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FL: Homeless Sex Offenders Must Move Again

Ever since the Julia Tuttle Causeway became an encampment for sex offenders more than a decade ago, officials have been trying to shoo the group away from the rest of civilization. Thanks to stringent requirements mandating that child predators live 2,500 feet from schools, parks, and daycare centers, the offenders have struggled to find legal housing, leaving many effectively homeless. For years, the roving offenders have been shuffled from one place to another, angering unlucky neighbors and nearby business owners. Full Article

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But of course, no federal or state judge finds anything wrong with any of this.

It somehow doesnt count as unconstitional banishment?

What are the statistics on how many registered citizens left the county due to this over the last decade?

Perhaps Mr book would help fund a place to put them if it had barbed wire and armed guards to essentially put these free people that did their time back in a prison.

If you look at the verbal gymnastics Ron Book performed in his comment, you see that he does NOT want to create a permanent housing solution for homeless registrants. Why? Because Mr. Book has a significant financial interest in maintaining the homelessness status of registrants. The Foundation he and his daughter run get subsidy money that increases with the increase of registrants who are homeless. If they are housed or find a place to live, he loses out on the subsidy. In addition, the ONLY reason his daughter is a state senator is because of the Books parlaying her victimhood… Read more »

“”If somebody wants to build something away from the general population, we would certainly encourage that,” Book says.”

Which is hardly the stated intent of Residency Restrictions / Jessica’s Law, which is to protect children of registrant abuse in places where children congregate, like schools, parks and day cares (which happens, like, never) by registrants residing less than a 10 minute stroll from aforementioned child centric places (which happens, really really, never).

His honesty that this is about banishment is actually quite refreshing.

btw – is the convicted criminal’s current criminal drunk driving case still active?

Meanwhile, Ron Book has earned his second DUI this one involving an accident that was his fault because he was intoxicated over the legal limit. Last year 10,874 people died in drunk driving accidents. over 1000 children were killed by drunk drivers. Did you hear that senator Lauren Book? 1000 children were murdered by people driving while they are intoxicated!!! Yet all those drunk drivers will get a second chance, a third chance like your father, a fourth and fifth chance. They will get their licenses back. They will all be on the road again. They are not on a… Read more »

I just copied and pasted your comment along with a link to this page for Senator Lauren Book! You can all reach her at as well.

I asked her to reply to the comment as Florida’s constituents expect her to be prioritizing child safety.

Why hasn’t anyone in Florida challenged and successfully won the Residency restrictions as has been done in EVERY other state that a challenge was filed in??


If Ron and Lauren didn’t know the love he had on the left coast before, he could now if the link to this site is clicked you provided.

You’d need to ask Florida Action Committee about challenging residency issues. I bet they’d answer.

” Why hasn’t anyone in Florida challenged and successfully won the Residency restrictions as has been done in EVERY other state that a challenge was filed in?? ”

They did twice I believe but, Florida southern district court won’t budge. We had appealed to the 11th judicial circuit court and that court sided with us and it was remanded back to the same Florida southern district court and again denied. So it will be appealed again.

Here is the recent from December 2018.

oops, sorry. Error. I mean’t the 11th circuit court of appeals….not the state level 11th judicial circuit court that is in Miami.

So has an appeal been filed? How is it that Miami county has a different set of laws than every other county that had to remove residency restrictions when challenged? Seems like a bias with judges or poorly prepared lawyers.

FAC hasn’t officially stated anything, but from reading FAC for years now, an appeal is probably expected from them since the 11th circuit court of appeals already were friendly to us with this issue the first time.

” Seems like a bias with judges ”

Most likely. The southern district has never budged for sex offender issues with SORR laws. ” My guess ” is that Ron Book has his influence in there somehow.

@ON STATUTORY CONSTRUCTION – “Was in prison for a sex crime enumerated” A) Law aimed at ONLY CONVICTS. B) Utilizes the same agency systems to compel additional oversight\ supervision for widely different criminal behaviors. AS IT THE FOUNDERS HADN’T WEIGHED THE PROS AND CONS OF EX POST FACTO LANGUAGE ALWAYS KNOWING ” A LEGITIMATE PUBLIC INTEREST” WOULD IN EVERY INSTANCE BE CLAIMED BY THE KING! AND OFTEN WAS! @Partial banishment is clear proof of affirmative restraint and intent based upon the electronic list itself. In plain words databases are being utilized by government to impede liberty and the free exercise… Read more »

This is a reason why I will not visit Florida or endorse it to anyone.

Blast her FB page, which is loaded with boasts of her saint-like altruistic community contributions, yet devoid of efforts to curb drunk driving.

I would love to, but everything written in her page is publicly visible to your entire network of friends, so that makes such a feat nearly impossible. Maybe just posting statistics about low recidivism rates and high rates of children being killed by drunk drivers will passive-aggressively get the point across?

Mr. Ron Book, & Mr. Jon Walsh are parents of victimized children. While each has experienced a different collateral outcome, each also feels a tremendous amount of psychological pain from their own choices. Facts are important. A. Ron B. hired on the nanny to rear his child, as HE was to busy doing something else. B. Jon W. after having been informed by his boy of his need to pee or poop, sent his son off to a public bathroom BY HIMSELF in a busy Mall, as HE was to busy doing something else. The perpetrators, one female(molester), one male(… Read more »

A. Ron Book’s daughter’s abuse took place in his own home, by his own employee. Over years, including physical abuse like being thrown down the stairs, resulting in extensive bruising. Which BOTH Mr. and Mrs. Book never noticed. (Sh!tty parents of the century candidates, if you ask me). Whatever the situation, NONE of this has anything to do with restricting anyone from residing near a park, school, day care, library etc. B. Adam Walsh’s murder was never proven to even include a sexual component. Since only the poor child’s head was recovered, and the person who confessed (never convicted) to… Read more »

Not so surprised that many have yet to make the electronic list. The politically connected say Slick Willy won’t get there either, tho several women have made claims of attack from W.J.C.. That is the real danger posed by the databases as some will be impacted but others of similar unlawful behavior will not. The use of claims of sexual perversion, moral turpitude formally, has long been a tactic used to discredit adversaries in public. The invent of the electronic infrastructure exacerbates that adversarial advantage to those with the keys to the data use. There was a compelling reason for… Read more »

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