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CA: 7 Sex Offenders Released Early Due to COVID-19 in Orange County Despite Parole Violations

[ – 4/30/20]

Seven sex offenders who violated parole were released from jail early as part of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department reducing its inmate population during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The sex offenders were released months before schedule, despite being charged with violating their parole by cutting off their GPS monitors and tampering with their tracking devices, according to the Orange County District Attorney’s Public Information Officer Kimberly Edds.

California law requires sex offenders who violate their parole in this way to serve six months in jail, but many of the sex offenders who have been released during the pandemic served just days, Edds said.

…said Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer. “As a state legislator, I was the author and founder of the State of California Sex Offender Management Board and the author of Megan’s Law on the Internet, which allows the public to see where these sex offenders are so that they can protect themselves and their families.”

Read the entire article


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“They are doing everything they can to avoid detection by the parole officers assigned to monitor them so they can potentially commit additional sex offenses.”

Wow!! So it is just assumed that because they violate their parole it means they are attempting to commit additional sexual offenses !!

It is amazing how a few words can actually change the real meaning of a story. I guess it is just that there was nothing better to report in the news so something had to be “colored up” to make headlines and get click bait.

This is how the media and polits start conditioning the populace to start associating the most extreme offenders to “high risk.” I don’t believe everyone classified high risk are as incorrigible as the folks in that article. Anyway wasn’t that new OCDA supposed to be better than Raucacous?

What good are those ankle monitors anyway? Remember those two RCs in Anaheim? They killed 4 prostitutes while wearing their ankle monitors. With our without them, they serve zero purpose other than to further stigmatize the person wearing them.

That the media says multiple offenses and starting that list with a sex offense makes it sound like that they multiple sex crimes. Yet, there’s a long list of other more serious crimes. I have no doubt that they may be high risk of committing any crime and possibly extremely low risk for a sex crime.


There’s the possible psychological effect on the mind of them knowing whereabouts continually…big brother watching…

Not just watching! Gathering and collecting for storage in electronic fashion which makes microphis appear ancient as stone tabulate or scrolls. However unlike stone tabulate or scroll, electronic records are much easier to fake, alter or manipulate.

An appropriate comparative analysis? A U.S. $dollar bill & A Bit Coin.

I was on parole with those two guys in OC. One of them had a bad attitude from day one, and it just kept getting worse as time went on. The other one was cooperative early on, but being forced to live on the street took it’s toll. I didn’t expect them to go as far as they did, but anyone around them could see they were going to become a problem.

I’ve seen this post circulating Facebook. So dumb they were were all in for violations or FTR. So stupid!

Kudos for OC! I think their being sex offenders is irrelevant. If your on parole and required to wear an ankle bracelet, then that’s it. That’s a way to get released early! I clearly don’t agree with this, but it’s not uncommon among paroles. Cutting your braclet is asking for trouble. Do your time, fulfill your parole requirements and live your life!

Wow! Read the article! These where some bad dudes! These weren’t 1st time offenders! This clearly tells you something.

Illinois is releasing folks too.

Illinois has also been keeping folks locked up after sentence has expired. Ex post mission creep of the rulings from 2003 when civil commitment was deemed not in violation Art1, sec.9-10 even given the people’s actual affirmative restraint of the body.

So it takes a pandemic to spur the authorities into doing the right thing and follow their own rules. Fear it seems is the typical American impetus for federal actions benevolent or not.
On balance Covid 2019 has advantaged only truth about the Americans.

I agree with USA ~ We would have NEVER risked cutting off the ankle bracelets, and those who do might or might not be up to no good. The majority will follow PO rules. Violations for an FTR on the other hand is not always willful. I am getting older, forgetting things, etc, so that should never be a reason to return to prison. I can’t emphasize enough to read up on FTR. It HAS to be willful.

These guys where very lucky! I believe all of them had numerous convictions/numerous arrests and numerous probation/or parole violations! Clearly repeat offenders! In summary, their criminal history was very extensive. Very lucky’

And to think it takes something like a contagious pandermic convid-19 to make some jailers of prisons or jails and big wig officials understand how much they are doing wrong with much or all of this registry issue. For those folks on the registry incarcerated this is a wake up call in this instance. freedom is for everyone and it should not be taken lightly. Hey If I was going to get sick from something like a pandermic I would hate to be in prison. I know some sex issue is bad enough. Six months is bad enough for a dui in many cases but that was back in the 70’s don’t know what it is today. Many of you guys on here say all or much of this registry stuff is stupid well your right.

I’m was just lucky in my Commonwealth State that they gave me probation for this and yes a bit of gospel does pan out in the long run. I’m sure a lot of those police are not boy scouts either. Anyone that has ever been in jail or prison knows its not a piece of cake. There is all types of things going on from murders and many other things things. I’m also and I’m sure out in Ca. its not an easy picture.

Every little article that the politicians can influence will try to condition the public to unconditionally believe the ‘high-risk’ [HRSO] label. This is one of them. When a low-risk offender re-offends, CDCR and DA will not advertise said offender as a ‘low-risk’ offender having re-offended because it wouldn’t jive with the Static-99R scam narrative (they will just advertise that ‘Sex Offender Reoffends’ — without reference to alleged risk). Not to mention, most sex offenders (>90%) are not even committed by people on the registry to begin with!

The public is being prepped for the Tiered Registry.

Its funny how when they Wright these articles its always the scary homeless dirty un shaved habitual Transit who ovsuly has mental health issues..
I wanna see them write and article on a sexofender that’s been on the register for 10,15.20 years and been a moderate citizen the whole time
Someone who gets up everyday and and goes to work and provides for there family despite the circumstance there in
and take the time to interview that sexofender and let them explain how they are able to positively functioning in Society…..


That’s just it, isn’t it? Media has solely focused on the worst Registrants which is only a small segment and that has shaped public perception for decades. Nobody wants to write Registrants that have moved on and become productive citizens.

Man anything get sex offender and covid together get hits. Stupid idiots post in the title, “7 Sex Offenders Released Early Due to COVID-19 in Orange County Despite Parole Violations” like it was covid measures that released the people and then the put the truth at the end,
“It has been incorrectly reported in the media that my Department authorized the recent releases of seven registered sex offenders from Orange County Jail. That is inaccurate. These inmates were released by Court order, and are not in any way connected to the measures I have taken to limit the spread of COVID-19 in the Orange County Jail.”
Crazy, are not even smart enough to know the article completely contradicts its title or they just do not care anymore as most of the sheaple are blind idiots. At least their target audience anyway.

@mike r, Sure discipline is good and yes I would hate to have an ankle bracelet on my leg. And yes at one time I could of wore an ankle monitor if thats the case. Funny thing about the conscious during this lock up ordeal as some people do have morals and ethics .Would the state rather have 7 dead bodies than to justify their actions.Their are many people in lock up being released all over the nation I’m sure during this pandermic. Look at the other prisoners they let out. For every action there is a reaction and I would say CA did the right thing. Can anyone guarantee anything in life or is the stipulation to just lock them up and forget about them feed, them give them room and board, or a worse case senerio. And yes I could be wrong all together.

One of the reason’s I came back to Janice’s forum is she reminds me of the activist gal I knew in high school back in the 70’s and she seems to get the job done. I believe positive results get the job done. So if it takes a convid-19 to wake up some than in the criminal justice system than thats a plus. I’m sure society as a whole can take care of itself. So yes there is always something good that comes out of bad. You all can squabble over a misprinted article or whatever but doing the right thing is better than doing the wrong thing to save lives in many ways. Just my take on the whole matter.

Faith? you know we all have many different religion’s but their is still one God and one Faith, and one Baptism Once we ask God into our hearts he gives a measure of faith to each one of us and we are suppose to do our best to follow that faith and grow in the wisdom and understanding. Yes life has many junctions and pitfalls but if you have a grain of mustard seed faith thats half the battle.

Even the bible tells one that all our righteousness is like filthy rag Isaiahs 64. Even in Ecc.7:20 it says their is no one on earth that is righteous, no one on earth who doeth right and never sins and yes there is not a just man upon the face of the earth that doeth good and sinnith not with their wisdom. and yes two wrongs dont’ make a right. So were does this internet sex registry come into play and many with much of these ordeals. Oh, internet prevention, thats right.

Doesn’t someone have to do the enticement first or is it a follow the leader type of band wagon ordeal when they ask for pictures or cam’s. So how can two wrongs make a right? Sure they will ask for cam’s and other things so listening is important. One would guess the old pharse comes to mind “It takes two to tango”. I think someone said at one time. I believe the bible is plain and clear on this that those Ministers are servants for good so why entice someone when obvoiusly that is wrong according to biblical standards. Their is a double standard in all this registry, I would say. I’m even sure many are locked up in jails or prison’s wrongfully.

One more reason I like Janice’s site is that she’s like a head hunter to lead this challenge and Chance and the other team members are in there to help in standing up for all or a lot of this injustice that we as offenders go thru. Fighting this battle to help others is a worthy cause.
Now this article, and even some of the comments that you guys present along with this virus issue we all are facing does have meaning. Sure I have two more years on my probation but are not we all on probation in some ways mean’s and form or do we all have to be locked up to know much of this discrimination is in society today- marriage problems, housing, even finding work can be unrealistic. The justice system is as good as the understandings that our bible presents and I hope we are still a Christian nation.

We are not a Christian Life based upon us alone as no grace and and mercy not being extended, and us being treated like the lepers and sinners at the time of the Bible being written….

these DA’s are such losers….
they say and I QUOTE ” These kinds of high-risk sex offenders are the most dangerous kind of criminal and the most likely to re-offend”

Ok so they are HIGH RISK and DANGEROUS…..

So I ask.. then why are they FREE on PAROLE ? ?

A Lame GPS bracelet isnt going to STOP a RSO from committing a CRIME… they CUT IT OFF if they wanna commit a crime…. !!


What would be funny is IF they CUT IT OFF on purpose knowing they would only be in jail a day or two !

Exactly if there such a high risk and Public Safety is the number1 priority why would
you let them out in the first place.
I honestly think they purposely release these high risk offenders into Society for propaganda and fear-mongering

They are so full of it. If they were that dangerous, they would have not let them out. I have not heard of any murderer being released on an ankle monitor……hhhhmmmh? I wonder why. I listen to the Heidi and Frank show, and I am officially not a fan anymore. They, too, were talking about this topic and stating that “dangerous child molestors” are being released. This is what the public hears and believes because they are too lazy or stupid, or both, to dig deeper and get the whole story. It’s like calling a person who stole a piece of gum an armed and dangerous robber. There ARE differences, people. Educate yourself!!

Of course they”re going to tell what the worst parole violation is (cutting off your ankle bracelet, yeah right like it happens all the time. BTW parolees with non sex offenses cut off their ankle bracelet too) The truth is that in many states including this cesspool of Wisconsin I’m stuck in, they’ll sanction you for getting on the internet without your agent’s permission or missing a pervert treatment class–I certainly was sent back to jail for “technical violations” that have nothing to do with breaking the law. There’s no law against a person getting on the internet and searching for work that many won’t do in this covid environment. But if you’re on sex offender probation convicted of an internet pornography offense, your agent can sanction you to jail.

One of the 7 released was arrested 1-2 days later for indecent exposure.

Yes, sure did. Got arrested for allegedly exposing himself to parole officers / staff at the parole office. Breath easy, citizens of Orange County. You and your children are safe.

I am wondering how many “regular” parolees were re-arrested for parole violations or new crimes. I just read about one who was arrested not once, not twice, but thrice for new and separate crimes in ONE day and let go with $0 bail each time. Oh my….. wondering about all the ones not worthy of a news article.

BTW, this guy who flashed the parole officers apparently is on the list for breaking into a house and exposing himself to a young girl. Never touched anyone. Certainly not cool, but hardly a terrible sex crime like, say, sexual battery. Wouldn’t you say?

I have a feeling that this might just be someone that finds life easier on the inside than on the streets. I have read about a problem in Japan where older gentlemen are committing petty crime intentionally and turning themselves in to be under the care of the state rather than have nothing on the outside.

No one flashes themselves in a parole office without the full knowledge that they are going to be arrested….I might argue that the reality here is that the registry has made life so horrible that living like a human being on the outside is impossible…

I wish the reporter had thought a little more about what is really going on here…of course, maybe also he just had a unending compulsion to flash…which still is mainly a psychological problem rather than a criminal one.

Best Wishes, James I

@ James. Hello: In fact thats my actual first name and its a good name. Course I go by the name of Saddles on here. This pandermic is a loose cannon and is here for a reason. Sure I mentioned on here about releasing a sex offender during this pandermic as the guilt factor is one way to look at it.
I have even heard in the 70’s and 80’s about people going to jail to get out of the elements. Even this political prisoner article in Egypt that was on the internet today is an example of someone mocking someone. Political or whatever. Turn the coing around and the police are mocking the Commandments when they do many of these internet sting operations on a whim in adult sites.
Nothing wrong with cleaning up the porn on the internet, the movies, video’s and trash but the love of money is the root to all evil. I even agree Janice and many more on here would agree on that one, so there is always someting good that comes out of something bad. As far as the flashing incident that is a bit much. Many of times I would be in my bed robe when my PO visited me but now since he’s retired I have a female PO. Its all about responsiblity and that is a two way street in a lot of respects.

It’s interesting to read some of your comments. Some of you post case numbers/citing cases like your a lawyer? None of that matters unless you have been arrested and facing charges! Then, some of you who have been on parole or plead to serious charges seem to minimize your case and in some instances blame the victim? I’ve read this numerous times. Some of you even lash out at others? It’s their fault! The most disturbing individuals are those who try to be manipulative or change the subject? That’s the behavior that brought you here! Releasing 7 means that the judicial system/jail system presently is being affected by the pandemic and many view sex offenders as the worst of the worst! The man arrested again clearly has impulse control issues! I personally feel sorry for him. He needs help! I feel sorry for those (OC) who pretend. Best of luck! By the way, I’m very y? I changed my ways! How about you?

USA I’ve been noticing your posts and also many more on here since I came back to ACSOL and yes I have written to my GOV. here in VA. lots of times. And yes they just stamped and acknoledged one of my letters. Even TIM in WI says this virus is a type of balance and yes it is a wake up call for many imprisoned by much or many of this charade inducement. One could call is dispensational error but no minster should provoke anyone to sin. Are we to put the blame on Bill Gates or other figures. Even Government today seems out of balanced.

One wonders if ministers of justice really understand or know what they are doing in America today in much of this sex type issue of unrest injustice trappings to trap in this judge not or you’ll be will judged type action vanity.

Dear Everyone:

I look at that picture of the guy…and he looks like he has been doing some real tough living, no baths, no shaving, no clean clothes…and if you are rough living, just how do you charge your ankle monitor everyday?

This is insane…the theme of this story should have been how the Registires make it utterly impossible for fellow human beings to live…any kind of life at all.

No housing, (vast restrictions by landlords), few to no jobs, at lease in any traditional work setting, (who will hire us?), limited access to medications, little support from outside agencies…THIS IS THE REAL STORY!

Now this poor gentleman will be trotted out from time to time to show how unreliable we are, he will be added to the recidivism rolls….without any regard as to how the society has made it impossible for many of us to live at all…

And they, the news outlets, and not the society, will take any responsibility for what they have cruelly, (and stupidly) done.

Best Wishes, James I

OC District Attorney ‘outraged’ after County Commissioner releases dangerous sex offenders due to COVID-19 restrictions
at 1:53: “Sex Offenders are not rehabilitatable” Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer.

Supervisor Todd Spitzer speaks to Laguna Niguel council regarding homeless shelter
at 1:35: Calling y’all “the lowest of the lowest” Orange County Supervisor Todd Spitzer.

Yes, that Todd Spitzer

Someone here keeps telling us about how this OCDA is better than T-Rack. LMFAO.

This was expected. I remember years ago sitting in court for my 17B! The guy prior had 2-3 probation violations, out on bail and he was arrested for a new charge! OC is very political. First, as I mentioned before, read these guys criminal histories! I was blown away! Shocked. I’m sure there are a lot of gang bangers, drug addicts, pimps, murderers and who knows what else getting re arrested as well! Political. Yet, (I used to solicit hookers and I’ll admit it) they have a multitude of massage parlors in OC that offer handjobs, blowjobs, topless, NURU and full (total brothel) service! There is a full service place in Cypress right now! I informed one police agency (stopped their car) that a full blown massage parlor offering everything (they where the 1st non sanctuary city) operated in their city! It’s near a preschool. The officers stated they knew about it, but it’s hard to bust them???? Hypocrites

@USA: You’re such an outstanding citizen and human!

Have to say it even though it is going create backlash from you know who. @ USA, “I informed one police agency (stopped their car) that a full blown massage parlor offering everything”
Be proud of yourself you upstanding citizen you. Guy never ceases to amaze me. Guess because he cannot go (as long as there is a registry keeping him from re-offending that is) he has to ruin it for everyone.

Sorry people, just this kind of hypocritical BS people never ceases to amaze me. For USA to be someone that was convicted for sexually assaulting someone in message parlors pulling a cop over and complaining and telling them about a “illegal” parlor operation is incredible. Nothing wrong with grown ass adults doing whatever they want as long as it is not hurting others. F((&^** nanny state of mind people.

I’m laughing so hard…and I don’t often laugh here because the subject and topics are so serious…but on the other hand, fair decency would say that the least USA could have done is published the address…

On yet another hand, how does USA know that the establishment was full service?….!…?

Anyhow, I make it a rule to stay out of internet fights, (and I have already used three hands)…but I did laugh at this.

Everyone be good, Best Wishes, James I

I was watching a wonderful documentary last night. It was about the 16 year old girl who killed her client. When evaluating her, they did a psychological evaluation. It was very interesting to see how she reacted to photos she was shown. She was to describe the scene and was then asked how the story ended? Good? Bad? You guys clearly fall within those parameters. I truly feel sorry for you. You exhibit much the same. Thanks for confirming what I already knew.

@mike r. while I don’t know you and that is beside’s the point. I would rather release 7 sex offenders than to have those on my conscious. And yes that would be morsal and ethical. This whole sex offender issue isnt’ right and it isn’t a one night stand, or are many a bunch of vain or conceitted blind men and women when it comes to truth and justice. I could even see why some had to have a good laugh over some misjudgement. I’m no angel myself course we all do the best we can but we all try.

Even governments are no angels. Oops I forgot the California angels are out in California but thats a baseball team of who plays foul ball with a human life. This registry has to go in many ways. In a situation such as this that would be the right thing to do or should one give a behavior lesson before release. One wonder who tricks who today.

@USA, “It was about the 16 year old girl who killed her client”
You have some weird obsession with the client/john relationship. I think it is to attempt to keep what miserable so called skills of manipulation you have been taught. And yeah, how did you know it was a full service parlor? Better stay away USA or maybe we all might just snitch to the cops on you, cops were probably already tripped out by you being what your situation is and what you were telling on. Cops and judges and DAs you have dealt with must think you are exactly what you are, an idiot.

People only lash out at those whom they feel are a threat to them? Insecure? Low self esteem? This allows them to feel better about themselves. Very immature and this is also uncommon among educated individuals. I’ll be leaving this site before the end of the year. Roll on children. High school

If the DOJ places you in a tier to be determined then you will remain on the registery for another 2 years no explanation/resion needed and I can guarantee that more then hafe of the people who qualified to be removed from registery will be placed in this category

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