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Moratorium Against the Use of Derogatory Words Replaced by Person-First Language

[ and – 3/8/21]

Restoring Families of People who are Required to Register by Ending Dehumanizing and Derogatory Labels

ARNOLD, MO, UNITED STATES, March 8, 2021 / — Women Against Registry Family Foundation Announces the Launch of a Twelve Month Moratorium banning derogatory or negative words used across the nation when describing a person convicted of any sex-related offense or in reference to their families including the children.

Each of us is more than the worst thing we’ve ever done – Bryan Stevenson, Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption

Currently there are more than 900,000 men, women, teens and children listed on the registry who should not be stigmatized and hated for the worst thing they have ever done. With that in mind the moratorium will focus on person-first language so instead of defining a human being using the degrading terms commonly used to label a person, we will use person first language. Examples would be ‘a citizen required to register’, ‘a teen convicted of a sex-related offence’, ‘a child with a historical conviction for a so-called “sex offense”.’

We are adopting a program begun by the American Psychology Association (APA) in 2018 Sexual Abuse’s New Person First Guidelines; Promoting Accurate and Respectful Language to Describe Individuals and Groups and Why call someone by what we don’t want them to be? The ethics of labeling in forensic/correctional psychology.

Please participate by changing the words which impact the lives of an estimated 2.5 million family members whose loved one has already been adjudicated, paid their debt to society and need the three things academics and researchers indicate are needed to succeed; a job, place to live and a positive support system.

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We should insist that courts, parole officers, law enforcement , registry officers, etc., use this more appropriate terminology as well.
Change the wording, change the world.

Sadly, that will most likely never happen. Any polite euphemisms would defeat the purpose of dehumanizing us. They don’t want society to see us as victims!

Amen Kat

Do they mean words like SEX OFFENDERS PEDOPHILES CHILD MOLESTERS RAPIST or CHOMO’S theses are the words they use to shame and punish people who’ve committed sex crimes.
Every person forced to register knows the feeling when theses words come up in a causal conversation with family members friends or co-workers its kinda awkward knowing how they would feel about you if they knew you were also on Megan’s Law.
Being called one of theses words can easily ruin your day or in some cases your life public perception is everything once people find out your A sex offender you will definitely be called one of theses words to your face or behind your back ether way your gonna have to accept the fact that sex offenders will never be accepted in Society plane and simple.

Good luck

Funny, but a certain phrase sticks out to me. “ A person shouldn’t be stigmatized for the worst thing they have ever done”. My offense is far from the worst thing I have ever done in my life. I have:

Broke a man”s jaw in a fight
Shot and killed a woman pointing a weapon at me, ( military service in Afghanistan )
Backed into my brother’s 1954 corvette, ruining an original paint job.
Burned my stepfather’s entire portfolio of career accomplishments which he had accidentally set on a trashcan he asked me to dump into an incinerator. He had accommodations for flying wounded out in Korea and Vietnam. He had letters of thanks from 2 presidents and a senator and two from movie celebrities including John Wayne.

So having 11 or 12 photos of some nude minor in a compromising pose rates low on my list of screw ups. I tend to look at this in a different light. We , the ones on this list, or but the tip of the iceberg. We are the 10% who they convicted. There are easily 10 million out there around the world that will never be arrested or convicted. They know they will never win this war on puritanical values, so like the early drug wars, they will keep going for the low hanging fruit, knowing we comprise no future danger or threat to anyone.
So call me whatever they want to. It’s their hang up, not mine. I will just flatten the person, man or woman, that decides they can verbally assault me and get away with it. What did Joe Pesci say in the movie ‘Casino’ ,” I’ll be getting out of jail about the time you’re getting out of the hospital, and I will do it to you again.”

Words are always changed because it’s offensive to someone; yet the term sex offender lives on. Society is to far gone with everyone thinking they’re better than others and their shit don’t stink.

The term “sex offender” is only used by douche bags. I think we’ve come a really long way toward ending its use by decent people.

Also, I really don’t think a lot of people think they are better than others, do you? When I look at America, I see most people have low self-esteem. I really believe that is the case with Registry Supporters/Terrorists (RS/Ts). I think that the lower a person’s self esteem is, the more likely it is that they are an RS/T. I believe 100% there is a direct correlation between low self esteem and support for Registries. Morality as well.

I agree with you, and I will take it a step further. These same people you speak about have another issue, insecurities. These kind of people need to feel they are somehow better than others, but have nothing in their lives that they can point to as a success Even their offspring tend to be as big a disappointment to them as they are to their parents. Abusive relationships, a series of menial jobs and the need for approval by their peers.
So they point to someone everyone seems to hate for no apparent reason and say , “ At least I’m better than them”.
I ran into a guy like we both described at the local bakery. He was blathering to his friend in just a loud enough voice hoping to be recognized. His complaint de juer was about the ‘morons that push for immigration reform”. I asked him if he was scared of losing his job to a more capable foreigner. He didn’t like my comment, but since I didn’t budge when he looked at me, he just walked out.
One thing about experiencing both combat and this registry, nothing makes me flinch anymore. I speak politely, but make people understand when they are assholes.

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