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NC: Sheriff warns sex offenders to stay away from the fair

Men and women on the sex offender registry know they’re supposed to avoid areas where children are, but the local sheriff wants to be sure that’s top of mind now that the Cleveland County Fair has opened. Full Article

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He’s talking about those on probation or parole, right? If not, then this is a solution WITHOUT a problem. What a friggin joke. What about convicted drug dealers? What if they have 2 drug convictions? They’re ok to come on in??

No, he is talking of EVERYONE who has to register. In North Carolina, it doesn’t matter if they are on or off parole, all registrants are restricted from the fair and all other child-centric locations and events. Remember, this is the state that convicted a registrant not on parole for a Facebook post, the case that got overturned by SCOTUS (Packingham).

Awesome… what’s the address of this fair? “….will arrest registered sex offenders if they’re found on the fairgrounds…” IF IF IF found…. arrest me idiot.

This is how the criminal regime idiots have destroyed ANY chance that their Registry toy could be useful or acceptable. If they had only kept the Registries as they originally lied in order to get wary people to create them, then the Registries could have had a chance. Remember the original lie – Registries were needed so people would be “informed”?

Registries could have a chance if the criminal regimes:

1. Created Registries for all significant crimes. Create 100+ Registries or just 1 Registry for everyone, doesn’t matter.

2. Made it so that no Registered Person (RP) had any obligation to do anything, ever. The criminal regimes would be 100% responsible for collecting/verifying any information that they wanted to put on their Registry. No RP could be arrested for anything then, of course.

If they could do those 2 tiny things, Registries could possibly have a chance. They’d certainly be more moral, American, and less counterproductive.

But anyway, yeah, stupid, truly useless harassment like restricting certain pariahs from fairs will do absolutely nothing productive. These criminal regimes are so, so dumb. And it is just hilarious that they are too dumb to even try to disguise their harassment by at least restricting a lot more people. Why didn’t they restrict people who have shot people with guns?!! That alone is flipping outrageous. How about people who have shot people at THAT fair?!!

Anyway, yes, I do think they are inviting RPs from all over country to attend this fair. Perhaps it is a ploy to increase attendance?

My question is this for all sex offenders or just ones on probation or parole? If its for everyone, no matter how long ago their conviction is, how is this not banishment and thus punishment? This Sheriff’s asinine logic that kids will be there so he wants to keep it a family environment pretty much covers ANY place in the city (malls, theaters, etc.) because children and families will potentially be there. I personally think anyone on the registry regardless the color of their skin knows exactly how it must have felt in the Jim Crow days, or even Nazi Germany to a certain extent.

The law covers everyone required to register, not just those on paper. Here is the PDF link to the state law:

Good thing this “big fish in a small pond” Sheriff is letting everyone know he means business. According to 2017 US Census Bureau data, Cleveland County, NC has a population of 97,334 and the county seat, Shelby, has a population of 20,018.

So tell me mister big, bad lawman, how exactly will you figure out if any RCs from outside your “fear-isdiction” are wandering in? I suppose you can track whatever handful you have in county or nearby, but what if someone pops off the nearby Interstates and swings in for an Elephant Ear or Corn Dog? You’re going to know?!? Righhhht….

Go back to your hole, tough guy. Go back to your donuts. The world is safer without your type “fixing” things.

For the people too lazy to look up their statutes G.S. 14-208.18 Page 1 § 14-208.18. (See Editor’s note for contingent expiration date) Sex offender unlawfully on premises. (a) It shall be unlawful for any person required to register under this Article, if the offense requiring registration is described in subsection (c) of this section, to knowingly be at any of the following locations: 4) On the State Fairgrounds during the period of time each year that the State Fair is conducted, on the Western North Carolina Agricultural Center grounds during the period of time each year that the North Carolina Mountain State Fair is conducted, and on any other fairgrounds during the period of time that an agricultural fair is being conducted.
And section (c) referenced above. (c) The subdivisions of subsection (a) of this section are applicable as follows: (1) Subdivisions (1), (3), and (4) of subsection (a) of this section apply to persons required to register under this Article who have committed any of the following offenses: a. Any offense in Article 7B of this Chapter or any federal offense or offense committed in another state, which if committed in this State, is substantially similar to an offense in Article 7B of this Chapter. b. Any offense where the victim of the offense was under the age of 18 years at the time of the offense.

@ bo…you are pretty good with the research, now, if you please, I would like to know the stats for dates prior to this law being enacted–this law that targets only people on the registry–of just how many people on the registry were committing crimes at this illustrious fair. It must have been a significant number of violations to cause a law addressing specific minority class to be passed. Then, I would like to compare that number with the number of crimes like fighting, disorderly conduct, assaults and robberies linked to alcohol consumption at said fair, and then, if in fact there have been numerous criminal acts related to public drunkenness (I think we all know that answer) I must ask if alcohol is still being served at the fair?

You see, I bring this up because I live in a very large city in California, and my community has an annual Oktober fest–it is happening this weekend as a matter of fact– and unlike Cleveland, sex offenders are not banned, they are treated as regular human beings that have paid their debt to society. In my years here I have not heard of a single incident of a sex offender doing anything at all illegal or even inappropriate, and believe me, we all know it would be front page of the local paper if it happened. But as for public intoxication…well, it is Oktober fest and I guess it is just part of the celebration. Nobody seems too concerned when the revelry gets a little out of hand in the beer garden. Cheers to the honorable sheriff and his visionary thinking.

Laws passed by the legislature are assumed to be constitutional unless challanged and successfully changed or removed, which NARSOL is doing at the moment in NC but the process takes years.

What was promulgated at record speed via Statutory withholding threat upon Byrne Grant dollars promised to states for compliance based coercion as you say takes years to challenge. No doubt a group of registrants could publicly attempt to enter the county fair because arrest would surely arise and thereby proving the affirmative restraint imposed ex post via the regime’s intent clearly demonstrated.

But none will, why, fear and chilling effect.

@Tim in Wi: “But none will, why, fear and chilling effect.” LOL, I bet there will be some there. And NO ONE will ever know.

@R M:

I took the sheriff’s comments as a request to attend the fair. He is a piece of shit that grandstands all the time. This was part of his current election campaign. Corrupt sheriff, corrupt department.

If I lived near there, I doubt if I’d go. But if not, he invited everyone. I’d go but make sure I didn’t spend a dollar there.

There it is again, in the last sentence: All RCs are Predators!

Good Day All,

Well, here we go again with NC. A state so backwards in its RSO rules/regs that it continually finds itself on the arse end of victorious lawsuits on the part of the aggrieved.

Yes, this “Barney Fife” Sheriff probably is in need of a few new cars, maybe some tazers and some haircuts. So, he does this to show the “proactive” approach and that “in order to enforce NC laws, he needs more equipment” kinda thing. Then he gets approved for a grant or direct money from the State because he appears to be protecting families. And, ladies and gentlemen in the bedrock community from which he protects, what in the eyes and minds of the local community could be more important? (Allegedly).

Yes, this Podunk sheriff has got nothing better to do. But, once again until the law is challenged and changed it’s tough luck for the RSO’s and “Those required to register” in NC. At the risk of being flamed, just keep away from the Fair and this sheriff and his band of goons with their myopic fixation. I mean, just don’t go the fair!!! Is going really so important if an RC or other under a similar umbrella runs the risk of this idiot going on the news saying “aha!!! We got one!!!” ?????????

So, friggin boycott the fair!!! We are over a million strong. Why cant we all form our own list of businesses and locations and entities that WE choose to boycott and not do business with? Kind of like an RSO Yelp of all the places that are like this. Who give a *hit about the County Agricultural Fair? I don’t care to be stepping in Sheep *hit and stuffing my face with Funnel Cakes. Got better things to do with my time. But that’s just me.

Yes, it’s “unfair”. But sometimes we have to pick and choose our battles. Also, we all have to recognize the idiot that this sheriff is. But he is RIGHT. We don’t have to like it, but the Statute is CLEAR. So, Beufort T. Pusser gets to have his little plaque on his desk, The “good citizens” of his county get to have a perception of safety. Meanwhile methamphetamines’ and opiates decimate this “fine little community”.

Guaranteed half the no-tell-motels in that county during the Fair are filled with “providers” eager to satisfy their traffickers and the local sheriff. Sad and probably the case. (ROFL)

Cheers and be well all.

@ FinallyOffTheReg: “Is going really so important…?” My home/birth State is heavily agriculture and, yes, attending a State/County agricultural fair is a notable highlight in the community’s year. Extending your suggestion a bit further, I don’t “need” to go to a park…. or a library…. or a movie theater, but why shouldn’t I be able to do so when I have MORE than repaid society for my previous poor decision of nearly a quarter century ago? Why should I continue to be punished by such restrictions?


I agree as well. I appreciate what you have said. I was sort of trying to take a “broad” approach. But, you do have an utterly valid point.

It really comes down to as you put it the freedoms that we should ALL enjoy as a debt obviously paid to society. I understand too being Hobbled by the insanity of draconian registry rules/regs and uber-enforcers such as this aforementioned sheriff. Well said.


Have to say that I really disagree with your sentiment here. Even if I did not care at all about going to a fair or whatever, just the simple fact alone that there is a criminal regime in Amerika that thinks it is okay to tell me where I may or may not go, based on zero sensible facts, is 100% unacceptable.

They think it is acceptable to tell me what to do when they can’t even be bothered to Register millions of people who anyone with an I.Q. of at least 70 would clearly see have committed crimes that are clearly much more dangerous than anything I ever did. I mean really, they are telling me that I cannot go somewhere in public and they can’t even be bothered to Register people who SHOT people last year!! It is beyond outrageous.

Going to a fair is a very trivial thing to me that I don’t care about. But what the criminal regime has done is so offensive that I literally think that anyone who supports it deserves to die. Bullet right between the eyes. And I’m not exaggerating. That is literally what I think they deserve because their brains are so defective that they’ve got no business living in a free and decent country, harassing people. They are a danger to all people.

If I cared about going to a fair and lived in scumbag Alan Norman’s county, I would simply go to a different location. All day. And truly, scumbag Norman deserves that all Registered Persons (RPs) in NC go to these locations as often as they can. That is deserved.

Regarding your “list of businesses and locations and entities” that are immoral and should be boycotted, I agree with that completely. I’ve thought for well over a decade of creating a national database of “Scumbags who support Registries”. It would Register scumbags like Alan Norman of course and give their home, work, etc. addresses, information about vehicles they drive, family member names, etc. It would also Register enemy businesses. But I’ve done nada about that so I can’t complain.

I do use the Registries themselves though to help find moral businesses. It is simple to find businesses that have hired RPs. I’ve used those businesses for years and avoided their competitors.

I can’t leave that statement without saying that I think the War on Registry Terrorists (RTs) is mostly economic as well. RPs should stop worrying about getting jobs and create the jobs themselves. Then you can not hire RTs. Same with housing. Don’t look for housing to rent. Own it. Amerika worships $$$ and it controls everything. So make that a focus and harm the RTs.

@Will Allen

Agreed 100%.

They are out of their collective and individual minds. So I did not hear the penalty? Sure does not seem like any other person, criminal or otherwise, will get arrested for being on public grounds during a taxpayer (ex-offender) funded fair.
These laws basically state that the gov can tell anyone who commits any infraction (i.e. even jay walking or littering), from any amount of time ago, can be banned from any place the gov states for public safety.
Ex. jaywalker-rational-could cause cars drive off the road and kill a kid, littering-rational-kid could trip over break their head open.

Actual events of these incidents or any data unnecessary as long as the gov states, “public safety” for the rationality.

Not many comments at the actual article. Looks like no one cares much.

This sheriff is a pandering idiot. I find it hard to believe that he is so dumb to think these actions would make any difference at all. But he looks dumb enough.

I’ve been kicked off of this sheriff department’s Facebook page many times. They are a criminal operation that tries to silence dissent and critics. Pure criminals.

I posted a comment and they removed it. I asked, “what about minors on the registry? You know, those teenagers who take nude selfies and send them to friends? How about those who have families? Are they all excluded?” Not sure what was so offensive that they’d remove it.


It undermines the sheriff’s self inflated ego when he’s questioned logically like that. It’s obvious then the paper and sheriff’s office are in cahoots. Have to be able to get your sources still while in good graces.

Is this the same one who did this last year? Seems to ring a bell.

If I remember right, this is the guy that stated any registrant who goes to his county will go to jail. Don’t recall all the circumstances though.

I complained about this sheriff to the NC Attorney General’s office and got blown off, ostensibly because I don’t live in NC. Doubt it would have mattered if I did.


If only you had a database of people living in NC who would likely be interested in helping. 🙂

Awesome that you tried though. Would be great if had email addresses of all Registered People in each state so could get teens of thousands to file complaints when needed.

@ Will Allen:

If I had the means, I would have sent a post card to every registrant in that county to try to get them to complain to the AGs office for the naked threats against them. Don’t recall, but think that was a couple hundred, and a significant number of them were transient. Between the volume and the likelihood of most of them ignoring, decided it wasn’t worth pursuing.

Thank you sheriff for the heads up! Now we know Where you will be!! So your bad bad predator sex offenders can be in other places to harm children. And you are at a fair having fun. On tax payer money! WOW!!! Hey people of NC! This sheriff only cares about a fair. Not his NC state. But just a fair where you have millions of eyes too see if a child could be in danger. So too make this a-hole sheriff have a great time at this fair. He dont want sex offenders there! That could cause him to work harder! Why you ask yourself cause this piece of crap dont know all the sex offenders who could just walk in. So this dump of s#it sheriff told all sex offenders where we will be. So new sex offenders can be else where! To harm different children. Even if that fool is not at the fair he could not watch all the people.too know who is on a list!! I was at hundreds of fairs in the past! No one knew me! I been on this S$$ list for 30 years and dont care!!!!!! Never stopped me on what i want to do or work or to have fun. If i drove down to that A-hole sheriff and walk up too him shake hands with him at that fair that fool would never know i was a sex offender I would tell him i think you doing a great job!!!$ telling the sex offenders to keep away!!!!!!! It is so dumb that cops think this! And the government too

Unless there’s facial recognition equipment at every gate scanning people coming in and all over the fairgrounds, shake the man’s hand and smile with a compliment. Give’em a donut and coffee even. 😆

Sheriff Andy wouldn’t be happy with this example and would send Barney to correct him.

There will be ppo’s all over the fair and they know a whole lot of the several thousand living in wake county. If you live outside the county i imagine it would be much harder to get caught going, but i still wouldnt advise it. Last year, they basically tackled this one rc who was with his wife and kids and made a huge scene. One rc who was flying a drone near the fair was also arrested and another got arrested for trying to work in a kids area.

You ever see ‘Blackkklansman’? Remember the polaroid pic scene. This is exactly what needs to happen. I will give any RC in NC $100 if they can snap a pic with the good ole’ sheriff and publicly show what a sham he’s trying to sell.


Right, so the Polaroid can fuel the fire he already has going and fan the hysteria that is not needed to be made worse for those in that county already? Discretely doing a Polaroid is fine, but to use it as show n tell does not help anyone.

The fact the sheriff is doing this sucks, but he could be the type who will make it worse, as shown by the paper deleting the comment by @CR on children there.

@TS, that was @NPS who had the comment deleted, I believe.

fan the hysteria? Bro we are in the middle of a war right now. This so called sheriff of the people needs to be put in his place? HE can make it worse? Please tell me how worse it can get beside rounding us up and taking us to the gas chamber. WE already go to PRISON for four years with another FELONY just for a FRickin tecnical violation. Even if your not on probation or parole. ANy of these good people on here could be out for 20+ years only to forget to give the police information and they go to prison and get a felony. Its ridiculous how scared people are. The other day i went in to the police station here in michigan to verify nothing changed like i have been for 4 years and i overheard them talking. Apparently someone who was supposed to register last month has been ill and in the hospital and he told the police he would be in the following day. THe cop started laughing and saying he better come in or he will issue a warrant for his arrest. Then these two cops started to laugh again and say that they are really good at issuing warrants. WTF? This is what it has came down to. PEople are sick in the hospital and the cops are laughing about how they are going to issue a warrent on him.


Thanks, BRO. Hope you’re first in line with your Polaroid….From Michigan. (Don’t forget you cross statelines and there’s a three day or more trip notification due by Fed law to your LEO, Polaroid not required)

However, taking a Polaroid with him and publicizing it, even here, Mr. BROosevelt, is instigating a fight they’ll very possibly lose when the NC law is clearly on the sheriff’s side, BROtato chip. With facial recognition prevalent from a scan, connect the dots, and guess who’s at the front door with a warrant, BROheim? Even if the face is doctored to avoid detection from a scan, that in itself is a possible violation for changing the appearance to attend a function one shouldn’t be at by law.

While the two at the fair were working and did nothing wrong, the law doesn’t make an exception for them sadly. That’s stupid just like those MI LEOs who laugh at the person under medical care that needs to check in or else a warrant will be issued. Stupid.

While this is a legal war, to try and goad someone for $100 and photo from afar where they’ll not get in trouble but the person who did it will, that’s irresponsible and poking a legal bear. Go in, enjoy the fair, and quietly have fun if you dare as a person impacted by the registry. Don’t ruin it for others.

Enough of this BROhaha…



If the “people” who supports the Registries are scared of RPs being at a fair, then they are stupid being belief. And they likely are that stupid. I’ve had LECs tell me before that certain people were scared or aggravated and I said, “Good, I really hope that they are because they so deserve it. I pray they suffer.”

Does it surprise you that you encountered some LECs who are pieces of shit? The majority are.

Wage war.

First of all nowhere did i say take a polaroid of him. Second of all im not telling anyone to break the law. What im saying is that theres really nothing we can do to fan hysteria at this point.. WE are well beyond being in a hysteria. I call everyone a bro even women so calm down. I do go to the fair in michigan with my children when i want to whenever theres one.

I guarantee you that Sheriff would run and hide should a mass shooting break out at that fair he’s attempting to make “family friendly” and a safe haven for children.

Hmmm.🤔 Maybe someone should investigate Sheriff Foxy Funderburke*. I think he “doth protest too much” and may have some skeletons in his own backyard.
*Google it.

Well, since the mandated registry is currently ruled as “regulatory”, this public servant is abusing his power by using this to restrict the liberties of registered persons, punitively. Being that he is using the registry for the purpose other than to regulate, he can be sued all the way to the top. Easily.

Well here we go again. This is absolutely nothing new. For all of you who think the sheriff is the source of this you need to look at the statutes. NARSOL won a lawsuit several years ago regarding premise restrictions for Registrants in NC. The premise restrictions were found to be too vague and another was found to broad.

The legislature held an emergency session to rewrite and pass a new set of legislation restricting where Registrants are allowed to be. The NC county fair was listed specifically as one of those places Registrants are not allowed to be. So it’s the legislature that are the real idiots here. The sheriff is just doing what he always does by looking tough on crime and staging security theater.

The bad news is several years ago there were 3 Sex Offenders caught at the fair. One was an NC local and the other 2 were carny’s working at the fair. One of them was actually in charge of one of the kiddie rides.
And by the way the NC local was not on the fair grounds. He was busted for operating a drone taking aerial pictures of the fair.


(a) It shall be unlawful for any person required to register under this Article, if the offense requiring registration is described in subsection (c) of this section, to knowingly be at any of the following locations:

(1) On the premises of any place intended primarily for the use, care, or supervision of minors, including, but not limited to, schools, children’s museums, child care centers, nurseries, and playgrounds.

(2) Within 300 feet of any location intended primarily for the use, care, or supervision of minors when the place is located on premises that are not intended primarily for the use, care, or supervision of minors, including, but not limited to, places described in subdivision (1) of this subsection that are located in malls, shopping centers, or other property open to the general public.

(3) At any place where minors frequently congregate, including, but not limited to, libraries, arcades, amusement parks, recreation parks, and swimming pools, when minors are present.

(4) On the State Fairgrounds during the period of time each year that the State Fair is conducted, on the Western North Carolina Agricultural Center grounds during the period of time each year that the North Carolina Mountain State Fair is conducted, and on any other fairgrounds during the period of time that an agricultural fair is being conducted.

” any person required to register” clearly demonstrates the ” intent of the registry itself” to impose affirmative restraint upon those included. The ex post the creation of the list impacts plain liberty to be present and participate in free association. No doubt NC V Klein will seek to discuss & discovery of the assertion of automatic necessity by LEO disposition here in its case.

In Smith 03 the court acknowledged ” the clearest proof to override an act’s stated intent” was a potential outcome when the” demands outpace the secondary purpose” there is serious room for discussion the aim is to revisit past wrong doing rather than preventing future potential bad acts.

“For all of you who think the sheriff is the source of this you need to look at the statutes.” Yep. Fight the statute (even though the Sheriff is an idiot up-for-re-election moron).

“The bad news is several years ago there were 3 Sex Offenders caught at the fair. One was an NC local and the other 2 were carny’s working at the fair.” Did any of them commit a sex offense at the fair?


Yep, of course the idiot sheriff didn’t create the “law”. But he probably lobbied for it. He definitely likes it.

I’ve been criticizing this exact moron for well over a year and I’ve been kicked off of their Facecrook site at least 3 times. They really work hard to try to silence dissent and critics.

Speaking of which, I think the key to beating these Registries is overwhelming negative feedback to all news articles, on Facecrook, etc. What needs to happen is that 10 people will comment in support of something and then 1,000 against it. The sheeple will cave. But if people won’t comment, like they don’t, everyone thinks the harassment is all PC and RPs are too lame and pathetic to fight back.

I really think constant comments is the solution.

So anyone who can – jump on their Facecrook page today and fight them. You’ll see some real Nazi loving, lying, dipshit douches there.

@ RM

“The bad news is several years ago there were 3 Sex Offenders caught at the fair. One was an NC local and the other 2 were carny’s working at the fair.” Did any of them commit a sex offense at the fair?

PLEASE do not misunderstand me. I do not agree with the statute. I do not agree with the sheriff. I also AGREE with civil disobedience when appropriate but more importantly when it can be effective and productive.

The point was not did they commit a sex offense. The point is the 2 who were on fair grounds did break the law by just being there. Likely because they were from out of state and unaware of the ridiculous statute. Have I done similar things when I was an RSO? Yep. The RSO busted for the drone was not on fair grounds but was busted for operating a drone without an FAA license. Why he had to be ID’d as an RSO is of course another case of fan the flames.

I would liked to see NCRSOL, RSOL and WAR organize a group to stand outside the fair with their children and have signs reading “I can’t go to the fair with my _____ because they are a RSO”.

Anyone who supports this does not care about children. It’s not that this fair thing is actually important. It’s just the unbelievably mean and black heart that it takes to think the ban is okay. So no real people support this ban. Just awful ones.

For those who are following this situation, the NCRSOL office has filed suit in this matter and can be read about here:

I posted this comment there:

Frankly, I truly don’t see how any actual Amerikan can think these “laws” of the criminal regime of North Carolina are acceptable at all. Amerika has always been an awful, hateful place and the Registries and these tag-along “laws” are nothing but a continuation of that. Amerika has a complete and full history of doing immoral, awful, idiotic, counterproductive, hateful, and illegal things to the hated group of the day.

Segregation was well within my lifetime. Remember how cool that was? How all of the “good” people were just so, so outraged that “coloreds” would have the audacity to dream that they could share water fountains with the “good” people? That was so cool, right? But ugh-oh, that’s not PC any longer! So we need a new group of people to hate and force apartheid upon. “People” who support Registries are literally the EXACT “people” who would be fine with segregation, if only they could get away with that still. Hate is their essence and what they are about. They are a huge part of the reason why Amerika is failing.

It is so far past the time that people start ignoring these Registries and their billion tag-along “laws”. I doubt that anyone really actually cares much about going to these fairs, and I certainly would never spend $1 there given these illegal “laws”, but that is not the point. The point is that this ban is true, true idiocy that is only supported by terrible, anti-American idiots. No person with an actual brain could even fantasize it would be needed or useful.

So this “law” simply ought to be ignored by everyone. People who live in the area who are listed on the Registries probably should simply not attend, but other than that, I see this ban and the “statements” by the scumbag sheriffs as an invitation to Registered People all over the country to attend this fair. That is the proper moral, American response to their criminal stupidity.

Wage war on Registry Nazis/Terrorists. Not just every once in a while, but every single day. Don’t not support criminal regimes that have Registries. Do not support their law enforcement criminals. Forget that “if you see something, say something” nonsense. They are corrupt and immoral.

I personally could give a rat’s ass about going to a county fair. They’re nothing but a bunch of con artists looking to get all your money. But I certainly understand if others want to go. But the point is that this ban does absolutely nothing to protect children and I don’t understand why its only the registered citizens who see that crap like this is stupid. No one cares who someone else is until they find out they’re a convicted SO. An example being I’ve had neighbors who thought I was a really great guy. Always kind, polite, and helpful. Always there to give them a hand when needed until they found out I was on the registry. Then all of a sudden I was the worst person on earth. Frankly I don;t care because I only look out for myself now and could care less about anyone else except others in my circumstance.
Laws and bans like this need to be shot down otherwise its only going to get worse. What’s next? Laws banning registrants from going to the grocery store because there might be children there? Can’t go to a retail store to buy a new pair of shoes because there might be children there? Can’t go to a professional sporting event to watch a game because there might be children there? I think eventually they want to make laws where its illegal to go outside of our homes because “there might be children outside”. I am so sick and tired of people being made to believe that all registrants are the same’ that we’re all just waiting for the right opportunity to snatch up a little girl and rape her.
All I want to do is live my life. Let me go to work and go home and go wherever I want and leave me the hell alone. I don;t care about your damn children and I have no interest in them. If you’re so concerned for their safety then maybe you should escort them wherever they go.


Who are con artists at the fair? Those taking money on behalf of the county so people could be admitted to the fair, those who work the fair, those who are selling their wares in the fair, those who are showing their animals in the fair, or those who operate the carnival if the fair has one? Just curious how broad of a paint stroke you want to use here.

@TS I’m speaking about the carnies who operate the games. You know…the games that are so tight its impossible to win, and if you do win you just dumped a hundred bucks or more on some cheap stuffed animal that you can buy at the dollar store. I’m definitely not saying that the food vendors are con artists, or the people showing their animals are con artists. I didn’t intend for my statement to be so broad.
My girlfriend doesn’t like the county fairs either. For us our money is better spent going out to a nice dinner or going shopping. We don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a nice time.


I can understand the carnival games being a point of consternation in how they are run with the operators. That would make sense. Thanks for clarifying.

Everything you say is 100% correct. These bans are outrageous and insanely anti-American. “People” are turning this country into a really terrible country. Certainly no example for the world as some people like to pretend. Not a moral leader at all.

The really, really insane thing about the criminal regime of North Carolina’s (CRNC) bans is that they don’t include people who have actually shot people with guns!! I just can’t even comprehend how ANYONE with ANY sense at all can even fantasize that makes sense. That alone is 100% proof that these bans are not actually about public safety or protecting anyone. They are obviously for brainless harassment. Because all the CRNC needed to do was simply write into their “law” – “this law covers people who have shot people with guns”. Too flipping easy.

But they didn’t do that because the reason that the CRNC has these bans is because they are a bunch of whining, crying, big government boot licking babies. They will forever being crying in a corner and sucking their thumbs over losing the Packingham court case. They need to be beaten senseless every day.

Regarding your “What’s next?” comment, just read CRNC’s “law”. Their banishment and apartheid covers a LOT of places. If I lived there, I would certainly just have to ignore it for the most part. And RETALIATE all the time. Simply would have to.

Regarding their “damn children”, I couldn’t agree with that more. “People” who support Registries are self-entitled, self-righteous douche bags. I don’t care what happens to them or their families at all. Their children are nothing but little douche bags in training to be just like their douche bag parents.

Lastly, just want to say that usually when a person says “could care less”, they actually should say “could not care less”. Peace.

I liked this part of the article that talked about some of what the sheriff said about the encounter:

He apologized for the encounter but said his deputies need to enforce the law. He also bemoaned a lack of respect for law enforcement among today’s youth and the snap judgments people made after the cellphone video about the incident was posted to Facebook.

That lack of respect is across the board, not just from youth. When you are more interested in keeping certain citizens from living normal lives than you are with public safety then I don’t have to respect you. I don’t have to care about you or what happens to you. You are an enemy. That’s what the Registries have given Amerika.

And then of course media portrays one who has been arrested at the fair:

Not that it matters really but this YouTube video is from the NC State Fair, which is far from Cleveland County where the criminal Alan Norman is sheriff. I was wondering why that criminal would be warning Registered People to not attend the State Fair but he was talking about the local Cleveland County fair.

I have to wonder how this guy got caught even. Perhaps they were arresting him for some misbehavior? Who knows. I commend him for ignoring the apartheid “law” though. But he’ll have to pay a price probably. If it were me, I wouldn’t accept paying anything.

For now, these criminal regimes would have to get very lucky to catch someone violating their apartheid “laws”. But in the future, you can bet these criminal regimes will be trying to use facial scans (already been done) and anything else they can get away with. People will have to take measures to negate that.

Meh, drugs shouldn’t be illegal and if they were not, there would be 0 drug dealers. There would be no need to even think about drug dealers. There would be no drug crimes.

The drug laws are a complete, total failure. We have more problems today with drugs than ever before. The more that big government messes with all of it, the worse it gets. They are helping no one and their primary goal is to feel better about their pathetic selves and drive their prison industry. Let’s take away their toy.

Personally, I’m sick to death of hearing their incessant bragging about how they’ve harmed drug users or dealers. BFD. Stop wasting my money to give yourselves something to do. Obviously you aren’t helping.

And really, let’s try to make Amerika a somewhat free country for once in its history. Let’s reverse this trend of totalitarian, criminal regimes that attempt to control the lives of EVERYONE. It is not my business what my neighbor wants to put into his/her own body. It is not their business what I want to consume. Let’s all stop blaming “drug dealers” or whomever and take some personal responsibility and accountability.

Let’s end nanny big government. Let’s end criminal law enforcement agencies that truly are doing nothing but running a business and profiting off of drugs. We could cut their staffs in half.

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