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🎉🎊 Happy New Year 2022!! 👏🏻😃🌎✨
‘Wishing all of you a great year! 🤗

Another year passes, while more and more citizens are becoming indentured to government electronic database upkeep every day. What was marketed as a savior for our most vulnerable children now makes them more vulnerable to predation than ever, and ensnares them more and more too. Our leadership should be ashamed of themselves but the profits are too good to ignore.

So as of today tier 2 offenders addresses are not posted?
Is that correct? I want my address off homefacts if that’s the case.

Starting off this New Year can be a bit much for families or anyone that is mixed up with the registry. Am looking at some views I have picked up over the past year of coming to ACSOL website or Vicki Henry’s and other sights. These slogans such as “Erase the Hate”, all lives matter, even True justice is a Better Way but one of the main thing’s is Human Rights Matter.
So yes The new President need to bring back Constitutional Justice and True values in America. This Justice System is a bit out of place on that. But commenting is sharing viewpoints is good.. Yes we should give ACSOL and even Vicki’s and many other advocates a big hand.
Sure I’ve been out to Utah traveling thru by bus. Was up in PA once and yes government is different in every state but its never to late for change to come. So that’s why each of us have to stand up as a team.
Your either with a program or not. Its somewhat like school and yes I have been expelled and tarty a few times. I know I am single but I look at this registry as a challenge in many ways for True American Justice.

Interesting mention of “Rule 11” and “Alford” pleas: Sex offender freed after appeal.

I wonder if a California registrant whose conviction has been dismissed under 1203.4 should take steps to “comply” with SORNA once the latest regulations take effect…

Happy New Years!!! I will be flying into Poland from another country ‘Not the United States’. I have been officially living outside the US for 2months. Will the US still notify Poland that I am arriving since I do not need to let anyone know of my international travel plans.

Has anyone been able to reduce their sentence charge after completing deferred adjudication?
I still have to register 10 years after completing it. I have one more year left completing my sentence. I know I qualify to deregister in Texas. But it’s such a really long wait 🙁

Eli when I was in jr High in the 60’s I listened to my Civic Class good. Never even though I would take some CJ coruses in College, in fact never thought I would graduate.This thing about PA caught my eye. Home of the liberty Bell and democracy and for a time being it was the Capital… correct me Moderators on that. Today with this computer which is just a machine is a bit anti justice in a can.I even got this new computer and I don’t know a thing about to even upload my programs.

See programs are programs just like justice is justice. Yes everything came from Pennsylvania our laws and sure today they are all being shadowed blame it on computers or man’s interventions but the basics are still truth.I have seven more months left and I’m still ready to go at Government. Worrying isn’t’ good for anyone but Action of a positive view is.

What happened with the story about retired military getting on bases?

So, where are we with those offenses that received a PC1203.4? Is that still in the works somewhere? Also, the dynamic risk in combination with the static one that seems to be the only one being considered, when even Karl Hanson emphasizes that the dynamic factors have to be considered and risk scores go down with offense free time.

Timmmy even after WWW II my uncle got his full VA benefits. They even lived in moved to Florida from WV were I use to live. Is government taking away benefits not that is a crime.

These Government benefits now that is a crime and unjuut in many ways when they start taking away those.. Even refusing many to a PX or things of that nature.Vain justice hyperbolic justice, cover up justice its all the same.. Yes we all look to refresh on this registry issue and of course this 2023 justice call in D.C.

Hey all,

I had to do my annual today, Jan 3rd.
I was convicted of 311.11(a) state felony in 2012. I had the case dismissed via 1203.4 but no 17b.
I was informed by the agent that I was tier 1 and I could petition for removal next year.
I hope this brings hope to someone in the same position as me.
The agent was very informative and supportive.
If I am relieved, I am going to try for a 17b (if it’s possible at this point) to get back other rights as the DA or judge would hopefully see that it would serve no purpose not to. I did receive a suspended sentence but I have read judges have been given more power to give a 17b even with a suspended sentence. I do not have a source at the moment. If not, that is fine. My big thing, as most of us is to be relieved of the duty to register.
Again, I hope it brings someone hope. If you can get it, please get the 1203.4. I am not sure if it will work for everyone though.

Ok so am I posted online full info now?

Had 288.2(A)(1) 7 years ago, got 17b and 1203.4 a couple of years ago. Have never been listed at all but just got my letter saying I’m Tier 3.

I can’t look myself since that’s illegal.

If I am listed, is there anything that can be done?

I survived 7 years ago with my job, wife, kids, and (barely) sanity. Now this. Might not be able to survive this.

Please point me to the page or link on your website where I can find a list of the states and their registration requirements. I plan to travel from California to other states.Thank you in advance.

Nirvana ‘Nevermind’ Baby Album Cover Lawsuit Dismissed by Judge
Since we have discussed this before here, it is not CP either, I know you all have been waiting for this to happen, but he does get more time to file again if he wants…

In this sex registry many times a person can be railroaded or forced to registy as Will Allan and others use FTR and much of this registry interrogation/ intimidation type evaluation and that right their is unjust punishment or undue punishment and one has to look at it that way. Yes they considered my texting bad enough to classify me as a tier 3 but the public attorney and the evaluation part was to incriminate me more in and of itself in registry game.

Sure I have a letter from the Public Defender saying I am not violent but what is violent today when justice strives to castrates but at the same time they are castrating themselves in this blind justice ordeal called the sex registry in many of these issues. Truth will finely come out in much of this registry.

I am on the registry in Michigan. I am also a board certified alcohol and drug counselor. If any of you need this type of service please feel free to reach out. No judgement, no shame. People on the registry have an extremely high rate of depression which leads to co-occurring substance abuse disorders. Nobody seems to be acknowledging this issue. I intend to work in this field with folks on the registry until I die. This is my passion, and light needs to be shed on this important issue.

Last edited 1 year ago by Addiction-counselor

What’s especially sad about stings, is if the baiting that occurs by law enforcement is targeted at someone who has mental health or a neurodevelopmental condition, such as ADHD or Autism, what law enforcement is doing is trying to trigger these people. This is akin to Russian Roulette, they are trying to press buttons to trigger an event and eventually there’s going to be a round in the chamber. Doing this to anyone with Mental Health and / or nurodevelopmental conditions in my opinion is cruel and inhumane and I wonder if it violates the American Disabilities Act which applies to all areas of public life? There are many sitting in Jail today that would not be if it were not for LECs intentially committing mental health abuse and working to trigger said event.

A lot of people target those who are vulnerable. My older sister once got swept up into a cult, and only because she was at a very low time in her life and believed the words she was being told. Luckily, with a lot of research on that particular cult and with the help of friends and family we got her away from it. She is a smart person otherwise, just was in a really bad place at that time.

One hates to say this but they are using many as a sort of Scapegoat Justice today in this blind justice. I guess all have not sinned than. Scapegoat has a fascinating history. Today the word is used to refer to one who is wrongly blamed for something, but it originated with an actual goat.
Guess a computer is one’s pride and /or punishment today and even I am at a loss also but I do like Janices approach to this and we all have to approach this to understand real justice. Hey I’d would rather be wrong than right.

I read a story about a registrant who killed his ex girlfriend on Sunday. Hopefully registrants in California won’t have to be punished for something this pos did.

😆🤣 Laughing (and crying) because it’s so very true!

“New Law Requires Sex Offenders To Display Novelty Welcome Mat Explaining Nature Of Crime”

(Satire. Note the source.)

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