FL: Florida sex offenders could be required to have special colored license plates

Source: nbc-2.com 4/27/23

Sex offenders in Florida could be forced to get bright green license plates.

Democratic Senator Lauren Book added this to Senate Bill 1252 on Tuesday night.

If passed, all vehicles owned, driven or leased by the offenders will be required to have a fluorescent green license plate. It would also make it illegal to disguise the plate.

Sen. Book also wants all registered sex offenders to have the word “sexual predator” printed on the front of their driver’s license in the color red.

For this to become law, the Florida House and Senate would have to pass it and then Governor Ron DeSantis would have to sign it into law.

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Well, I’m glad I don’t live in Florida, but I still wouldn’t do it .why because for one unless your a commercial driver and are for hire you don’t need a DR vers license nor do you need a state plate on your private automobile/car. Don’t believe me look it up. There are actual court rulings in this very fact. We have the right ght to travel FREELY and unincombered without restrictions. I’m in Michigan though and I’m pre 2011 so I don’t have to give up my cars info.

How does my crime of possession, have anything to do with my cars!?!?! But drunk drivers don’t need distinctive plates???? I mean…..you crime was committed with a vehicle!! When is the stupidity going to end? This is pure punishment!!

This won’t stick in court, but hey, election season in just about upon us and you have to play the part of a “carrying good guy”.

She and her father are terrible people who’s work never protected anyone, but sure has harmed hundreds of thousands of people. Maybe they’ll both be in the same car when he has yet another DUI incident.

I predict a lot of rear end accidents by drivers who suddenly discover a “predator”🙀 in front of them.

And what about a registrant who owns a car which is driven by his minor children? A 16 year old cannot usually own a car, so his parents hold the title. Under this law that 16 year old would be forced to drive a car with SO plates on it even though it has nothing to do with him.

Same for vehicles a registrant owns for a business which are driven by others.

Stupid law that normally wouldn’t survive a court challenge, but this is Florida and Florida courts we’re talking about so all bets are off.

The Florida Action Committee fears the bill would wrongly punish the offender’s family members who might use cars with special license plates

HELL, it’s wrongly punishing the person forced to register first and foremost!

Oh, and Scott’s “opinion” basically proved where this is heading.

Last edited 5 months ago by Facts should matter

Florida is surrounded by water. Does this law apply to boats too? Do owners have to put a bright green neon license plate number on the hull of their favorite Mastercraft? Got to keep the kiddies safe out there on the water

Last edited 5 months ago by Roscoe

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Spurned. So what man didn’t fancy Lauren Book?

Just move out of Disneyland and problema solved!
might the death penalty is instead instituted then why not tko the so called victim and make the punishment fit. No witnesses no crime

How is this going to prevent crime this has gone political.

I propose Senator Book should get a special plate for being a vengeful lawmaker. Ron needs one for reckless/drunk driving and being a neglectful parent. It’s not registrants, their families, and sane people’s fault that her parents neglected her and allowed abuse under their noses.

Senator Book needs to retire from politics and into a therapist couch for intensive therapy.

So here’s some questions. If this became law, would any vehicle in the household have to be plated with sex offender plates even if the vehicle was not owned by the sex offender? What about any vehicle that I drive, would that have to have special sex offender plates? What if that vehicle was owned by somebody, and they refused to put sex offender plates on it? Would I be in trouble for driving that vehicle, or would the person that owns it be in trouble for not having it plated correctly for the law? This is a very sticky law that could affect a lot of non sex offender people.

I have stated for DECADES that the sex offender registry was a dry run for total state control of individuals, by preventing re-integration into society by a group of people who are more motivated to integrate back into society, and for providing the digital and sociological real-time analysis about how such control can be institutionalized across the board for the ruling elite.

But the more pragmatic effect of this law would be to open up vigilante action to a new level. EVERY car with a green license plate would be marked for harassment. Imaging road rage x1000, for starters. People flipping you off would be the norm, not the exception. Slashed tires, keyed body paint, people literally urinating on it. Even potential hit and runs where they force you off the road, potentially into a fatal accident. Insurance rates skyrocketing, far more than multiple drunk drivers.

(Keep in mind that even people who would otherwise constrain themselves in most situations may be triggered when they see a green license plate, multiplying the amount of aggression opportunities as well, in addition to the normal vigilante types.)

This is so basic even a fool can comprehend the disingenuous of this plan.

Last edited 4 months ago by Eric Knight

While this matter has gone away for this just finished FLA legislative session, thankfully, there are enough gullible FLA people who will think a fluorescent Key Lime green license plate would be cool to have on their vehicle as a way to show their independence of color styling! Let them buy into it and show it off!

Sarcastic of course, but the principle is true!

Key Lime pie is the state pie of FLA, so maybe someone needs to introduce a license plate to celebrate that with the Key Lime fluorescent green color chosen for the PFR license plates and throw a wrench into the Book family efforts. Then continue to do the same type of celebration with other colors for items pertinent to FLA and whittle away at the color palette to include black which is the blending of all colors.

Last edited 4 months ago by TS