From Perverts to Pranksters: Problems with Sex Offender Registries

Just hearing the term “sex offender” elicits an almost visceral feeling of disgust in most people, so it’s not surprising that laws regarding sex offenders tend to only get tougher. These laws usually have been passed in reaction to a high-profile sex-related crime, often bearing the names of the victims (e.g., Megan’s Law, the Adam Walsh Child Protection Act). Accordingly, a vote against the law is seen as a vote against the victim. Legislative hearings include highly emotional testimony from victims of sex crimes, but predictably few arguments from the side that could be labeled as sympathetic towards sex offenders. This creates laws that are based on emotional reactions rather than rational arguments about the effectiveness of certain policies. The consequence of this one-way-only approach is draconian sex offender regimes that not only infringe on the constitutional rights of those accused or convicted of sex offenses, but also actually reduce public safety. Full Article

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The word is only barely begin to get out. How can we kick it up a notch?

I truly find this article disturbing. I think its about time California adopts a new law regarding Sex Offenders. Forcing someone to register for life or be placed online and banned from parks/libraries is really out of line. I think the DA of Orange County is a nut. What about the gang members doing drive by shootings? Why aren’t they placed online? Who is more dangerous? A gang member with a firearm or a guy who exposed himself? I think its the DA or Orange County who is attempting to get re-elected who is dangerous.