally disabled. Maybe senator Murphy should draft a bill that only allows socially well adjusted individuals to be labeled as developmentally disabled, that should solve the problem.

  3. wonderin

    1st, Murphy’s Law. A rule that states, “If something can go wrong, it will.”
    2nd, Murphy’s Law. A rule that states, “sex offenders are themselves developmentally disabled” ?

  4. Anonymous

    Don’t want Sex Offenders living in homes for the developmentally disabled? Abolish the Registry. There will immediately be zero Sex Offenders living in homes for the developmentally disabled…

  5. NYLevel1

    Another Irish Catholic Republican who knows best and talks bullshit to gets votes from the Trump crowd.

    He’s responsible for enough misery the minute you get out of New York County. He’s to Upstate what Laura Ahearn is to Long Island. Both Irish Catholics making sure only priests can molest children.

    Quote ‘Being a sex offender carries with it the often well-earned reputation of being unable to mix with society. Even hardened criminals have expressed their disgust with the lewd and deviant acts perpetrated by sex offenders.” Well, he is very mistaken. I served time in Rikers Island with murderers yet here I am. I mix very well in society enough to have the New York Times publish my letters and comments under my own name, enough to have maintained a very well paying job in a world-wide organization for 9 years.

    Who are the ” numerous inquiries from concerned citizens ”? Can he show us? Patients at these centers are often uncontrollable and perhaps sex-offenders are at equal risk.

    I’ve got the perfect answer! Let’s all chip in and build a home for sex-offenders in Yorktown where this creep rattles his bigoted Irish Catholic crucible.

    And whilst here. Anyone want to join me demonstrating outside –
    Daniel Patrick Moynihan
    United States Courthouse
    500 Pearl St.
    New York, NY 10007-1312
    Courtroom: 26A
    Chambers Phone: (212) 805-0258
    Deputy Phone: (212) 805-0125
    next Wednesday October 24th as Dean Skelos REBUBLICAN gets sentenced to 5 years jail? He, with Laura Ahearn backing, extended the law for Level 1 RSO from 10 years to 20 years. Ahearn is still trying to get this extended to 30 years.

    • Robert

      You have some good points in your comments and these idiots will do and say anything to get reelected. But I think it would be better for you to lay off the Trump rant and the people who voted for him. They didnt put you in your situation. You did

      • NPS

        “But I think it would be better for you to lay off the Trump rant and the people who voted for him. They didnt put you in your situation. You did.”

        Have to disagree with you there. Yes, RCs put themselves in a situation, but a great majority have long paid their dues without zero re-offense. Why should we be bear the burden of these new, punitive laws or be excluded from laws that would otherwise benefit us (looking at Brown and his exclusion of RCs in AB2138). Who do you think created the punitive laws after the fact? Politicians. Who else? The people voting on state propositions. However, it goes beyond Trump and his ilk. Obama wasn’t any kind of help (IML), neither was Bush II (AWA) nor Clinton (Megan’s Law). So yes, “they” did put us in this situation where no other criminal offender is placed.

        • Robert

          You name one sex offender law that Trump signed into law against registrants. Bush, Obama Clinton,, Haslett, Foley, Weiner, Lunsford , Walsh and the Congressional asswipes are the reason we are stomped into the ground. And its always around election time

        • NPS

          I wasn’t blaming Trump. I clearly stated that this goes beyond Trump and his ilk. Seriously, what is wrong with people’s reading skills?

          Anyway, just because he hasn’t signed legislation specifically on RC issues doesn’t mean I’ll give him a pass. He’s made some boneheaded decisions on other issues.

    • WC_TN

      You got along with others at Riker’s and that is probably true, but it begs the question were you in for child molestation of a child under 12 years of age? I went to prison for that type of charge and I had to watch my back every minute. I had been called “baby raper” “cho-mo” and even had my watch taken from me by a cruddy little send-out for the Aryan Nation. Child molesters are NEVER well-received in prison.

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