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Missouri House passes sex offender bill

JEFFERSON CITY • The Missouri House is sending a bill to the Senate that could drastically cut back the state’s sex offender registry rolls.

After giving initial approval Tuesday night, the chamber took a second vote on the issue Thursday, advancing it to the other chamber. House Bill 1700 received near unanimous and overwhelmingly bi-partisan support in the Republican-controlled House.

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  1. Lance

    The House Bill 1700 did not pass in the Missouri Senate. Another new study is commissioned. There are studies that justify House Bill 1700 already by the DOJ and other law enforcement studies, numerous PhD’s etc. Recent studies are available yet go ignored by these senate legislators time after time only to perpetuate their “tough on crime” posturing. These legislators use unconstitutional law to meet their need to further their political careers. It is unreasonable, scandalous and shameful. Not to mention how the public is deceived and misled by these very same persons.

  2. Kathy G.

    So they have commisioned further study that will cost the taxpayers a lot of money. And when it says what has already been established by many (see Lance’s comment)studies will they ignore it too??

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