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Results of punitive, ineffective laws drafted out of unfounded fears

Source: 11/18/21

I was at the registration office and due to COVID was told to sit outdoors, a ways back from where the glass intake door is. You cannot hear what is going on there, but you can see as you sit and wait in line. As I waited, I saw that the man that was registering was escorted inside the glass door and placed in handcuffs. And I felt an overwhelming sense of sadness. I felt as if a brother in our cause was being imprisoned… again. So much so that I turned to the other person waiting and said, “Did you see that?”

He nodded and said it will probably happen to him, too. I asked why and he said he missed his registration by one day, that he does not have a car and so arrived late when the office was already closed. By then it was my turn and I went up and as I sat the detective asked that man what was he was here for, because it was close to lunch, and she needed to know. The man said he missed his registration day and asked was he going to be arrested? The detective answered not sure and told him to remain where he was and then turned to me and asked the reason I was there. I told her and then asked her, in a low voice so the other man would not hear, whether the prior person arrested was for missing registration day and whether this other man would be arrested as well. She nodded yes.

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So, they were arrested for failure to register on time? While the registry is a joke, this is on the registrants, themselves. You’re given a 10-day window and if you’re not responsible enough to figure out how to make it to the PD during that window, then you’ve got bigger problems to worry about. Most registrants find it important enough to comply, even if you don’t agree with the whole registry scheme. (Which we all agree, should be abolished) Saying he was late because of not having a car is a lame excuse. Again, there’s a 10 day window…not 1 day.

For every registrant who messes up, even for something as ridiculous as this, it just adds to the perception that registrants are bad. It’s a shame, because it’s a small number, but they make it more difficult on the rest.

My registration is 3 and 5 days depending on why. My registration office is 45 miles away. I suppose walking is still an option.

Not sure I follow you…depending on why? What does that mean?

And let’s face it…you either comply and stay semi free or choose not to and go to jail. It’s not a difficult decision. You have a year to figure it out, each and every year.

I’m pretty sure that “Anonym mouse” means that depending on why he/she is having to report to the criminal regime in person (e.g. moved, bought a car, created an email address), he/she has either 3 or 5 days.

People certainly don’t “have a year to figure it out”, as you said. Most PFRs have to be figuring it out all year and mold their lives around it. It wouldn’t surprise me if some PFRs have to figure it out every single week.

Whatever. I’m glad when PFRs refuse the nonsense and avoid it however they can. Or easier, just follow the “laws” but make sure it is useless and retaliate for it. I’m glad for that. I don’t care how that “adds to the perception that registrants are bad”. The only “people” who believe the Oppression Lists (OLs) and this nonsensical harassment are acceptable are garbage. Their “perception” isn’t worth a puddle of piss (except that they whine and vote). The “perception” that they need to have instead is the reality of the OLs. The OLs are worthless and nearly zero people with brains think they are worth bothering with.

Having said that – the OL “laws” are weapons of war. They are what the criminal regimes use to harm you. So follow those “laws” and neutralize those weapons. Then use your own.

Exactly. Here in Michigan we have the entire reporting month to go in and verify, but just because I have the whole month to do it doesn’t mean I can just pick any day to do it. Verification hours are 8:00 am to 3:00 pm at the state police post, and a 25 minute drive from my work. (I have a 1 hour lunch break) My work hours are 7 am to 4 pm. That means I have to pick a day at the last minute to leave work early so I can get there on time. But if something comes up at work that requires my presence, I can’t just pack up and leave, since I’m upper management. My next reporting month is December, and since it is the end of the year, we are going to be extremely busy at work. I cannot plan several days, weeks, or even a year in advance. I have to take it day by day and ask myself if I can cut out early that day.
The last time I bought a new car I actually took a week vacation time just so I could buy the car, register it, and get to the state police post to report it. We all know how long it takes at the Secretary of State to register a vehicle. If I buy a vehicle on a Thursday, but can’t get it registered until the next day, and with the state police post not registering people on weekends, that cuts my time down to just a few hours to go report it.
So having a year to figure things out makes no sense at all, especially for people like me who have to verify every 3 months. Its not as plain and simple as most people think because some of us have lives and jobs too.

Where I live you call and make an appointment by such a date. I know some places only certain people do the registry and at certain times, so I wouldn’t put all the blame on the person forced to register. The entire system boggles common sense.

Right. I used to live in a village where the chief of police handled it himself. You had to call him and make an appointment. Luckily, he was really cool and understanding, and most of the time when I called my schedule was open and he would as if I could come now and I would. Back when we had 10 days to verify (we have the entire month now), he would sometimes get very busy and I would leave a message on his voicemail. I didn’t hear back after a few days and had to call again. He understood that I had a life and since I never gave him any problems, he understood that I couldn’t just leave work and would let me come in after hours to verify. One time I just couldn’t get my schedule to fit so he had me come in on the night shift at about 1:30 in the morning for his Lt. to take care of me. One time I kept calling every couple days because I didn’t hear back from him and it was the last possible day to verify, so I just went to the police station and asked if he was in his office. He was, and he apologized for not getting back to me because he was so busy, but I needn’t not worry because he wouldn’t have arrested me for missing the 10 day window over it.
I don’t live in his jurisdiction any more so I have to go by the strict hours of the state police post, and I understand that most jurisdictions are not as understanding or as cool as this chief was. The guy wasn’t out to get you. If you were cool and followed the rules, he would bend over backwards to help you. If you needed a job, he would tell you who was hiring. If you were hungry he would tell you where to get free food.
But to get back to your point, you are right. You can’t put all the blame of the PFR because sometimes things happen beyond our control.

Do what I did when I lived in a small town with one lazy person who handled the registration.

After 2 calls to set an appointment and no response after a week, I sent a fax with proof sent addressed to the supervisor of the registering officer, the chief of police.

I stated if I don’t get a call within 24 hours to set an appointment for my annual registration, I will contact DPS (the state agency that is responsible for registration and which does audits of local law enforcement to ensure they comply with registration) and tell them I am a sex offender and I tried multiple times to register and the police refused to register me and I think you need to audit the police department.

Within 1 hour I received a call from the registering officer for an appointment. After doing this 2 years in a row, I never found it necessary to do again.

This is just more proof that the registry is about re-punishment instead of public safety. While we know there is no enhancement to public safety for the registry at all, if we assume for a second that there is a benefit to public safety by having the registry as the registry creators claim how, this will have the opposite affect and decrease public safety. Someone who is willingly attempting to comply and register, even if late is trying to contribute to the so called public safety goal of knowing where a registrant is. If you are going to be late and without a doubt would be arrested for this, what exactly is the incentive to ever report if you miss the deadline? And if you never report in because you’ll be arrested anyway, how does this enhance public safety? Actively tracking down and arresting people failing to register on time is one thing but arresting someone who is now making an effort to meet the public safety goal by showing up on their own and getting themselves compliant – and then getting arrested for that is quite another. The fact that anyone thinks such an arrest is acceptable at all is not looking for enhancing public safety even in the slightest but only has the goal of finding another punishment for the same crime.

Registry is like a P.O.S. car, no matter what you do it’ll always will look awful even with duct tape. Time to trade in and take the P.O.S. car to the junkyard for crushing never to be seen again.

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