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TX: Proposed law would force sex offenders to list crimes on social media profiles

SAN ANTONIO — Texas Voices, a group dedicated to supporting registered sex offenders and their families, estimates 111 new names hit the sex offenders registry every week in the Lone Star State.

“We’ve already put their names and their faces and all of their information on the public registry for the world to see,” said Mary Sue Molnar, who serves as president of Texas Voices. Full Article

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Facebook Terms Of Service Registration and Account Security 6. You will not use Facebook if you are a convicted sex offender. This is why I don’t have a Facebook account. I’m completely out of the circle when it comes to goings on with my friends and family. When I go to a family get together, like at Christmas, I feel left out when I have to ask about a particular relative and everyone can give me a run down on their activities based on their profile or postings. The other thing I’m becoming increasingly frustrated about is that I feel… Read more »

Facebook is breaking the STATE LAW where it is clear
Except as authorized under paragraph (1) or any other
provision of law, use of any information that is disclosed pursuant
to this section for purposes relating to any of the following is
(A) Health insurance.
(B) Insurance.
(C) Loans.
(D) Credit.
(E) Employment.
(F) Education, scholarships, or fellowships.
(G) Housing or accommodations.
(H) Benefits, privileges, or services provided by any business

Im not sure what CARSOL have planned for this

Yes, clearly laws are unnecessary as we are already unwanted in the Facebook online community. We have already been told that simply being sex offenders that we are not permitted to enter the site, we are not welcome, go away! F – Facebook and the sheep who use it. It’s a club I wouldn’t want to join even if I could. BUT the point is that I have not been given a choice. The simple truth is that every person on this planet is a “sex offender” depending on who you ask. Everyone has done something of a sexual nature… Read more »

I never had any interest in Facebook, but it isn’t relevant. I don’t see how this Texas law, or Facebook’s TOS are legal. The Texas law clearly is a form of punishment, and the registry isn’t ‘supposed’ to be punishment: or so it is claimed. Having an identifier on a social media site is not the same thing as being registered. Seems they are trying to claim that it is, but it definitely is not. The registry (which I also think is wrong) is limited to name, address (in some cases) and nature of the crime. Someone has to go… Read more »

*accepted*, not excepted. sheesh. I’m tired 😉

I would love to see a company like this face such a lawsuit. It’s about time people stop having free reign to discriminate.

If this is accepted electronically it will be easy to take it into the physical world and force registrants to put signs on their home, vehicle licence plates, and even their body.

This is not far fetched… several California Cities require registrants to put a sign on the door at Halloween. City of Orange, Simi Valley (CA RSOL got a TRO about the sign portion).

Several States have the words “SEX OFFENDER” in big letters on the drivers license (OK, LA, ??).

Can a forehead tattoo be that far off? A colored patch on your sleeve?

Well I just can’t wait.

All my online friends are just chomping at the bit to hear something more interesting than what I had for breakfast.

So now I volunteer to detail in exquisite 3D-perspective every illicit sexual exploit I have had the pleasure of enjoying for all my “Social Media Collaborators” to individually or collectively freak-out over.


Mike @ “feels left out” There are many of us who could have a ga-zillion social accounts, but choose not to. For me, maybe it’s because I am older, but can not figure out what the big deal is, or why anyone would want to communicate that way, unless it is for business purposes. I wouldn’t want to share “with the world” pictures of my family, grandkids etc. Facebook seems like an invasion on my privacy. Yes, many publications now require a “facebook account” to be able to post a comment. So screw them! But that doesn’t stop me from… Read more »

@ JM et al. Thank you for joining in on my pity party. I really don’t have a desire to parade myself or personal life on the net. I guess I think It would feel like a normality. I’m almost fifty, My parents are in their seventies and my mom will whip out her laptop and go to Facebook and show me my old friends that have “Friend-ed” her. It’s fun to see faces that I haven’t seen in 20yrs. or more. That’s where I feel left out. That and the ability to defend my honor against all those ‘Facebook… Read more »

I am not a sex offender, but my fiance is, and I see what he has to go through everyday. He went to prison at 18 for a girl lying about her age and then again at 26 for downloading bit torrents of movies, software, games and music but got a secret file sent with one of the software files he downloaded without knowing it. He went to prison for 5 years the first time at 18 and then 3 years for the one at 26. He served his time like everyone else but yet his crime “sex crime” makes… Read more »

It is staggering isn’t it? Not only do ‘ex-cons’ of other types of crimes get to move on, but often they are admired and applauded after they have done their time. How many ex-gang members have been on shows like Oprah and people clap and cheer at the reformed person who’s dedicated to not making the same mistakes and going back to prison? Yet if the crime has any sexual overtones then the person is assumed to be an uncontrollable Mr. Hyde who at any moment is going to steal & eat your baby. People use the label ‘sex-offender’ as… Read more »

Unfortunately Americans are the most sexually repressed country on earth. Americans would rather eat than have sex and anyone who has sex is clearly an evil deviant who must be punished for eternity (RSO here on earth until you die and then straight to hell for the rest of your punishment for eternity). Yes, you can murder someone and be forgiven. That seems like a bit more of serious matter than looking at some porn in the privacy of your own home or pissing in a public…BUT who am I to say…I am a RSO so I have no right… Read more »

@Tired of hiding … Yes, that is what it is with one exception, on this planet anyway. For those who know Christ, have asked for forgiveness … There will be NO eternity in hell, there is NO registry. The hell will be here on earth … Sad, but true. I’m living it every day with my fiancé. Think about the condemnation our Savior went through, for us. To those who have accepted Christ, asked for forgiveness … This pain, as much as it is unfair, is only temporary … Long that it may be. But in the end … For… Read more »

@MM – please do not lose sight of the fact that this is NOT true for the planet. The only place where any and all of these transgressions are deemed unforgivable until the end of days is the ‘Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave’. NO OTHER COUNTRY on the planet takes this approach. Only this, the very country, in response to @Tired of hiding, that is not only the most sexually repressed on earth – ok, the ‘free’ world – but also the most prolific producer of sexually explicit content on earth.

Aaaah, the hypocrisy….

@Joe … Agreed.

This is truly disturbing. I mean, lets face it. Truly. You make a mistake in your life, required to attend court to address your mistake, pay your debt to society and later put on probation to hopefully fulfill any court imposed requirements. In essence, you’ve already been punished and rehabilitated and yet they want you to continue paying for the rest of your life? This law will clearly be struck down? How about murderers? Assaulters? Wife beaters? Or, think about this. Facebook page: Tom Jones 1985: DUI, 1987: Public Intoxication 1991: Asault/ What a joke? This is crossing the line… Read more »

I become ever more convinced that the creation of these ridiculous laws is to create more criminals. The fact is that RSOs do not pose a high probability of re-offending. But that isn’t good for the supporting the social paradigm the political & legal authority want to put forth. Solution? Make unreasonable laws so that RSOs are incapable of not violating these laws if following everyday life activities. That way they can arrest RSOs for ‘violating’ these laws and registration requirements, which will boost the recidivism rates and can give such statistics to the public to further a campaign of… Read more »

Indeed what you say is so true. I committed a sex crime once in the late 80s. I paid my dues as ordered by the court. I changed my life and grew-up. I was completely out of the system and had moved on with my life. I was productive and made even more changes as I progressed forward. Then after all the years of progress and learning new skills, changing careers, I was suddenly required to register (2004). Now it is 2013 and all but the last little murmors of hope exist in my life. Oh I keep a good… Read more »

My thoughts are that this violates a person’s rights against self incrimination. I don’t know enough about law to determine if this only applies in the pre-conviction phase. Exactly what are the guidelines? What if the person is barely literate; or does not posses proper grammar or usage. What then? Will the state step in and post something damaging on that person’s page? Will the company interject verbiage about danger – even if the registrant has been found to pose no risk to others beyond the initial case? I guess I believe in the adage that ‘there is no right… Read more »

One would think being born poor, living way below the poverty level would be one of the toughest challenges that one would ever survive. And salt to the wound, figure out, know, and be openly proud (not sure if “proud” is the right word when one accepts him/herself as they are) to be gay. Overcoming 50 yrs of being labeled a sissy, fag, queer, etc isn’t an easy task. At mid life being told that your body is being “attacked” from within. Yes, GRID (Gay Related Infectios Disease), ARC (AIDS Related Complex)…to what we now know as HIV/AIDS. I just… Read more »

Hey Kevin, I am totally with you. Being gay I also have overcome a lot of **** society dumped on me. Get threw your probation…jump threw the hops they ask and know that after that it gets slightly better. “This is America. I am an American. And I will die defending and fighting this bs called Registred Sex Offender.” You are totally right! We are part of a new minority that it is perfectly social acceptable to opening abuse and discriminate against. Well, guess what America…you might NOT like it BUT we are still JUST AS AMERICAN AS YOU ARE!… Read more »

So I’m still not informed. I live in Austin TX. Am I allowed or not allowed to use Facebook instagram or Google + I want to use for business. Does anyone know the facts or where do I get them?

My guess is to read the Terms Of Service for each and every provider you want to do business with. In one state, and I can’t remember which one – they called out Face Book on their well published policy of denying access to registrants. In California that restriction is against the law but politics as usual has everyone running away from the rich as though they are going to ruin the party for MZ and he will somehow retaliate and provide less tax revenue. I am only imagining what keeps California from taking Face Book on for violating the… Read more »

While I am not entirely against some restrictions for those of us who are RSO’s, I am against a Total ban on RSO’s. Although the State of Texas lists me as a ‘ High Risk Predator’. I don’t consider myself as such. As a Predator is like a Lion, Tiger, or other wild beast that STALKS it’s prey. I have made many mistakes in my life, including sex offences, for which I truly regret, and am still paying for. But I have never even once been a Predator. By being denied access to sites like Facebook, I am being denied… Read more »

As an addendum to my previous comment: Concerning listing my offenses, Although I have no real objection to it, I don’t find it necessary, as anyone who wishes to do so, who may wish to know about such things about me, can easily already easily find me on the Internet, merely by Googleing my name.

I understand perfectly what everyone is saying,but it is really all in vain. Nobody really gives a shit what any of us think or how we feel. To the general public we are all child molesters and rapists. My own family is no different. My wife divorced me my son has disowned me. Even they could care less. My life is over and I see only one way out and that is suicide. I can’t take the chance of breaking some law that would land me in prison. I never touched anyone and I pose no threat whatsoever. But I… Read more »

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