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IN: Indiana Police target sex offenders in operation before Halloween

Source: 10/15/21

LAPORTE COUNTY — As trick-or-treating season will soon entice children to front doors across the Region, law enforcement launched “Operation Candy Corn Compliance” to target violent sex offenders.

On Thursday the LaPorte County Sheriff’s Office conducted the countywide initiative to ensure sexually violent predators and offenders against children are in compliance of being registered as a sex offender.

“All 123 of the classified and registered sexually violent predators and offenders against children were specifically targeted because of the upcoming trick-or-treat that will be taking place during the Halloween season,” said LaPorte County Sheriff John Boyd.

Three sex offenders were found to not be compliant

Police said during the operation, officers strongly discouraged offenders to participate in trick-or-treating. Authorities aim to arrest each non-compliant offender before Halloween.

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Unbelievable how they make this article seem like the offenders are so scary with mug shots of others that are not registrants but who have been arrested for other crimes totally unrelated to this article.

Go to the article and at the end you will see this:
“Gallery: Recent arrests booked into LaPorte County Jail” – followed by “Mug Shots”.This immediately gives the reader the impression that these pictures represent the arrests made by this so called task force to impress on the reader just how dangerous these registrants are and to justify all this money spent on nonsense.

This is nothing short of a trick to fool the uneducated reader.

Really, you have to see this.

“Three sex offenders were found to not be compliant”

OMG!!! Someone please call SCOTUS because a 2% non-compliance rate is really frightening and high!!!!! [sarcasm]

Operation Candy Corn needs to meet Operation Nutcracker dismantling these harassment schemes. What about those people who are more at risk to harm kids on Halloween? Will there be DUI checks? Oh wait being in a hit in run isn’t as traumatic as sex.

The last time a sex offender attacked/molested/hurt a child on Halloween was 1973. This action is just to harass the registrants and appease the public who are sadly misinformed

And that was at around 11:00 that night (well after trick-or-treating was over) and committed by someone with no priors whatsoever.

California Halloween restrictions only apply to people on probation or parole, back in the day riverside county police department would send out these notices that said I couldn’t even have my porch light on, a couple years later Janice Bellucci came on the scene and I stopped receiving them.
I do regret not being able to let my kids decorate our home for Halloween, one time I got off work and my kids had decorated our house with Halloween stuff my son made a headless man sitting on the porch with A bowl of candy it was really kool.
Man It hurts my heart just thinking about haveing to make them take it all down, they were so angry they didn’t talk to me for 2 days.
After that and several other incidents I stop involving my family with Megan’s law BS and it was the best thing I’ve ever did, now that we nolonger live under the same roof they can decorate the house anyway they want.

Good luck

That’s sad, in the end you let the registry win and separate you from your family. I always do trick or treating with my kids, I’d never let the government ruin their childhood having a father in the home.

Police said during the operation, officers strongly discouraged offenders to participate in trick-or-treating.

Once again, let’s look at the contrast what SCOTUS’ statement in Smith that PFRs can live and work like other citizens.

And just how did they “strongly discourage[]” them? Did they give a tough-guy stare? Did they hold their breath until red in the face? Hey you POS cop: go F yourself and get off my property.

A friend of mine who lived in Sunnyvale, California used to have cops show up at his door before Halloween and ask him to sign an “agreement” that he would not hand out candy or open the door on Halloween, despite that not being a requirement for someone there who wasn’t on parole. Of course, he refused and they just shrugged and left. Santa Clara County was very bad back then (and may still be; I don’t know). When he had been on parole years earlier, his parole officer stipulated that he couldn’t have more than one candy bar in his possession at a time. Later, the agent found one candy bar and one candy bar wrapper in his garbage and, on the basis of that, he was violated, despite the fact that he hadn’t obtained the uneaten candy bar until after he had consumed the previous one. My friend then did something incredibly ballsy when he was violated but which I’ve always admired: he left the state to stay with family on the East Coast and explained to the parole department he wouldn’t be coming back because parole conditions in California were impossible to meet. They actually agreed and transferred his parole to another state. I wish more of us had that kind of chutzpah.

Steven Crowder did a great bit where Gun Santa brings everyone in the office a new Walther sidearm. But, as they stand around wide-eyed over their wonderful gifts, the feds begin kicking in the doors. Never ones to tolerate government overreach, Santa and friends call BS and stage a “stand your ground sting” to fight off the fascist government agents. [snip]

Yeah, the last stats I saw regarding how many kids had been molested while trick-or-treating was a number about 12 less than a dozen.

@Mike G it hasn’t happened, the stats you saw were fake news. As I said in previous post, last time was 1973


Math lesson:

12 less a dozen = 12 – 12 = 0

@Mike G was tongue in cheek speaking

12 less then a dozen lol…..I’d say it’s fake news too

It wouldn’t matter if it was 1,000 per day. All that would show is just how irresponsible the parents are.

As a parent, I don’t give a f*** if the criminal regimes would lock up every single PFR on Halloween, for every child that I’m responsible for, I’m still going to supervise them in exactly the same way. Because I’m not an idiot Karen. I assume that everyone is a raving mad child molester. Shockingly, actually supervising and educating your children seems to work well and I don’t need any ridiculously, completely incomplete list of people who did something wrong years and decades ago. I’ve never “needed” big government to supervise my children.

Well, that webpage also included this interesting article: No jail rime & no Registry plea deal approved:

I wonder if they will later ignore the deal and make him register anyway, like they did with so many of us, since it’s not punishment, just regulatory.

🤔 (Perhaps the charges he pled guilty to or not registerable offenses. 🤷🏻‍♂️)

How the hell did major felony charges get reduced to that? It’s like having a murder charge reduced to disturbing the peace. Unbelievable.

How the hell did the rest of them get off Scott free too? Original Offender = Probation/no registration. FIL charges w/cover up and failure to report offences = Charges dismissed. Additional Female in church accused of sex w/teen = no charges at all. What the Hell is going on in that community that they do not care that the church is basically a teen brothel.

The answer to that question is simple: There was a problem with the case. The most likely scenario is that the alleged victim was either uncooperative or kept changing their story. Another possibility is that the evidence was so blatantly fabricated that even Otis down at the local gas station would recognize it and the prosecutor knew he couldn’t take it to court so he made the plea deal to get the conviction.

I’ve read about this on patch! If your unaware, prohibiting ex offenders from taking part in Halloween Festivities makes one believe they strike during Halloween! Why not ban them from
Church? Beaches? Parks? Malls? Public restrooms? Libraries? Airplanes? Public pools? Hiking trails? Near schools? Going out at night? Posting signs on their lawn? Marrying? Special licenses? Post their name/address online? Can you believe this is real? I’m off the registry. This is evil! The laws are ongoing!

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