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  1. Ruben Herrera

    I woke up this morning with many thoughts on my mind. Many questions with many empty answers. I tell myself on multiple occasions that my children and my wife are protected by me regardless of whatever the circumstances might be today, tomorrow or in the future. I see that they believe me, and I live everyday as if it’s my last. Though I know that I will protect my family at any cost, it is sad that I do not feel protected or believed in by my own neighborhood, city, state, government, country, as I know many feel the same. We live in dire situations in our country today that it seems never-ending. I don’t know what the next year, 5 years or the next 20 years of my life will look like. But though I have doubts and hundreds of questions with empty answers, I still hold on to optimism, persistency, perseverance and among all, faith!

    We continue to face things head-on, one day at a time!
    Thanks for reading!!!!!!!

  2. Anklebiter

    Heya gang! I thought I’d start with a positive comment. Cause I’m out world any win is a win. First thank you Janice and staff for all that you do! There is still a long road ahead. 2nd I finished my treatment Tuesday and will be petitioning from a Judge for early termination of Probation soon. Crossing my fingers on it! Zero violations, 50%done. 3rd I just want to say hope is out there. It’s hard. It is. I’ll probably go into detail on a reddit post of a success story if the judge lets me. The success for me isn’t found at legal level but at personal level. I am married, homeowner, have a daughter, have a good job, and starting a landlording business. Now that there is nearly a million of us, people are starting to realize how foobar the system is. Slowly but surely. My boss and neighbors have been supportive. My wife’s family has been supportive. It’s been a big help. I know not everyone has gotten this kind of blessing in life. I just want to say it as an encouragement. Times are a changing. Have the courage to make the 1st moves. Own our mistakes, but be willing to prove we aren’t our worst mistake. I believe in not giving your pearls to the swine and no we shouldn’t have to. But the reality is the world doesn’t know past what the media tells them. We have been given an opportunity, a hard one, to prove society wrong. Honestly that’s what I want to do. And people here and at Narsol encourage me to do that. I think seeing the wins and success stories helped me more than any therapy or group did. Hope is a feeling that needs a little bit of action to get it going.

  3. JohnDoeUtah

    As of July 1, 2020, my case in state court challenging fees has been stayed pending a decision by the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals in Millard v. Rankin.

    • TS

      Makes one wonder how many other cases besides your UT state case are impacted by the Tenth @JDUtah

    • AJ

      “As of July 1, 2020, my case in state court challenging fees has been stayed pending a decision by the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals in Millard v. Rankin.”
      Could you please explain the nexus? I’m familiar with Millard and somewhat familiar with your fee/tax fight. Other than both involving a RC, I don’t understand to tie.

      Oh also, I say congratulations, as it appears your suit has been deemed to have some sort of merit, despite the State’s best efforts and tricks.

      • JohnDoeUtah

        I requested the stay, the state did not object. I drew the line regarding the Martinez-Mendoza factors and how Judge Matsch distinguished the current form of the registry from those statutes evaluated in Smith.

        Here in Utah, Femedeer v Haun (10th Cir. 2000) states that sex offender register laws are not ex post facto. The State and ALJ used this and Smith to support their seizing my state tax refund to pay for registry fees I refused to pay. I noted that Utah’s registry gas been amended 27 times and had 5 restrictions/liabilities added since Femedeer was decided, and that those changes and 20-years of evidence pointing to punitive effect weigh in my favor. By using Millard and Snyder as a template I have been able to show that Femedeer and Smith have little precedence to the facts and laws I am challenging.

        I argued that if the state court ruled against me, and the Tenth upheld Millard, I would move to vacate their judgment based on new case law within this circuit. Thus, the most efficient manner to handle this case is to wait on Millard. I also stated that if Millard was reversed, I would consider voluntarily dismissing the case.

        • AJ

          Thanks for the clear explanation of the legal maneuvers. I wish you nothing but success!

  4. Brandon

    I’ve been on the registry since August of 2014 and I’m probably on the younger side. In less than 3 months I’ll be 40; which scares the hell out of me. Looking back at my life I never in a million years thought I’d be in this situation; yet here I am. Do I have remorse for the things that contributed to this? Oh yeah I feel it everyday and I wish I would of handled things better; but I was young and dumb. Since my incarceration and release from the big house, nothing ticks me off more when someone says they feel sorry for me. If I wanted their opinion I would of asked for it; if not don’t upset this German I’ll come after them and be the biggest thorn they’ve ever encountered. Every though my life isn’t perfect today; I wouldn’t change how I feel about myself and our government for everything. I wish you all a blessed 4th of July.

    • Gralphr

      Dont feel too bad. I’ve been on the registry since 2007 and entered my 40s while on the registry (I’m now 43). Since release, I obtained a degree, married, and have children. Being on the registry has done nothing but make me a 2nd class citizen. It hasn’t “protected” anyone, and has been a waste of time.

      • C

        Not to engage in Oneupmanship…been on the registry since I paroled in 94. I was 28 and annual registration was a minor nuisance. It was a good 10 year run till the website and my face and address became broadcast to the world. I’m 54 now. (Wow, that looks weird written down.)
        I manage a decent career, beautiful wife and kids and own properties, but it’s a stressful, mind fvck of a shit show. The state of our nation depresses me further, or should I feel a sense of schadenfreude? The country has effed me and my family over. Shall I delight in seeing it collapse from within?

        • Notorious D.I.K. / Kennerly

          “Shall I delight in seeing it [the country] collapse from within?”

          Why not? I know I do.

          (registered since late 1993)

        • Gralphr

          If you do, I wouldn’t blame you one bit. Personally I could care less for this country and it’s fake “land of the free nonsense”. It has tried to ruin me 20 years after a conviction and 13+ years post confinement no matter how much I’ve done to be a model citizen. It deprives my children a regular life, having their father fully support them in their school activities. Being forced to check if I can go to a freaken fair, park or library with them if we’re visiting the wrong state as if I’m some fugitive. You and I have every right to be angry at this countrys government, and it’s people. It’s one thing if ALL people with felonies had to face something this draconian, but we’re unjustifiably singled out based on lies the government fully knows are lies. Not even murderers released in most states are treated this way.

        • Will Allen

          Registries are unacceptable. I promise that I will continue to make sure they are worthless. I will ensure they are counterproductive. I’ll keep retaliating for the Registries and work very often to develop new ways to increase it.

          I woke up to some good news this morning. Our local public safety HQ was attacked by protesters and vandalized last night. So that’s good. The criminal regime needs to understand that people hate them. I’ll continue to pay more than my fair share of taxes to support and enjoy all of the destruction.

  5. Peter

    What is the point of getting your record expunged if it doesn’t get us off the registry? I am looking for advice. I have a misdemeanor and I am off probation in November. I was caught in a underage sex sting trying to find an escort off the website backpage. I didn’t have to take classes my fine was only $150. I did 40 days in county jail. My lawyer wants to submit a motion to get off the registry when I do my expungment. I just dont know if it will be worth the money. They gave me 10 years on the registry with no restrictions. I want my life back but I dont want to spend the money if I have no chance of winning. What advise can you guys give me? Do you guys know anyone that won after petitioning to get off the registry? Its funny how many lawyers have called me since everything has been happening against the police. These lawyers want to reopen my case every lawyer said my case is entrapment and that because we have video prof that the police lied we can win. I dont want to reopen my case I just want to know how to get off the registry and should I pay the lawyer to do the motion. Thank you guys for everything this place keeps me some what normal.

  6. Eric

    California Governor Newsome recently gave a televised commencement address to the Santa Clara University graduating class of 2020. Here is part of what he said:

    “As you go out into the world I urge you to lead through collaboration and empathy rather than dominance and aggression. Leadership is about creating conditions where people can live their lives out loud. That is a paradigm of thinking, and I think we are desperate for this moment. No one–no one–stands taller than when he or she bends down on one knee to hep lift other people up.”

    He is obviously making inference to the current political events in the country, but it couldn’t be a stronger reference to what people on the registry are pleading for. If Governor Newsome believes this, then he is in the perfect position to prove it and help those of us who are persecuted, denied, oppressed and suffocated by dominance and aggression of the so called justice system.

    • New Person

      Gov shuts down business, beaches, and 4th of July events, but says nothing to shut down mass protests. Similarly in biased actions, Gov enacts a stay-at-home order, but PD’s still require in-person reporting. Why should citizens adhere to anything the Gov says when its own staff doesn’t heed his orders?

      There isn’t a level of equality here in CA.

      • Friend

        When I was young I had many friends who got married at 16. I had a friend from Arkansas who got legally married at 14. Human behavior remains the same. The laws change and people suffer.

  7. Facts should matter

    The cops are claiming they’re being “demonized” and “witch hunted” because of a few “bad apples.” Really?

    Well, if they don’t want to be made out to be the “bad guys” and “guilty by association” then why ARE WE being referred to as such?

    If the police don’t want their collective to be judged as a whole by the actions of a few, then that argument should apply to us as well.

    • Friend

      I’m new on here because I have a dear loved one who is going through this and I have grown to absolutely hate and distrust law enforcement completely. The PO’s deliberately set up the folks for violation then go into the hearing and lie. My loved one is fragile and on the cusp of suicide and there seems to be no one to assist. And, yes, 100% he was set up by the PO as I have the texts on my phone from the PO to him .

  8. AERO1

    For most people once you’re labeled a sex offender your life is pretty much over especially for young offenders who haven’t lived long enough to accumulate anything such as houses cars Etc basically an 18 year old sex offender won’t be able to survive without family and friends.
    On a more positive note at least you’re not in prison your free to kinda do whatever you want minus the probation parole and sex offender restrictions but hey its better then a prison cell even tho your in a virtual prison cell cut off from society it could be a alot worse.
    Hopefully next year in July most registrants in California will be relieved of their duty to register but all one can do is hope because you never know what California might pull out of their ass before then.

    Good luck

  9. New Person

    Sex offender prison camps created during 2020 pandemic.

    Japanese internment camps created during WW2.

    The government can be as infallible. The pandemic has revealed just how much of a 2nd class citizens registrants are to California, even within the convicted class. That makes us 3rd class citizens.

    * Expungement means a lot to convicts who qualify for it, except sex offenders.
    * Prop 57 means a lot to convicts who qualify for it, except sex offenders.
    * Pandemic orders to release from prison means a lot to convicts who qualify for it, except sex offenders.
    * Pandemic orders to stay-at-home means a lot to every citizen, except sex offenders who are required in-person reporting.

    There is no rehabilitation going on with the registry. There exists violence, harassment, underemployment, and death due to the registry, but why are all the state governments absolved from any consequences when the attrition occurs to registrants? We are still under custody of the state because we are forced to registry under penalty of law to share our private information for anyone to use, misuse, exploit, or abuse.

    It’s terrible to reveal they systematic oppression and dehumanization of the registry. PTSD and PICS… it doesn’t end if it’s always present in your everyday life. There isn’t growth there. Everyday is a fight.

    I’m just very thankful to have ACSOL website to help carry my burdens even if it’s mostly bad news. The hope of regaining liberty is slim, but it’s something that Janice and company keeps fighting for and it’s their exposure that will make waves. So thank you, Janice and team, for everything!

  10. Mike G


    **”Hopefully next year in July most registrants in California will be relieved of their duty to register”**

    I appreciate your optimism, but I think that a more accurate statement would be “Hopefully next year in July many registrants in California will become eligible to some day be relieved of their duty to register.”

    First, we have to hope that no high profile sex attack on a child occurs before then. Then, we have to hope that the new legislative session starting in January doesn’t pass some bill to delay or screw things up. Then, how many registrants already have their 10 years or 20 years completed? I doubt that it is most. So then, how many District Attorneys are going to say “Okay, you seem like a good guy, so I am going to sign off on terminating your need to register”, as opposed to “I don’t think anyone should get off the registry, so you are going to have to get an attorney and go to court and see what luck you have before a judge.”
    And if there are hundreds going to court, how long are you going to have to wait to even get a court date?

    I just hope that two years from now, at least a significant number of us were able to get off.

  11. AJ

    I see Millard v. Rankin still hasn’t budged at the 10th. That makes me wonder if they’re having a hard time twisting their way out of finding it to be punishment. What strikes me as particularly strange is the State’s argument was that Judge Matsch overstepped his authority and improperly ruled by casting private citizens as State actors. It seems to me that if the 10th agreed Matsch had misstepped, they’d have remanded it back to District Court by now. That they haven’t done so gives me hope. They may rule against the Cruel & Unusual finding, but I think they’re finding themselves stuck on the punishment angle. Maybe someday they’ll get off their butts and make a decision.

    • JohnDoeUtah

      The real twist would be if the case is remanded, what happens next. Judge Matsch died in May 2019.

      Would the new judge rule differently?

      • AJ

        “Would the new judge rule differently?”
        That is the $64,000 question. I expect there are plenty of situations where a case has been remanded back to District and the judge is no longer there (promoted, retired, died). That’s the “luck” of the draw in “blind justice,” isn’t it? Hopefully we don’t end up with a similar ridiculous outcome as happened at KS SC a couple years back when it overruled itself the SAME DAY regarding some RCs. It’s certainly proof what one judicial replacement can do.

    • pgm

      What is taking so long? It has been almost two years since Millard v. Rankin was decided in circuit court.

      • TS


        You mean nearly 3 years since Judge Matsch ruled Aug 31, 2017 on Millard v Rankin in US District Court of Colorado and almost 20 mos (Jul 18, 2020) since it was orally argued @10th CCoA

        • pgm

          Right! Three years. What is taking so long for the appellate court to make a decision?

  12. USA

    Peter, was your plea a misdemeanor or felony? Which state? Which county? If it’s a felony, get the charged reduced to a misdemeanor and then expunged. Can you petition the court to get off the registry? Or, is your attorney recommending you get a pardon?

    • Peter@usa


      It was a misdemeanor in Los Angeles county. I just want to know whats the point of getting my record expunged if I still have to register. I also want to know if anyone has been able to get off the registry with a motion after probation. I dont trust lawyers but this lawyer said its possible and that I am the perfect candidate for it. There was no real victim I was on an adult site looking for an escort. What advice do you have for me.

      • New Person


        One used to be able to de-register after earning 1203.4 (expungement) via Kelly v Municipal. But in 2007, PC 290.007 was passed, iirc, and removed that option. It’s recently been updated to include the exonerated.

        PC 290.007
        A person required to register pursuant to any provision of the Act shall register in accordance with the Act, regardless of whether the person’s conviction has been dismissed pursuant to Section 1203.4 , unless the person obtains a certificate of rehabilitation and is entitled to relief from registration pursuant to Section 290.5 , or is exonerated pursuant to subdivision (e) of Section 3007.05 of the conviction requiring registration and the person is not otherwise required to register.

        You cannot get off the registry unless it’s through the new tiered system. I presume since the courts said 10 years, then you’re a tier 1 register.

        Tier 1 = 10 years
        Tier 2 = 20 years
        Tier 3 = lifetime

        BTW, you do have all restrictions that all registrants have imposed upon them.

        As for your entrapment, I don’t know much laws about that. I thought I read that it’s legal for law enforcement to pretend to be young, but don’t know which state it was. If I were you, then I’d look for a 2nd or a 3rd opinion from actual sex offender lawyers because they’ve been there and done that.

        Good luck, Peter.

  13. Need Advice

    Hope everyone is doing as well as they can.

    I’ll be moving from Illinois to Kentucky soon. If anybody has any advice about moving while on the registry, I’d really appreciate it. I just don’t want to make some dumb technical mistake and fall victim to this evil scheme. Thanks.

    • AJ

      @Need Advice:
      I suggest checking with both IL and KY for any notification requirements ahead of the move. I know of at least one State that requires 10-day notification prior to moving there.

      A handy URL, provided by the enemy, that I sometimes use is In their rabid fever to keep tabs on RCs no matter what, they end up giving RCs useful contact names and numbers.

  14. AERO1

    Do to the cronaviruis California is cutting funding to alot of county jobs and obviously law enforcement is on the top of there list.
    The first thing every police chief in southern California had to say was “by cutting our funding you are cutting the funding we use to track sexofenders in our community”
    Damn really that was there first response
    sounds like they need convicted sexofenders more then offenders need them

  15. MS

    Wondering if anyone here has a misdemeanor offense and has been approved by the DOJ to possess a firearm. I was convicted of a felony (“wobber”) which was reduced to a misdemeanor several years back. I don’t be believe it matters but the conviction has also been expunged. Anyway, with how crazy this world is getting I’m contemplating submitting a firearm eligibility check to the DOJ and see if I get approved. If they don’t deny me, then I will contemplate the idea of buying a firearm. One thing that has crossed my mind, will submitting the application put me on some sort of list that will get LE all excited because of my offense? Last thing I want is to do something that will result in more frequent visits from LE. if I was to get approved and follow through will buying a firearm, can I expect more visits from LE?

    • G4Change

      @MS: There was a brief discussion last month about this here:

      Take a look at what was posted there.

      If you had an attorney help you with your 17b reduction, contacting him/her might be a good first step. You will need to make sure that your CA DoJ record was properly updated to reflect that you are NOT a felon now (and that you never have been a felon based on this specific offense). Your 17b reduction makes your offense a misdemeanor for all purposes. So, you should be able to purchase a firearm assuming there are no other felonies on your record.

      Also, please post back if/when you decide to move forward on this as this will help others in your situation.

    • AJ

      “Wondering if anyone here has a misdemeanor offense and has been approved by the DOJ to possess a firearm.”
      The following link should answer your questions. Though Item 1 is disheartening, be sure to read Item 4.

      Here are the URLs for the US Code cited in the above link:

      As I understand the info provided, it appears you should be good to go. I know for fact there’s at least one State other than CA that, in certain circumstances, allows a felony to be deemed a misdemeanor and specifically allows for full restoration of one’s civil rights (including gun ownership). Based on what I know about that State, I again say you’re probably good to go due to the expungement. The only hook would be if your expungement specifically prohibits firearm ownership.

    • MN

      I was convicted of 288ab1 (California) in 2008 as a felony. It was reduced to a misdemeanor in 2010. I applied to purchase a firearm earlier this year and was denied because of the felony. I also got a call from my local DA asking why I wanted a firearm and was informed I committed a felony offense by trying to purchase one.

      I explained I thought I could obtain one since my conviction was reduced to a misdemeanor.

      The DA (investigator for the DA to be exact) explained that RSOs can never purchase a firearm, and the fact of felony conviction alone means I can never buy one. He also pointed out that my felony was never reduced, although there is a record of it at my local courthouse. I am having that cleared up, but someone dropped the ball!

      The DA let me off with a stern warning, and I am not being prosecuted for my ignorance.

      So as I understand, I can never own a firearm because I was once convicted of a felony, and because I am a RSO. It is a crime for me to apply to own one.

      I live in California and I expect to come off the registry next year, thanks to the new reforms (tier system). I will have my record cleared up and my attorney is already working on the problem.

      But I will still not be able to own a firearm, as I understand.

      You might want to check with the DA where you live before making the attempt to purchase your firearm.

      Please keep us updated, you and I are not alone in our concerns and desire to protect our families.

      • Will Allen

        Absolute BS. Big government ought to be required to give firearms to all people that they list on their Registry Hit List. It should be mandated by law.

        I’ll recommend to any Person Forced to Register to buy at least 5 acres of property to live on. Put some other homes on there and rent them at a discount in exchange for services. You can have multiple people onsite to maintain the property. You can have multiple people onsite for security and require them to have and use lethal weapons.

        I’d recommend more than 5 acres, but do whatever you can. And of course you’ll want multiple entrances onto the property, with each of them gated off, and with video surveillance. Stop playing games with these criminal regimes and the anti-American harassers that support them. They are enemies.

      • Interested Party

        I was researching this a bit, California DOJ firearms division has a form where you can request they determine if you are eligible to apply for purchasing a firearm and not violate any laws … here is a link

      • someone who cares

        MN – That does not sound right one bit. It shouldn’t matter if you are on the registry. A felony reduced to a misdemeanor restores your right to own a fire arm. It does not relieve you from the duty to register, but I can’t imagine the SO status would have anything to do with not being able to purchase a fire arm. I have come to realize that DAs, lawyers, Probation, etc do NOT know the laws. Now, I am not exactly certain, and I am sure others know more, but I really never saw anything in the 290 rules excluding from this very right.

      • G4Change


        First and foremost, it’s really good that you have an attorney handling this for you.

        That being said:

        “I also got a call from my local DA asking why I wanted a firearm and was informed I committed a felony offense by trying to purchase one. ”
        “The DA (investigator for the DA to be exact) explained that RSOs can never purchase a firearm,”

        Is this a DA in California, or did this happen in a different state? What did your attorney have to say about the claim that a “Registered Citizen can never purchase a firearm”?
        That sounds like total bullshit, and I dare them to cite a law that says this. They can’t because there is none in CA that I know of.

        I think this problem centers around the fact that the CA DoJ didn’t update your record when you received your 17b reduction.

        “So as I understand, I can never own a firearm because I was once convicted of a felony”

        The way I understand California PC 17 is that you have NEVER been convicted of a felony if you receive the 17b reduction. Your offense is and always has been a Misdemeanor FOR ALL PURPOSES.
        I would have your attorney verify this as this is NOT legal advice. It is how I understand the law.

        And, I agree with @InterestedParty that you should try the eligibility search. I would do it after your attorney confirms that CA DoJ has gotten off their ASS and updated your record. What a bunch of lazy bureaucrat assholes!!! I’m beginning to wonder if there is a pattern: are Registered Citizens who get 17b reductions not having their records updated on purpose?

        • MN

          Thank you for the replies. What you are telling me is consistent with my research. But I am not a lawyer, and I have no idea why the DA investigator would lie about this. Perhaps I’m naive, but I would expect them not to lie about something like this. He also said that RSO’s are not allowed to own firearms, and that it was on the papers we sign. However, I saw no such restriction.

          I just don’t understand why the individual would make that up.

          Yes, all this is taking place in California. I have always lived here.

          I am having the 17b thing worked out. It may take awhile.

          I appreciate the replies, and I will provide updates as things move along, but it may be some while.


      • AERO1

        buy a crossbow there pretty efficient in home safety knifes work too

  16. David

    “Our country was founded on a promise … that all of us are created equal. …..
    We have a chance — in November and beyond — to give the marginalized, the demonized, the isolated, the oppressed a full share of the American dream.” [from Joe Biden campaign]
    Really?? This demonized American (a/k/a me) is skeptical. 😣

    Maybe I should write to the Biden campaign and let them know a simple way to get one million+ votes: End the Registry and end Megan’s Law and its derivative laws. Oh, and give me a new passport without a unique identifier!!

    • USA the 2nd

      You have to get real, guy! If Sen Biden runs on ending the sex offender registry, he may gain another million votes, after he loses another 2 million votes.

  17. Brandon

    Yesterday I heard that some members of the Supreme Court will announce their retirement in the upcoming months. One surprised me; but if he’s off the court I’m in favor of the door smacking his butt on the way out. Hopefully this comes to fruition!!

    • TS

      I read something similar about SCOTUS membership and noted @AJ favorite (kidding!) member was considering it.

      Let’s add real intrigue to the election cycle!

      • AJ

        If that SOB decides to pull the plug, I’ll even volunteer to help him move! He cannot leave soon enough, IMO. I guess once his dog died the job has just become too tough to handle.

        As for Thomas, he’s not going anywhere. He’s constantly mentioned in the tumors but he is adamant he’s not going anywhere. Besides, as long as he and wifey can continue enjoy their summer Raving, why leave? I think Thomas is actually hitting stride now. He’s spoken more during the Covid-affected term than he has in years. He’s also speaking out more and more about what he sees as flaws in SCOTUS’ past decisions–including Calder v. Bull.

        • TS


          But who’ll stick up for Gov’ts enormous workloads, LE, and the establishment if he leaves?! (Gundy anyone?) Robert’s? Perhaps… I say see ya and next!

          Thomas was a silent giant who has become more vocal much to the liking of many thankfully including moi. Need more instances like that.

        • AJ

          Note to self: be sure to spell check when posting from your mobile device. See: “tumors” and “Raving.”

    • Brandon

      I say audios Alito you disgrace to the bench. All you did was kiss the government’s backside and never sided with the Constitution. I live within driving distance from Washington and I’ll help you pack. Don’t forget your colleague, John I’ll put my finger in the air Roberts.

  18. someone who cares

    So true – we can live years, and decades as model citizen, and that still is not enough. Even with the Tiered Registry, you still have to petition and ask a judge to “please remove me from the registry”? You will have to prove that you deserve to be removed. Really? Isn’t 10 years, 20 years, or more enough? Many lost friends, family and jobs over this and made new friends or landed a new job. So, the judge will yet again ask for character letters? Who will provide these? The new friends who know nothing about one’s past? I don’t think so. We are all trying to move on and not disclose our past that should be in the past to new friends or colleagues. We have to fight for automatic removal once the tiered registry goes into effect. It is ridiculous having to prove that we are better people than anyone else in this world, trying to volunteer, taking classes, etc etc. Nobody else has to do this to prove they are good people. The registry shouldn’t exist at all, and even the tiered one is just wrong, but if that is all we have for now, it has to be automatic to be removed.

    • Will Allen

      What I find completely hilarious about the petitioning is that none of those people have the first clue if a person is dangerous or not. They might as well just flip a coin.

      AND the dangerousness is only related to SSSSEEEEXXXXX!!! That has to be obvious. The criminal regimes obviously cannot care about any other behavior, any other crimes, or anything, unless it involves SEX. Because that is the only Registries we have. Nothing else matters.

      I fully expect that there are piles and piles of People Forced to Register (PFRs) who have been Registered for decades and they aren’t dangerous at all, with respect to SEX. There are tons of PFRs that haven’t had any issues at all with SEX for decades. That is easy to prove. But the funny thing is that I think those people are more dangerous today than they ever were, because, and only because, of the Registries.

      But the criminal regimes are too stupid to know that and too arrogant to care. They think they have these Hit Lists that are doing SOMETHING, ANYTHING to protect SOMEONE, SOMEHOW, but in reality, the Hit Lists are doing nothing good. And they’ve created surely tens of thousands, if not more, of very, very dangerous people. And they are people who the criminal regimes aren’t monitoring at all, unlike how they lie to the gullible public.

      Unfortunately, the Registries harm the entire country and put everyone in danger.

  19. A.D.A.T.

    I was having a conversation with a person outside a coffee shop last week. We were speaking about a mutual friend that had taken his life last year. This friend had committed suicide due to the registry and how it had affected his family, his ability to both provide for them and the community’s opinion of them.
    A middle aged women sitting next to us decided to butt in and told us in a very condescending note that, “ Sorry about your friend, but at least he won’t be hurting anybody else.” George let her know, in a very controlled but angry voice, that Sean had been put on the registry for underage sex with a girl he ended up marrying.
    This is where it got surreal. The woman actually said the following. “ They don’t put people on that list for those type of things. Only Rapists and child molesters go on the registry. You are lying to protect him.” We got up and left without correcting her. Why bother. Her mind was set.
    This is why the registry will never go away. People have no idea what it is and assume it is full of monsters.
    In the same way that we are hearing people claim conspiracies, media control and false pandemics, there are enough people that would rather just place every registrant in a box and believe their politicians that are telling them that the registry is protecting them from “Evil Deviants and Perverts”.
    You cannot educate or change the thoughts of a person with a closed mind. And the U.S. has that in abundance.

    • Bill


      Sadly most people don’t truly realize what is wrong with the Registry until it happens to them or their loved ones.

    • Joe

      What on earth made this woman think that being on the registry “won’t make him hurt anyone else”?

      Like having to check in at the cop shop once a year, having your photo plastered all over and being marginalized to the fringes of society to the point of perpetual unemployment and homelessness increases public safety?

      If that were the case, then every criminal convict would be required to register likewise. No? SMH….

      • A.D.A.T.


        I think she was stating that Sean’s death would protect others from harm. In many people’s view, the registry is akin to a bulletin board listing those that should be eliminated from society. Some take it all the way and murder registrants , or even those that are mistakenly identified as such. Others sit back and quietly applaud the vigilantes’ actions as some warped justice.
        Either way, the public sees the registry as a means for one to feel superior to another person. And with all the political and social adjustments being made currently in racial equality, the registrant is going to be high on many’s list as the only thing left to legally despise in this country. To put it bluntly, soon it will be open season on us.

        • Bill


          For years vigilantes has already used the Registry to locate and murder Registrants. Most recent was committed by James Fairbanks of this year. The overwhelming response from the public has been sympathy and support for this murderer so the attitude against us has already reached its apex.

          But as much as this sucks every vigilante attack and murder of Registrants will be more ammunition for Janice and Chance to take on the system by forcing accountability and expensive lawsuits against the government. Sooner or later the toll will be too much to maintain.

          In the end only money talks…something this government is getting short on.

        • Joe

          Right. I misread your story. Okay. That woman was not just ignorant – she was / is an ignorant and heartless b!tch.

  20. AERO1

    People/ Society need to be educated or we’re just fighting the air ..

  21. w

    @ a.d.a.t.

    It’s that lady’s attitude that supporters of the registry revel in knowing they’ve been able help shape the public opinion into. Also when there’s no rso stories in the news there’s still no shortage of crime dramas to substitute and keep up the shock factor. For instance I was surfing channels and stopped to watch who knows what crime drama show some time ago and a scene played out where the investigators did some background checks on a perp and they made it clear to mention “…yeah and he’s a sex offender too…”

    Just one of the creative ways they try to counter the actual stats of criminal recidivism rates. Same with online stings, anonymous tips, or whatever other tactic they can use. Anything they can do to prove that narrative right. So naturally there has to be a counter argument, rational people trying to mediate and effect changes.

    Also, one of the blatant proofs of relying on shock factor is that no one has ever thought to change the label. No they prefer the gut-punch delivery to slay ANY opposition at the knees. Much of the legislation relies on the same approach.

  22. Saddles

    So tell me Professor is my little buddy Gillian gonna be the next president or will it be Clyde? Wow Will Allen. Now why do I love picking on you. Is it because you make some sense.

    Now I did not come in here to beat up (in text) on anyone as I’ve been beat up enough in this type of inducement of the mind. I’m sure many of you all have also. Am I guilty sure I am guilty. Did I pled guilty sure I did, and we wonder why. Isn’t that a ten billion question today when the bible says we are all guilty. Course any curious person would wonder why. Do we all wonder why racisim is here or does the clevage holds on another. One wonders who said cleave unto me. Sure is much of this registry is like a lady and the tramp washed out Disney movie. One wonders who the tramp is….

    Do we all many times try to explain or understand, when we don’t even understand or does one’s salt lose its savor. Did someone come to me and say to me if you pled guilty I will talk to the judge and D.A. and make sure things go O.K. trust me. (with a wink in his eyes). Talk about two wrong don’t make a right when I is bent on going to trial and they knew it. I am sure that’s happened to many of you all in these round about circles.

    Would that have blown a fuse with authorities or do authorities want to be right in all manners of this type of judgement. Who pokes holes in who’s garments today or who today prowls to upset the balance. Talk about a set-up for public safety in this dysfunction factor of human justice. Were is the variance in this blind Justice or where is the unequeal playing field. Who is the Jacob schemer or the Laban trickster. Talk about totalianism today. Even Gideon didn’t want to rule.

    Lets all be general and undersdtanding about all this. Is it a coercive form of judgement or intimidation in much of these ordeals and methods of trickery. Rodney in many ways your dystropia theory that in itself has a certain type of view or should one go with deceptionalism today or who talks to sinners today. One wonders and I believe Jesus talked to sinners didn’t he.

    Are these sex sting operations via the internet “Sin Traps”. Sure a bit of coercive trappings, a subject.. such as sin laced sex with an intent. Wow thats a whole book in itself to rewrite. So how many sinned are their in the Old Testament. Yes Jesus Christ paid the sin debt that all should face or is government today have other carnal means. You can’t love your neighbor by using coercion.

    Someone talked about Milton Friedman on here and I mention Morgan Freemsn what a difference in my stupid blunder but was it a blunder. In a way it was, and it was all my fault. The only social responsiblity for him is to make money for his shareholders So is that the equvilent to absolute power in that businessman. Freeman on the other hand has his guilt pride in many ways.

    • David

      “Gillian ….or Clyde”? Oh Saddles, you never fail to lose me at breakneck speed! Cheers to your consistency! *SMH* 😖

      • Brent

        Sounds like you’re saylng, but in a very nice way, that at least Saddles is a “consistent” nutcase.

      • A.D.A.T.

        @ David

        You too? I stopped reading those novels. Can’t make heads or tails of them and the response doesn’t seem to have any particular direction in the thought process. Saddle, you need to limit your comments to a single paragraph. And try to stay on point.


  23. Brandon

    When it comes to sex it’s the only thing that people have in common; which is why I believe society is obsessed. Just because a preschooler touches the opposite sex hand doesn’t mean they want it. When teens start dating their hormones are on overdrive and most likely will engage in sexual activity. Do adults have brain fogs when it comes to being young and a teenager? I believe most adults have experimented with sex before they graduated from high school; yet can’t acknowledge the skeletons in their closets. Societal norms change, human behavior does not. Someone can point their finger at me all they want, but there are four pointing back at one judgemental asshat and I could careless.

  24. mike r

    Go on a great weekend get away come back and facecrook disabled my account over the weekend. Nice. So Janice and team, or anyone for that matter, is there anything I can do about it? It is such BS and I think illegal to do to us. I did not use my real name or shit so I think someone must have turned me in or IDK, has this happened to others on here?

    • Facebook

      I’ve had that happen a couple times. One trick is to create more than one profile, but deactivate the second one so you can resume where you left off. Also, keep your circle small and set everything to private. Do not use your face in your profile photos and turn off facial recognition and tagging.

      Facebook is a private company and they can shut anyone off for any reason or none at all. There is no right to use Facebook, despite its importance. It’s like being told you cannot use a phone or read the paper. I get it. It hurts.

      I’ve had my current profile for over 10 years now. Over time, as people forget and move on, the chances of someone reporting your social media declines. But you have to stay off their radar. I also avoid commenting on local news and other viral content where anyone could casually see my name and take it upon themselves to act out. Avoid debating with people you hardly know because they could use deactivation as a means of getting revenge. Some folks are petty.

      You just have to be cautious and reserved, and polite. Beware of reaching out to longtime acquaintances. And the minute your profile is up, block absolutely anyone questionable. If someone starts to get weird with you, block them. Once you have them blocked, they cannot see you and will likely forget about you. I have a list of people I block automatically on sight, for all kinds of reasons. LOL

      Good luck.

      • Will Allen

        Sounds like good advice.

        Personally, I’ve always had multiple Facecrook accounts. I don’t connect them to me in any way so I don’t see how anyone would ever think any one of them was me. I never put a photo on them.

        I have had a lot of them deactivated though. And then Facecrook asks me to send them a photo for verification. I’ve never messed with that. I considered getting some graphics software that will merge photographs and do certain manipulations to them, just to screw with Facecrook and see how it works. But, I’ve got a life and that hasn’t risen high enough on my list of “interesting things to waste time on” yet.

        I think the accounts are deactivated when I piss off some crybaby snowflake and that person reports the account to Facecrook. Then Facecrook thinks by requiring a person to verify themselves to only Facecrook, that they will be nicer? Or something? I really don’t know what they think they are accomplishing.

        Anyway, because Facecrook tries to keep some citizens off of that platform, no government or anything government sponsored, should be allowed to use Facecrook or be on it. That should be illegal. The fact that it is not is complete proof that the Registries are for harassment.

      • steve

        It’s not a private company it’s publicly traded.

        • SR

          Same difference. You’re either a government entity or you’re a “private” company. Being publicly traded doesn’t change those rules. It just makes the company bend more to the will of the stock holders, for better or worse.

        • AJ

          “It’s not a private company it’s publicly traded.”
          You misunderstand the use of the word “private” here. It’s private in the sense that it is not a government entity. That the companies privately (as in personally) held shares are traded on an open market has nothing to do with its legal rights and responsibilities. FB, as with any company in this country, has the exact same constitutional rights as you or I. That includes the right not to listen to speech with which it disagrees, i.e. yours and mine.

        • C

          Steve, please take a moment to understand what each of those terms mean.

    • SR

      What was their reason for disabling your account? If you didn’t use your real name, there shouldn’t be any reason for them being able to link you to your registry info. And if they did somehow disable you because of the registry, there’s not much you can do about since it’s part of their TOS. We’re not a protected class so there’s little recourse.

      • LoP

        Facebook will kick anyone off if they find out that person is on the sex registration. They started using facial recognition software back in January. In Michigan I as well as hundreds of sor people were kicked off, even ones that use pseudonym names. I even had a friend kicked off, as well as his wife’s account because she had a picture of the 2 of them in her photos. She petitioned FB and they reinstated her account but told her to remove any pics on her account of her husband, so that it does not flag her account in the future

      • David

        @ SR: FYI, here is what Airbnb says when they deactivate your account:.
        “We regret to inform you that we’ll be unable to support your account moving forward, and have exercised our discretion under our Terms of Service to disable your account(s). This decision will affect any duplicated or future accounts.
        Please understand that we are not obligated to provide an explanation for the action taken against your account. Furthermore, we are not liable to you in any way with respect to disabling or canceling your account. Airbnb reserves the right to make the final determination with respect to such matters, and we will maintain this decision at this time.
        We’ll contact you if anything changes in the future, but until then, we won’t be able to assist you any further with your account issues.”

    • C

      I posted about this last week, but my account wasn’t disabled. Someone posted my MegansLaw website profile in the comments of a few of my posts. I thought I had my privacy settings dialed in, but I guess not. So, I deleted them, blocked the offending douche and, rather than risk it happening again, deactivated my account. I also deleted my business page rather than risk the exposure.
      FB is an enormous time waster anyway, so that much more time will be doing more important things…ideally.
      I can’t help but wonder who decided to f with me on FB and why. Was it a FB “friend” using a fake profile, was it an FB employee, or just some psycho who spends his day matching public 290 info to social media accounts?

  25. Rasheed

    Private companies have the right to ban registered sex offenders–even used to be registered sex offenders. As long as you not a protected class, they can discriminate against your ass. And when I say protected class, Im not talking about a sex offender who happens to be a black Jewish woman. That shit wont fly and social media can still ban you. Facecrook, Snatch chat, Instagram, Uber, they dont want yah, so why bother? You still got Twitter because if they ban sex offenders, they have to ban our president who has all those accusations from dem bitches hanging over his head. Plus all the racial shit. So for now, all yah sex offenders can tweet away, just like the president.

    • C

      I have a Lyft account w/out any issues…yet.
      Twitter I dumped as a brain-rotting time waster.

      • Jax

        I think he meant you can’t drive for Uber if you’re an SO.

        • C

          Well, sadly, it wouldn’t surprise me if ride sharing services banned 290s

  26. Saddles

    Why David and Brent and all you folks on here how you how did you know about me. And yes you are right on this nutcase. In fact I’m sure this nutcasee loved another nutcase Jerry Lewis and yes he had a heart. He helped many in his musclar dystrophy efforts and yes he had goals. Even Johnny Cash had his battles or do we walk the line or are we all stand alone to face one’s trials and battles. I should hope their is nothing wrong with admitting mistakes or Singing the Folson prison blues in some unjust ordeal. Of course a boy named Sue knows how to say how do you do or who learns how to talk to the animals without being an animal themself or where is justice that imprisoned one’s own thoughts or were is one own already imprisoned.

    So tell me professors of distinctions who brought everyone down in this computerized text of destriction in one’s demise.

  27. Saddles

    One wonders who is the Professor today or who cling onto those who help others. Is the result to be free of guilt, shame, or prove that, we all need right judgement and understanding or is it a knowledge of a crass computer deception of man’s callous overthrow of others no matter what the situation.

    One wonders where is the deception.This link may just be your understanding so listen well.

    • David

      Hi Saddles,
      Your words may sometimes confuse me, but I have no doubt you are on the correct side of our war to overcome the Registries and all the crap that goes with them. We battle them together. 👍 – David

      P.S.: I prefer Psalm 139. That…or the Monty Python version of the Old Testament:
      “And spotteth twice they the camels before the third hour, and so, the Midianites went forth to Ram Gilead in Kadesh Bilgemath, by Shor Ethra Regalion, to the house of Gash-Bil-Bethuel-Bazda, he who brought the butter dish to Balshazar and the tent peg to the house of Rashomon, and there slew they the goats, yea, and placed they the bits in little pots.”
      Here endeth the lesson. 🤗😁

  28. G4Change

    Quick! Someone run to Price Club and grab his honor a cold compress and some aspirin for his head!!!!!

    • Brandon

      Roberts has been hospitalized for a head injury, so maybe he’ll announce his retirement. Or his head injury will cause him to reconsider his stance on the hit list.

    • AJ

      Are you kidding?! I say let him suffer and maybe fall a little harder next time… Maybe he can get some strength training tips from Notorious RBG.

      Apparently he on rare occasion suffers seizures, though that didn’t cause this event. However, seizures tend to get worse the more one has them so perhaps in the not too distant future he decides to step down. (One can hope, right?)

      • Brandon


        I was kidding about Roberts. I don’t understand how he was even confirmed knowing that he has seizures. Hopefully he’ll have another great fall and announce his retirement.

        • AJ

          Yes, I know you were kidding. I meant that as a common expression, not as a literal question. I wish nothing but health and happiness for His Honor…once in retirement.

        • Notorious D.I.K. / Kennerly

          Of all of the Justices whose funerals I wouldn’t cry at, Roberts’ would be less welcomed by me than, say, Alito’s, followed probably by Kavanaugh’s and Thomas’ and then Roberts’. Scalia’s funeral was, however, a very, very good start. Keep ’em coming!

  29. Mike G

    Forgive me please for being uninformed again, but if the registries ever get back to the supreme court, are we expecting support from the liberal judges? The conservative judges? The strict constitutionalist judges?

    Or none of the above?

    • SR

      The original 2003 ruling was seemingly largely based on a very bogus “fact” of “Frightening and High” recidivism. Now nearly 20 years later, that has been debunked over and over and over again, form private studies to stated funded ones such as CA’s CASOMB. It’s a stark difference between 80% that the ruling was based to the reality of less than 5%, or even 1% as the CASOMB publication last year. They would be insanely hard pressed to ignore all that again, especially when when the registry went from simply annual registration and not other disabilities, to what we have now with huge disabilities imposed on all registrants that govern much of our daily lives.

    • Doc Martin

      @Mike Pretty simple answer lf you use Smith vs Doe as a guide. The liberals (Breyers, Ginsberg and J Paul Stevens) ruled against the registry and the rest (mostly conservatives) ruled against. As much as some registrants on the right don’t want to admit it, liberal courts are more friendly on sex offender issues.

      • David

        @ Doc: Could you please clarify what you wrote? You wrote “the liberals judges … ruled against the registry … and the rest were against…”
        So ALL the SCUTOS Justices ruled “against” the Registry?? 🤔
        Then how do we have a Registry today??🤔

        • Doc Martin

          @David In Smith vs Doe, the 3 dissenting liberal judges agreed with a federal appeals court that the Alaska Sex Offender/Child Kidnapper Registry, when applied retroactively, is in fact punitive. Would the registry had automatically ceas
          ed to exist if the a scotus majority had said the Alaska registry was punishment? No. But declaring the registry to be punishment would provided the amunition to lead to its demise-as we have discussed many times on this forum. But that’s beside the point you have obviously missed. Although the 3 liberal judges didn’t get their way on the scotus decision, the fact still remains that the liberal judges stuck their necks out on the line when it came down to the wire–not the conservative

        • Doc Martin

          @David And sorry for the typo. I should have said the remaining judges rule d for the registry, not against the registry in its current form.

      • SR @ Doc Martin

        The justices didn’t stick their necks out for anyone. For better or worse, they have zero fear being politically “punished”. It’s a lifetime appointment. There’s almost no way to remove them. Especially because someone might not like how they voted. Most of them vote the way they understand the law to be. Some have clear leanings, they have nothing to gain personally by voting to please particular people.

        • Steve D


          I think it is worth emphasizing that your comments about the independence of judges applies to federal judges only; state and local court judges are usually elected and are frequently cowed by their political constituencies.

        • SR @ Steve

          Absolutely. And that’s a major flaw that we’ve already seen in action in states where judges have been found to give out harsher sentences due to the pressure from local government to meet their private prison demands (most private prisons contracts state that if the capacity isn’t at or very near the limit, the state owes the company major cash).

    • A.D.A.T.

      @ Mike G
      You are kidding, right? Support from a judicial official? You would have a better chance of winning all 5 lotto games. Just look at minority civil rights. 50 yrs and still fighting for basic equal rights. We all will be long dead before any significant change takes place. Minority populations that never broke any law are suffering every day. We are considered the worst of the worst, so don’t expect anything to ever get better from a legislative or judicial angle. Not being pessimistic, just realistic.

  30. pgm

    Can someone tell me the status of the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals case Millard v. Rankin? It has been almost two years since the circuit court decision. What is going on? Any commentary and info is greatly appreciated.

    • JohnDoeUtah

      Nothing yet. It is a tough line to haul for the circuit court. They nearly never reverse a decision based on evidence presented at the trial court and evaluated by the trier of fact (the district judge). The Circuit Courts job is not to retry the evidence, but to ensure the law was applied correctly.

      While the Millard attorney was not so great on appeal, I think he did a good job presenting the evidence and making the case at trial. Judge Matsch did a great job showing how his decision falls in line with the law, including Smith v. Doe, much the same as the Sixth Circuit. Remember the Sixth Circuit stated in Snyder that providing the “clearest proof” of punitive effect may be difficult, but that does not mean impossible. I think the Tenth is stuck between a rock and hard place.

      • AJ

        “I think the Tenth is stuck between a rock and hard place.”
        I wholly agree. And given the principal function of the CCoA to be review of judicial actions, not case facts, I find the 10th’s drawn-out silence to be a tip in our direction. If they had found judicial error, they could’ve, and I believe would’ve, remanded it by now.

    • TS


      You mean nearly 3 years since Judge Matsch ruled Aug 31, 2017 on Millard v Rankin in US District Court of Colorado and almost 20 mos (Jul 18, 2020) since it was orally argued @10th CCoA

      The lawyer who orally argued Millard at the 10th CCoA wasn’t the lawyer who argued in front of Judge Matsch at USD of CO by the way. Two different lawyers. The continuity of knowledge transferred though as you can see in the docs filed.

  31. AJ

    Now that SCOTUS has ruled the eastern half of OK (including Tulsa) to be Tribal Lands, what comes of RCs living there? IIRC, anyone convicted of an offense of moral turpitude is barred from entering, let alone residing on, Tribal Lands. This may end up being an interesting way to challenge residency restrictions, or at least the grandfather aspect of them.

    On a side note, this ruling makes me happy. For once the Native American got the upper hand in the US Government. I kinda expected this outcome given the 4-4 tie (Gorsuch recused) last year in a different yet similar case.

  32. Saddles

    Maybe we all should coin a pharae in this sex offender internet works “Its not fair”. Talk about a citizen kane affair or may your sin’s find you out. Guess I’ve talked enough about sin so its up to all of us to clean up the act in this Cry like a baby ordeal of the government and this public servant work.
    So Janice get your Christian cane’s and staff and harp out of the attic and together we can all face this. And yes Janice its long over due and I’m tired of listening to Will Allens Shindler’s “hit list” or who is the foice of reasoning today in this “Paper Chase” to instill on others in this dubious way. If your gonna call a man black call him black, if yoru going to call a bitch a bitch or bastard call it as it is but were is the love in that or who murders who in thought and deed.

    So how does one protect from : The Controller, the abuser,the bully, the arrogent, the negative, the Will Allens, sorry that slipped in their or the Blamer. or maybe the gossiper. Well nothing wrong with using the word for understanding in any ordeal.

    This internet sex inducement is fabrication or should we all take a trip inside a Whale to find out something about this safety issue.

  33. Saddles

    Now many of you people that are on Janices forum aare out in CA and yes California is a tough state so is FL and several others. Did anyone ever reach out to Nancy Pelosi to help lobby to end the sex registry or to get in a bill to help those in this fabricated ordeal.
    Seems everyone wants to look at numbers or recividism rates but what about the rates of divorce, abortion, sibling rivality or who is the Cassius Clay in this ordeal. I can just see him and Coswell going about now.

    Sure the registry needs help. Nothing wrong with say Women against the Registry reaching out to Pelosi or any other in this lobbying to get more action and understaning.. Men can be so stupid after they did eat the fruit of the tree didn’t they but we are all here to seek justice and yes overprotecting is just as bad as underprotecting or look around you today in this War Wagon, at least it was a good movie
    My sister had a friend in college that we both knew and was wanted by the FBI for skipping out of going to Vietnam and yes many didn’t want to go in that two wrongs don’t make a right scenerio. Killing is killing wether mind induced or other “physical” means.

    • Notorious D.I.K. / Kennerly

      Pelosi is my Representative in Congress and she has never responded to any of the registration-specific concerns I have expressed to her. Nor did Senator Barbara Boxer (before she left Congress) nor has Senators Dianne Feinstein or Kamala Harris (no big surprise, there).

      • Saddles

        @ Notorious. I can understand where your coming from on those letters to Representatives and in my 8 yrs. on the registry I have sent twenty letters to the Gov. of my state with no reply’s but the one that the Commonwealth recognized and I’m about to send another. If people ignore fellow Americans than what’s that say about government.
        Even the bible says to write them till one pays attention to one’s effort. Isn’t the whole effort of getting rid of the registry and not just for one but for all. From what I heard they have even let out 8 thousand prisoners in CA because of this pandemic. Things can always get worse if one doesn’t try to turn the negative into a positive.

    • Lake County

      First, there is very little chance that anyone in Congress would even read your letter if you are not in their district. The standard policy for everyone in Congress is to only consider letters from those they directly represent based on your mailing address. The exception to that rule is when your writing to a committee member about a new law they are having hearings on. It is customary for opinion letters sent to Congress to be forwarded to the actual Congress person that represents your address. Second, none of these women you mention care about us in the slightest. It would be political suicide for them to introduce any bill that would ease our burden. When IML came up for a vote, most of Congress didn’t show up for the vote and left it up to a voice only vote that few attended. Congress avoids conflict at all cost. The victim’s rights movement has great influence on our politicians. Our greatest power is to show up at State committee hearings and personally voice our opinions or at least write letters directly to the committee members. And as a Californian, I know that Kamala Harris would gladly hammer the nails into all of our coffins. I just hope Biden doesn’t consider Harris as a VP.

      • Notorious D.I.K. / Kennerly

        I believe you were directing that at me since I don’t see anyone else having mentioned the “women” lawmakers. They are all, or in the case of Boxer, were, my representatives. I did make an error in including Kamala Harris as one to whom I had written. I did not write to her since it would have been obvious that she would just as soon bury us, as you say. Still, none of the other three have ever responded to me.

  34. A.D.A.T.

    Asking for someone else and can’t seem to find answer.

    Does AZ. Remove the registrant from their state registry if they move to CA.?

    This registrant is currently on lifetime registration in AZ

    • AJ

      The summary of laws available elsewhere on this site has no additional notes saying AZ keeps people on their list after leaving. That’s not ironclad, or course.

      I say make the AZ bureaucrats (try to) answer it for you. Here’s their contact information as of September 2019, courtesy of the “National Sex Offender Registry Points of Contact” list the Feds publish (

      Arizona Department of Public Safety
      Sex Offender Compliance Unit
      Mail Code 9999 P.O. Box 6638
      Phoenix, AZ 85005
      P: 602-255-0611 F: 602-223-2099 email:
      Ms. Shari Dahlback, Administrative Supervisor, P: 602-223-2949, email:

    • AJ

      Below is the response I received from AZ’s ML people regarding what happens to someone registered in AZ who leaves the State. I had posed as someone coming to AZ with a RC. The text is my email to them, followed by their response. I hope this helps.


      I’m considering traveling to AZ with someone who was convicted of a sex offense and must register. We understand that if we stay beyond 10 days registration is required. What about “de-registering”? Will AZ keep the registrant on its rolls forever, or will the registrant be removed once departing AZ? May I receive an electronic copy of whatever guidance or law exists detailing any deregistering process? Someone I know who was convicted in AZ has no idea what happens if leaving, so I figured I’d go to the source: you.

      Thank you,

      If the person registering in AZ leaves the state they are required to notify the Sherriff’s office where they registered. Once the Sherriff’s office are notified they will contact DPS and we will remove the person from the registry once we verify the move letter. In the event they are in AZ greater than 10 days they are required to register. Let me know if that helps. Thanks

      [AZ official at RC office]


      It’s a bit disappointing a State official doesn’t know how to spell Sheriff, but at least the person gave a helpful reply.

  35. Saddles

    @ A.D.A.T suppose every person on here was right in all this pick up sticks ordeal of offending. Would it make Janices and many other lawyers that are in special types of law more easy in all this corrective judgement in helping make a wrong a right . And lets suppose one gained all the knowledge that they could understand in their own conceited wisdom. Who would be right. Maybe its the one that is wise in his or her own conceit or view or the one with the dunce cap that is still on their head in a court of law or the one holding the gavel or the one’s in the jury box. Maybe the D.A. would be right you suppose.

    One wonders who is conceited today. Or should no man go beyond defrauding his or her brother. So tell me A.D.A.T. and I don’t even know what those letters stand for in this hash tag world today. Would everyone be satisfied with winning the lottery or are we not here to understand about this registry or to encourage others with positive views. Actually what other people do in other places are or is/ none of our business or is human instruction a conscious process or cricket guide. Sure we can all compare but who compares sticks and stones in this red, white, and blue of true Justice today or does true justice bite you when you least expect it. Wonder were the equation solver comes in.

    • A.D.A.T.

      @ Saddle,

      I would appreciate you not referring to me in your comments.

  36. Saddles

    Otis is right A.D.A.T. I’m just reaching out is good. Now I believe I said something on here about a gal I knew that was on lifetime probation because she keep stealing, drinking and other ordeals. Life is not always a bed of roses so are we to look a gift horse in the mouth or say bride thy tongue. Sure we all have to reach out for something. Are we not reaching out on this fourm for understanding and help in many ways to get a balance on this measure of sex offenses each person is going thru. Yes government can dish out measures of justice but in this type of off offense it goes even farther or who is defrauding who’s God. This is a humanity issue also or who is loving thy neighbor in this scandal.

    Should a good writer try to get an article in the Boston Globe or some big global newspaper in California today. I’m sure many American citizens don’t even know how this sex registry by internet works or the corruption of this Patty Hurst ordeal scandal. And what about the money laundering or the corruption of the baby adoptions’ scandal back in the 50’s. I’m sure refreshing America’s memory would a bit beneficial today. We’ve even had many other scandals in the past. Yes I’m sure a big newspaper would love to run the past scandals today.

  37. A.D.A.T.

    As recommended by this site, I contacted my district Representative to lend my voice to oppose a bill. I requested a response. Know what I got? Nothing but a weekly email telling me how much she is doing for the community and a request to contribute to her re election.
    What a crock. Basically, if you don’t have money to give, they don’t have time to waste. Maybe I would get a better response if I tied a note to a brick and tossed it through her window!

  38. Brandon

    Have any of you seen what the Oklahoma City PD is promoting for non compliant registrants on Facebook? Truly disgusting that will cause your blood to boil!! I’m all for defunding the police

  39. matthew

    Hey Janice and Chance,

    Can you guys do a conference call topic on moving out of California? I know each state has different rules on if you have to register in their state but can you go over how California drops you from the registry once you leave permanently.
    What if one person moves to a different state, doesn’t have to register in their new state but then travels to a different state? Do they follow the original jurisdiction or the new state?
    I think a broad discussion would be great if possible!

    • Lake County

      Your questions are too specific for laws that change continually in each state and are very specific to what your charges are. You would need to hire an attorney and provide all your details to have a chance to actually attempt to get an answer to those questions. Conference call’s are not for legal advise. They are only to provide general information on upcoming legislation and advocacy.

      • matthew

        Actually it’s not too board there, hero.

        It’s just talking about how states are different once you move there. This answer is not for me but rather from reading comments that are untrue. It would be just as broad as domestic travel. They do not go over every state but rather examples.

    • USA the 2nd

      California drops you off their registry once you leave. What happens next is up to your new state as far as how long you register, residential and presence restrictions, etc. You put out a simple question with a simple answer. I don’t know why people on this forum from California are afraid to answer it.

  40. John

    So since states are going to require others from other states quarantine for 14day if visiting, shoudnt they require the general public to register as well including probably staying away from parks? You know all in the name of public safety and protecting the kids.

    • SR

      It’s pretty much what NY is doing. They’re requiring people to register before being let out of the airport.

      • Notorious D.I.K. / Kennerly

        SR, Could you please elaborate on this? New York is requiring registration before leaving the airport? Surely not.

  41. lovewillprevail

    Fyi, Michigan extended it’s emergency and disaster declaration though August 11 at 11:59pm.

  42. David

    🥺 I just learned that a wonderful woman I knew passed away on Sunday. She would always invite me and my brother to Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners at her house. There would be sons, daughters, cousins, nephews, neighbors and co-workers present and past. So warm and so loving. She knew my past and NEVER treated me any different from anyone else…. never feared me being around the kids, no looks of trepidation or concern.
    Yeah, this one really hurts. I guess there’s some real caring left inside me after all. 😢

    • Roger

      My condolences, David. I wish we could say of all people who know us that “She/he knew my past and NEVER treated me any different from anyone else”.

      A few hours ago a vigilante started telling my clients about me being a registrant. I recommend that anyone who has this happen to them should reach out to an attorney for help, because you are protected by law against this. California Penal Code § 290.46(l)(1) limits the distribution of information about a registered sex offender “only to protect a person at risk.” California Penal Code § 290.46 prohibits anyone from using information on the Megan’s Law website to threaten, harass or intimidate a person on that website.

      • w

        You might look into NextDoor, they have partnerships with law enforcement to receive tips from NextDoor members and basically are a way of circumventing Megan’s Law. They have groups on there depending on membership in your area that will act as informants and pass anonymous tips to LE. Whenever you read about someone getting hit by a sting operation it probably started from one of these NextDoor “neighbors” getting close enough to get on their WiFi.

        • XYZ

          @ W: I have been active on my local NextDoor for several years with no problems. I’m a regular commenter/replyer on it. A number of my neighbors have met me first on NextDoor, then met me IRL when I have been out walking my dog or at City Council meetings. In my area, I have never seen anything about Registrants. (Though I have seen a couple alerts, over the years, about “almost assaulted, beware”, etc. Over 8 years, I have probably seen three of those.)

    • LPH

      @David. Yeah, it hurts, I know as I recently lost one of a few who didn’t care about my past.

  43. LPH

    So my Mother recently died of Covid-19. Who the fuck do I talk to now?

    • matthew

      need someone? Want to exchange e-mails or something?

    • David

      @ LPH: Talk to us? Let me know and I may be able to arrange a connection, if you’d like. FYI, I’m in Cali.

  44. David

    Will they be publishing the names, photos and adresses online, so the public can protect themselves and their families from these potentially dangerous COVID-carriers???
    No? No online Registry for them?? 🤔

    • New Person

      The public expects everyone to remain vigilant on being safe from COVID-19 rather than use the excuse that one person in their area has it and cancel them. It’s a false sense of security to share that info, that’s what the local governments have stated.

      It’s funny how that can’t be the same with people on the registry. Again, we’re 2nd level citizens. Rioters, looters, violent marxists are allowed to walk scott free without a charge. Yeah, we’re treated far worse.

      • USA the 2nd

        Rioters and looters walk free 😗 without criminal charges? No they don’t. You get caught, you get locked up. Go try it you don’t believe me. Marxists get to walk free? Well, it’s a free country. People can believe what they want. ☺ With great sadness, I gotta say, sex offenders on this forum are getting nuttier by the day. 😜

        • Mike G

          I agree, “You get caught, you get locked up.”

          But how many do you think were caught and locked up? 0.1% maybe?

        • Will Allen

          I doubt very much that there are many sex offenders on this forum. And even if there was, how would you know who they were? If they announced themselves, they could be at risk of arrest.

  45. Bill

    Fascinating article in regards to Mike Pompeo’s Human Rights Report:

    I think this would be a perfect opportunity to address the human rights of over 900,000 American citizens that have PAID their debt to society and should have their rights restored with the full protection of our Constitution. When the founding fathers said inalienable rights it was meant that even the government couldn’t take it away. Before our government start criticizing China about human rights they should be looking at their own backyard.

    • TS

      I’m going to tack onto this human rights post this UK human rights court case article of a nature related to topics discussed here:

      Convicted paedophile loses human rights case in court when it came to vigilantes

    • john

      I’m sorry 900,000 is not ever gonna be enough people for anyone to care. Look at black lives matter and the struggle they have with many more than we have. You need to come up with a reason thats better than that. Like if we could only tie sex offenders in with lets say gun rights or if you could make us a class of people. Think outside the box.

  46. C

    How do we fare with employment termination after discovery on the registry?

    I got terminated yesterday after an awful week of shunning and pretty dismal treatment. The “reason” was that my skill set did not match the job requirements, but they matched just fine until one of my coworkers discovered me on a Google Search.

    How can I prove it? Is it even worth it to pursue legal action in an at will state?

    Obviously the focus needs to be finding a new job, not writing letters to OSHA and the IRS about observed issues like being forced to rig and do a crane lift without safety gear or tether and tens of thousands of dollars in secret inventory bins.

    Licking my wounds today. Hitting the pavement to find a new job tomorrow. This is the first time I have been fired for being a sex offender AFTER working and being told I was doing well. I have been rejected for employment a lot, but this time I was good enough to be hired by HR, but fired once a coworker found out.

    I have enough information to get the Manager fired and possibly arrested for fraud and enough to get at least one of them fired for a drug test. But that shit does not get me a new job.

    • Brent

      Hate to break it to you, but employers can fire you at will for being a sex offender. You have no grounds to sue.

      • JAB

        Though at Will is correct if it’s in your paperwork, but if you told the truth on your job application your in! My spouse was fired from Farmers Regional Offices back in 2006 and though they tried the at will claim, we sued and won big. If Megan’s law was the cause, seek a great attorney and sue!! Stand up and fight. We did and thank goodness we didn’t listen to the nay sayers. Good luck

    • SR

      That’s a tough one. You’d probably get the best answer by speaking to a lawyer who specializes in wrongful termination. Of the top of my head, I’d say how long you were in the position would be a big factor. If you were in the position for a few months, their reasoning would be sound. But if you were in the position for several years, them then saying your skills not being up to the task is much more questionable. Add to the fact that you lost your job shortly after the discovery of your status, and I’d think you’d have a case. Like, I’ve been at my position for over 20 years. They’d never be able to get away with pulling that kind of BS on me in court.

    • Gralphr

      Sorry to hear that. Having always worked and still work in ‘professional’ level jobs, its something I’ve experienced under more than one occasion. My wife knows I go to work everyday wondering if it will be my last. Some states or worse than others, and truthfully unless you have tons of evidence and money, all you can do is search for another job. While many states do have a right to fire at will, if you can prove it was due to your status, it would qualify for a discrimination lawsuit.

      • JohnDoeUtah

        Even though I am not currently required to register, I still feel this way. The dread of having to defend myself against a 16 year old offense. Especially when everyone in my small company knows my kids, my son being the product of my crime. Man, 3 more years and he will be an adult himself. Due to the fact I took all responsibility and stepped up as a father afterwards helps some people accept what happen, but some just can’t get over themselves. I’m sure the anxiety is slowly taking years off my life.

  47. Saddles

    @ TS yes this article makes a lot of sense in many ways. Believe it or not we all have human rights. While we can all understand about human rights is human rights being challenged by some computer malice. One wonders is the USA and Government are running on low octane today. Are we all not all God’s children? People can label one all they want if thats the case or who hasn’t been labeled stupid, a psychopath or sociopath,freek, geek, or a president of a glee club with all the answers. I’m sure their are many more name callings. So were is the love in the name in this world today. Blacks rioting, white’s upset, Indians’ still on the warpath, Prisoners that want rights. Employment discrimination, etc. So were does it all end. – With true Justice for and balancing the scales of true justice. When one takes God out of the equation than this whole world is lost.

    Not to underscore anyone on here we all make mistakes or is government a one world government or where are the guidelines. One would guess when when one tacks on the label sex. If you notice in the article that they are doing covertly in this gathering of information. There is a difference between covet and covertly. As far as what the United Kindom is doing and any other states are they actually understanding this ways and mean’s. Sure if one is going to appeal one wouldn’t go to court would they or were is the justification in that. One wonders if actual truth and values is lost in american government today.

  48. David

    Perhaps I am just in an optimistic mood, but recent decisions by the US Supreme Court, Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Gorsuch make me hopeful that, if a lawsuit against Sex Offender Registries makes it to the Supreme Court, we may actually prevail. If the Supreme Court is willing to recognize the rights of native American peoples then perhaps we stand a fighting chance of winning! 😌

    • TS


      And maybe CJ John Roberts will recuse himself when his AK Doe v Smith frightening and high case is discussed because it is all his and doubtful he’d reverse it. I’ve never heard of a sitting judge or justice admitting an error on the bench and then reversing it on opinion. Humility lacks…

      • David

        @ TS: I certainly understand what you’re saying. However, it is notable that there have been almost 20 years and numerous, extensive and severe restrictions, requirements, disability and add-on punishments since 2003 when Smith v. Doe was decided by SCOTUS. Like the growth of the expression “Super Predator”, in the years since 2003, the S.O. Registry has grown to be “Super Megan’s Law”.

  49. A.D.A.T.

    I have a “Zen” friend and we spend the days lately at the beach surfing. He knows about me and doesn’t care.
    He tells me, “ you can spend your days waiting for the perfect wave, and it would be a life wasted. Or you can go out and spend the rest of your days searching out the perfect wave. Even if you never find it, that is a life well lived.”

    Just a thought………..🏄🏻‍♂️

    • SR

      That’s a nice sentiment, but your friend isn’t prohibited by law to search for that wave the way most of us are. Me not being able to visit Japan, something I’ve always wanted to do, isn’t an issue of lack of motivation.

      • A.D.A.T.

        I think what he was trying to tell me, within the context of our conversation, was that I need to keep moving on and look for other things that make my life worth living. The registry has taken so much away from me. If I sit and wait for it to give back, it will never happen. I have no illusions of ever being removed. For all the talk and wishful thinking by others here, it is just that. Janice and her crew are swimming against the tide. It is time for me to seek out that which will give me peace and contentment. If I never find it, at least I will have tried. The answer will never be on these pages. Here I just find myself getting more depressed and losing hope by the day. Time to leave this behind me.

        • Will Allen

          I’ve been listed for more than 2 decades. I do not think the criminal regime where I live is smart enough to remove me from their Hit List. I expect to be listed for decades more. So I decided long ago to make sure that harms society to the greatest extent possible. Every day.

          I have a great life though and I am very successful. I have negated the Registries nearly 100%. I could ignore it for the most part. BUT …. that does not make the Hit Lists any more acceptable.

          So I’d urge you to find your great life and live like you want. But do not ever stop retaliating against the Registries. As long as they exist, I will cause chaos and destruction. I’ve been doing it for a long time and I’m only getting better at it. All millions affected by the Registries must wage war.

  50. Saddles

    You know we all here on General Comments talk about different issues to solve this offender issue that is based on sex. Seem everybody had his or her views but in the many ordeals the offender goes thru with these ordeals what is the method or basic plan. To catch a predator one that is sinning, caught in transgression, sending lewd photo’s, asking for condoms etc. or protecting a child. While this is for prevention is one actually talking to a child when its all said and done.
    This is were one’s spiritual discernment comes in. All this push and pull to get one down to their level and they authorities give one a surprise as a big “Got ya.”. Would not anyone be upset with the modus operandi. So who’s behavior is vain in this irrational justice. Did not our forefathers base this nation on Christian principals. As mentioned if one was actually talking or texting via an internet to a actual teenager the tables would be different wouldn’t you all say.

    I’m even believe Janice might have a field day with this view as it does bring up many questions of true justice. Their is a view that sticks out that I’m sure never is fathomed in one’s mind, who is inadvertently propagating this ordeal. Sure bearing the sword of justice is good but bearing rightly isn’t. Judge not or you will be judged.

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