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IA: Bill to Require Continued Registration

… One area I have been working on in past years has to do with requiring sex offenders that have timed out of their requirement to register as a sex offender to continue to register once with the county sheriff when they have moved to a new address. This would apply to sex offenders that have moved within Iowa, or moved into Iowa from another state. Past Iowa Supreme Court precedent has regarded this type of requirement to be applied retroactively as a regulation, not a punishment. It is imperative for the protection of our children and adults both that our law enforcement be aware of the presence of past sex offenders. I will be filing this bill again this year. …

As always, I can be reached at and at 641-750-3594. Announcement

also per

Bill Text: House File 79


Iowa legislator wants to move the goal posts

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Send him your thoughts on this! Here is my email to him just sent: Representative Dean, I am appauled by your comments regarding your intentions to have people continually Punished with registration after they have been relieved from it. This is actually beyond absurd. Once a person has completed their sentence, the state has No Right to impose severe limitations of Life and Liberty (civil rights) on a human being. Also, please stop Incorrectly referring to people that have committed a Registerable Sex Offense in their lifetime as “Sex Offenders”, as if these deranged mentally sick human beings are raping… Read more »

From my back porch here in Omaha I can see Iowa just across the Missouri River. And yeh, it’s quite cold here. And each year this guy throws this out against the wall hoping it will stick. Thank you Joe123 for sending that reply !!

I’ll be e-mailing this scumbag a brief, concise explanation of exactly why and how he is clueless and is an immoral, un-American criminal for whom we good people should have no concern. F him and everyone who supports him.

Everyone else – have an awesome day!

The more you use statistics and logic, the more they scoff and dig their heels in. I’ve never seen this level of sheer willful ignorance and emotional hysteria on ANY topic/subject.

I think its insane. I completed my 10 years registration as dictated in sentancing. I have to do it for life now? It sucks because it is punishment! I also now have full custody of my 3 children who are also punished by it! They are just starting out in school, but in the years to come they are going to have to deal woth the repercussions of this punishment. It will affect beyond me. It affects my entire family. But i guess they dont care about my kids either!

You are correct. People who support the Registries do not care about children, especially your children. If they had their way, they would not let you live with your children or see them. It is important that you understand that Registry Supporters are not people. They are not your fellow citizens. They are people whom you should consider to be criminal enemy combatants in war. They are attempting to steal a good life from your family. True harassers who cannot mind their own business or leave other families alone. I’ve seen many, many children of Registrants and heard the stories… Read more »

IMO, I think the fact that they gave you a Time Limit at sentencing proves that the intent to place you on the Registry in the first place was in fact to punish you. And the legal term “Administrative” is nothing more than mumbo jumbo to continue said punishment. The Legal system is a joke… a bad one.

The sex offender laws need to be updated, especially regarding the 4 year law. I have twins and when they were seniors in high school, they dated freshmen. One now has a misdemeanor charge and on the sex offender list. The other I have a grandchild that is now 11. How is this right? Now, because he has some anger issues, he has been in and out of prison and is now on the list until he is 60 plus. They make prison easy and when times get tough, we will just go back. Yet, we don’t help them when… Read more »

I don’t know what state you’re in but prison ain’t “easy” in California, lady.

That’s not the point she’s making, Robin. No doubt prison is tough, but compared to living outside as a registrant with all of its restrictions and the hardships they face, then yeah, prison probably is easy.

@NPS Have you been to prison? Have you been to prison in California? I have and this sex offender registry is a piece of cake compared to prison. As if my neighbors give a fuck about me being on some registry. Almost every block in Richmond has someone on the registry, so they don’t worry about that shit.


No I haven’t. But that’s great that you can brag about doing prison time in California so you can tell everyone else how easy they have it. You can’t compare your experience with others. So don’t try to shut down someone else because they struggle a bit more than you do.

Yeah, I know Richmond. Worst city in the Bay Area and more crime ridden than Oakland. They have bigger problems than monitoring sex offenders. That place is a cesspool.

@NPS How could I be “shutting” someone down when you haven’t givin this woman a chance to respond? You’re so busy playing big brother, you forgot she can defend herself. FYI I said the neighbors don’t care that I’m on the list but of course, the police still monitor sex offenders, even in Richmond. Yeah, we have our problems, but care to tell me what craphole town in the valley are you living in? Because I know you don’t live in Palo Alto, Castro Valley or Marin County because most sex offenders who whine as much as you do on… Read more »

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