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GA: Sex offenders sue Butts County Sheriff’s Office over ‘No Trick or Treat’ signs

When kids are out trick-or-treating, one of parents’ biggest worries is safety — but efforts by a Middle Georgia sheriff’s office to keep children safe are now at the center of a federal class action lawsuit. Full Article and Lawsuit


GA: Palmer Sheriff Puts ‘No Trick-Or-Treat’ Signs in Yards of Sex Offenders

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Here is the website for the lawyers handling the case:

Go get’em, guys!

Nice, the tide is turning. We are getting some clout. Thanks to ACSOL and others like them that are willing to take the fight for us that don’t have the resources.

“The compelled speech doctrine sets out the principle that the government cannot force an individual or group to support certain expression.”

Obviously the sheriff was NOT following the law to the letter.

And since the sheriff has gone contrary to well-established and well-known law, he may well be subject to punitive damages, too.

Than why is this not applicable to the marked passports?

i would assume getting a passport is volunteer and this is forced

It is forced on a curtain traveler.

“i would assume getting a passport is volunteer and this is forced” Who has forced anyone to place signs in their yard?


That’s an excellent question! Having SO stamped on a passport SHOULD be compelled speech.

Should we DARE SAY that the Registry itself is a form of compelled speech?

For the same reasons I’ve more than once posted on here before. I’ve also posted regarding what a federal judge said about passports versus DLs/IDs and compelled speech.

He put the signs out there claiming public protection. In reality he placed the signs to deeply ridicule the SO in the area they live. Embarrass them so much they either move away to another state or county, or kill themselves. Makes the sheriff look good either way. Because they are SO’s and he is a man of authority, you know he’s got the public on his side.

Sue them hard!

I don’t think he put out the signs to ridicule anyone. I think he put the signs out to get his name out in public more. These criminal sheriffs are ALWAYS running election campaigns. All the time. That is the reason that the signs have his name on it instead of “Butts County Sheriff Department” or whatever.

Further, people who are listed on the Registries need to get over the “ridicule”, “embarrassment”, “shame”, or whatever ASAP. I mean, for a couple of years after I was first arrested, I did feel that. I also felt empathy, remorse, and compassion. But that was over 2 decades ago. The Registries literally cured me of all of that, and fairly quickly. Personally, I think that was a benefit of the Registries. They made me a super strong person who realizes that most people are simply evil in their cores and I don’t have to care at all about them. I can’t feel shame today because I can’t bring myself to pretend that anyone who would shame me is worthy of anything. They certainly aren’t on my level. So people need to get over that. People make mistakes and they should pay for them. Once you have, you should feel appropriate shame for what you did, for yourself, but it is not anyone else’s business or right to do it.

I don’t have a pile of time right now so I’m just going to end this comment by pasting the exact comment that I made over at Florida Action Committee earlier today (you can fill in the context, probably):

Funny. I don’t know if it is illegal to be nude in public in Georgia and specifically Butts County. I’m assuming it is but I truly have no idea. If it is not, I think a nude Halloween bike ride would be a perfect way to protest all of this Halloween stupidity. It seems like it would be a great way in general to protest the overall “$EX offender” witch hunt, year round. We need protests that attract attention (perhaps the Westboro Baptist Church methods would be good also?!). Meh, I can’t care about that for now.

Anyway, the criminal sheriff Gary Long is being sued for this ( I mean, this has always been a PR stunt for him that is designed to put his name out in public as much as possible. That is why his name is on the signs, instead of the name of the sheriff’s department itself. So the criminal is going to get even more publicly with the lawsuit.

I do love the idea of creating a bigger and better sign and just putting it directly in front of their stupid sign. How about a big sign that reads “Sheriff Gary Long is a criminal. Let’s vote the criminals out of office.”? Criminal sheriff’s departments are always involved in something illegal. So probably could reference their latest crimes and list a web site where readers can get more information. You know dipshits like Gary Long having been doing something illegal. People always need to watch for it, 24/7.

I also love the idea of making a political statement by building a huge gallows that completely hides the sign. A person would want to create effigies of Gary Long and other criminals and hang them high. Would be perfect.

If any Registered Person (RP) feels like it, they ought to travel to Butts County on Halloween and meet the RPs who filed the lawsuit. You could certainly mail them right now and try to arrange a meeting. Or even call. Easy peasy.

An Atlanta TV station is doing news stories now. Just saw one on TV. There is one on their web site. And supposedly their Facecrook page. I’ve been commenting on their YouTube video and invite the rest of you to do so. There are a lot of dumb people there:

I would post there as Will Allen but he’s been kicked off of YouTube. And Facecrook. I need to get about 50 more identities created.

@Will Allen:
“I would post there as Will Allen but he’s been kicked off of YouTube.”
IDK why, but this made me laugh out loud. Thank you.

I’ve commented on this YouTube idiotic video as well as a few others.

This is both very disturbing and hateful! Why aren’t signs posted in front of murderers and paroles houses? I’ve never heard of such a thing. It creates hysteria, anger and hatred! If your the non educated laymen, your going to think offenders commit or commit more crimes on Halloween? It’s pretty thought provoking. Why not during Easter? Summer? New Years? Furthermore, can they force you to post a sign, turn your lights off and stay home? You paid your debt to society? I can maybe understand instituting a few additional rules for those on parole or probation, but this is nuts! This is like the Jews in Nazi Germany.

@USA: You said “I can maybe understand instituting a few additional rules for those on parole or probation…”. Are those on parole or probation more likely to commit another sex offense, much less on Halloween?

CNN has been covering this story and just posted an update:

Shocking that even CNN cannot write an accurate story. I think no one really cares all that much. I didn’t see anywhere to comment there or I would have.

I have been commenting at yet another location –

Very lonely there.

@Will Every single day I search YouTube using the criteria of “sex offender” (registered citizen yields no results). I miss some posts as I filter to “today” and that means I don’t get them all as I don’t search exactly at the same time every day. I’ve seen your posts as I’m sure you’ve seen mine. Thank you. Many I just dislike, some I comment on.

That is more than I do! I’m too haphazard about it. And I too easily get into arguments with dumb people, which is truly just a waste of time. They can’t be fixed.

But I really do think that having 1,000s of people making comments in public and at these public “news” outlets and articles, are the way to make longer lasting, more extensive steps to get rid of the Registries. Or at least make it so people are only listed for as brief of periods as possible (e.g. 5 years).

I think that is the way to do it because I really do think that MOST people living in Amerika are really MOST interested in acting in ways that they think are PC and that they think other people will most approve of. It is dumb to support Registries and we need to get 90+% of the people to understand that.

I really do believe that MOST people who think Registries are fine are exactly the kind of person who just a few decades ago would have been saying the exact same things about people they would have called “coloreds” (or worse). They would be talking about how they don’t want THOSE people living near them. Or going to the same schools or other places at them, sharing their bathrooms and water fountains, etc. You know, just all the good old apartheid stuff.

Only sub-humans support segregation of races. And really, there are certainly some results and aspects of the Registries that only a sub-human could support. We need to expose the Registries for what they are.

Here’s yet another article on this lawsuit. I’m actually quite surprised that California, according to this article, requires us to stay indoors and not interact with anyone. I was completely unaware of this and have never stayed at my house on Halloween night. In fact, I’ll probably head down to the local tiki bar’s party on Halloween night.

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