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Kat’s Blog: We All Saw It Coming

Those who live their lives on the registry knew it would happen, it was only a matter of time.

The pandemic strikes, those in society that are used to everyday freedoms, suddenly forced to quarantine, out of work, told they may be under restrictions for a month, maybe two, at the most three before life returns to normal.

Everyone jumps on board, eager to do their part to contain “the danger” looming outside their door.

A few short weeks later we’re advised that this all may take longer, much longer than we thought. We may never get back to “normal”. It may be a year and a half until we have a vaccine and we may be wearing personal protective equipment until 2022! Who knows when schools will restart or when states will open their borders? Shopping, bars, gyms, churches, all closed. Life as everyone knows it, has changed.

And now the government announces there will be a new phase of virus control called “contact tracing”.  It will track those with the virus and everyone they’ve had contact with. Governmental health workers may be calling our homes, asking us questions about our personal health and the names and phone numbers of those we’ve had contact with. Some of us will receive a sentence of isolation, for others, the lesser sentence to self- monitor. It all depends on your risk factor. (Oddly enough risk factors aren’t taken into consideration on the sex offender registry, same registry for everyone, high or low risk.)

In a strange twist of karma, whether they realize it or not, the rest of the world is getting a sense of “life on the registry”. It’s a life where rules change constantly, there is seemingly no end to social distancing, nothing is ever certain, information is always vague and governmental workers want to know your business. Everyone is now on a roller-coaster very much like what registrants are on, with twists and turns you have no control of, no end in sight and if there was an end in sight, the rules can always change so there isn’t.

The registry was designed to “track” registrants, letting the government know where they lived and worked, how close they could get to schools, parks, athletic fields, greenways, etc. It limits registrant’s freedoms on a daily basis. “It’s needed” society was told, “it will keep everyone safe”.  And society thought it was a great idea.

Little by little the pandemic has taken away the daily freedom’s that society is used to. It’s taken away their freedom to work, to socialize, to have human contact with family and friends. For some, it’s taken the very food off their tables and for many, in the near future if things don’t improve, probably the roofs over their heads. And now, “contact tracing” will take away their privacy.

One can’t help but wonder how long before the country rises up and screams that they want their freedoms back.

Everyone’s been isolating for weeks. Patience is wearing thin. They’re tired of the corona virus pandemic and the rules and restrictions that come with it. They don’t want government workers contacting them, asking personal information. We are a society that values its privacy, we don’t want to be tracked. The idea that our personal information, our corona virus status, might end up on a registry available to the public, our friends, neighbors, potential employers, is abhorrent. There’s a limit on how much privacy society will give up for safety’s sake, the amount of caution they’re willing to take to protect others.

Many are reaching their limit; the pot is beginning to boil.

Yes, we saw it coming.

What better time than now to enlighten society. This is what life on the sex offender registry is like, day to day uncertainty, vagueness, rules, regulations, restrictions, privacy issues, loss of family, friends, jobs and housing. This is what society’s laws have done to registrants.

For registrants, having to live like this has been the norm, the normal that society said they deserved, the normal they allowed the government to enforce, the normal they didn’t want to have to see, hear or think about. Registrants were the “danger” looming outside the door, the “danger” that needed to be contained. If tracking us on a sex offender registry was the answer, if it was going to keep society “safer”, so be it.

Well, now this is everyone’s normal, too.


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God, I LOVE this article. Its everything I have been thinking about for weeks now. Thank You for spelling it out SO perfectly!

My young teenage child has been isolated pretty much from birth to only our home and school. Likewise, he has been forced to adapt to a segregated lifestyle with only his computer friends/classmates for company.
This current isolation for everyone is his norm. He is sometimes invited to birthday parties from friends at school but we never have invited anyone to a party for him for fear the parents might shame him with the reasons for declining our invite.
Although my child has good grades, good behavior and appears well adjusted I can’t help but be angry at a system that disables his rights to a happier childhood even after I’ve been on the registry for over 40 years.
Perhaps next year they will permit me to get off the registry but for me it’s too late, the damage has already affected my child’s life and deprived him of a normal childhood even though I have been an asset to my community, a great neighbor and an honest tradesman.
Shame on the registry lovers for harming my child and all those other children isolated, shamed and impoverished for the sin of their parent.

A sick system.

Thanks for this great article that sums it up pretty nicely. However, those who are now living these isolated lives, with restrictions and government involvement will most likely claim that they are suffering out of no fault of their own, whereas the registrants brought it upon themselves. Still, I think it’s a great way to compare these two as far as the limitations that we can’t seem to want to get used to. Nobody likes to be restricted and monitored, especially years or decades past the original offense. We all have a right to move on.

Yes, they can claim this suffering is no fault of their own and they would be right, BUT, our suffering was supposed be done in prison and then released into society rehabilitated and ready to become useful citizens as other felons are. However, that is not the case for us. Our suffering actually begins all over again when we are released. We suffer twice the penalty for the same crime! Once in prison, and then again for life in society. They can argue all they want that we brought this on ourselves, but the fact-of-the-matter is that NO ONE should have to suffer for the same crime twice!! The law itself is constructed to punish and release, not punish and release and then continue to punish for life!

Incredible isn’t it. One more curiously positive way being listed impacts registrants lives. Although many complain fact is, being listed inoculated folks from suffering privacy violation precisely because of FaceBook’s TOS. Many registrants are already isolated either by gov or by our own public volition. There is very little chance I’ll get the virus because of it. I’m fairly certain identity theft is rare among those listed too because it elicits a red flag at times. In many ways registration combined with notification IS identity theft in itself, especially for the truly not guilty!

Covid 19 is marginally more contagious than the regular influenza and so far the % mortality is slightly less than that of unchecked\non gov mitigated influenza. Covid 19 it seems does inflict far more outcomes that involve long term lung damage than flu. This is tied to individual inflammatory response rather than the elevated level of exposure. So the hype around Covid is IMO over amplified but displays how a generalized assumption of RISK is very destructive to the whole. This highlights the necessity of individual vs group assessments in the threat picture.

This is precisely why after much discussion by the founders, ex post laws were forbidden by the U.S. Constitution. That they are doing it on the regular examples how far down that slippery slope we are.

@Tim I don’t know what part of Wisconsin you live in but the coronavirus is a very big deal here in Milwaukee. People are dying, 1000s are getting sick, hospitals and emergency rooms throughout the city are so filled to capacity that doctors can’t see patients for regular ailments. Now I know there’s always been this rural urban and racial divide in the state, but it only takes one person from Rice Lake to go down to see a ball game at Miller Park then return up north and infect his entire family & small community. And rural healthcare systems are far more stressed than urban ones. And some folks in those rural areas recognize the seriousness of the virus because they have been on tv telling urbanites to postpone visiting their cabins and second homes until the pandemic is over. But there are others that are ignorant or want to make it into a tea party political thing and protest Gov Evers for just doing what their star Pres Trump advised today; states should wait for caseloads to decrease for 3 weeks, then gradually open back up non essential services. But despite the protests, I still believe most Wisconsin people know we’re in this thing together regardless of race, rural or urban status. However as far as being registered sex offenders, well, the persecution will continue.

Not sure your math or your stats on Covid-19 are entirely accurate.

If for no other reason than it’s really too early to know how deadly or how contagious this thing is. Probably better to avoid making definitive statements just yet.

All that said, I do agree with the ‘protective’ nature of being on the registry. Still, I’d rather provide my own health protection and do away with the registry.

The stats are on the news everyday. They tell you how many died, how many tested positive for the disease, they break it down by state, county and city. Are you sure you live in Wisconsin? Even the ticker bar that scrolls across the bottom of the screen everyday tells you this info. Either you don’t have a tv or you live in a community with a media that keeps you in the dark.

@Jackson Latest info for Wisconsin: Confirmed 3,875, Deceased 197.
I think someone drank the Covid-19 kool-aid.

The country has been destroying itself for a long time now. The system needs a big red stop button and this covid-19 business just might be it. I fear that the reality might be that we’re too far gone now, but there is hope. Small hope. The system has spun out of control.

@MLinCA As of today, both corona cases & deaths are up in Wisconsin so we haven’t plateued. But I figure that matters little to you since you believe everyone’s “drinking the corona virus kool aid” despite the fact that just about everyone on this forum for the last month has been concerned about registering in public & getting infected with the virus. Even our counsel Janice Belluci has filed a lawsuit over this issue in your own state. But I don’t even think you’re real. You’re just a nobody who likes to troll this forum, and maybe you should go join those redneck idiot tea bagger protesters standing together infecting each other.

@ Jackson
I’m real bruh.

Humanity survived the Spanish Flu with far less technology, medicine, and science. No doubt we will survive this one.

The question is what won’t survive after this pandemic. Our way of life? How we do business? Our infrastructure? And what is there to say about how our agencies being funded with the remaining budget for this year? Or the year after that? After bailing out businesses and giving millions of people stimulus checks at what point will our government cut off certain programs in favor for survival in a global economy?

Domestic Violence calls in Orange County are up 25%. Current living conditions are blamed.

This is justified by current conditions. As one (frequent) commenter states:

“You take common ordinary freedoms away from people and how do they express their frustrations? What results? Fights and violence. You don’t have a be a psychiatrist to understand the dynamic here. Cage a monkey that is used to being free and you’ll see some very strange behaviors.”

Sound familiar? According to this logic 290 registrants would account for most such crimes. Except they don’t. Hmmmm

@Kat thank you for this reminder. This is a rare opportunity for us to connect with others and those in our legislatures to perhaps open minds that have been closed for so long.

I wrote to some state lawmakers a couple weeks back regarding issues in my state of SC. I encourage others to take the time to advocate as well. This was the essence of my communication common with all of them. I wrote to Reps Bannister (Below), King, Long, and another (can’t recall) who was advocating similar reform legislation.


I understand this is a busy time for our elected and appointed officials as you deal with the mitigation efforts with respect to the Coronavirus. I wanted to take this moment, however, to remind our friends in Columbia about longstanding concerns that have been voiced by those on the SC sex offender registry concerning its impact on individuals and families. Much like with the current pandemic, life on the registry has had a severe dampening effect on those directly and indirectly impacted by the registry. Registrants daily face severely hampered opportunities to find housing and jobs, public shaming, restrictions on where they can go domestically and internationally, and other technical tripwires when traveling that can lead one inadvertently on a path back to prison when no true crime has been committed. While we and our loved ones are currently experiencing a temporary glimpse into the world of registrants through this pandemic lockdown, I pray that God might use this time to shine the light on the plight of a people group who have long paid their societal debt, but who are still burdened daily with struggles similar to our current situation, being figuratively chained to their past by vindictive and unforgiving public policies.

Mountains of evidence show that the registry has not accomplished its well-intended purpose, but rather causes innumerable instances of harm and collateral damage to individuals and families trying to move their lives forward. In the interest of brevity I will not include all of this data in this communication, but I would be happy to share this information with you, if you are interested in learning more. The reality is, with nearly 1 in 300 persons in the US on the registry, we all personally know someone whose life is affected by these policies.

I support a bill that was introduced some time back by Rep. King and has been refiled (H3318) that limits the damage of the registry while providing hope for those who sincerely desire to move forward. This bill set a reasonable limit of 15 years term on the registry, which has been shown to be a good indicator of rehabilitative success for those who remain offense-free after conviction. As you have filed a bill that will form a committee to look into this very matter, I am asking the representatives in the House assigned to this committee to reexamine this important legislative issue, one which can positively impact the lives of thousands of SC individuals and families while at the same time ensuring public safety and eliminating wasteful use of our law enforcement resources.

I encourage you during this unprecedented time to consider the circumstances of our fellow Americans who will still face daunting challenges long after life for the rest of us returns to normal. I pray that your faith along with a sincere conscience will guide you to make informed decisions that will positively impact future legislation.

Really well written. Thank you for sharing!!! Wish such “crazy” bills would make it forward in other states, too. I wonder how they had the guts to even file this to be considered??

Only when the shoe is on the other foot do they understand. Now they understand what it feels like to have your entire life hijacked and held hostage under siege. The only difference is for them, it’s only a temporary way of life while we’ll remain in the quicksand of fear, ignorance and hate once things are lifted.

You know it’s punishment when they continue to use that tired “I only care about the victims” argument.

Kat while I hate to see this covid virus happening can we all say, we saw this coming or not. This impact is more devastating on the people as a Nation, or are we are all trying a bit too much to understand all this virus ordeal or are we the oddballs. Fifty years ago nobody ever heard of facebook. Yes the Cats and jammer kids have been around since the dawn of time, internet hasn’t. Sure these scientists figure this virus might have came from a bat, or maybe a bat out of hell. Why is it effecting some and not many at all.

Maybe its because most people have to much pride today in their self conceit or use to much insight instead of hindsight. Is life an adventure for some or to some its a way to figuring out how a telescope works or to clean up some injustce or some over crowded prison systems or even bring back some liberty and justice in America we all enjoyed at one time. So are we all in this one way or another imprisoned in some way.

I’m sure some wish they could go back to the Sonny & Cher days but even they got too big it seems or did Palm Springs over ride in one way or another. One wonders if the Governments are some modern day Robin Hood when kids or adults are afraid to walk out of their house or afraid that some monitoring is going to invade them in some epic injustice beyond one’s own understanding. Stepping up to injustice is beneficial to all today.

Sure one can talk about registry impacting lives or are we all innocent or guilty. Did we all see this coming! Should we have faith in ourselves or just wisdom or understanding to get the job done and find a cure for a cure. Seems everyone is shocked about all this virus and now look at the estate of the ecomony today or maybe we should all go with a poem such as ” stone walls do not a prison make nor iron bars a cage. Theirs always that silver lining to every dark cloud.

Great post Kat.
I always knew that the registry scheme was a beta test for what the controllers want for all of humanity. Now everyone is a potentially “contaminated”, a threat, and to be kept a distance from. There will be a perpetual pandemic that our governments will have to keep us safe from- new strains, new mutations etc etc.
This is an excellent video articulating what their plans are for humanity in THEIR own words.

We need to start by relinquishing all fear. It will lead to our demise. Do not consent. Laughter
Be strong but also Be kind to everyone regardless of how misguided they are ( it strengthen you in ways you do not realize).
We are all now in this together.

Excellent post.

Every morning as I get in my car to drive to work, all the neighbors who sneered at me and harassed me and shunned me are staying home, almost all of them furloughed. Sure, they will get the handouts, but they do not have jobs. I know at least one of them does not even have a job to go back to.

Karma, shithead sex offender goes to work every day, while “good” people who treat him like a filthy pariah stay home and starve. Against my instincts, I asked each close neighbor if there is anything they need. Only one has taken me on my offer, for a dozen eggs and a sack of dog food.

If they hate me now, imagine how they are going to feel when my brand new 2020 Low Rider S gets delivered! 🙂

Spiteful karma isn’t enough, the system needs to be put in check. People need to understand what they’ve silently consented to and what they’ve allowed politicians to do.

Except this minor perturbation for hapless beachgoers and entitled hipsters is only emboldening their outcry against “oppression”. Even now they’ll never fully appreciation what REAL oppression is.

Thanks for the reply. Covid is slightly more contactable than the flu. Clearly those with certain pre existing conditions are under more serious threat of motallity. The mortality rate is < 5%. Milwaukee has a great number cases so the people naturally leave to other places. I'm in Rock County last I read we've 24 cases and of that group 1 death – a 68 year old male who was diabetic and obese.

I am loving this! Watching the sanctimonious azzholez twist and dangle. They now have a registry for nursing homes that are infected. The state is instituting huge restrictions on those nursing homes. Fundamentally forcing family to watch from afar as their loved ones suffer and die. We as a species are extremely sick and twisted. We have said it right along. SOR is only the first of many many registries all designed so that some nosey soccer mon in Dubuque Iowa “feels” more secure. Power, control, deprivation, domination…..pretty much King George’s philosophy on ruling the masses.

Great article…..I so hope the political scheme creates a registry for every single hateful idea they can come up with and they can pay for them because the taxpayers will be broke and on government assistance. People need to lose there freedom to realize what freedoms they have taken from others. Haters always get there own karma, remember America has always had a group of people they have decided to hate! Be strong fight back!

Wow Warpath! A registry against soccer mom’s Never though of it that way. I thought this registry was against human nature of man with a sex twist added by this invention of the internet. I wonder who breaks commandments today or who is coveting today. Now mother nature is conpounding things a bit.
Sure all this monitoring is a bit much with people wanting to spy and overtake another as in many of these registry ordeals. Now with this pandermic it is effecting some and even governments don’t know how to over throw it. So did we see this coming? Did we all see this internet scam coming or who is sounding the alarm in all this Wake up America ordeal. So where is love thy neighbor today? Hey we all have burdens to carry with this registry and this pandemic was something unexpected.
This sex registry in many instances is pure covetous by those Ministers of God. Remember Adam was not deceived. Now that this virus is striking many and a lot of this Nation we all should be thankful that we can still hold our head up high. Janice you should fire those folks up in CA as its all about covetousness in much of this ordeal or is this convid-19 a novelty act?

At first I thought it odd that I was taking all this virus business in stride. I had both friends and family comment on how little it seemed to impact me some even thinking I didnt care.

This article helps bring light to the unfortunate normalcy that I as a registrant have, in one way or another, come to accept and adapt to.

Not sure if I should feel good or sad about that fact.

Thank you for your words.

Yes all these comments on this article are good and it does brighten up some and brings a bit of understanding to much of these encounters that seem out of line in many ways. I even mentioned a novelty act or game but this is a novel type virus, or is there a meaning in all this. Well a novel can either be fiction or non fiction and actually much of this registry is a game of cat and mouse but this virus is real.

Sure this article is like a wake up call for true justice or to bring back truth and justice in the Nation again. One wonders about all this hid and seek game that seems to overtake those that get involved with this registry issue. And yes janice is plugging in there and thats good because this ordeal can be very painful for some and yes I have heard some of these comments on here but their is always light at the end of the tunnel.

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