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Should the United States Use Chemical Castration For Sex Offenders?

[ – 3/7/20]

The term “castration” brings a chill to every man. The idea of having your ‘junk’ cut off is horrifying. It’s barbaric. Castration is like the archaic practice of locking someone in stocks or something that would be seen in a third world country, but not the United States But it’s not. It is used in our modern world, including America. Not only do many other countries have castration laws, but several of our states do as well. Even as recent as last year, states have been approving the chemical castration of sexual predators. But what is chemical castration and how does it work?

Typically, when people think of castration, they are thinking about surgical castration, or orchiectomy. This method of castration involves the removal of men’s testicles, which produce 95% of testosterone. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for the male sex drive, so what chemical castration aims to do is lower testosterone through the use of antiandrogen drugs. This has a  similar effect to what some birth control pills have on women.

Even in places where castration is common, it is not used on everyone. The difference between sex offenders and sexual predators is actually quite significant. In a general sense, sex offenders are more nonviolent. A sex offender might be someone who has been arrested for indecent exposure or even child pornography. Meanwhile, a sexual predator is usually someone who has committed some violent act and is highly likely to commit the same or similar act in the future. Sexual predators are more likely to be the ones to receive castration.

Chemical castration is not permanent. It leaves the treated party with no permanent damage. This means that after the individual stops treatment, or if they discontinue treatment against legal or doctor orders, then they are highly likely to reoffend.

States vary in their implementation of chemical castration. The first state to implement a chemical castration bill was California in 1996. The California law originally applied only to repeat offenders. In Florida and Alabama, if a sexual predator is ordered to undergo chemical castration and refuses, it could result in a secondary felony charge. The treatment for chemical castration costs about $1,000 a month and it is the responsibility of the offender to pay.

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What about women who are????

Misogynist much? Women by nature are not predatory let alone sexually predatory. That’s what makes women’s placement on the registry all the more ridiculous.

I hope that was sarcasm. If so, bravo! Women by nature are not predatory so they should not be in the registry, eh? So, only men should be on the registry, eh? Would you apply the same logic to female serial killers? What about female child killers? Well, women aren’t child serial killers by nature so they shouldn’t be held accountable when they exhibit such aberrant behavior. If you suggest otherwise, you’re just a chauvinistic pig, Mr. Man It’s amazing how people will jump up and down screaming for equality until they realize it’s a double edged sword when they… Read more »

How is that Misogynist I mean really?? Like @c said I hope this is sarcasm

“Women by nature are not predatory let alone sexually predatory.”

To that, I say: When does does an evidence-based approach to lawmaking apply and when does it not? We have plenty of ignored evidence that would render entire chapters of legislative code rubbish. Think of all the trees we could have saved!

My contention with this practice from a gender perspective is that it appears to be a clear violation of the equal-protection clause. Physical incapacitation of one gender and not another does not appear to be an equal administration of justice from my point of view.

I’m still laughing that it costs 1,000 a month and the offender is required to pay!! STFU!! Is that when you also provide these so called predators a nice comfy 6 figure job, since we all know even making 600.00 bucks thanks to fear based Megan’s Law, is almost impossible to most registrants. These clowns really have a lot of time on their hands.

This article is horrible. It’s rife with misinformation. Chemical castration is permanent firstly, provided the person is on the medication for a long period. Secondly chemical castration is reserved for twice convicted child molesters sentenced to prison time in California.

@ Jack
Chemical Castration (Leuprolide acetate)Depo Lupron has side effects of which one is “reduced sex drive”. It is not permanent. It is used for prostate cancer to reduce testosterone levels. When it is out of one’s system, testosterone levels go back up to a normal range. Women are prescribed this drug for several mostly cancer issues. $12,000.00 per year.
As opposed to (medroxyprogesterone acetate) Depo provera which has a host of more severe side effects. It is very cheap. …it’s used for birth control in women among other things.

I’m not going to argue with you. Whoever told you that is wrong, I’ve spoken with a urologist about this drug (Lupron) in particular.

@ Jm from Wisconsin. I’m not trying to start an argument here, but it seems you’ve been mislead. I don’t know why the permanency hasn’t been mentioned online until now. I’ve spoken with my urologist regarding Lupron in particular and I’m only relaying the information he gave to me.

@Jack Jack, after reading Josephus and Simeon I hate to further this discussion. I absolutely do not condone these Draconian laws. But, I do know 3 individuals who had this medication (Lupron) long term– 3-4 yrs, 5 yrs and 16 yrs. note the 16 yrs did 6 months on 6 months off. They are all frequent members of a 12 step group I attend. None of them are ” destruction of Genatilia ie permanent shrinkage and function and much much more like early death…. i e pain suffering no physical intimacy …” or “paralized sex organs”. I agree that the… Read more »

My answer is without hesitating “No”. However if our government were to require this perhaps they should begin with those people (mother and father) who’s new born baby is born addicted to drugs.

As soon as I got to the point where the writer claims a 67% recidivism, the entire article became discounted for me. It’s absolutely barbaric what they do and the reasons they do it are not legitimate. But can’t the guy at least get the math right?

Man, I would be go to hell if I would do the castration therapy let alone pay a $1000 a month. Lock me up forever and as the fictitious Eric Cartman states, “suck my B*&#$%s” …. Un-castrated ones that is and will always be. Society sure is degenerating. Idiocracy the movie coming to reality near you.

Wow. This is the first time I have ever seen a differentiation between one kind/type of sex offender and the other. Until now, I thought we were all considered violent predators. Hmmmmm
In a general sense, sex offenders are more nonviolent. A sex offender might be someone who has been arrested for indecent exposure or even child pornography. Meanwhile, a sexual predator is usually someone who has committed some violent act and is highly likely to commit the same or similar act in the future. Sexual predators are more likely to be the ones to receive castration.

Interesting (but not surprising) that the recidivism statistic quoted in the article is both misleading and false. The number quoted includes re-arrest for anything, not just another sex offense. Just one of many problems with the article. More importantly to me though, is the willingness of politicians and citizens to believe whatever they’re told or whatever gives them more power.

Castration by chemicals destroyed a mans health, and the powers .. whom ever do not want anyone to think about this, thats why the research is narrowly crafted and poorly done, because the results will show CANCER, DESTRUCTION OF GENATILIA i.e. PERMANENT SHRINKAGE AND FUNCTION AND MUCH MUCH MORE LIKE EARLY DEATH AND LONG LASTING HEALTH PROBLEMS ..I.E. PAIN, SUFFERING ALSO NO PHYSICAL INTIMACY (QUALITY OF LIFE ) AND DAMAGE TO SPERM/CHILDREN TO BE BORN! Stopping a mans sex drive through Chemicals is equal and worse than PARALYZING A THIEFS HANDS MAKING THEM USELESS, NUMB AND WITH A HOST OF… Read more »



It does not matter you attended a class of treatment ! You are not aware if the negative effects of lupron and other meds…the rcs are told lies by the doctors saying to the ones receiving castration shots its just a little thing happening to you …It has been Legally documented that treatment does what i said it does, the doctor shrinking your balls to get you to comply is not going to show you your balls before and after you start castration, because it would interfere with their desired results and control . I did not say your balls… Read more »

Whatever generates a mouse click, works! Right?
A valid question couched in delusion by normative morality.
More useless internet drivel.
In the capitalist reality, testosterone is hawked in a smorgasbord of products.
Inevitably the elite always end up treating the peasants as cattle or stock.
Working corruption of blood lines has long been a tactic utilized by authoritarian tyrants.

Why is chemical castration being sold as an alternative when it is less effective than CBT therapy? For example, in one study, “[r]esults indicated that subjects receiving Lupron were at significantly higher risk of recidivism and significantly more likely to be diagnosed with a paraphilia than subjects receiving only CBT, a priori.” Perhaps equally sickening: The Static-99R (surprise, surprise) EXAGGERATED recidivism in both groups [“Both treated groups of sexual offenders recidivated at substantially lower rates than predicted by the Static-99R.”]. Yup, this is the “science” that sex offender “treatment” is predicated. Thanks Fake Doctor Karl Hanson, CASOMB, DOJ, and… Read more »

Re-branding castration is a ridiculous idea….
You can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig.

@Kat this is how it works. They rebrand something barbaric to make it sound more palatable to a sensitive audience, thereby making them more likely to support it. We can’t let these bastards control the language.

Why chemical castration? Why not just get a meat cleaver and WHACK? It would be Cheaper and permanent.
It is because these “civilized” lawmakers want to make themselves feel better.

Well, it was chemical that’s how an advanced society would do it. We’re not savages after all.

But, you are savages.

The idea of chemical castration came out when I was going thru treatment. The guy running the program liked to talk about it alot but he was very much against it. From his point of view people who are truly very serious risks in society would get this castration and then the public would think they were now lower risk because of it. He said the data didn’t match this claim and in fact such methods increased risk because even though they may not sexually offend they were likely to still do things to exert power over others such as… Read more »

Basically that is the whole system. Beat a guy up but do it in a way that on the surface can be presented to society as being “civilized” or “merciful” or “justified”.

“Now now, don’t struggle. Just hush up and take the beating.”

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