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IN: Northwest Indiana legislators support bills closing loopholes in sex offender laws

[ – 1/25/19]

Northwest Indiana legislators said they are in support of bills looking to close some of the loopholes in the state’s sex offender laws.

One of those bills would ban sexually violent predators or offenders against children from working as a child care provider or baby sitter, while the other prevents a convicted sex or violent offender from petitioning for a name change.

“A lot of the issues that I’ve taken on are all things just like that, where there’s this loophole where it’s a small issue that needs to be fixed,” Rep. Ragen Hatcher, D-Gary, co-author of the name change bill, said.

A person who has been added to the state’s sex and violent offender registry could try to request a name change for various reasons, such as if they want to try to avoid the stigma of their conviction or had their case reported on in the news, according to Hatcher.

The law already prohibits a person confined in a department of correction facility from petitioning for a name change, and Hatcher said this bill would add convicted sex and violent offenders to that list.

Sen. Frank Mrvan, D-Hammond, proposed his own bill, which would ban sex offenders from working as a baby sitter, as a child care provider or for a child care provider, after hearing about an incident in Anderson, he said.

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  1. Dustin

    As though registrants who want to change their name to avoid the registry and find more victims will go through proper legal channels to change their name anyway.

    Are legislators required to have their common sense surgically removed before assuming office or when they announce their candidacy? How exactly does a person loses all common sense when becoming a politician?

    But at the same time, that’s not always a bad thing. At one time, it was common sense that the sun orbited the earth and the earth was flat.

    • Will Allen

      It is funny to watch pathetic criminal legislators grasp for increasingly idiotic ways to harass people on their hit list. I know for a fact that it is quite easy to hang out with all kinds of random families and have them know you by a different name. So completely easy and trivial. That is how I would think that anyone who wants to do anything crazy would just do it. But even that isn’t necessary. I know tons of people who know my real name who will never have any chance of knowing that I’m listed on a big government hit list. Easy to set up any situation that you need.

      And you are right. People who are up to something aren’t going to be worrying about what is legal or not. To think otherwise really is just beyond stupid. But that is a criminal legislator for you.

      Further, what would be a problem with a legal name change? Would that not be the name that would need to be Registered then? Where I live, a person can have multiple names and all must be listed. That certainly includes all legal names.

      Regarding the babysitting part – just more stupid sh*t. Any parent leaving their children with ANYONE has to have the same level of vigilance. Doesn’t matter at all if the person is listed on a big government hit list or not. Doesn’t matter. If you think otherwise, your children are probably in danger of being molested, due to your stupidity.

      And the article says banned from “working as a child care provider or baby sitter”. Does that mean that you can’t watch your nephews? Is that “working”? I don’t know. But if that is the case, anyone who supports it needs to be kicked out of Amerika. They are a danger to ALL free people. We don’t want their kind here.

      Lastly, I’ll also say that as a parent, I don’t need or want ANY “help” at all from big government forcing me to include or exclude certain people from watching my children. I will take of my children myself, without “help” from big government. Because I’m a good parent. I’m not like these criminal legislators who are too stupid to parent their little douche-bags-in-training and helping/letting them get molested. I’m not like those dumbasses and I don’t need their “help”.

      Remember “if you see something, say something”? Forget that. Big government is last place people should look for moral help.

    • Tim

      SOR pages all have AKA so name change law fruitless EXCEPT As affirmative disability.
      Many offenders have handles or nicknames etc THEMSELVES LISTED, so even in the case a registered person legally changing name would be listed anyway.

      Thank you for reminding me of that fallacy in logic. I can make that point to the 12.

  2. Facts should matter

    “A person who has been added to the state’s sex and violent offender registry could try to request a name change for various reasons, such as if they want to try to avoid the stigma of their conviction or had their case reported on in the news, according to Hatcher.”

    Stigma = shaming = PUNISHMENT

    • Will Allen

      They aren’t very good at maintaining their “not punishment” lies. Politicians surely ought to be the best liars. Are they not professionals? I guess they don’t worry about lying if they know they can just get away with it.

      And what is this BS about “reported on in the news”? I thought the Registries were for “protecting” people. How is someone who moves next door to a Registered person going to know anything about some news 5 years ago?! They won’t. They are going to have to rely on their big government hit list and obviously the name isn’t going to matter.

      I did see any way to comment at the article itself. That’s unfortunate.

  3. NY won’t let go

    Wouldn’t this fall under that who equal protection thing? Mothers who kill their kids can change their name, drug dealers can change their name, arsonists can change their name, but the kid who had sex with his girlfriend cannot.

    Either way if you change your name you’d have to update the registry people of your new name.

  4. Tim IN WI

    “Closing a loophole” = Defiance of constitutional right.

    We saw a commercial, political ad in the election of our Chief Justice in 2012. It boasted of her efforts to “close a loophole” concerning Sex offenders. The ad was referring to the Smith case inWI, a non sexual component used to require registration of SMITH!

    Mr.Smith had taken a 17yr. old female marijuana dealer for a ride around the block while the deal was made. He was broke so he was attempting to not pay(rob her) for the sack. She wasn’t having that so a struggle began, and he hit the gas and began trying to push her out of the car. Police noticed and acted according, arrest for kidnapping. His crime not motivated by deviance. Mission creep EXPOSED.
    It was about the DATBASE, and always was.
    GOV uses thereof
    It goes all the way to the top.

    • Tired of this

      I was going to comment on the loophole thing but you beat me to it. Any bit of light at the end of the tunnel for us is always a f—ing “loophole” needing to be “closed.”

      Yeah, surely the only motivations a registered citizen could have for wanting to change his name would be nefarious; there couldn’t possibly be other reasons, like you know, wanting gainful employment and housing.

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