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Public Perceptions Of Youth Who Commit Sexual Offense Is Skewed, Our Research Shows

[ – 1/11/21]

Few crimes stimulate such visceral reactions and deep-seated fears as sexual offenses. Accordingly, societal responses to sexual offending such as registration and notification laws tend to be quite punitive and highly stigmatizing for the offender. Yet these social control practices are widely considered by the public to be essential for community safety.

However, given lessons learned about the linkages between moral panic and legislation in other justice contexts (e.g., juvenile “superpredators” and waiver/transfer laws), we question the degree to which public perceptions about the characteristics of persons who commit sexual offenses are accurate — particularly of juveniles who commit these types of offenses.

Specifically, we ask: If public sentiment drives public policy in a democracy, how accurate is the information they are basing their perceptions/attitudes on that ultimately frame legal responses to these juveniles? We propose here that the larger societal understanding of and reaction to youth who have committed a sexual offense has been disproportionately severe in comparison to the risk posed by these youth and what we understand about youth development and resiliency.

Our findings from a pilot study exploring public perceptions of these youth suggest practice and policy reform efforts should continue to incorporate a substantial public education and prevention component.

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Public perception is easily developed via convincing messages. Mainstream media have indeed become experts in “informing” public opinion. Public perception therefore can be bought and sold just like a commodity. The outright continuous attacks on our outgoing President make that readily apparent. While in office even he, like the sex offender, has been intentionally removed from the cyber square. Ironic isn’t it, as 5 conservative Catholics upheld the constitutionality of the database driven regulatory regime, only to see their politico brothers fall prey to them.

One aspect left unquestioned by the people is the role the database driven infrastructure in all of it. Fact is if a state can actively engage in indentured servitude SOR is to the machines as a civil safety cause for it citizens, no limit at all can be applied to it. Now who protects the people from the unfettered uses?

Simply put, they create what they hate and they hate what they create. Now they have to live with it but at the first opportunity instead of making it more livable they make it worse. At this “nexus” point is where the “victim’s rights groups” come in to make sure it never happens. Just as a major breakthrough is going to happen, they shuffle things again or introduce more legislation and move the goal posts sighting “difficulty” or “necessity”. Yeah sure, blah-blah-blah. Push it past a contested election and hope ole Joe is the winner since he doesn’t mind the RSO hell.

The REAL goal being to eliminate the threat of the system being exposed for its massive fraud. Thanks DoJ!

Janice and some of these advocates for justice have some good understanding about all this registry confusion.Yes kids can be devient and yes today its a whole different ball game. Does man want to overcome man or is much of this registry a hate factor or some macho trip in this swaying way to prevent.
Now I grant you deviant behavior is a bit much in many people and even some adults seem to never learn which line they are crossing.

While theirs nothing wrong with protecting and serving were do deceptive devices come into play or does the mouth overload ones’ understanding in many way. Some can talk about a database or rocket science theory’s but it all comes down to behavior and understanding or who is getting one’s goat in this registry ordeal. Even deception is questionable in this so called Christian Nation. When they took bible out of school in the 60’s thaqt was a downfall of major events but thats your government at work.

Is this perception skewed by the black youths, white youths, mexican youths, the adult or other groups in this devient behavior type of registry justice that is more unjust than someone being a look out and the other one stealing something from someone. In much of this registry who stole what.

Did someone steal someone’s self-worth? Did someone steal one’s understanding? or did someone steal a person’s identity? All this to prevent something from happening in this fabricated attempt to overthrow many in this sexual nature game. I hope many can see right thru all this. As far as other issues such as will you bring this or that and the coaxing to come down to meet, that is a bit far fetched. All those are come on’s to entice one more awaiting in this type of sexual type cliche’.

Most of the general public haven’t a clue of how these methods are done by these self righteous LE personal. So if all of you all don’t think biblical understanding has anything to do with these ordeals than your just fooling yourselves.

Yes their is a fine line in this attitude type of understanding or is it more adults are caught up in these encounters than those in high school or college or are we all accountable to this ruse. In other words who’s leading and who’s deceiving in much of this conscience overide.

Excuse me Tim as you talk like some cyber type computer throwback from the darwin age. So tell me Tim what came first the bible or the computer or should we all go for the chicken or the egg theory? Sure we can all get upset a bit over this or does liberty bring another free day for many, and what about truth should we all put hash tags of things we don’t even understand or put them in a blender and sing the pita colada song. Oh, wait a second, I don’t even have a lady I’m sorry.

Don’t you think we were all caught in the rain and caught up by all this crafty trickery. Oh its all about the computer database right or is it all about what one’s mouth or who is getting who’s goat so to speak. Much of this registry is like the Roman’s throwing people to lions or is that in your database. Yes I’m ashamed in all this exhortation type of push comes tro shove. maybe I’ll just look on the computer instead of the paper.

Now Trump is just a person and I can’t say if he’s good or bad as that has nothing to do with this issue but he has talked a lot of trash and downcasted a lot of women during his tenture as presiden and made a lot of people angry.

So is this public perception a bit skewed with this sex registry hanging over everyone’s head. Yes in many ways its skewed. Where is the intelligence of one’s truth today or should we all get on our hands and knees to ask Trump to be president again that the American public made a mistake with Biden. Can you actually come to the truth on that one. I think the people have spoken and not these QAnon’s or biker gangs can hold a candle to true understanding. Can you live with your label or can the authorities live with their truth and justice..

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