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Living with 290

Living with 290: Early Discharge from Parole Granted

I wanted to share an experience that might provide everyone a better idea of the current climate in the California CDCR Parole arena. I was just approved for an early discharge from parole and have an appointment to go in tomorrow to have my ankle monitor removed and be officially discharged.

The plea deal I took, for a 288(a) L&L w/child under 14 included a 6 year prison term at 85% and 3 years of parole. When I was released, I was informed that my parole was now 10 years due to changes in the law. I am on Parole in Riverside County, CA.

The 3 year anniversary of my release was April 1st. My Parole Agent recommended me for early discharge, as did his supervisor, a PA-III, and the “DA” … which I only know as “District Attorney” but I suspect may be the title of someone within CDCR? He said he would know in approximately two weeks, however to not get my hopes up, because they’ve not seen anyone approved for an early discharge with my length of parole, only “talk” of it.

Yesterday, he received a status change. The BPH returned my review with an early discharge approved as of May 3rd.

This story should provide HOPE for those under lengthy parole terms and their families. I’ve been continuously employed since my release. I’ve never missed one group session of sex offender therapy. I was open and honest during one on one’s. I was polite and respectful to parole staff and agents. I passed all of my polygraph examinations. I’ve had stable housing. I participated in the process, I didn’t fight it.

I wish everyone the same fortune.

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I told the truth to every polygraph question. The machine said I was slightly deceitful.
Humiliated by clinician in group and sent to the back of the “graduated sanctions” line. F#€ked

AMAZING! Congrats!!!! Wow
Maybe SB145 WILL PASS! along w/Tiered Reg.
Maybe they’re listening to the CASOMB board finally.
You hopefully the first of many for early release off of Parole

Congratulations! Glad to hear it worked for you. I hope it’ll work for many others as well!

I can corroborate this. In my group (Orange County) one person is almost at his halfway point for a 10 year parole. He was given a form to sign for earned discharge credits (I read it) which stated he would be eligible for early release at the halfway point. It also said if you hadn’t violated parole in the first 2 1/2 years you would be eligible after 3 years, which may have happened to the original poster here. So if anyone is just starting out, please don’t violate parole!

The others in group haven’t been given a form yet, but my understanding is they may not give it to you until you approach the halfway point.

The counselors also told us 4 weeks ago that we may see this kind of paperwork, and they were right.

Hello everyone, this feels like an appropriate topic to ask this question. I have been reading about this bill AB-1182 Post Release Supervision of Offenders. Here is the link to the bill:

It looks to me like any of us on parole will finally be up for early discharge if this goes through. What I’m trying to figure out is how long it will take for this bill to make it through the system. From what I can see in the wording, a lot of RSOs on parole will find relief. I can’t seem to find a lot of information out on the net.

Any help deciphering this mess would be helpful. I have read the bill three times and still feel unsure of what it offers.


Probation is easy if you’re not doing anything wrong and the fact that people are getting early discharged off of 10 years probation or parole for pc290 charges just shows the fact that people are starting to wake TF up
10 year probation thats just ridiculous I’m glad to see this brother find some peace and light at the end of a very dark tunnel ..

Congratulations on early release from parole!

Does anyone have any insight to early termination of probation? We are in Riverside County too, and husband is on County Probation, but about to hit the halfway mark. No violations or issues with probation. Just wondering if anyone has had success with getting it shortened.

I was just notified in my containment meeting that I was doing great and they are recommending switching from to parole agent check-ins to one per month. Then they also dropped the bombshell that my parole was now 10 years from 3!!! When I “took the deal” three years was said. This is crazy! How the heck can they change the deal?

“How can they change the deal?”…. That is the million dollar question that so many of us have been asking in our own situations for years. I grew up naively thinking that the government in America was for the most part about law, about justice, and truth, and all of that boy scout stuff. Well, it’s not. It’s corrupt. Our state and federal government is a corrupt seething cesspool. Law enforcement is corrupt, criminal justice, probation, parole, it’s all corrupt. They see themselves as good people and look at people who’ve done crimes like you’ve done as lesser people that they can get away with doing that to. Because they’re the righteous ones, and you’re irredeemable, you don’t deserve anything good in their eyes, so they’ll just do things to you that they see fit, or whatever they think they can get away with, and you can’t do anything about it, because nobody will take your side, because you’re a piece of excrement to them.

I feel bad for them, because I belong to Christ, and God sees what these people have done, and are doing, and it’s not going to go well for them in the end…

I just want to add. They did the same thing to my husband. He also was sentenced to 6 yrs prison, 3 yrs parole. At release from prison, he was told its 5 yrs parole. Then they told him, no its now 10 (this about the 4 yr mark)
At around the 5 1/2 yr mark of parole, and right after his annual meeting with his agent (I think this one was number 18 on the list of parole agent changes) they called him two days later and told him he needed to come in. Didnt say why.
Well hub was working and wouldnt be able to make it before they closed. His agent said….ok. well come in first thing in the morning.
He then called him back and said…….You can cut off your ankle monitor, you’ve been released from parole. His *counselor* also called him and told him the same thing.
Well hub refused to cut the thing off, and made them do it. I told hub he had to take a photo of the agent cutting it off. (no dummy here)

So just his experience.
He has not paid restitution (bad idea cause that will catch up to him)
He did everything he was supposed to while on parole.
He did complete his therapy classes. (group meetings mostly)
He had no idea and from the sounds of it, neither did his parole agents that he was going to be released.
I was happy because he could move back home then. (I didnt want parole agents all up in my business or in my home anytime they wanted to come in and due to the residency restrictions our house is too close to parks and schools, so hub lived separately)

Anyone know how to submit a request for “Earned Discharge Consideration”
Is there a form?

Has anyone heard anything in regards to 20 year parole? I believe I was supposed to have 5 and it turned into 20… any info grateful appreciated.

Listen guys, SB 1182 is under submission, meaning they got blow back against it–there is so much money involved with sex offenders. Job security for all involved–including the doctors. If we are “cured” they are unemployed. Keep the myth going. According to CDCR’s own stats we have the lowest rate of re-offending of all offenses except pot possession and meth manufacturing. Go figure.

I got you though. I got info that they do not want you to have.

So, I am understanding that ab1182 will give no relief for anyone on parole over 5 years in duration… is this correct?

10 years parole on a 288(a) charge? I thought the law was 20 years 6 months for 288(a)? My BF took a plea deal that said max of 4 years parole but now has been told it’s 20 year 6 months because of the 288(a) charge. Is that not correct? Can it be 10 years? Please let me know. Thanks!

My husband committed his offense in 2010 & was convicted in 2011 for 288(a) L&L w/ child under 14. After being deemed by a psychologist NOT A PEDOPHILE, NOT A RISK OF REOFFENDING, he was sentenced the lowest term of 3 years prison followed by 3 years parole. In 2014 few months before his release from prison, he was forced to agree to 5 YEARS. Then 1st thing when he got out & reported to parole, they CHANGED HIS 5 YEARS PAROLE TO 20 YEARS!?!?! 1st 602 got DENIED. 2nd 602 was PARTIALLY GRANTED FROM 20 YEARS TO 10 YEARS… if anybody cares enough to read this far into what ive wrote can you PLEASE TELL ME IF YOUVE EVER HEARD OF A CASE LIKE THIS.

Are you allowed to live with your own biological child while on parole? Does anyone have a list of parole conditions?


The situation sounds horrible and terrible and tragic. While on parole or probation the PO has enormous power over you and your circumstances. I got married while on probation and the court ordered counselor threatened to violate me if I married. We worked it out and but it made for a rough couple of weeks.

Parole conditions,’to my understanding, are unique to each individual/case. If you do not have a copy of your conditions you can contact your attorney (if you had one), or possibly the public defenders office might be able to help you.

Without more information not sure there is much more I can offer. Work to the best of your ability to get you PO and anyone else in the legal system on your side. It takes a long time and a lot of effort to gain even a little trust, but it can be the difference in getting conditions changed.

I hope your situation can improve

I am on 5 year parole for 288.1(a) Have been on parole for 3 years and 21 days today, I have not been notified of BPH Completing a good cause determination and am looking for advice on how to proceed,

Does anyone know the name of the good cause evaluation? My parole officer doesn’t know nor does BPH and DAPO, I talked with all three today, not sure how to proceed… been on parole 3 yr 1 month and 2 days now…Please help! I want to be off parole if possible

I am still confused. I have a 10 year parole and I was told that I have a review at my halfway mark. I just found out that I have a review at the end of the year for discharge and that is my 3 year mark of parole. I have graduated from therapy and been on maintenance for the past 6 months. Hopefully they discharge me. I was told that no one leaves parole before their halfway mark.

I don’t have any verifiable documentation, because this is not in the DOM or Title 15. But my parole officer did confirm that early discharge is possible but not probable. Every year you have a discharge review. If you have not completed treatment or have a failed polygraph in the last two years then you are automatically disqualified. If you are up for consideration, your PO has to PERSONALLY endorse you for consideration. Now consideration doesn’t mean squat, it just means you are considered. This entails having to compile a lengthy report on your behalf. He told me this means gathering letters of recommendation. There is no set metric for a successful review, the goal is to simply paint a picture. You have to have financial sustainability and continuous residence, with no current defects from the perspective of parole. This includes family and community support. Also, I found a Title 15 Reg suggesting that HRSO are looked at with even more scrutiny. IF and only if your personal PO endorses you for consideration, then the supervisor also has to give their endorsement. Once the supervisor has their endorsement, then the DA (District Administrator) has to give their endorsement. I was told this one was a toss up. Most people get shot down at the PO or supervisor level – they can use reasons including, while the parolee is working they are not making enough money, the parolee has a lack of community endorsement, the parolee appears unstable, etc. After the DA gives their endorsement, then the case is sent to the BPH for review. Whom ultimately makes the final decision. But it all starts with your PO writing a lengthy report on your behalf to be “considered.” And lets be real, most PO’s are not interested.

While their are differences between Parole or Probation who is quick to judge today. Yes its shameful today that many are quick to judge another. There is always hope but with government today in many of these registry issues that are no more than a pride and a form of punishment are we all on probation. When its all said and done the courts could be just as wrong in this quick to judge.

I don’t like to comment on many things.Sure many of the thoughts and comments are good.whether right or wrong it is still true judgement that matters.Seems that many of you all have the right thought or comment or the quick fix but are we today inquiring diligently or is the plea deal the way to pass go and get off this registry. I should hope we all are inquiring diligently.

If today’s court of law made careful inquiry instead of trapping and entrapping another their would be a lot less people on this registry.

They cannot keep you on parole past your max release date unless the court specifically ordered more in your sentence. People do not understand this and it is hell and hoops of filing with parole but they CANNOT keep you on parole past your max sentence end date. They will if you let them just as they are giving people 85% for attempts 288(a)s when they are non violent and half time. No one fights it as I did to get their half time and just take it. FFFFF that….. I got mine and over 6 months early parole release. I did 2 year 5 month parole in CA. My max release date. Did not have to get permission or be granted it, it is the law.

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