Janice’s Journal: Angry Uninformed Members of Public Attack Registrants’ Home

It’s happening again.  A group of angry, uninformed members of the public are attacking a home where registrants on parole are living.

The location this time is Fairfield, California, located between Sacramento and San Francisco.  The angry mob’s weapons of choice are loud protests outside the home as well as the posting of signs at the home, down the street from the home and even at the places where some of the registrants work.  

Members of the angry mob have also honked their car horns for 15 minutes or longer at a time outside the registrants’ home in the middle of the night.  And some city employees have joined the angry mob by sounding the horn of a fire truck and the sirens of police vehicles.

In addition, members of the angry mob have followed some of the registrants while they are riding a bicycle or driving a car.  And one member of the angry mob has posted a web cam focused on the registrant’s which can be viewed by the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Some or all of these acts may or may not be unlawful.

What is clearly unlawful, however, is the angry mob’s use of the registrants’ profiles from the state government Megan’s Law website which they have posted on their website as well as printed on yard signs.  What is also clearly unlawful is the angry mob’s use of those profiles in fundraising.

Three members of the ACSOL board of directors met this weekend with the registrants under attack and identified for them the different types of support available to them, including legal services and emotional support.  The ACSOL board members also explained there is no simple or quick solution to this problem.

Also this weekend, ACSOL notified the angry mob in writing that their activities are in violation of state law and would be reported to the Department of Justice.  Further, ACSOL offered to meet with members of the angry mob in order to share with them the truth about registrants on parole, including the fact that their rate of offense in less than 1 percent, according to the CA Department of Corrections.

The stage has been set.  There will be more acts.  Stay tuned.

In the meantime, please know that the owner of the residence under attack has agreed to continue providing housing to these registrants on parole.  For that he is to be commended and supported.



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These people are up in arms over people with less than a 1% re-offense rate. What about all the others in the community who have committed offenses and have far greater than 1% re-offense rate?

I hope a complaint is made to the Department of Injustice, I mean Justice.

I swear during the last 5 years, our country is getting dumber and dumber where many people can not tell the difference between facts and fiction. Societies with many stupid people cannot survive in the long run.

The 5 Universal Laws of Human Stupidity.

“And some city employees have joined the angry mob by sounding the horn of a fire truck and the sirens of police vehicles”

This is not only shocking and disgusting but likely makes the government complicit and liable for the illegal misuse of information posted on the Megan’s Law website. I smell a lawsuit. Possibly a civil RICO action?

From the Megan’s Law website:

“A person is authorized to use information disclosed on this website only to protect a person at risk. Except to protect a person at risk or as authorized under any other law, use of any information disclosed on this website for purposes relating to any of the following is prohibited:

* Housing or accommodations
* Benefits, privileges, or services provided by any business establishment

Further, from the website:

“Any person who uses information disclosed on this website to commit a misdemeanor is, in addition to any other punishment for that misdemeanor, subject to a fine of not less than $10,000 and not more than $50,000. Any person who uses information disclosed on this website to commit a felony shall, in addition to any other punishment for that felony, be punished by a five-year term of imprisonment in the state prison. (Penal Code § 290.46, subd. (j).)

Illegal acts/misdemeanors may include: criminal conspiracy to violate the civil rights of registered citizens, disturbing the peace, trespassing, and of course, the violation of those protections enumerated on the Megan’s Law website.

Should we not, at the very least, make it as difficult as possible for these “concerned citizens” AND city employees to violate the law? We certainly know that no one in law enforcement, elected politicians, government bureaucrats, nor the “media” will lift a finger to protect registered citizens from “angry mobs”.

Nobody authoring this ! No news articles! Only (The stage has been set. There will be more acts. Stay tuned.) This does not pass my smell test !

I’m hearing reports from media and family that the population of Sacramento and surrounding areas are increasing by a factor of 2 per annum. Most are coming from jurisdictions South of the city. This is the fact which makes movement a factor as it relates to public notice of area offenders. During mass movement scenarios ( population changes – increase) sex offender distribution also changes while reported addresses lag behind impacting database accuracy. Thus more open conflict occurs because suddenly a bad guy pops up on the radar but only after the new residence has been established. Naturally this is a collateral consequence of the notice itself. Most of the time then, the real threat is overvalued and much ado about nothing, not unlike the old tale titled “The boy who cried wolf.” However crying Wolf! perpetually has serious consequences too.
I trust ACSOL will consider inquiry into the use of social (or is it anti social) media assistance afforded the ununiformed mob in coalescing? If I remember right, Jan 6 investigations included cell phone pings too. This is where the “public notice” becomes politically profitable hate speech demanding moral action. I presume by attack there was something physical that occurred.

When I was a registrant of Penn and when first released on parole back in 2010 I was lucky to find a boarding house that accepted parolees. The landlord and his wife were Christians and believed strongly in second chances. He owned several boarding houses and 95% of the housing was filled with parolees and of those 95% of parolees 100% per registrants out on parole. He and his wife treated us like any other tenant showing us respect because we were trying to start our lives over again. No one bothered us in the town and people knew we were there. As some of us moved on other tenants came in, found out registrants lived there and tried to get the landlord to get us to move. The landlord said to them – “They have just as much of a right to live here as you do”. If they did not like that response the landlord told them that he was willing to break their lease and let them move on. The landlord saw that we were trying so hard to make things work and that we respected him and his wife and his property because we so much appreciated the opportunity of allowing us to live there. Him and his wife were totally non-judgmental. From what I hear he is still providing housing to recently released registrants. It is hard to find people like this. By the way this housing was in a high crime area and we still did not have any problems with neighbors.

This is a fine example of why the registry should not be public.

These people need to be deprogrammed from “Q” propaganda and brainwashing. The reason things have ramped up and gotten worse is that hate against marginalized groups has been normalized in the last 5 years. This so-called “safey” registry law is facilitating and weaponizing hate by encouraging everyone to “get their punches in.”

What makes you think anything will change?

There is good news to report. The angry, uninformed members of the public have removed all information from their website about the registrants living in this house in Fairfield. Specifically, they removed the “profiles” they scraped from the Megan’s Law website which included the registrant’s photos. Now let’s see if they destroy the signs they made and used during their “protest” that had the same information and photos.

Man, I sure would like just one question answered. I rarely ask questions from ACSOL and do not even ask for any kind of support or anything regarding any of my suits, but I would really love to hear some kind off response, ANY, preferably with a little detail, but anything on this question.
I want to know the reasoning of, Why ACSOL and Janice in particular will not file suit in the state of California courts pursuant to the CA constitution challenging the lack of an individual actuarial risk assessment in the tiered law which is completely irrational, totally unfair, and is indisputably counterproductive to the legislative intent in increasing the efficacy of the registry or increasing public safety. I may be wrong, but I believe this is ripe to challenge in CA superior courts and all the way to the CA supreme Court?????? This issue prevailed in Hawaii and Alaska Supreme Courts, and many other states, and this issue has not been challenged in the CA state courts or on the CA constitution.
I think this is a very reasonable question to ask of anyone, including ACSOL.
Thank you

I would assume that no one in the mob has accepted the invitation to hear the truth.

Their is an old saying nothing wrong with a womans scorn or the pharse you made your bed now lay in it. Is everyone beating the bushes without coming to the point in these registry matters. How presumpous we are. While one cannot can’t say anything about Janice or her orgization status one would be suprised at what she can do.

At times I send Janice a message of encouragement as she has a heavy challenge ahead of her as well as the many other advocates but here’s a lesson one should take to heart and I encourage all to listen to this as it gives one more direction in these matters. proverbs-29:8

Tell those guys to move to Los Angeles County. There’s at least one “blue dot” on every block here, LOL. Again, this “Sex Offender” registry is turning into a huge scam. 100,000 people labeled as a “Registered Sex Offender” in California, ONE MILLION Registered Sex Offenders in the United States of America (aka “The Land of the Free”).

Or maybe not. Maybe those guys should stay put–and fight for their right.

One-third of Americans have a criminal record greater than traffic infractions. We have the largest prison population–even bigger than China, North Korea, and Russia combined.

Again, it would be ironic if one of those protestors’ kids end up labeled as a Registered Sex Offender. With the way things are, that wouldn’t be too farfetched of a possibility. People tend to get the energy they give.

I am seeing reports of mobs forming outside the homes of judges on the high courts over the ” leaked” opinion on abortion issue. It kinda makes me smile inside. It is nice to know the people do the same to judges they do to sex offenders. Karma finds a way.

More reports of angry mobs outside of persons homes protesting.
Seems a Mr Kavanaugh is experiencing some ruckus. If I’m not mistaken he took the seat of the late Justice Scalia, who upheld the vindictive Congressional Act that established the registry. He did so even the face of plain ex post language upon crimes already adjudicated. In short he and the rest of the majority made retribution popular and lawful. Together they reconstructed a form of human slavery to database property. Let them suffer it! Too harsh? Take a look at plain vindictive thought in this short but TIMELY vid. Justice Scalia warned us about….https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MlmAYUfRzgY
I guess if you’re blind to your own vindictiveness you must also be blind to that of Congress as well. But there is a larger price to pay for making and upholding unjust laws because the people are compelled to obey them, even as the spirit tendered by the injustice is toxic. And so they shall Mr. Rehnquist dispite your decent in Roe! “Its [the majority] judgment is an improvident and extravagent exercise of the power of judicial review the constitution extends this court…and ‘privacy misconstrued… Impossable to justfy…” Anti-abortion headquarters Arson in Madison WI. https://www.channel3000.com/madison-police-investigating-fire-at-north-side-office-building/pic/4151293/
Hence Rehnquist flips the script and justified the ex post for the sex offender registry. Clearly the sex offender registration regime is both improvident and extravagant if nothing else.