ME: Lindsey Daggett doesn’t care that residency restrictions don’t work. She wants them for “justice”

Source: 5/31/22

Lindsey Daggett was 15 years old when she confided in a family member that she had been sexually abused. The man who had molested her for nine years was her mother’s boyfriend.

A bill to require statewide residency restrictions for offenders of sex crimes against children didn’t go forward in the fall because the Maine Legislature was only considering emergency legislation. If reelected, Sen. Marianne Moore, R-Calais, said she plans to submit the bill again, at Daggett’s urging.

“I was tired of being ashamed and tired of hiding from it. When I was going through this in high school, I was a mess. I was crying a lot. I was isolated from everyone. I wanted them to know why I was the way I was,” she said.

Speaking out made her feel empowered, and it also allowed her to reach other survivors. Before long, people were confiding in her about their own experiences of sexual assault, she said. She has heard the arguments against limiting where sex offenders live, such as how residency restrictions can hold offenders back indefinitely after they’ve completed their sentence. For her, the restrictions would be about achieving a sense of justice for victims because “what I’m going through, this is permanent,” she said.

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ACTION ALERT FOR MAINE REGISTRANTS and supporters: Daggett wants revenge and Sen. Marianne Moore is happy to push a residency restrictions bill to make your lives miserable and get easy votes bashing you.

Watch to see if Moore is re-elected.

Frequently log on to and search for sex-related bills to see if a residency restrictions bill has been submitted.

When the bill is submitted, write letters, make calls and to show up in your capitol.

Ignoring, hiding and hoping doesn’t work! What you don’t know will hurt you.

My best hope for victims is that they will move on with their lives, and no longer be victims…that they can stop re-living whatever trauma they may have experienced, and be strong enough to make amends with whoever once hurt them. It’s very clear when reading articles like this, that the individual has not been able to, nor might not be able to ever, truely live beyond that unfortunate time in their past, and so they attempt to find solace in the only way they know how…by lashing out at what has now become an “acceptable target”…registrants. In her mind, we are all evil, souless, ugly monsters, that must be banished somewhere far, far away, for her to ever feel “safe”. She undoubtedly senses dark shadows lurking around every corner, and wants to use the law as a weapon to battle those faceless boogeymen…
I feel bad for her…I also feel bad for the damage she could (and most likely will) cause to others.
“Hurt people hurt people. Whole people heal people.”

Sigh!. Election year? Sure enough.

“Speaking out made her feel empowered”

Actually, it gave her a false sense of empowerment.She’s doing this FOR HER, not for other victims. It’s the typical arrogant and selfish entitlement behavior we see today.

Anyone that resorts to bullying, shaming and shunning others in order to give their life “purpose and meaning” really doesn’t understand how deeply flawed their ideology is.

Lindsey Daggett is promoting revenge and hate with her misguided views, not justice and safety. .

Vindictive woman. Just because you had a painful experience doesn’t justify using a tool of the holocaust.

I wonder if her mother’s boyfriend was on the registry. If not, then the logic should be to ban where all people not on a registry can live.

I hope common sense will prevail that geographic location has nothing to do with abuse but closeness in relationship does more than 90% of the time.

So if I’m not mistaken, her status as a sex crime victim entitles her to a lifetime of coddling and catering to her every whim.

Strikes me as a Lauren Book wannabe.

Interesting. So she does not want PFRs to live near schools, etc, but if she does not live near a school, that PFR can move in next door to her? Secondly, the PFR then lives away from a school, but the minute the PFR leaves his/her home, nobody knows who he/she is, and the PFR can be in the mall, movie theater, etc, just not live near a school. So, how does that make children safer? Nobody knows who the next PFR will be, most likely a teacher, father, relative, coach, LE or pastor. This BS needs to stop, but you can’t reason with or educate unreasonable and uneducated people, I guess.

Sounds like she’s saying this is punitive. Can’t statements like this from politicians and their supporters be used in court to strike down these laws? I don’t understand how the courts can say all this is “non-punitive” when everyone involved in actually making these laws a reality literally state otherwise in their reasoning for them?

Want justice for victims? Promote and help implement social and society improving programs that significantly reduce the chance someone will go onto do something objectionable/illegal or be on the receiving end in the months, years, decades to come. This decreases the number of potential victims and perpetrators. Limits the needs to rely on the justice system.

Universal health care, including mental health

Universal Education

More outlets for people to express themselves and connect

Drug, Alcohol, substance education and programs for anyone who wants them and needs them

Living wages for the entire workforce with full time jobs that keeps pace with inflation

Improved, medically accurate, and comprehensive sex education

Greatly increased sexual health resources

The question to her is does she want justice or revenge for what happened to her?

I first want to say that victims of crime, particularly sexual assault, deserve considerable compassion, proper retribution against the offender, and possibly compensation. I also want to compliment Ms. Daggett for being completely transparent regarding her motives. She speaks of “justice” for victims, a concept against which few would argue. Not only is she confusing vengeance with justice, but is using the wrong forum.

Justice for a crime is determined by the courts in imposing sentences as specified in criminal statutes. Sex offender registration and its potential disabilities are legislatively imposed civil measures, Ms. Daggett is missing that critical distinction between criminal and civil sanctions. One may argue that the punishment applied to her abuser was insufficient. That would represent a deficiency in the criminal statute, or in the judge’s sentencing. A prosecutor has very few doorways to appeal a sentence perceived to be lenient, and a victim has none if the state declines to appeal.

Sex offender registration serves (ostensibly) one purpose and one purpose only. That is to promote public safety. Neither vengeance nor achieving a greater feeling of “justice” by a victim can be used to rationalize the registry. The article acknowledges that data do not exist to show positive public safety benefits, and Ms. Daggett has made her motivations clear. She wishes to further punish not only her abuser, but all persons on the registry. She is using an over-inclusive approach that is inappropriate under the stated purpose and intent of the law.

For her own emotional health, Ms. Daggett needs to accept the court’s judgment and the purpose of registration laws rather than perpetuating her personal sense of victimization.

Well Lindsey Daggett maybe you should slow down your witch hunt and do some research. Their are plenty of citizens on this wonderful registry that were placed there by a lie. Hard as that is for those such as yourself that want to believe it isn’t so perhaps a movie night with Brian Banks may give you some better understanding of what harm bills like you want for “Revenge” do to the 900+ mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and all family members of those who are also on the registry along with their family member.