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CA: Placentia to open homeless ‘navigation center’ Tuesday without registrants

[ – 3/30/20]

Placentia is racing to put the final touches on what city leaders say is a first-of-its kind facility that will offer emergency shelter, help finding jobs and housing and other types of counseling and aid to homeless people in north Orange County. The shelter is expected to start accepting people Tuesday, March 31.

(The centers will take clients by referral only, and no one with sex offender status, certain felonies or active arrest warrants will be admitted.)

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A more fitting description would be , not accepting those no-longer considered human beings. I hope the weight of the Registry financially crushes all those who support it. May they never recover and be hated wherever they go.

2nd class citizens

Wife beaters welcome; selling crack to children–no problem; arsonists–we have a bed for you; felony DUI–free hugs at the door; muggers, purse snatchers, armed robbers, car jackers–come on it; but if you looked are a picture of an adolescent on the internet, or you had consensual relations with your 16 year old GF then you just stay out in the cold. We only take descent, respectable violent felons in our shelter.

lawsuit time janice ! 🙂

somewhat related but i just found out that if you are a registered person that owns a small business

most likely you will not receive an SBA Loan small business jobs act of 2010 section 4107(d)(2) requires business receiving and to certify that you are not on the SOR


This news is not new. It’s been well known that someone on a registry is not eligible for an SBA loan. Not only do they want to make it impossible to get a job when on a registry, they don’t want you to make your own job either.

Do you have any more information on this? I can’t seem to find anything. Feel free to email me at: Thanks.

This needs to be challenged in court!

I’m so frustrated about this. I will be producing a YouTube video about this article in the next few days. I will also include tips and contact information (in Tampa) that can be used to put words into action.

And yet……the Registry is NOT punishment.
Society’s really gonna shit their hazmat suit when the Registry quadruples in size.

So who is a sex offender. In my paperwork I forgot to send Janice this link but I did send Vicki Henry and her Team this back several 3 or so years ago. I dont’ know at this time if this article would really make a difference in this serious crisis we all face today but all governors and judges should be aware of this today. I don’t know if Sandy or Vicki ever dwelled upon it much in conferences but makes a lot of since in many perspective way. One may even use an article such as this to… Read more »

@ Ready to Fight. A lot of this is not easy so we all need to do our part to get America back together again. Law enforcements and courts are just as guilty of being fair with much of this going on. Closing boarders and refusing those in tent city’s for medical treetment. Keeping people from getting medical car just because they hold a label of sex offender. United States ought to be ashamed of itself so its up to all of us and Janice will do her part as I’m sure all of us will and thats helping each… Read more »

Travel restrictions? In the US? Thats against our constitutional rights!!! Oh wait……welcome to our world. Not sure I can summon much empathy. Stay home general public. Enjoy your rerestrictions

“Navigation center?” Ha! Sounds more like a selective empathy center. Don’t fall for the “We’re all in this together” crap that the media and celebrities are saying. We’re exempt from that shallow, hope-inspiring platitude. Those forced to register will ALL still be in this nightmare and living in crisis mode forever long after Corona goes away. This is our permanent normal. I’m confident that LEOs and politicians can’t wait for this virus to pass so they can go back to vilifying and witch hunting us full time again with new laws. Everything is on the back-burner right now, but watch… Read more »

Knew this would happen. Remember the Hurricane shelters no sex offenders were allowed in? This pretty much cements the statement “shit outta luck”. Years of this kind of mental mindf**king is a sex offenders true sentence…not the website.

@ Facts. Being fair is one thing but going overboared in this sex registry ISSUE is another. People can’t even hang out anymore, getting a hair cut or anything can be a lost cause with a distancing law. Use to be three days or 24 hrs for drunk in public. Were are the old fashion filibusters in a court of law. Many won’t even recognize a law suit or a challenge or change of venue by the people to some stop and desist or suspend this cruel overbearing punishment that each offender holds. Basic honesty is like an underground railroad… Read more »

Iv always thought it was hypocritical of the Rescue Mission’s in the state of California preaching about God and forgiveness not to judge one another and Love Thy Neighbor but if your a sexofender you have no place in GOD’s house your immediately judge and left in freezing cold no matter what your situation is how GODLY is that ..smh

@Aero1, et al

You can share that sentiment with the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions (AGRM) who charter rescue missions. They need to know.

@Aero1, Flying low and not getting caught by Controled FBO and taking out of radar ducking over the coast(ing) especially in a RW not a FW, you still get caught and TODAY the last supper start Le Church, will open their door until you have the mark on your forehead and/or your sku’d inside wrist to be scanned at the door, you won’t get in to Worship (thought it was a Constitutional Right), get forgiven and start anew. NOT RSO’s Atleast by video vimeo skype (they will run your backfrown) and now faceflow, shagle (NOT Shag-lo) & Zoom and others… Read more »

If one looks at this type of injustice is it an unjust measure or measurement, or were is the compairson. Even USA makes a good point and plus all you folks. One wonders who is high risk or low risk offender or who measures the line of distancing today or that line draw in the sand with some labeling as Janice’s article points out to give insight. I’m glad that was brought up on one of the many issues we all face. Who’ is trampling over that line? Should we all go back to the golden rule or does love… Read more »

Question: does anyone register in more than one location? If you read PC 290.010, you must register per. Comments? Questions?

@ TS its going to be hard on some people for the next three or four weeks all would think all to make the best of it. In my view Janice has already won and that means we all have a part to play in each area also to win. Sure many don’t need to be in prison or even slapped with this sex registry ordeal of extra stipulations, etc. as Anonyous used the word precedent and that opens up a whole new meaning to me One wonders who had presedent in the lady caught in adultry so were is… Read more »

Cal. Penal Code Section 290.4 comes to mind: (d) (1) A person is authorized to use information disclosed pursuant to this section only to protect a person at risk. (2) Except as authorized under paragraph (1) or any other provision of law, use of any information that is disclosed pursuant to this section for purposes relating to any of the following is prohibited: (A) Health insurance. (B) Insurance. (C) Loans. (D) Credit. (E) Employment. (F) Education, scholarships, or fellowships. (G) Housing or accommodations. (H) Benefits, privileges, or services provided by any business establishment. (3) This section shall not affect authorized… Read more »

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