Number of CA Registrants Continues to Decrease Slowly

Source: ACSOL

The number of individuals required to register in California continues to decrease slowly, in large part due to implementation of the Tiered Registry Law.  According to a report from the California Department of Justice (CA DOJ) made during today’s meeting of the California Sex Offender Management Board (CASOMB), the total number of California registrants is 107,925 which is a reduction of 615 individuals as compared to three months earlier.  Of that total, CA DOJ reported that there are 19,176 individuals who are currently in violation for failure to register.

The CA DOJ also reported today that courts have granted a total of 1,183 petitions for removal from the registry.  The courts have denied or dismissed 108 petitions and 1,418 petitions are pending.

“Given the large number of individuals who are eligible to petition for removal, the number of petitions filed and granted is very small,” stated ACSOL Executive Director Janice Bellucci.  “For example, there are up to 40,000 individuals convicted of Penal Code Section 288(a) who may be eligible to petition for removal.”

During the CASOMB meeting, CASOMB chairwoman and Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley reported that efforts have been made to change an existing law that limits the number of years of counseling required for individuals placed on probation.  Specifically, the law limits counseling for those placed on probation after being convicted of a misdemeanor offense to one year and two years for those convicted of a felony offense.  O’Malley said that CASOMB efforts to create an exclusion for individuals convicted of a sex offense have thus far been unsuccessful.  She added, however, that it is possible that a legislator could “gut and amend” an existing bill to accomplish this objective before the legislative session ends in September.

Also during the CASOMB meeting, it was reported that the number of individuals who are in state hospitals and convicted of a sex offense has increased to 953, an increase of 26 individuals as compared to three months ago.  Of that total, 43 percent are detainees and 57 percent have been determined to be sexually violent predators.  An increase in the number of registrants who have been released to the community has also increased to a current total of 19.  There are an additional 13 registrants who have been approved for release but are awaiting placement in a community.  CASOMB noted that there is legislation pending (Assembly Bill 1034) that could affect the placement of individuals released to the community. 

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Interesting to hear the limitation on counseling. I was part of a 3-year program. Though this program wasn’t the state run CASOMB one but rather regional to our county. Our program also wasn’t nearly as bad as how people on this site make the corporate ones sound. I actually rather enjoyed it and ended up voluntarily staying in for an additional year. Having a good counselor and program leader makes a ton of difference in participation and ultimately what one gets out of it, person and system.

I don’t trust Nancy O’Malley. Regardless of what people say of her, I will never forget how she accepted what amounts to a $10,000 bribe, from a police union, for clearing a police officer from murdering a pregnant teenager. In doing this, Nancy O’Malley, a district attorney, as well as the killer cop, did 100x worse than what 99.9% of “registered sex offenders” have done. The hypocrisy of our corrupt “government” is appalling:
Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley accepted a $10,000 campaign donation from the Fremont police union just months before her office cleared Fremont police officers of any wrongdoing in the fatal shooting of pregnant teen, Elena Mondragon. In addition, the president of the Fremont police union — Sgt. Jeremy Miskella — is one of the cops that shot Mondragon to death one year ago and was subsequently cleared by O’Malley’s office.

Last edited 1 year ago by Matt

No justification for any damn registry , Do your time and paper and get on with our life, it should be if someone wants help with an issue that help should be made available to that person ! no one is stopping any crime with a registry , if they get out of prison do their paper that should be it , I don’t care what anyone says , our family as well as our selfs have a right to be safe and that cant be if we have to watch out for these vigilantes nut jobs ! we don’t always get killed ,but their are many kinds of abuse and threats and that are there just because someone is on a stupid list ! I can’t stand it when so called professionals pretend they don’t know that 2 wrongs don’t make a right and that a shaming list stops anyone from doing something stupid or crazy , the list is punishment no matter what kind of paper you rap it in , why is it that everyones grand children are safe and not peoples children/grand children that are on the list ? the list is a hate crime !

What is crazy is possession of c.p. in California is a tier 3 crime…..lifetime registry???!? Not eligible to be removed.
But then again in Wisconsin one count of possession is a 15 year registrant, and two counts of possession is a special bulletin notice, lifetime registry, and lifetime GPS!!! With up to $240 a month to be monitored!

How many of the people still required to register have been granted an expungement and were not relieved of their duty to register? I’m still blown away by the fact that I’ve been on the registry for 18 years for 288(a) attempt and got my 1203.4 12 years ago but still have to wait 2 more years to even petition.

For petitions that are granted, is there a different document between a judge’s court order and DoJ letter of termination?

I received a letter of termination to register from DoJ but have not seen a letter from the superior court.

I want to know how many registrants still had a TBD letter/designation. That’s also one factor preventing registrants from de-registering.

@Janice (or ACSOL),

On a tangent to recorded reduction off the registry, I was wondering if any registrant has ever received a California pardon from the governor either via formal pardon or automatically sent to the governor after receiving the COR? Thanks in advance for answering the question.

Not when the CA DoJ ID’s you as T B D. Frank awaits too…SO SAD for those of us 38+ yrs on already, and I don’t mean age dob, meaning the length since conviction BEFORE The Public Reg. / ML. Thx ignorant Crime Media loss of child tv host in the male abnormal kind. sad loss, but his boy wasn’t even sexualized, murdered though kidnapping isn’t the same nor is Trafficking for later issues. Thoughts Janice ?

Hello everyone, I have been required to register for 30 years. I was picked up under the influence of meth in 1992 after being awake for 3 days.Thrown into GP I was very physcotic seeing and hearing things. Two of the tank bosses saw my condition took advantage of me. I was given the opportunity to testify against them, refused to do that which really pissed off the investigating LT and he stated in that case I will charge you with oral copulation. I really didn’t think he would but he did. That was 30 years ago and I am still required to register. How long should a man have to pay for something like that. Now I’m being evicted from my apartment that the VA helped me get