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CASOMB Reports Increased Number of Registrants, Registrants in Violation

Source: ACSOL

During today’s (11/18/21) meeting of the California Sex Offender Management Board (CASOMB), the California Department of Justice (DOJ) reported that the total number of people required to register is 108,539 which reflects an increase of 377 individuals.  DOJ also reported that the number of registrants in violation for failure to register is 19,146, an increase of 330 individuals.  Finally, DOJ reported that the number of homeless registrants is 6,761 which reflects a decrease of 251 individuals.  Also during today’s CASOMB meeting, the California Department of Corrections reported that 7,171 registrants are on parole and required to wear a GPS device.  This reflects an increase of 119 individuals.

Today’s meeting included the presentation of a video developed by CASOMB members and staff regarding the Tiered Registry Law.  One CASOMB member, who represents the Department of State Hospitals, criticized the requirement for lifetime registration as “abysmal” and inconsistent with government and academic research.  Another board member suggested that CASOMB should take a stand in the future regarding registration requirements.  Additional criticism regarding the tiered registry and the video was voiced by other board members.  One of those board members said a statement in the video that suggests everyone assigned to Tier 3 is dangerous should be removed.  A different board member suggested that CASOMB should push for improvements to the Tiered Registry Law.  After comments regarding the video, CASOMB stated the video would be edited to reflect the criticisms communicated today.


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I wonder if CASOMB has heard of the ALI’s recommendation for the registry and push to have CA adopt those proposed changes

Yes, please push on all those issues! Every CASOMB member should take it very personally that majority of the legislature ignores your work on anything but more punitive measures. Why even bother having the organization if it’ll be ignored?

I lost confidence in CASOMB because they’ve spent the last two to three decades peddling the different Static-99 and polygraph tests. Both junk science. Both allegedly “evidence-based,” as declared by the Fake Doctors on CASOMB.

Makes sense. Fake Doctors love Fake Science.

The “sex offender” registry, aka Megan’s Law, is a House of Cards that will collapse in a few decades. When that happens, let’s remember all the incompetent fools in government that supported this crap.

You say collapse in a few decades, let’s hope for much sooner than later, I have faith in Janice and her team. I don’t think they would waste their time on a hopeless case as you portrayed. C’mon,get with the program,donate and be positive. We will succeed !!!

What’s the point of a board when they don’t follow evidence and instead are invested in whatever the state wants? Janice should be on the board and teach them what being a leader is about and that doing the right thing may not be popular; yet a true leader does it anyway.


What are your thoughts on how we can best use these latest CASOMB findings, comments, etc., to effect meaningful changes in the law (and ultimately the repeal of the entire registration scheme)?

I believe that these new CASOMB findings, comments, etc. now provide us with an excellent opportunity to initiate a renewed lobbying effort/campaign specifically aimed at seeking new legislation for the purpose of removing CP offenders from the Tier 3 classification. CP offenders (of which I am one) comprise one of the largest (if not THE largest) populations of registered citizens in California, and probably nationwide. We all are very aware of the outrageous injustice that presently exists in California with respect to this issue.

While I am not hopeful that elected politicians will any time soon act in line with these new findings, I am sure that we are all in agreement that our continuous effort seeking reforms and repeal of the oppressive registration scheme will ultimately pay off sooner as opposed to later, provided we take full advantage of opportunities such as this. Emerson said: “Use all that is called ‘fortune’..” So let’s use this fortunate opportunity to our advantage. And importantly, let’s not let these new comments and findings by CASOMB members grow stale due to inaction. I am at the ready to assist in any way you may deem appropriate. Thanks for considering my comments.

Thank you, SG, for your ideas. You and others can help by “attending” CASOMB meetings and speaking out at them. The new CASOMB agenda allows the public to speak up to 3 minutes on any topic before the meeting begins. I used that opportunity this month to ask for a presentation regarding implementation of the Tiered Registry Law and my request was repeated by a CASOMB board member. The next CASOMB board meeting is scheduled for Jan. 20 starting at 9:30 a.m. It’s easy to attend virtually by signing up online before the meeting begins at Members of the public were also given an opportunity to speak at the end of the meeting.


Thank you for your response, and I will certainly “tune in” to the next open meeting. As to direct participation, I believe that this is best left to professionals such as yourself. I get far too emotional when speaking on this issue and I would likely spout off in anger and hostility towards those who support the registry (i.e., those on whom CASOMB members are dependent upon for their very existence). I do not want to do or say anything that would do damage to our efforts. So I believe one voice, such as yours, should be heard by CASOMB. But I do look forward to hearing your remarks in January. Thanks.

CASOMB is another USELESS Government C**P Organization that was MADE up outta THIN Air to SUCK MORE money from the state.,

these are excellent criticisms and hopefully can be used at some point.

Wow! 19 thousand out of compliance is disturbing. As noted, all of these individuals clearly realize they will be re-arrested again and convicted of something? I would be curious to now if they are mostly level 1? 2? Or 3? Running away from a problem solves nothing! You guys realize that you have to out think them!

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