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In the situation I was in I was rushed into court by the deputy, he just lead me to the courtroom front door, didn’t even bother to come in. It was if timing was right on cue. D.A rambles my potty story Iwas told to raise my right hand, how do you pled guilty or not guilty and it was over an in and out of story without even given a chance to address the court as to what really happened. and the paper signing was a bit of a swindle ruse. If one signed this type of paper he doesn’t have a ghost of a chance as that would be signing one’s life away.

This sexting or sextortation online all over the nation is getting out of hand and its time to see adjustmants changed as doing something in a rightway as opposed to doing something in the wrong way are two different avenues and still this ordeal to enslave goes on in this corky manner. While one should see the silver lining to every dark clou is we all should seek liberty and Justice for all in this man made fabrication of justice all to prevent in this unorthodox ill moral way. Talk about sextortation scams whether illigal or legal for this trafficking ruse when controllers are duping others and controllers of Justice in this vanityfair.

Just read a story about colleges not enrolling students who have made inappropriate comments or views on social media. I know is not related to sexual offenses, but at the same time their past shouldn’t haunt them because of poor choices.

Add this to the list of other registries used across the country besides those who have convictions which put them on a sex offense related registry: Utah has a White Collar Crime Offender Registry. In February of 2016, Utah became the first state in the nation to have such a registry, which displays perpetrators’ photos alongside details of their state-level felony convictions. When the registry launched, Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes said that he hoped it would encourage perpetrators in the state to complete their court-ordered restitution payments. If a convict pays their court-ordered restitution, they’re removed from the registry.

Haven’t seen much written here about this SVP who is looking to relocate here in the IE.
I made one single dumb decision in my youth but here I am in my 40’s still paying the price. I have to relocate with my kids and my stomach is in knots. Not because I know what to expect from my welcoming party neighbors but because my children will be stuck in the middle of this shit.
This person/monster had his requirement to register removed in 2005. I want to know how the DOJ justifies forcing me to register and keep myself and my loved ones in danger 24/7 simply for being on that list yet they let this guy walk away from it. This doesn’t get easier. And anyone who says that it does is lying to themselves.

Perhaps a way to attack the registry and get rid of it is through the budget aspect in this time of budget shortfalls. As I just had my compliance check with two uniformed officers, two cars, etc. What a great use of tax payer monies!

Sadly, in these times, fear mongering is at its greatest because not many have anything better to do. Fear mongering will allow monies to be raised.

To take down the registry, the SCOTUS must admit their mistakes on several issues and levels. The internet is a public square, thus advertising the registry on a public square is akin to punishment. Thus, the registry is correctly labeled as punishment. The recidivism information used must be acknowledged as false, which has perpetuated the fear mongering as well as increased penalties year after year. Any technique outside of fine, imprisonment, or execution is suspect to its constitutionality. Therefore, the registry is identified as still being under custody.

There is a civil right’s injustice with the registry to wit the SCOTUS hath made legal to demonize a sect of its citizens to now share the same civil rights.

But if you’re in California, the registry infringes upon privacy. Under Ca constitution, privacy is an inalienable right, to which its citizens have a right to pursue and obtain. Thus, the loss of privacy in California is punishment as it is a loss of protected liberty under California’s constitution. And the fact the registry is a lifetime term implies there is no avenue to pursue nor obtain privacy again, which is unconstitutional under California’s constitution.

This is also made apparent under 1203.4 with it’s three identified benefits:
1) the court shall set aside the verdict of guilty;
2) the court shall thereupon dismiss the accusations or information against the defendant
3) he or she shall thereafter be released from all penalties and disabilities resulting from the offense of which he or she has been convicted

The second benefit of 1203.4 identifies the reclamation of privacy. Please note how the reclamation of privacy is its own separate, identified immunity under 1203.4.

Privacy is where the registry fails in California if you put California under the scrutiny of its constitution equally. Fredrick Douglas did this to start the reform for civil rights of black people, forced the US to implement its words as written within the Declaration of Independence, ** “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” **

California’s Constitution does more than the US Constitution, ** “All people are by nature free and independent and have inalienable rights. Among these are enjoying and defending life and liberty, acquiring, possessing, and protecting property, and pursuing and obtaining safety, happiness, and privacy.”
You lose all these freedoms (liberty) once under custody of the state. You should regain them once out of custody. Registrants do not.

Janice…care to reply?

Regardless of 1203.4, the state constitution and US constitution (as affirmed by griswold v. Ct) you have s right to privacy. It doesnt exist for us, but regardless of that no one cares. The constitutions supercede any law written after it.

It can be argued that in today’s society, no one had a right to privacy with data collection by government through license plate scanners, photo surveillance, and so much more.

TP ~ Really, another of these illegal compliance checks? Are you on paper, and what state, county are you in. If you are not on paper, you do NOT have to answer to them at all. What a waste of time, when they know you simply have to expertise your rights and not talk to them, and STILL they waste everybody’s time, including their own. This is my biggest pet peeve.

I am on paper but no one is allowed to enter homes right now due to COVID-19.

All of this is such a waste of time, money, etc…

Some people might be interested in an article over at F.A.C. here –

Yet another criminal regime in Floriduh is trying to commit more idiotic crimes to harm people listed on the Hit Lists. If you have time before 9 AM (Eastern) tomorrow morning, maybe you’d like to tell them that you don’t appreciate stupid criminals who can’t stop harassing people?


I’m on Medicare. My Health Net Medicare Advantage Plan in Riverside County, CA gives me unlimited mental health therapy with no copay.

If you’re on Medicare in California I recommend my Psychologist.
Charles Kodimer, PhD
NPI 1891749727
Beverly Hills 310-276-9544
Downey 562-861-6180
Temecula 951-676-4393

You should check the details of your plan. In 2019 I had to pay a $25 copay, in 2020 it was changed to a $0 copay.

Since March, we have been meeting via Zoom.

Tell them you learned of them through The Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws (ACSOL)

@ SC:. Hi SC. I’m interested – why do you recommend him? What makes him good? Does he focus his work on Registrants or the post-incarcerated, PTSD, etc.?

Hi David, I recommend Dr. Kodimer because I’ve been training him for the last two years. Also, he is in his mid-seventies; in this business, experience counts. His specialty is forensic Neuropsychology. The plaintiff’s attorney often engages him in workers’ compensation claims. He is not an advocate for the rights of registered citizens. If anyone knows of a competent Ph.D. forensic psychologist who is an advocate for the rights of registered citizens, then please give me a referral. So, in summary, he’s 1) an old male Ph.D., not a young female LCSW, 2) Experienced in testifying and writing forensic reports, 3) definitely not incompetent.

@SC, et al.:
You may want to check into that $0 copay. They were waived across most (all?) the system for mental health “visits” as part of COVID-19. I believe that waiver is expiring at the end of this month, meaning co-pays may come back into play. Maybe not, but heads up.

@AJ, Thanks for your reply. I think there were some general COVID-19 related reductions in mental health coverage for the general population, but I am writing only about Medicare-eligible coverage. Everyone should carefully read their Evidence of Coverage (EOC) document. Search for “Outpatient mental health care.” Here’s the text from my EOC:

Outpatient mental health care
Covered services include:
Mental health services provided by a state-licensed psychiatrist or doctor, clinical psychologist, clinical social worker, clinical nurse specialist, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, or other Medicare-qualified mental health care professional as allowed under applicable state laws.

You pay a $0 copay for each Medicare-covered individual or group therapy visit.

My EOC was published in the third quarter of 2019, long before COVID-19. Also, I did not pursue outpatient mental health care for a couple of years after turning 65 because I was under the mistaken belief that I needed a referral from my Primary Care Physician (PCP). I was wrong. However, it did take me a while to find a provider. I did not want to talk to a young, female, LCSW, trained in Social Justice and feminism. One of my young relatives got a degree in Social Work. I read her textbook “Readings for Diversity and Social Justice, 4th Edition,” Blumenfeld, WJ. I could read all 660+ pages of the $116 book in the Amazon “Look Inside” preview. I was horrified. But I’m an old WASP man so I don’t matter.

Here’s something I’ve decided to make an occasional “hobby” and hope others might do as well. I’m going to start emailing the ML offices in various States asking questions about their rules and such. I’ll probably do a cursory research of the laws so I don’t sound like a complete dolt but otherwise I’m going to engage them just to increase their workload.

I recently did this on behalf of @A.D.A.T. with AZ. That and @Will Allen’s credo of costing the system in any and every way one can are what drove me to this. If every now and then some of us write here or there and ask questions, it will force them to respond. Once they respond, why leave it there? Perhaps some clarification is needed. Perhaps you just want to thank them for the information. Even if they never reply again, you can bet they at least opened the email to see whether to reply.

In the AZ email, I told them I was going to be traveling to AZ (which is true, as I will someday venture through there) with someone who was convicted of a sexual offense (which is true, as I always travel with myself) and would like to know such-and-such. I suggest using other language than that (“I’m considering moving to…” “I’ll be speaking at…” “I know someone interested in colleges and univerisities…”). Remember, the point isn’t so much to get a correct answer. The point is to make work for them under the plausible guise of needing it for personal use.

That’s my $0.02 for the day. Now I’m off to see what I can learn from a State “expert.” 🙂

P.S. Here’s the PDF from Sept. 2019 that lists the contact info for every State’s ML office: I expect it’s current but if it’s not, it just creates more work on their end.

Rumor has it the email address for MS is no good (you have to use a form on its ML site). Also, the Floridorks fire off an auto-reply warning the State is very open-records oriented and that, for the most part, any communication to/fro a state official may be released to anyone who asks. So the rumors go….

Here’s part of what the Floridorks gave me in their reply (note I say “reply” because they didn’t actually answer anything I asked):
Florida Statute 775.21 defines a “permanent residence” as a place where the person abides, lodges, or resides for three or more consecutive days, and “temporary residence” as a place where the person abides, lodges, or resides, including, but not limited to, vacation, business, or personal travel destinations in or out of this state, for a period of three or more days in the aggregate during any calendar year and which is not the person’s permanent address or, for a person whose permanent residence is not in this state, a place where the person is employed, practices a vocation, or is enrolled as a student for any period of time in this state. “Transient residence” means a county where a person lives, remains, or is located for a period of three or more days in the aggregate during a calendar year and which is not the person’s permanent or temporary address. The term includes, but is not limited to, a place where the person sleeps or seeks shelter and a location that has no specific street address.
From reading this, it seems one can jump from county to county every couple days and avoid registration. Am I missing something??!? There are other issues of concern, namely local and county restrictions atop the State ones, but the way the Statute reads, if I stay on the move every two days, I have never established any of the residency terms defined. I would just need to avoid staying in the same county more than 2 days in a calendar year. This would also seem to mean I could stay in the land of Floridorks for four days if done December 30 – January 2.

I am absolutely NOT giving advice to anyone with what I posted above. I’m not a lawyer nor am I giving legal information. I’m simply picking everyone’s brains about the peculiar wording of the Statute. That all said, I still think the land of Floridorks is a place to avoid (50% of the population over 65? No thanks.) even without the RC burdens.

AJ, the last comment confuses me. Do you mean you could stay in one COUNTY for 4 days if Dec 30- Jan 2? Above it I believe you’re saying you could stay in each FL county for 2 days without breaking the rules. 67 counties makes for 134 glorious days of humidity and fear in the state?!?! (Yuck)

Yep, two diff years in one county across 4 days.

I’m not “saying” that’s what the rules are, I’m saying that’s what they **appear** to say. From the way the law appears to be written, residency is county-based, so moving from county to county every two days should keep you ahead of the State restrictions–but there are still the county and local ones that may trip you up.

I’ve yet to get a clarification from the Floridorks, and in truth they may not give me one. But no matter what, Floridorkia measures by calendar year. So if I arrive on December 30, it’s impossible for me to be at the same spot as a transient resident for 3 or more days. Then, I leave on January 2, also shy of the three-day rule. That time of year is actually nice in that swampland…but I still won’t be going. They don’t like me; I don’t like them and won’t give them my money or time.

P.S. Were one wanting to leverage the laws to one’s benefit, I’d travel to (I believe) NH where they measure it by the month. IIRC from previous discussion on here, one could stay in NH something like 28 days straight without registering, as long as it’s bifurcated by the month change.

Speaking of all this, have I read it correctly on here that CA doesn’t publicize misdemeanants?

I’ve looked into this and came to the same conclusion a while ago. I tried contacting various authorities, but no one wants to talk about that. They just want to tell you how to register. I then called the local county sheriff where my parents live and they referred me to the local PD. When I called them they referred me to the sheriff. This was to address some local ordinances, but no one knew what to do.
I also tried contacting a few lawyers who supposedly specialize in sex offenses, but no one would respond to my inquiries. Unless you show up with real money they won’t talk. Someone must have gone to see a knowledgeable Florida lawyer with these questions. It would be nice if someone did and then posted a summary. I will be able to visit my parents in Florida in just over a year and would love to get more concrete answers.

My approach would be to document each arrival/departure from the state or county with photos, receipts, and anything else I could use to document my time spent in each county. If you get pulled over for something and the cop has an attitude and wants to bust you, it seems like they could come up with something and throw you in jail, forcing you to spend a bunch of money on a lawyer to get out. I expect this is a real possibility for someone who wants to do the ‘county dance’ and not register.

I will still go, but will probably be on edge the whole time because of this. We’ll see

I’m glad someone else reads it the way I do. That nobody can seem to give an answer actually plays to our favor, were it ever to get to court. Can you imagine a judge’s response when neither State, nor County, nor Local official can explain the rules? That’s unconstitutionally vague if I ever saw it!

As for the county-dance, I do vaguely recall someone getting busted (in FL?) for failure to register even though the window hadn’t expired. I believe it was a “crime” because the person was considered to be gaming the system, getting in and out before having to register specifically to avoid having to. I call BS on that but don’t want to have to challenge it personally. Sunshine State? More like Put It Where the Sun Don’t Shine State!

Hearing that makes me even more worried. ‘Gaming the System’ basically means following the law in that case. I don’t know how you could get busted for that. Remember, in places like Florida, their goal is not public safety. It is to harass people with as past sex offense. Every cop may not agree, but the system is set up for that purpose.

Admins from the Florida Action Committee responded to my interpretation and they all agree with the county scenario as well.

I emailed the contact for the state of California to ask about visiting grace period and I got this crazy response stating that it is up to each jurisdiction to determine what that is. Here is their response:

Thank you for your e-mail dated May 14, 2020, which you sent to the California Department of Justice (DOJ).

In your e-mail, you advised the DOJ of a registered sex offender vacationing in California.

As background information, California Penal Code section 290 requires a registrant who is residing/visiting in one location for more than five (5) working days to register with the law enforcement agency (Police or Sheriff Department) having jurisdiction over his/her location.

Unfortunately, under existing law it has not been determined whether a person visiting is actually “residing” in a temporary location while visiting. As a result, it is at the discretion of law enforcement to decide when a person is visiting on a temporary basis must register in their jurisdiction. We suggest you contact the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction over the California location you are visiting and provide them with the same information.

If you have any additional questions, you can contact the DOJ’s California Sex Offender Registry at (916) 210-3113.

Thank you for your inquiry.
CA Department of Justice
California Sex Offender Registry

Sounds friendly enough response from the “justice” department itself. But I’ll always be weary about responses from the department of “justice.” They (the California department of justice) are of course imposing these dirty and crooked laws on us, with more unknowns and PUNISHMENT to come in the future with the Tiered Law.

I remember when law enforcement investigated my arrest and conviction. They all had friendly faces and responses. The end of course was they stabbed me in the back. Lesson: Don’t do the crime **and** always demand an attorney/make no comments to police if you ever find yourself in such an unfortunate situation!!

I wish we could band together in California to target and effect political change simply through our numbers and contacts each of us has and use this in the upcoming November election.

Who is that woman politician in Northern San Diego County…state senate that is always dogging us?

What can we do together to ensure her defeat in November?

We should thing about who we want to elect and then work towards that goal.

I think this is something we should be talking about.

Best Wishes, James I

A Former Nazi concentration camp guard was convicted in Germany today. He was 17 at the time and served as a perimeter guard. A meaningless job relatively speaking. He is 93 yrs old now and will serve no time ( a suspended sentence ). The reporter made an interesting statement that applies to so many of us. He said, “ Even though he will never serve a day behind bars, this conviction guarantees his neighbors will know what he did.
I heard this and thought some things:
1. I wonder how many positive things he has done since his service, which was more than likely mandatory. I am sure he had a family, a job, a life away from that horror.
2. If being a guard in a place where people are murdered and abused makes you a guilty party, then why aren’t D.O.C. Guards tried for such crimes. A death is a death.
3. This to me hits home. “His neighbors will know what he did.” Even in a progressive country like Germany, they can’t see past exposing a person for past mistakes, no matter how long ago.
As a person with Jewish ancestry, I should be glad for his punishment, but I have empathy for him. I guess because in a way I HAVE actually walked a mile in his shoes.
Why would we expect a Draconian (overused but appropriate) legal system or a non forgiving society such as the U.S. to even attempt to move forward in a way that allows even the lightest of offenses to go unnoticed.
No. The registry, the notices, the police harassment, all these things are here to stay. The powers that be will keep finding ways to ostracize us as best they can with living restrictions, movement restrictions, and outright banning in some cases.
In a way I am watching the covid crisis with amusement. I can afford my apartment because I had to be self employed. No on would hire me. Therefore I was able to maintain my business clients. I am watching others that tried to shame me, ridicule me, and try to physically challenge me lose their jobs, probably their homes, and have to struggle as I did.
Most states are about to be inundated with a huge homeless / jobless problem. This will lead to increased crime rates, backlogged courts, and overfilled jails. But I am positive they will still make time to come by and be sure this employed, self sustaining member of society is exposed as the terrible person they want everyone to believe he is.

I apologize for the length of my comment.

Dear A.D.A.T., there is no problem in being smart, it was fun reading your take on the guard story which was different than mine….I did not make the associations that you made and so I was educated a little, always a good and necessary thing for me, (grin).

I share your pessimism regarding the Registry…when it was only accessible by the police, it was still subject to abuse, as remains true for the police license plate readers now widely in use across the United States, but there remained some real semblance of privacy…

Everything started to go to hell after Smith v. Doe…and there have been few good answers to what the public will do to us except for what Janice has been able to block or push back.

I sense we both have been lucky, though still put through things we never should have endured…but it is the younger individuals that never knew the freedom, more or less, that we have been able to experience.

Damn it is a mortal sin what newer people are being subjected to…we need to find a means to change this torture chamber.

That is my wish.

Best Wishes, James I

This is a travel question , but I thought I would post here and see if I could get a clear(er) answer.

I have been modifying a Honda Element for the past 18 months. My goal is to basically live in it for the next 4 yrs and save a bunch of money. Since my occupation allows me to FaceTime, I can pretty much set up anywhere and do my job. With that being said, I am looking to do some travel. Me and my dog. I can work and still enjoy life.

Here’s where the Question comes in:

If I wanted to drive to Alaska, could I get some kind of transit pass to go through Canada. I figure I could tell them I have fear of flying (or something equally as absurd). If anyone has info on transit problems, please chime in. I have a call into the Canadian Consulate, but I think This covid issue has everyone kind of bottled up with other more pressing issues. As such I haven’t received an appointment yet. Oh , yeah , also, If you stay on a federal reserve or park within a state, are you bound to the state’s registry laws, since by definition, you are technically not on state property.

BTW, this seems to be really right for me. No rent, no neighbor issues. No exposure. I am vegetarian, so no real cooking issues (butane stove), I put a pop up on the roof plus I built a hanger/ storage / sitting area where rear seat was. Fitting it with all terrain tires and a proximity alarm for the rural nights. Put a Thule rack cage on top of pop up to to carry more stuff and a bike rack on back. Whole thing will run me about $ $20,000 complete. When complete I plan on selling my car and living a life with as much freedom as I am allowed. I got a cheap national gym membership, so hygiene is taken care of. And I can do laundry anywhere.

Anyway. Constructive and informative comment appreciated.

From everything I’ve read about crimes (not just sex offenses) and Canada, it will all depend on how long it’s been since your punishment (including probation and parole) ended. Canada has some 5- and 10-year waiting periods (I forget which is which and why) before you can attempt to be considered rehabilitated. I do recall it’s pretty much impossible to do unless you hire a Canadian lawyer to handle it all for you.

Canada won’t care that you have a fear of flying. Not their problem. Perhaps the ferry out of Bellingham, WA is an option? (I recall it being pricey and it’s also seasonal for some legs.)

As for COVID stuff, the US and Canada agreed to extend the border closure to all but essential crossings.

Regarding the Federal parks and such, I suspect you are correct. I know of at least one State that limits RC presence in *State* parks and campgrounds but says nothing about the Federal ones within its borders. If you’re thinking you could perhaps avoid registration time frames by quickly getting yourself inside the Federal lands, I would proceed with great caution. I believe you’d have a tough time arguing you’re not in Alaska just because you’re on Federal lands. Think of it this way, would you no longer be in Alaska if you’re inside the Federal Courthouse in Anchorage, Juneau, Fairbanks, or Ketchikan?

Anacortes, WA USA to Victoria BC Canada is year round ferry by the way

That doesn’t solve the problem of not being able to enter Canada (Victoria, BC).


True; however, just giving another option besides Bellingham from up there.

But it’s not an option due to the destination of Victoria! The Bellingham route is part of the Alaska Ferry system and goes straight to Alaska without any stops in the Great White North. The problem is the Alaska Ferry is seasonal into the upper ports.


You’re right. Mental disconnect there on my part within the overall context of the discussion. Apologies.

Wow, this is really awesome and I’m jealous. The Internet is a double-edge sword. While it broadcasts our sordid pasts to the world, it allows for the technically savvy to become digital nomads and avoid some 290 limitations.
I wish you all the success in the world and should, you decide to vlog your travels on YouTube, open a Patreon account and I’ll be your first patron. Good luck!

@ C ,

Kinda defeats the purpose of exploring if I am going to go and share it with the world every 5 seconds. Looking to forget about the internet, not marry it! Next you will want me to selfie with my latest meal. 🤣
Seriously, I am looking to do what I did before this disaster of a reality I created for myself. I used to travel around the world and experience cultures, places, and enrich my life. Now I am stuck hiking in county parks and Paddle boarding county reservoirs. Feel like a caged animal being fed thru bars.

Just trying to offer encouragement.

@ A.D.A.T.: “Next you will want me to selfie with my latest meal. 🤣” a/k/a “Meal Selfie Pic”
Careful! I believe there maybe a Registry for that offense! 🤣🤣

I was watching a movie tonight about a prostitute that travels to a pacific Isle to get away from her past. Made me realize that those places don’t exist anymore. There is literally no where to go to start a anew. A person’s past, good or bad, is put out there for everyone to judge you by. Wonder what it would be like. Hell, even 30 yrs ago you could get a fresh start by moving. The internet has put an end to that. Getting to that point where I hate even hearing the word ‘internet’. Makes my stomach turn. Yet here I am , typing away on it. Pretty much the only source of communication I have these days. Still, I wish it never existed.

San Jose Is still doing in person registration even as cases spike in the city. “To serve & protect” my ass.

This MN ruling isn’t particularly exciting for the cause or anything I don’t think but it may still make a good read for some of you.

Article: “Why Hundreds of Mathematicians Are Boycotting Predictive Policing”

While this article does not mention Registered Citizens and the unconstitutional torture we are subject to all because of “what we might do”, I think this is a very good development.
I think the true scientists are starting to wake up, and they are rebelling against the cops and the government. Give it a read:

At the conclusion, they a list for better policing and the first point makes the most sense:

1. Any algorithms with “potential high impact” should face a public audit.

The problem with the registry is SCOTUS utilized false facts to enforce the registry as they exploit fear mongering with a “frightening and high” recidivism rate.

SCOTUS has not audited itself to review said false facts. No one is bringing this up. By using false facts, the SCOTUS needs to audit the 2003 Smith v Doe case.

This is akin to the recent Michael Flynn case to where they found exculpatory evidence that was hidden and recently brought to light. The DOJ is set to restore Flynn’s status.

So why can’t someone bring this up for audit? We have Dr. Ira and Tara Ellman’s research paper called “Frightening and High” that proves SCOTUS used false facts. We had the NY Times (I think it was the NY Times) that shared a small video proving there was no actual scientific facts and just gave them a magazine stat.

In California, we had under 1% recidivism by CASOMB once failure to register convictions were removed from the set. In fact, has CASOMB released any new data recently? It feels like many years ago that Janice shared under 1% recidivism rates by CASOMB two years in a row. Why aren’t we sharing that yearly and have it recorded on a database for proof that we’re using the registry on under 1% recidivism rate?

A database like that commissioned by the state (CASOMB) should hold legal weight.

@G4Change: That article describes the STATIC99 scam because the static is exactly predictive policing based on historical data.

@New Person: The problem is CaSomb stands behind the STATIC99 which convolutes the truth. Even though there might be (as you say) a recidivism rate of about 1 percent, CaSomb will stand behind its static scheme to cover up the truth because it’s “scientific” and “evidence-based” even though Karl Hanson’s methodology is flawed and his data subset is a trade secret that true researchers have to jump through all kinds of hoops to even maybe get a look at.

Whether you like it or not predictive policing is here to stay. For sex offenders it’s gonna come by way of the STATIC99 in all its variations, legally renamed “SARATSO.” Because IF the truth about the flawed STATIC99 ever comes out, the legislators (or whoever drafted the tiered bill) were smart enough to generically refer to the STATIC99 as SARATSO and in that event they can just replace the SARATSO “instrument” with whatever is more “scientific” based on phrenologic-style math at any given time.

@ New Person,

You are probably correct in your direction. But one thing needs to be considered, and that is they just don’t care about any of that. Their case for justice is based on a majority of public emotion. It has nothing to do with facts. And you can’t argue facts to an emotional person. The SCOTUS looks at this and says ,”We will let you argue , but our minds are made up.” The registry is an iceberg, and we can chip away at the edges, but don’t expect it to just sink. This thing will be around long after we are dust. Your great grandchildren will be old and probably it will still be causing damage.

Yep, Registry Supporters/Terrorists don’t care about facts. Or morality.

The recidivism rate is under 1% because Registries work. If we didn’t have the Registries then the recidivism rate would be frightening and high.

@ Will Allan: I sure hope you were being frighteningly sarcastic, facetious, whatever. Or you were high. 🤨

Called SJPD yesterday to confirm that 290 registration was open today. The detective told me yes. So I took time off my job and went down to do my annual. When I arrived and walked up the stairs there was A sign saying no registration. I walked up to the window, told them why I was there and relayed that I was confirming. The Desk cop asked if I saw the sign to which I said yes, but had been told otherwise by 290 personnel. As I was walking away another female cop approached me. As she walked past she said in a very condescending voice, “ What, we didn’t put up enough signs for them?”
I stopped, got her attention, asked her for her badge #, then reminded her that “them” are part of society and that “them” pays her salary with our taxes, just like the rest of the population. I told her that her negative attitude was duly noted and that I will be telling the mayor about my experience the next time we meet.
I then asked for her business card. The place was basically silent this whole time.
At some point you have to say ,” I don’t need to take this crap anymore.”

Something an older Registrant told me when going in to update for my annual;

Never wear what you normally wear around, such as a t-shirt or polo shirt or business attire. Also, if you wear contacts, keep a pair of glasses just for your picture. And don’t shave for at least a few days before you go in. Even go as far as to cut and wear your hair different. His reasoning made sense.
People that look at these pictures see the person in the picture. That is what is imprinted in their memory. So if you look different than the picture, they can walk right up to you and won’t see that person. Sounds childish, but isn’t this whole thing in a way childish?

Trouble with that is, the software they use now allows for multiple previous photos you had made from past visits. Yes, you have your own personal bad guy photo album (4 or 6) to be accessible on the Megan’s hit list. They have these cute little arrow features so “visitors” can scroll your past photos and compare. They thought of everything. Isn’t that gracious of them?

If parents really want to protect their children, they should be committing their local LEO’s faces to memory instead.

@ Facts………

I didn’t know that, and he probably didn’t either. I went in today for my annual. In front of the entrance SJPD had put a table with forms and the sign,” 290 registrants fill out form”. There were no forms left. A lady next to me asked what a 290 was, so I told her. She then asked if that is why I was there, and I said yes. She commented that this kind of info should be kept private and that after talking to me she was sorry I had to go through this. Made me angry and thankful at the same time. I am at a place where I can just admit it to others, and others don’t judge me. Unless of course they wear a blue uniform.

I’m happy to hear you had a positive interaction with this person. I think more people would be like her, if only more real information about the registry was discriminated into communities. All too often people don’t learn the real facts about anything until they themselves are affected by it.

Hopefully she brought it up in conversation with someone else and they feel likewise. This type of personal interaction is what’s needed. I don’t slink in anymore. If someone were to ask me about it, I’ll simply say the Government won’t let go of a mistake from days gone by, no matter how good of a citizen I am now (or something to that effect). I always make it look like the Government is the dick and problem–which it is, of course.

Not childish at all. It’s something I have done every single time I’ve had to go in (which in my State is greater than annually). I have a t-shirt and old glasses I wear only for and at registration, to the point I change into and out of them in the car. I do, typically, let my facial hair grow out enough to show in the picture, then go clean-shaven the rest of life. I used to time my haircuts to try to keep a certain length of hair but decided I wasn’t going to let their stupid game interfere to that level in my life. The only time I’ve been foiled in my plan was when some cranky clerk told me to remove my glasses because they were, “too dark.” Funny, they’ve not been a problem any other time.

I am quite confident the few people who ever bother to look at the registry would recognize me based on my picture. They may think I look familiar or something, but I doubt they would connect the two unless they are a true Chicken Little who looks at the thing all the time.

Even if it is childish, it gives me pleasure to play the game this way.

LOL! I know someone who’s Registry description is obviously incorrect. The LEOs entered it wrong. But that’s the LEO’s problem, not mine!

Well, if it saves just one childish thing….. 🙄

It pays to ask for remote registration, especially if you have special circumstances. I called a few weeks ago to ask for that, saying I have an elderly family member that is living with us and we want to protect him from avoidable risk of COVID-19. That officer said they still required in-person, justifying it by saying it would be through glass.

When I called to make a registration appointment, that officer said something surprising: “I remember you had a concern for an elderly family member, so I will register you now over the phone.”

Two conclusions: It pays to ask, and not all police are out to get us.

I send him a thank-you letter, which will hopefully encourage him to show compassion to other registrants.

Of course you have to do what you have to do to protect yourself and your family and far be it from me to judge or criticize anyone for that but let’s not lose sight of the fact that you respectfully asked that your rights were violated in a more convenient manner, and were pleased to the point of a thank-you letter when your request was graciously granted.

Good for you Roger, it never hurts to ask. I plan on asking for the same thing in two months.
Sending a thank you note shows you’re human and appreciate them bending the rules for you.