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CA: Sex offender found dead in suspected homicide at San Quentin State Prison

[ – 3/10/21]

A 66-year-old inmate was found unresponsive in his cell at San Quentin State Prison early Wednesday, and state corrections officials said they are treating his death as a homicide.

John Sullivan had served half of his 10-year sentence from Placer County for failing to register as a sex offender, a second-strike.

He was found during a head count shortly after midnight and pronounced dead less than 40 minutes later.

Officials said they suspect his 28-year-old cellmate in the death. He has not been charged, but was serving a seven-year sentence from Los Angeles County for first-degree burglary and injury to a dependent adult causing death or great bodily injury.

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Another FTR change has sentenced another sex offenders to death .
To every person forced to register in California stay focused whether your homeless or not just register it’s eazy and it’s pointless BUT most import it keeps law enforcement from being able to send you to their death camps.
In reality The only weapon law enforcement has on people convicted of past sex crimes is FTR

Good luck

Am I reading this right. 10 year sentence for registry violation..
7 year sentence for murder… Or attempted murder…

Dead people tell no tales, while victims wallow in the muck for public profit. Meanwhile, main stream media turn all into click bait.
The problem with societal advocating victim’s stance for profit is that immediately people look to be recognized as one. Once a group is in that mind frame ” we are victims” of victim’s stance ANYTHING can be justified. Very dangerous indeed as this s promotes violence.
Perfect scenario for a police deepstate!

From another news story that named the cellmate:

“Waller, 28, broke into into his grandfather’s Pomona home and severely beat the elderly man in June 2017.”

So, you are correct. 10 years for FTR (AND it counts as felony “strike”) but only 7 years for nearly beating your own 82-year-old grandfather to death and robbing him.

Man, the last thing lawyers want is for the people to acknowledge LAW – in itself -DON’T WORK! It takes voluntary action by people. No machine can save human that.

Wait, I thought Biden and Harris were going to fix our justice system? Is that before or after people die?

Maybe they just can’t fix Kalifornia? Or maybe…that’s the way they wanted it to begin with. A big experiment in exploiting “democracy” for the DoJ’s gain.

10 years for a non punitive civil administration violation and the result is death by a previous violent criminal against the elderly. I hope the guys family sues not only the murderer, San Quentin officials and anyone else involved. People in higher positions need to held accountable for their actions. We’re supposed to be a civil society; yet it looks like the Hunger Games.

So they took a guy who beat an old man nearly to death and put him in a cell with an old man … whom he proceeded to beat to death. Bravo. Really well done. Definitely a good, evidence-based, progressive justice system we have.

Talk about disproportionate sentences. A guy who broke into an elderly man’s home, his own grandfather’s, then violently beats him, gets a less sentence than Failure to Register (a “crime” imposed after a person has, for all intents and purposes, had already paid his/her dues and sentence to society).

In other words, a terribly violent crime gets more harsh of a sentence than a non-violent crime.

Hmmm… kinda reminds me of the Static 99 baloney.

Well, one can argue that the registrant suffered an ultimate sentence of death… arguably worse than a 10 year sentence.

As for registered citizens being targeted for death, can it not be argued nowadays, using media reports and statistics, that one being posted on the Megan’s Law website and/or being labeled a “sex offender” exposes one to violent attack(s) and/or death? Certainly, the increased exposure to one being subject to violent attack(s) and/or death constitutes punishment, especially in light of the now well-documented cases of violence and murder against “sex offenders.”

Is death worse than the man’s sentence, or living with this absurd label for life?

Absolutely there are well documented cases of the Megan’s Law website being used as a government sponsored Hit List. How about also, mental effects on registrants when they are labeled and excluded from housing, jobs, society in general. In other words, banishment. That IS absolutely punishment.

There has to be a correlation between diagnosed mental illness like depression and being given the sex offender label. How is that, the increased propensity for depression, and other mental illnesses, because of the sex offender label and stigma, together with being targeted for beatings and death, not punishment?

There are even further risks with the Megan’s Law web site. Just yesterday I was targeted by a scammer who got my info of the site, then impersonated as a federal officer claiming I had a warrant out for me, told me I had to go pay my bond…and to do so I had to go buy MoneyPak cards, which he would then verify over the phone before I took them into the police station to pay my bond…..I wonder how many times he has succeeded in that scam.

UMMM, WTF? A strike? Since when? Strikes are for violent offenses. Sure as hell sounds like they gave him a strike for that though. I though they even got rid of those 3 strikes laws anyways? So my non-violent offense can all sudden become a strike for FTR in CA? Is this true?
And the cellmate hasn’t been charged? Wow, should not expect less I guess.

So they put a guy with a minor infraction in with a person known for doing violent offenses and they aren’t surprised when this happens.
1. FTRs should be either county jail or extended probation, not prison.
2. Second offense and doing hard time? Repeat DUIs get a suspended license and trash detail.
3. Any homicide involving a registrant should carry with it the ‘enhanced’ charge, since the suspect is targeting a specific group and also treated as a hate crime.

Yes California is useing the 3 strike law for FTR I knew a guy who was charged with 288(a) strike1 he got 5 years probation.
While on probation he was arrested again for strong armed robbery even though he wasn’t the one who committed the robbery his cars license plate was captured on CCTV fleeing the scene he was sentenced to 5 years in prison strike2.
In 2004 he came home and lived a productive life for about 15 years until he was arrested again for domestic violence the DA piled bunch of charges on him but only 4 stuck FTR two charges of violating the California 3strike law and assault on a spouse.
I guess when the detective asked his girlfriend and her mom had he been staying there they said yes and that’s how he got charged with FTR.
Riverside county ended up giving him 25 years to life without the possibility of parole.

Good luck

How do you get 25 yrs then not get paroled after your sentence is completed. By definition even if he serves the full 25 he would still get paroled. Your comment makes no sense.

Riverside County ended up giving him 25 years to life with the possibility of parole. 🤣

Good luck

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