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CA: Committee Passes SB 145 Despite Chair’s Objection

The Assembly’s Appropriations Committee today passed Senate Bill 145 despite objections to that bill expressed by Committee Chair Lorena Gonzales Fletcher and despite death threats made to its author, Senator Scott Wiener.

“We commend Senator Wiener for his courage in the efforts required to obtain passage of Senate Bill 145,” stated ACSOL Executive Director Janice Belulcci.  “The Senator faced down not only death threats but also the opposition of the chair of a powerful legislative committee.”

Because SB 145 was passed today, it will soon be voted upon by the full Assembly where the bill is expected to be approved.  If approved by the full Assembly, the bill would become effective on January 1, 2021.

“ACSOL has supported and continues to support SB 145 because it provides judges with discretion to determine whether an individual should be required to register as a sex offender if that person is convicted of performing certain sexual acts,” stated ACSOL President Chance Oberstein


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Ok what district does this Fletcher woman represent again? Because she needs to GO asap. Time to make politicians pay the price for obstructing justice.

Congrats to Sen. Weiner!

The only politician with a moral compass

This seems to be news in a positive direction.

Legal minds among us who are more familiar with the contents of SB 145, any ideas as to how this might affect me? My offense (federal) was enticement of a minor, who was <10 years younger than me, and possession. I've been registering going on 14 total years now (some in other states since I left CA). I was listed by zip code only when I lived in CA. I'm watching things play out from out of state and may return if conditions are favorable enough.

From the previous article: "SB 145 would exempt from mandatory registration individuals convicted of certain offenses involving minors if the person is not more than 10 years older than the minor and if that offense is the only offense requiring the person to register."

Couple of questions: since I had more than one offense requiring registration, is there some gray area to work with that might at least keep me out of a higher tier? Is cp still considered an automatic tier 3?

Hmmmm enticing children?
Corporate America and especially tech firms do their best to entice children.
Enticement is a key component of all marketing or champaign strategies.
Corporate America has far more egregious impacts in that aspect in compared to the individual. Disney for example does create a lot of sexualized material. Sugar vendors create tons of marketing to kids. The motives are different, but impact upon the body whole is far more deleterious in terms of effects from the corporations. Unlike individual defendants corporations can fight back.

If you did not offend in the first place and cause misery to an individual and their family this bill would not be needed nonce….

CP as in child porn? How on earth do you think that you should not be registered?! Disgusting.

Ugh, because Registries are idiotic social policy and a lot worse than just worthless. They aren’t needed, aren’t beneficial, are counterproductive, harm all of America, and put every single person in America in more danger than we would be if Registries did not exist.

Today, there are no informed, moral people who support Registries. Not a single one.


Because minors like teenagers are getting swept into the Registry for sexting (which is CP) to each other these days.

This Registry was “intended” to protect the public from “dangerous” individuals, not from 15 y.o. Becca from Orange County that sent a topless pic to her boyfriend.

(2) Notwithstanding paragraph (1), a person convicted of a violation of subdivision (b) of Section 286, subdivision (b) of Section 287, or subdivision (h) or (i) of Section 289 shall not be required to register if, at the time of the offense, the person is not more than 10 years older than the minor, as measured from the minor’s date of birth to the person’s date of birth, and the conviction is the only one requiring the person to register. This paragraph does not preclude the court from requiring a person to register pursuant to Section 290.006.

CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS: Act Now!! Please contact your Assembly member immediately and encourage him/her to vote “Yes!” in support of SB-145 when it reaches the Assembly floor!! Do it now!!
Call them, email them, fax them! But do it now because the legislative session ends on August 31st!! Ten days!!
And please ask friends and family members to contact their Assembly member as well!! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Does CA have term limits for legislators? Sounds like the committee chair has an axe to grind and likes to be a thorn in proposed bills on people she doesn’t like. Time to cut down her thorn bush and use it for mulch. Not advocating violence just suggesting getting rid of a useless politician filed with hate.

Lorena Gonzales Fletcher = the new Sharon Runner.

We all know what happened to Sharon after her multiple failed attempts to enforce residency restrictions under her pet-project, Jessica’s Law. Her hate-filled rhetoric no doubt contributed to her illness. Though I take no pleasure in a person’s untimely demise, I’m only glad she left this earth knowing her project failed.

NPS, you’re right about Fletcher but as I remember George and Sharon Runner were the ones who spearheaded Prop. 83 along with then Governor Schwarzenegger, which passed and hence the harsher residency restrictions and indefinite civil commitment. They must have their own reasons for doing what they did BUT they were WRONG

@Chance O.

It is on target to tie the onus upon judicial witness precisely because stare decis provides logic in registration necessity. Without judicial assessment based on facts of behavior no foundational ” public safety” element can be asserted ex post. Tailoring is key to a well fitted suit. SCOTUS03 specifically stated it’s normal deference TO CONGRESS was first in its assessment surrounding civility of sex offender registration and the offending text relation on balance to a legit STATE interest. Naturally a legit STATE interest may in established law conflict directly with federalist WANTS.

As far as the death threats, it astounds me given only a limited amount of people would even think of paying attention on the committee level that would result in such a threat. Some persons within the committee must have taken actions outside of the normal course. We did not see death threat reports in Michigan or Pennsylvania. Such threats are usually result in subsequent arrests. Only those with alternative interests would bother trying to use death threats as a deterrent against proposed bills.


Please let me suggest something useful…the defeat of Lorena Gonzales Fletcher on November 3. Her opponent is John Vogel. A map of district 80 is at this provided link:

comment image

If you know anyone at all living within these boundaries please insist that they vote for Mr. Vogel.
(you don’t have to say why…just make sure they vote as you have requested. If you live in the district, you could volunteer to do handouts or lawn signs).

This would be pro-active and helpful.

Thanks for any help you might give in these regards.

Best Wishes, James I

James seems to have some good idea’s as many on here. Seems now one have to look for positive answers to figure this all out which I mentioned to Austin. Yes I’m sure Austin’s ordeal was worse since he was under the employment of the government. Talk about effects of radiation when the bomb was dropped.

So now what.. Someone mentioned on here. well one would say.. You got to Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative don’t mess with mister inbetween.. Bing Crosby and Bettle Midler did a good job with this song. At times complaining and theory can be understandable but actual truth and positive views is what it all boils down to, or who’s leading the blind. I hope I spelled all that right. Eliminating measures of Justice are a God send. Just type it in your computer and you have a wealth of reasources and material to dig into.

The people making death threats to a US Senator should be in prison. Not sure why that’s not talked about, as if that behavior is acceptable. Sounds like those are the dangerous/violent people that we need to monitor.

You are right in that authorities will I’m sure will make efforts to pin the threat makers down and convict. Online ” PROVEABLE public” threat cases have increased 45 fold! An electronically assisted suicide case & conviction was in the news not long ago. Uses of the machine each. So like the stupid decision in DOE03 via the Rehnquist lead court it is perfectly OK to utilize the database driven machines infrastructure “to attack.” Why should a people NOT follow their leadership?

Today I remembered the high school kid who jumped off a bank building because he was accused & threatened at school about consensual behavior between he and his girlfriend.
He didn’t survive. I apologize for not recalling his name.

If I am not mistaken, death threats are considered a terrorist threat, and as such the person making them faces a harsh penalty. Now if they prosecute them that way is another story. Conveying this to a public official in a person manner must surely should be pursued. But wait! The prosecutor’s office actually investigating REAL crimes? I seriously doubt that. They are way to busy trying to catch people that sleep in one bed for too many nights without telling them.

I’m a little bothered. What’s the difference between child molestation and this? If your a male/priest who molests a child, aren’t they gay? What if a female school teacher has sexual relations with a young mail? PE Coach?

No, you’re not automatically gay in that case. It’s a crime of opportunity because male priests have little access to females. It’s like there are plenty of gay porn actors who are not actually gay. They’re just doing something that’s a gay act.

It’s actually this fact why the Static-99 currently actually applies a heavier penalty for male-on-male crimes and has no distinction whether the person is actually gay and that’s why their victim was same-sex.

A piece of info for you. Sex crimes are rarely if ever about sex. They are about control of the other party. Women and children are not molested because they are women and children. They are molested / raped because the man feels he has power over that person.I refer you to any prison rape offense.
Molesters are historically very weak mentally and therefore stay away from those they feel are their perceived equal or superior. They have issues with women that have achieved more than them and feel they have no other release other than to forcefully take something from them. There is also a chemical reaction of satisfaction that comes from their actions. Bottom line is, the sexual orientation of the molester is seldom at issue.It is all about the conquest. The priest simply has access to these boys due to the environment. If the alter boys were girls instead, I assume the priest would still behave the same way.
Now, that all being said, I am not a clinical Phycologist, I just slept at a Holiday Inn last night! ( humor from an old t.v.commercial ).

SR, your wrong! Priests have access to women! Are you suggesting priests molest boys because they don’t have access to girls? Gay? You make absolutely no sense! I think this new proposition is a farse!

Governor Newsom has signed Senate Bill 145 into law despite strong objections. Thank you, Governor, for your courage and commitment to the LGBTQ community!

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