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Janice & Company,
I honestly believe you could make a run for Governor of Cali.
The Don used Twitter so can you.
Best wishes.

A bit of InfoSec advice…

It is more secure to bookmark the ACSOL Twitter feed than to “follow” it. “Following” someone on Twitter requires you be logged into a Twitter account, and that you “add” ACSOL to your feed; sort of like Facebook. All it takes is one National Security Letter to Twitter, and “they” will know who all of Janice’s followers are.

Sure man go ahead and believe the facility near Saratoga springs doesn’t exist nor Google either. You are correct about registration obligations to report those handles. Neglect may get you popped but only if they want you for profit.

Might as well prompt The Don@POTUS viaTwitter to embrace Cleland’s Mandamus in MI and. ask if he’ll send in The National Guard to MICHIGAN -like Selma Alabama & G. Wallace. The rest of the mutts will be freed soon after. That move would really stick it to the swamps surveillance saints and aid in his election by millions. The move may buy him some cred with the courts too.

Are you suggesting the federal government could subpoena Twitter for a list of ACSOL followers and find my name on the list? That they might figure out that I’m a registrant and put my photo, name, address and convictions on a web site for the whole world to see?
Nah, that’s too far fetched. You’re just paranoid. Never gonna happen.

C ,
Can the feds currently subpoena firm’s electronic records from firms electronic devices? Yes! Do they need to ? Not at all when done via Prysm snapshots and FISAs that are merely, in practice, are rubber stamps.
It is not the initial ‘ creation’ of an internet I’D or platform identification ( name, handle or hastag) that makes it track-able or trace-able by the federal. RATHER IT IS THE USE OF the ID( or email) that measured collected & stored for all eternity! Some refer to it as metadata however that too is a common misnomer meant to disguise potential quantum misuse via programmed analysis.

Ultimately the machines are for misuse because that is human nature. Our National sec. Institutions spend a great deal of time and money to prevent A b*mb attack on our soil because the infrastructure makes it more likely today purely as an extension of network efficiencies. same goes for ID THEFT! Did the Arab 911 Attackers utilize the ( our own) electronic infrastructure to complete their mission? Yes. Did that 911 attack come before OR after our leadership decided to advertise the worst of the nation’s flock world wide?

Too many suffer ignorance as to the true nature and workings of the database infrastructure commonly known as the internet or World wide web. Too many underestimate the potential to consolidate power & support unjust rule wrought by the databases’ development. For ex post registrants it is too late for anti-trust, we’re already sold out.

Yeah, F those “National Security Letter” idiots. Just like almost ALL of the rest of their Nanny Big Government (NBG) co-criminals, they are doing idiot work and are part of the huge NBG that is driving our national deficit to unfathomable levels. Anyone know how much money we owe these days? Take a look. China loves it and they love our idiotic, wasteful Registries. Dipshit Amerikans at work.

I want the NBG idiots to know I follow ACSOL. They should see that millions of Americans do. I also want them to know that NBG is the enemy of all good Americans.

Some public apathy but mostly registrants own neglect has a role. The right to call witnesses exists for everyone in FTR. Did the founders plan for such a situation? Yes!
Tiz called trial by peers.

Sir, WTF are you saying? If you are trying to say something that you’d like for me to somewhat understand, you are going to have to speak plain English. I hope you are in a mental state such that you can. Are you doing okay?

Some people talk crazy just so people think they are smart. But that’s dumb. Smart people speak in ways that are very obvious and plain for people to understand. At least if they are interested in getting any points across.

Regardless, I hope you are in peace.

@Will Allen:
“Sir, WTF are you saying?”
A humorous intro to a post with words right out of my own head!

As an aside, in case any one was wondering, ACSOL values everyone’s privacy so we do not store anyone’s name.

The only thing we have is your phone number (if you sign up for text alerts) or your email (if you sign up for email alerts or post a comment).

There is no link between your name and your phone or email.

Of course, if you use your real name in the comments like me, that is your choice.

And of course we can’t control Twitter, so whatever you tell Twitter when you sign up for an account is on you.

Doesn’t twitter kick “registered sex offenders” off the site like Facebook does?

Meh, I don’t know their policy but I’ve had a Twitter account in my own name for a very, very long time. I only use it for legitimate purposes. In the state where I live, they gave up on the stupidity of trying to force Registered People (RPs) to report “internet identifiers” so I don’t have to tell the criminal regime about it.

Twitter might kick RPs off but if they did, anyone who wanted to do anything nefarious would simply and trivially just create another account. Except that time, they would hide it.

I’ve had a Facecrook account for a long time as well. But I’ve also had numerous “fake” Facecrook accounts suspended. What has happened with those is that I will say too much that offends the wrong snowflake or too many snowflakes and they will report to Facecrook that they think or “know” that I am an RP. Sometimes I will even say that I am. Then Facecrook will suspend the account until/unless I “verify” my real identity. Facecrook appears to have all of that fairly automated so it won’t waste too much of their time. For example, you can supposedly scan a driver’s license and e-mail it to them and that will “verify” your account. I fully expect it would be quite trivial to digitally forge a driver’s license to do that. But I never worry about it. If Facecrook suspends one of my accounts, I just use one of the other 100. And create 10 more.

What I find to be very funny is to just use another account to post the exact same comment again for the snowflakes to read. If I posted something as X and they suspended the X account, I’ll report the exact same thing as Y. I’ve had many, many times when some Registry Terrorist (RTs) has said, “I know Y is X,” like they are Sherlock Holmes, LOL. Funny stuff. Sometimes I’ll do that 5 times in a row. I think that sends the correct message to RTs. Does seem to blow their tiny minds, which is hilarious.

People who think Registering “internet identifiers” protects anyone are truly idiots. And the point of the Registering is, of course, not really to protect anyone. The point is to try to silence RPs so that the criminal regimes can more effectively persecute them. That is the true point. No one wants the unwashed speaking. The facts and reality are too messy for the snowflakes. And the Registering, tracking, prosecuting, jailing, etc., etc., etc., ad naseuam, is an industry unto itself that gives a lot of stupid, fairly unemployable losers jobs. Bottom line.

The criminal regime of N. Carolina is trying to make it illegal for RPs to violate the Terms of Service of criminal enterprises like Facecrook. They are DESPERATE to silence bothersome RPs. I don’t know where their crimes stand but you can be sure that they won’t stop trying to commit crimes. It is also hilarious that they make such crimes felonies. Why do they do that? Because they are so dangerous and damaging, LOL?! Of course not. It is because they are stupid, little, ineffective, pathetic losers who are trying to feel a little bit better about their lame selves and they MUST try to control other people that they can call “less” than their lame selves. THAT is why everything is a terrible, awful, dangerous felony. The losers have zero credibility, as usual.

Everyone needs to remember – the point of trying to keep RPs off of Facecrook, etc., has zero to do with fake “protecting” anyone. It is harassment, period. Just like the Registries. What kind of legitimate government harasses their own citizens?

Anonymous — I assure you, they do not.

Neither YouTube or twitter do as far as I know unless you break on of their policies

Twitter suspended me and it is against their TOS to create a new account. Violation of their TOS can easily turn into a computer crime for violating a provision of the DMCA and given how easily a person can be reported for even the slightest upset at anything I might say or who I follow, I refuse to risk this.

I was suspended for being fiscally conservative and socially liberal, but all Twitter sees of me is that i must be a racist nazi trump supporter. I was also suspended for calling out and reporting a terrorist. Now i am perma-suspended.

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