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In the situation I was in I was rushed into court by the deputy, he just lead me to the courtroom front door, didn’t even bother to come in. It was if timing was right on cue. D.A rambles my potty story Iwas told to raise my right hand, how do you pled guilty or not guilty and it was over an in and out of story without even given a chance to address the court as to what really happened. and the paper signing was a bit of a swindle ruse. If one signed this type of paper he doesn’t have a ghost of a chance as that would be signing one’s life away.

This sexting or sextortation online all over the nation is getting out of hand and its time to see adjustmants changed as doing something in a rightway as opposed to doing something in the wrong way are two different avenues and still this ordeal to enslave goes on in this corky manner. While one should see the silver lining to every dark clou is we all should seek liberty and Justice for all in this man made fabrication of justice all to prevent in this unorthodox ill moral way. Talk about sextortation scams whether illigal or legal for this trafficking ruse when controllers are duping others and controllers of Justice in this vanityfair.

Just read a story about colleges not enrolling students who have made inappropriate comments or views on social media. I know is not related to sexual offenses, but at the same time their past shouldn’t haunt them because of poor choices.

Add this to the list of other registries used across the country besides those who have convictions which put them on a sex offense related registry: Utah has a White Collar Crime Offender Registry. In February of 2016, Utah became the first state in the nation to have such a registry, which displays perpetrators’ photos alongside details of their state-level felony convictions. When the registry launched, Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes said that he hoped it would encourage perpetrators in the state to complete their court-ordered restitution payments. If a convict pays their court-ordered restitution, they’re removed from the registry.

Haven’t seen much written here about this SVP who is looking to relocate here in the IE.
I made one single dumb decision in my youth but here I am in my 40’s still paying the price. I have to relocate with my kids and my stomach is in knots. Not because I know what to expect from my welcoming party neighbors but because my children will be stuck in the middle of this shit.
This person/monster had his requirement to register removed in 2005. I want to know how the DOJ justifies forcing me to register and keep myself and my loved ones in danger 24/7 simply for being on that list yet they let this guy walk away from it. This doesn’t get easier. And anyone who says that it does is lying to themselves.

Perhaps a way to attack the registry and get rid of it is through the budget aspect in this time of budget shortfalls. As I just had my compliance check with two uniformed officers, two cars, etc. What a great use of tax payer monies!

Some people might be interested in an article over at F.A.C. here –

Yet another criminal regime in Floriduh is trying to commit more idiotic crimes to harm people listed on the Hit Lists. If you have time before 9 AM (Eastern) tomorrow morning, maybe you’d like to tell them that you don’t appreciate stupid criminals who can’t stop harassing people?


I’m on Medicare. My Health Net Medicare Advantage Plan in Riverside County, CA gives me unlimited mental health therapy with no copay.

If you’re on Medicare in California I recommend my Psychologist.
Charles Kodimer, PhD
NPI 1891749727
Beverly Hills 310-276-9544
Downey 562-861-6180
Temecula 951-676-4393

You should check the details of your plan. In 2019 I had to pay a $25 copay, in 2020 it was changed to a $0 copay.

Since March, we have been meeting via Zoom.

Tell them you learned of them through The Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws (ACSOL)

Here’s something I’ve decided to make an occasional “hobby” and hope others might do as well. I’m going to start emailing the ML offices in various States asking questions about their rules and such. I’ll probably do a cursory research of the laws so I don’t sound like a complete dolt but otherwise I’m going to engage them just to increase their workload.

I recently did this on behalf of @A.D.A.T. with AZ. That and @Will Allen’s credo of costing the system in any and every way one can are what drove me to this. If every now and then some of us write here or there and ask questions, it will force them to respond. Once they respond, why leave it there? Perhaps some clarification is needed. Perhaps you just want to thank them for the information. Even if they never reply again, you can bet they at least opened the email to see whether to reply.

In the AZ email, I told them I was going to be traveling to AZ (which is true, as I will someday venture through there) with someone who was convicted of a sexual offense (which is true, as I always travel with myself) and would like to know such-and-such. I suggest using other language than that (“I’m considering moving to…” “I’ll be speaking at…” “I know someone interested in colleges and univerisities…”). Remember, the point isn’t so much to get a correct answer. The point is to make work for them under the plausible guise of needing it for personal use.

That’s my $0.02 for the day. Now I’m off to see what I can learn from a State “expert.” 🙂

P.S. Here’s the PDF from Sept. 2019 that lists the contact info for every State’s ML office: I expect it’s current but if it’s not, it just creates more work on their end.

Here’s part of what the Floridorks gave me in their reply (note I say “reply” because they didn’t actually answer anything I asked):
Florida Statute 775.21 defines a “permanent residence” as a place where the person abides, lodges, or resides for three or more consecutive days, and “temporary residence” as a place where the person abides, lodges, or resides, including, but not limited to, vacation, business, or personal travel destinations in or out of this state, for a period of three or more days in the aggregate during any calendar year and which is not the person’s permanent address or, for a person whose permanent residence is not in this state, a place where the person is employed, practices a vocation, or is enrolled as a student for any period of time in this state. “Transient residence” means a county where a person lives, remains, or is located for a period of three or more days in the aggregate during a calendar year and which is not the person’s permanent or temporary address. The term includes, but is not limited to, a place where the person sleeps or seeks shelter and a location that has no specific street address.
From reading this, it seems one can jump from county to county every couple days and avoid registration. Am I missing something??!? There are other issues of concern, namely local and county restrictions atop the State ones, but the way the Statute reads, if I stay on the move every two days, I have never established any of the residency terms defined. I would just need to avoid staying in the same county more than 2 days in a calendar year. This would also seem to mean I could stay in the land of Floridorks for four days if done December 30 – January 2.

I am absolutely NOT giving advice to anyone with what I posted above. I’m not a lawyer nor am I giving legal information. I’m simply picking everyone’s brains about the peculiar wording of the Statute. That all said, I still think the land of Floridorks is a place to avoid (50% of the population over 65? No thanks.) even without the RC burdens.

I wish we could band together in California to target and effect political change simply through our numbers and contacts each of us has and use this in the upcoming November election.

Who is that woman politician in Northern San Diego County…state senate that is always dogging us?

What can we do together to ensure her defeat in November?

We should thing about who we want to elect and then work towards that goal.

I think this is something we should be talking about.

Best Wishes, James I

A Former Nazi concentration camp guard was convicted in Germany today. He was 17 at the time and served as a perimeter guard. A meaningless job relatively speaking. He is 93 yrs old now and will serve no time ( a suspended sentence ). The reporter made an interesting statement that applies to so many of us. He said, “ Even though he will never serve a day behind bars, this conviction guarantees his neighbors will know what he did.
I heard this and thought some things:
1. I wonder how many positive things he has done since his service, which was more than likely mandatory. I am sure he had a family, a job, a life away from that horror.
2. If being a guard in a place where people are murdered and abused makes you a guilty party, then why aren’t D.O.C. Guards tried for such crimes. A death is a death.
3. This to me hits home. “His neighbors will know what he did.” Even in a progressive country like Germany, they can’t see past exposing a person for past mistakes, no matter how long ago.
As a person with Jewish ancestry, I should be glad for his punishment, but I have empathy for him. I guess because in a way I HAVE actually walked a mile in his shoes.
Why would we expect a Draconian (overused but appropriate) legal system or a non forgiving society such as the U.S. to even attempt to move forward in a way that allows even the lightest of offenses to go unnoticed.
No. The registry, the notices, the police harassment, all these things are here to stay. The powers that be will keep finding ways to ostracize us as best they can with living restrictions, movement restrictions, and outright banning in some cases.
In a way I am watching the covid crisis with amusement. I can afford my apartment because I had to be self employed. No on would hire me. Therefore I was able to maintain my business clients. I am watching others that tried to shame me, ridicule me, and try to physically challenge me lose their jobs, probably their homes, and have to struggle as I did.
Most states are about to be inundated with a huge homeless / jobless problem. This will lead to increased crime rates, backlogged courts, and overfilled jails. But I am positive they will still make time to come by and be sure this employed, self sustaining member of society is exposed as the terrible person they want everyone to believe he is.

I apologize for the length of my comment.

This is a travel question , but I thought I would post here and see if I could get a clear(er) answer.

I have been modifying a Honda Element for the past 18 months. My goal is to basically live in it for the next 4 yrs and save a bunch of money. Since my occupation allows me to FaceTime, I can pretty much set up anywhere and do my job. With that being said, I am looking to do some travel. Me and my dog. I can work and still enjoy life.

Here’s where the Question comes in:

If I wanted to drive to Alaska, could I get some kind of transit pass to go through Canada. I figure I could tell them I have fear of flying (or something equally as absurd). If anyone has info on transit problems, please chime in. I have a call into the Canadian Consulate, but I think This covid issue has everyone kind of bottled up with other more pressing issues. As such I haven’t received an appointment yet. Oh , yeah , also, If you stay on a federal reserve or park within a state, are you bound to the state’s registry laws, since by definition, you are technically not on state property.

BTW, this seems to be really right for me. No rent, no neighbor issues. No exposure. I am vegetarian, so no real cooking issues (butane stove), I put a pop up on the roof plus I built a hanger/ storage / sitting area where rear seat was. Fitting it with all terrain tires and a proximity alarm for the rural nights. Put a Thule rack cage on top of pop up to to carry more stuff and a bike rack on back. Whole thing will run me about $ $20,000 complete. When complete I plan on selling my car and living a life with as much freedom as I am allowed. I got a cheap national gym membership, so hygiene is taken care of. And I can do laundry anywhere.

Anyway. Constructive and informative comment appreciated.

I was watching a movie tonight about a prostitute that travels to a pacific Isle to get away from her past. Made me realize that those places don’t exist anymore. There is literally no where to go to start a anew. A person’s past, good or bad, is put out there for everyone to judge you by. Wonder what it would be like. Hell, even 30 yrs ago you could get a fresh start by moving. The internet has put an end to that. Getting to that point where I hate even hearing the word ‘internet’. Makes my stomach turn. Yet here I am , typing away on it. Pretty much the only source of communication I have these days. Still, I wish it never existed.

San Jose Is still doing in person registration even as cases spike in the city. “To serve & protect” my ass.

This MN ruling isn’t particularly exciting for the cause or anything I don’t think but it may still make a good read for some of you.

Article: “Why Hundreds of Mathematicians Are Boycotting Predictive Policing”

While this article does not mention Registered Citizens and the unconstitutional torture we are subject to all because of “what we might do”, I think this is a very good development.
I think the true scientists are starting to wake up, and they are rebelling against the cops and the government. Give it a read:

Called SJPD yesterday to confirm that 290 registration was open today. The detective told me yes. So I took time off my job and went down to do my annual. When I arrived and walked up the stairs there was A sign saying no registration. I walked up to the window, told them why I was there and relayed that I was confirming. The Desk cop asked if I saw the sign to which I said yes, but had been told otherwise by 290 personnel. As I was walking away another female cop approached me. As she walked past she said in a very condescending voice, “ What, we didn’t put up enough signs for them?”
I stopped, got her attention, asked her for her badge #, then reminded her that “them” are part of society and that “them” pays her salary with our taxes, just like the rest of the population. I told her that her negative attitude was duly noted and that I will be telling the mayor about my experience the next time we meet.
I then asked for her business card. The place was basically silent this whole time.
At some point you have to say ,” I don’t need to take this crap anymore.”

Something an older Registrant told me when going in to update for my annual;

Never wear what you normally wear around, such as a t-shirt or polo shirt or business attire. Also, if you wear contacts, keep a pair of glasses just for your picture. And don’t shave for at least a few days before you go in. Even go as far as to cut and wear your hair different. His reasoning made sense.
People that look at these pictures see the person in the picture. That is what is imprinted in their memory. So if you look different than the picture, they can walk right up to you and won’t see that person. Sounds childish, but isn’t this whole thing in a way childish?

It pays to ask for remote registration, especially if you have special circumstances. I called a few weeks ago to ask for that, saying I have an elderly family member that is living with us and we want to protect him from avoidable risk of COVID-19. That officer said they still required in-person, justifying it by saying it would be through glass.

When I called to make a registration appointment, that officer said something surprising: “I remember you had a concern for an elderly family member, so I will register you now over the phone.”

Two conclusions: It pays to ask, and not all police are out to get us.

I send him a thank-you letter, which will hopefully encourage him to show compassion to other registrants.