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Action Alert for CA: Oppose Senate Bill 615 by Writing

UPDATED NEWS: CA Senate Bill 615 Temporarily Suspended

Please write to oppose California Senate Bill 615, which would harm the LGBTQ community!

Senator Melissa Melendez (Republican, Riverside) has introduced a bill, that if enacted into law, would significantly reduce the benefits of former Senate Bill 145, authored by Senator Scott Wiener (Democrat, San Francisco).  Specifically, the Senate Bill 615 would require anyone convicted of committing certain sexual acts with a minor more than three years younger to register as a sex offender.  The existing law, established in former Senate Bill 145, does not require registration unless the person is more than 10 years older than the minor.

“ACSOL opposes Senate Bill 615 and its attempt to gut legislation passed recently in support of members of the LGBTQ community,” stated ACSOL Executive Director Janice Bellucci.

Senate Bill 615 was introduced on February 22 and has not yet been assigned for consideration by the Senate Public Safety Committee.  However, all bills affecting public safety issues must be considered by the public safety committee in the house of origin no later than April 30.

Click here to download a sample letter opposing Senate Bill 615:
SB 615 – OPPOSE – March 2021_000573.pdf

As you can see in the letter, please mail the letter to:
Senator Steven Bradford, Chairman
Senate Public Safety Committee
State Capitol Room 2031
Sacramento, CA 95814

ACSOL members are requested to send similar, but not the same, letters to members of the Senate Public Safety Committee as soon as possible.

Please also make phone calls



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Will do!

Whst is the address so I can send a letter either email or post office.

The mailing address is on the sample letter.

IDK what to say but PLEASE review the letter Opposing her bill staying 145 that we all worked so hard on. This directly affects me and my ex 37 yrs later and he went straight but we talk everyweek day to this day. NOW you know another on here this would directly affect as we were 4 yrs apart and i .love. i assure ypu as Janice stated send the PubSafe Comm. a ltr to close of the example that ACSOL Board sent and with your wording requesting equal fairness that Senator Weiner fought for affected loved ones on and prevent other members of My Community that still suffer to this day for true live and living the discrim life alike us treated so adversely.
Please folks and affected loved ones to email abd write your version of the letter. Thank You all even others in this group are directly affectes if she gets her way. Hope ACLU & Lamda Legal before April .

Hmm. Says it was referred to the committee on rules on the 10th.

@Jack – The bill’s first committee assignment is Rules where it will be sent to Public Safety next.

Right, but that’s assuming the rules committee chair brings the bill up for a vote there.

And as of two years ago, committee chairs are the only ones who decide if a bill gets a vote…

*in the assembly anyway.

Chairperson of the rules committee’s LGBT as well, so I doubt this will go anywhere.

On it! I’ll be sending one out this week!

I’m not surprised Melissa Melendez sticks her puny little head out with a new Senate bill every couple of years.
This bill will never get passed but it won’t be from lack of trying

Good luck

convicted with a minor 3 years younger? so what if your already assigned to a tier *example* tier #2 age plays a part, so all of a sudden a 288(A) would be be assigned to tier #3 due to age differences?

@ J: If you have already been convicted, it’s unlikely that this bill would retroactively affect your tier level. Nonetheless, best to strongly oppose it!

“Retroactive” is the registry’s reason for continuing. They make everything retroactive. Because remember, ‘ The registry isn’t punitive’.


Way too long ~ No, they don’t make everything retroactive. Only when it comes to sex offenses. Drug dealers, murderers, and any other criminal will not have any rules applied retroactively once they served their sentence. Why in the world can this not be considered discrimination? Don’t they want to protect children from these offenders? I guess, they don’t care if their children get murdered or die of a drug overdose from drugs they received from drug dealers. They only care that they might get sexually abused by a sex offender. Killing is ok, I guess.

ahhhh, John d & David , I haven’t called to get my assigned tier but reading all comments here, ran across many with my situation 288 (A) from 97 so should be that tier #2 , my b-day happens to be July 31st so kind of anxious to see how that will work, and DEFINITELY AGAINST ALL HUMAN REGISTRY *GOOD LUCK TO ALL

Pretty much she’s been after 288(A) since 2017 that’s her main agenda getting all 288(A) placed in tier3

instead of trying to get all 288 (a) s in tier #3 why wouldn’t she draft a bill towards educational purposes, i know people done that did that but thats not all,, yes I know rehab is there, schooling is also there but individuals with prior conversations make it extremely difficult to get ahead, I personally had my job for 18 years now, make minimum $53,000 a year, make $22.10 per hour, over time daily, there are level aheaded & some knuckleheads, I for one am like sooooooo many that had a 1 time situation & nothing more, pretty much took that deal , was very young & confused & completely new to the system.

Hey J,
This isn’t a 288 a Bill. It’s directed at 261 from the pdf I read. Weiner’s Bill 145 gave judges the same discretion to assign same sex defendants vs heterosexual cases in having to register as a sex offender. This Bill by the hateful Melendez would add this requirement to both. If your Tier 2 then your a Tier 2. This is for people not required to register, which this evil hag wants to change.

Just sent my letter to Senator Bradford. Melendez is one of the most hateful people on the face of the earth. It makes me feel good to oppose her bills and the venomous attitude she brings to the Senate. I wish that I could be there to see her, once again, have her bill shot down by the Senate.
While this is usually a win for us, we need to all write to ensure that her bill is defeated.

QAnon again. Part of the recall effort of Newsom.

‘The difference is QAnon’: how a conspiratorial hate campaign upended California politics

@ DITTO: Wow, my mouth dropped to the floor when I read this article. So all along Ms. Wonderful L Gonzalez fueled this delay of the SB145 and then ultimately allowed hateful Q ANON supporters to infiltrate social media with lies! This kinda reminds me how a judge has allowed all this extra time for signatures to be gathered for Newsom’s recall. The good thing though, is a lot has happened since this article was published, though I am sure some rePUKEakins will be back with the bs save the children hashtag lingo crap, but after the Capitol riots, QA has lost a lot of credibility. I would love to confront MS. Melendez on her thoughts that democrats are conspiring with Hollywood elites to rape children and get the much needed Rare Chemical in their blood! This crap is like a story out of The Twilight Zone, I swear. MM is a hateful, no brain upstairs, and is out of touch with registrants and the pain caused to them. But in all honesty, this BILL needs to stop now. It cannot go on with a recall lingering later in the year. No delays, no more BS, it needs to be stopped in the Senate. I wrote 15 different letters and faxed it from many numbers and Free, we cannot let this drag on and open up the watersheds of BS that Q anon and their nutty republicans allowed last year to happen. And MS. Gonzales should be ashamed of herself for causing her own party to look like they favored the pedophile bs line. I wish Brown was in office still to give her a good smacking ( like he did previously lol).
So rise up people! Take a few minutes and get this done.

JAB: Unbelievable, seriously. It is like a doomsday dystopian story, like 1984. I have a relative that was brain captured and there is no talking to her. She is gone and certain that the rest of the family is oblivious to the truth because we won’t do the research. And that is the problem. Even if they lost some credibility with the insurrection, there are still the droppings of the conspiracy theories that live on independently. The conspiracies are so varied that someone can find something to latch onto to support the recall and therefore support SB 615. Just that fact, that SB 615 is founded on madness and conspiracies, is a good enough reason to shoot it down.

When I walked out of a store a couple of months ago there was a signature gatherer for the recall outside. I asked why recall Newsom and he said everyone has their own reason. What that means is that there are too many conspiracies to target, like trying to dodge a shotgun spray. SB 615 is still one of those pellets.

Crazy, man, crazy.

The fact that sex Offenders can’t leave the country if they wanted is crazy i don’t think Mexico would care much if a Americas cross the border to start a new life it’s the US government that told them to specifically look for people with sex crimes and notifie them emditly.
The thing about all this that puzzles me is how does Law Enforcement know when one of their sex offenders has cross into the Mexican border.
Once a sex offender doesn’t show up for their annual registration a warrant for their arrest is sent out nation wide the US Marshal’s alongside the FBI conduct a investigation on the sex offenders were abouts who could be anywhere in America so how the hell do they know that one of their sex offenders have escaped into Mexico.
Sex offenders only have to register in person once a year that’s a 12 month head start and if you got enuff money to lay low for awhile how the hell do the FBI keep finding these people hideing in Mexico there’s gotta be some type of new tracking technology their using on sex offenders we dont know about because iv never heard of any sex offenders successfully getting away from the FBI and the us Marshal’s

Good luck

Sorry there’s no way this stupid bill even gets so much as a hearing. Hearings in committee stage are entirely subject to scheduling by the chairman. He’s only scheduled 2 more with the last being on the 13th of April and so far has refused to schedule any more.

It’s important that we remain vigilant and aware of activities and agendas
that our law makers initiate on the hill.It is our capital too.Send the emails,
make a call or two.I \ we are using the sample letter as a template.
With over 100,000 individuals sucked-in to this battle for civil rights restoration,
it is disheartening that are voices are less united.If these 100,000 plus individuals
contact information could discretely be acquired, a stout but small pamphlet
could be mail too them. The pamphlet could detail important legal information,
rules of the road,emotional resource groups,advocacy foundations
and a offering to the recipient that they are not alone.As well as
a mission statement with contact info and relevant dates\time for meetings.
Obviously,there are the homeless ones contained in that number;
something would have to be organized and available at the reporting
agencies where they frequent.Something apparent and available
without inquiry.

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