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Could GPS-Tracked Sex Offenders Go Unmonitored During Power Shutoffs?

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Hundreds of thousands of Californians remain in the dark as another round of planned power outages hit California. Parts of 29 counties and nearly 600,000 customers are affected. And now the shutoffs are raising new concerns that violent offenders could take advantage of the outages.

Victims rights groups say the fear is real. They want to make sure offenders using tracking devices are being monitored. Full Article

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Lets get some things in the open air tonight ok ! Lets say RCs are to wear tracking devices….so if an ex offender decides to to something supposedly bad again the Public is SAFE …So, do we fool ourselves believing that a determined offender who chooses to do wrong is STOPPED by this monitor and by the time the Law gets them harm will not be done ? Now that being said, if the ex offender DOES NOT supposedly offend again, WE THE PEOPLE/LAW HAVE HURT THEIR LIBERTIES FOR THE SAKE OF “JUST IN CASE” In actuality and Honesty its… Read more »

I’m glad the authorities made the effort to state that it’s parolees that are monitored, though that fact will probably fly under the radar with how this biased article is presented.

Blackouts happen all the time. How many new sex crimes have been committed by paroled registrants during any of these outages? The answer is probably why this story couldn’t cite any previous incidents.

I’m convinced that, when the fit hits the shan, these useless societal parasites cowering helplessly under their beds in a constant state of fear will become food for the rest of us.

Duh. Yes! The inherent nature of the electronic infrastructure in stark concrete terms. The internet of things is here, so like the infrastructure in the Boeing 737 Max often exacerbates human error based on misunderstanding the true nature of the human coded database driven machine. The Kindle I use jacks up my typing all the time by automated spell corrector, small screen and fat fingers. So while the people whole rush headlong in to a big data age they do so with great risk to their own sovereignty. The sex offender already knows the punch and lives it. That e… Read more »

Lets see, it is Halloween and it is end of the month and CBS13 ratings must be down a scary sex offender fake story should help.

My favorite part of this nonsense article is that it doesn’t mention that when the power goes off so does your home security system, cameras and WiFi that connect it all together. I’m far more concerned with the idea that my home will be vulnerable while I’m away with no power. Anyone can break in. There is an obvious fear mongering and fake headline producing motive behind this stupid article. Super tired of the media creating victims where none exist.

@RS – I agree with you totally that I would be concerned about my home in a power blackout.

But let’s be honest here. This simply would not sell click-thrus.

Alter any news article to include the term “s#x offender” in its title and the click thru rate goes way up suddenly.

They must have interviewed the most idiotic person for this report, “If their GPS monitors are not able to be re-charged, they have an excuse, a free ticket to re-harm their victim or someone else,” What half-brained person thinks that a power outage is a free ticket for a person to commit a sex crime? This person clearly has no clue as to why sex offenses happen in the first place. Common sense tells you that a truly dangerous person would not wait for a power outage to act out on their urges, they would cut off the monitor (like… Read more »

6 months gps ordered by judge for cp which I still dont understand but back then didn’t have the knowledge to fight. It went dead during a double shift at work. My probation officer was pissed. She threatened to put me in front of the judge on a violation. I called her bluff. I said go ahead. She didn’t because I had a lot on my side.

I’ve called many PO bluffs, the first being when my first PO threatened to violate me for watching Youtube saying it could be considered porn. I said let’s go, it’s worth an arrest and a few weeks in jail to see how you and the court explain how Youtube is pornographic. He just I’ll get back to you and (not surprisingly) never mentioned it again. Almost regret that he never pushed it.

@Dustin ~ same thing one Halloween. Nowhere on any probation paperwork or in my court sentence does it say that I’m to be confined to my house on any day ever. She “caught me” outside of my house on Halloween. Lol. I welcomed the court fight, but she never mentioned it again.

Yeah I had I Tonya with Margot Robbie in my hulu watch history and my PO threatened to throw me in jail for it. I dared her too — my restrictions say no pornographic material. There was a lawsuit here over them trying to send someone to prison over watching Game of Thrones. She gave me my phone back and went home tail between her head.

@Redeeemedby ThaBlood – Here’s the thing. Your PO can’t sentence you to jail, the judge can, only if you have WILLINGLY or SUBSTANTIALLY violated. I knew that I didn’t and took a chance that the judge would be unbiased. It didn’t get to a judge for me in those cases. PO can arrest you on the spot for violating, but that didn’t happen to me either. I think the judge would have either laughed at PO or saw it as a huge waste of the courts time.

I wonder if they are welcomed at the emergency shelters… on the radio they listed off places that are park & rec, schools, and churches

I thought of that, too. How many registrants are also at risk of losing their homes as a result of these fires?

Just prior to the fires in 2017, my hub was let off parole (yeah! totally unexpected) Anyway, the place he was living one month prior to the fires the whole trailer park burned down in that firestorm. They were told to evacuate to a SCHOOL. Hub knew at least two others in the same trailer park also on parole with a sex offense. He spoke with them after this fire and was told that they both called their parole officers and were told it was ok to go there as this was a state of emergency, and were directed by… Read more »

Good grief! Talk about your misplaced priorities. The f***ing world is on fire and we’re supposed to believe that unmonitored sex offenders represent a great public safety threat.

A little perspective — and humanity — would be nice.

So sex offenders put up with Probation/parole officers…Monthly/once a year registration ..GPS tracking device with camera and audio recording.. Megan’s Law website.. Local law enforcement compliance checks twice a year… all this just waiting for the next blackout to strike ….smh

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