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Below is a summary of bills pending in the California Legislature and CA RSOL’s position on each proposed bill. Get involved!


AB 201This bill would state that a local agency is not preempted by state law from enacting and enforcing an ordinance that restricts a registered sex offender from residing or being present at certain locations within the local agency’s jurisdiction. The bill would authorize a local agency to adopt ordinances, rules, or regulations that are more restrictive than state law relating to a registered sex offender’s ability to reside or be present at certain locations within the local agency’s jurisdiction. AB 201 ***withdrawn 5/2015*** more details

Also see SB 267 ***withdrawn 5/2015*** more details

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  1. Pam

    Thank you for keeping us posted, and for all your hard work. Looks like it’s time to write letters once again! Let’s get busy,

  2. Eric Knight

    Regarding AB 702: Include provisions in the tiered registry that would honor court judgments from California and other states which specified registry inclusion lengths. For instance, if a registrant has been judged by another state and required to register for ten years following incarceration, then the judgment should be honored providing no registry violations have been recorded in California. Many registrants in California would be affected by this appropriate change.

  3. none

    It seem like the southern calfornia wants to create hardship for RSO while the northern California want to help the RSO
    Luke 11:46 Jesus replied, “And you experts in the law, woe to you, because you load people down with burdens they can hardly carry, and you yourselves will not lift one finger to help them.

  4. steve

    SB 386 is truly frightening. Unfortunately Corea is from OC and feels his only way to re-election is to go along with republican circus and the DA. For people who committed their offense years ago and have been enjoying these public places, and private, it is nothing but punishment. This guy should be re-called for even suggesting this absolutely unconstitutional bill. Banning someone from a movie theatre for the rest of their life, unbelievable.

  5. Bill (with a capital G)

    But nothing will ever, ever, happen if you go to the movies and refrain from molesting the child sitting next to you.
    Being as how it is impossible to prove a negative, no cinema in the universe will ask you to provide documentation to prove you are _not_ a Registered Sex Offender before they sell you a ticket.
    If you simply behave yourself and keep your raging lust under control, you can walk among the holy citizens and not fear for your safety. If you cannot suspend your cravings then perhaps you need therapy or prison…

    • Jim

      Uh….if the provisions for wearing a GPS monitoring device are to be strictly enforced then you would not dare to defy such a ban because your movements would be tracked. Urges have nothing to do with this particular issue.

  6. Jeff

    What does some not all mean when you say they will be allowed off registration for life requirements. Exactly who do they want to keep registering for Life?

    • MM

      I’m guessing it will have something to do with the charge itself, whether it was one that could ever be removed from the registry. And, that information I do not know … Wish I did.

    • steve

      Look at last years ab625. Someone who was classified as a sexually violent predator or someone who was a repeat offender would not have come off the registry per ab 625. Hopefully that is the same for ab 702.

      • steve

        ab 625:

        5) A tier three offender shall be subject to the registration
        requirements of the Act for life. A person is a tier three offender
        if any of the following apply:
        (A) The person’s score on the SARATSO is high risk.
        (B) Within 20 years of the person’s initial registration date, the
        person is convicted of a violent registerable offense.
        (C) The person has at any time been committed to a state mental
        hospital as a sexually violent predator pursuant to Article 4
        (commencing with Section 6600) of Chapter 2 of Part 2 of Division 6
        of the Welfare and Institutions Code.
        (D) The person was a tier two offender, and subsequently was
        convicted of more than one felony violation of the Act, or the person
        is convicted of any violation of the Act after becoming a tier two
        offender, and having previously been a tier one offender.
        (E) The person is required to register pursuant to Secti

        • MM

          Thank you Steve … I guess the question is: if there is only one charge and nothing more for the last 25+ years – does it depend on what the exact charge is that would allow the registration requirement to be dropped? I wonder if there is a place where you can find what tier a charge applies to? If you do, could you share? Thanks!

        • MM

          Now that I just re-read your post of the stipulations, I guess it answers it somewhat …. can one be on a tier three for the onset?


    It would seem that after the proposed so many years of registry
    every person is off list…equal opportunity …equal protections…
    if there are some who were judged svp or convicted again sometime
    after the first…then possibly propose another so many years in
    addition on registry……there are alot of people NOT judged by score or
    sentenced by score…due process undermined…attaching labels ..scores..
    categories are conditions of parole……there are alot of people NOT on parole
    who deserve equal application of the Constitution and off list as anyone else.

  8. Registered Citizen

    According to this:
    This bill would make a technical, nonsubstantive change to these provisions.

    Am i missing something? Where is the tiered registry?

  9. Dave

    Looking at AB 702 I see something significant missing. They changed the law on 1203.4 dismissals but for those of us who already had the charges dismissed shouldn’t we be automatically taken off the list instead of put on a tier? The whole purpose of that section is to clean up your life and start over. The requirement to register even if the charges were dismissed is grossly unjust. I’ve had a copy in my personnel file at work for 20 years because of new employees discovering I’m registered and trying to get me fired. If a system for getting off the registry is setup those whose charges have been dismissed should go first!

    • Need Clarity

      Any Clarity on Daves observation? Is this a legislative trick to remove 1203.4’s from the rebuilding process? The dismissal is the only real way to fight back, and how do they treat sex offenders who have already been convicted? some of us had special circumstances with plea bargains, I accepted a violent offense in exchange for probation and a bunch of terms that didnt omit me from being around kids… but if the tier system, even though i test in the lowest risk category completed probation, and obtained a 1203.4 — i would be put in the 20 year bunch- because of the nature of the offense (which i didnt commit) that i plead to. I guess its better than a lifetime, but given my circumstances of plea bargain I have a chance to be removed in about 1 – 3 years. If this passes and 1203.4’s are out, then i get pushed back another 10 years. Can someone verify if Daves observation is fact?

  10. steve

    Let’s all hope everyone gets re-evaluted and this is not based on convictions from 20 years ago. I know in my case when I originally went to court the da said misdemeanor. Then it became political and I was forced to plea to all which would put me in the high category which is not even close.

  11. mike

    The two senate bills are a flagrant display of how out of touch these senators are with the reality of prison/jail overcrowding. CDCR is still in the process of shifting low-level inmates back to counties and counties are turning parole violators away because they can’t stack the inmates any higher. Sheriffs are concerned about how they will meet their budgets without cutbacks in staffing due to the overwhelming influx. Yet senators, who apparently have no basic math skills based on their last few budgets, are creating more crimes to fill already overflowing prisons and jails.
    One inmate asks the other “What’re ya in for?”
    The other replies “Taking my family bowling.”

  12. Gary Hinojos

    I’ve been dealing with my situation over 24 years I’ve raised three kids just trying to get my life back together . Can you let me know when is your next meeting in LA

    • Janice Bellucci

      California RSOL will return to L.A. on May 18. Meeting will be held at ACLU building at 1313 W. 8th Street and start at 10 a.m. Hope to see you there!

  13. Skeletonlander

    Has anyone read this part of 702:

    “SEC. 2. Section 290.006 of the Penal Code is amended to read:
    290.006. Any person ordered by any court to register pursuant
    to the Act for any offense not included specifically in subdivision
    (c) of Section 290, shall so register, if the court finds at the time
    of conviction or sentencing that the person committed the offense
    as a result of sexual compulsion or for purposes of sexual
    gratification. The court shall state on the record the reasons for its
    findings and the reasons for requiring registration. The person
    shall register as a tier one offender pursuant to Section 290, unless
    the court states on the record the reasons for requiring the person
    to register as a tier two or tier three offender pursuant to Section

    I think this gives too much discretion to the judges. They can look at you, say you are a lifetime registrant and state on the record they feel this is appropriate. This sort of goes against the idea of determinate sentencing.

    I think Tom is on the right track, but this section should be eliminated IMHO.

  14. Staying Positive

    Met with my assembly member this morning at a coffee klatsch and explained my resons for supporting AB 702. He said he would support the bill when it reaches the Assembly floor. He knew someone who’s son killed himself over the lifetime registration because of a statutory conviction when he was 19 and she was 16. He says it’s wrong to have blanket treatment for all violations.

  15. greg scott

    702 has a few good lines, I got to read it all before I can offer my 3 cents. I plead guilty to forcible rape 1985 for an 1982 crime, if I knew that I would be re imprisoned over 4 times 20 years later I would of found the gumption to go to trial. the public needs to explore the entire bill before,letting it in…what a mess. Thank You. greg

    • B

      AB702 is far from perfect. But right now, registration in California is like a long highway with no off ramps. AB702 at least begins the off ramp construction program. After this gets passed, then we work on improving and increasing the number of off ramps.

  16. John M.

    AB 702 appears to be DEAD in the Assembly Appropriations Committee! It has to be OUT of committee, and VOTED OUT OF THE ASSEMBLY BY NEXT FRIDAY (01/31/14)! I truly doubt that that is gonna happen!

  17. CX

    Does anyone have an update on the status of this Bill? Thank you.

  18. Branded

    On sending letters or Emails to our reps, what is better ? Should we contract the sponsors of the bills or only our local reps (Vta County)? What would be a good format to use ? . I am ready to do as much as I can to help us .

  19. David Holland

    Some time ago, I read on this website about someone was sueing the state of California about not putting the dates of conviction and release on the Megans website…. I have never heard another word about it… does anyone
    know what happened about that??

  20. Janice Bellucci

    Decisions to exclude an individual are based upon state laws. A short description of those laws is available on the home page of the CA Megan’s Law website and provided below: If the offense is a felony sexual battery (Pen. Code § 243.4(a)), or a misdemeanor annoy/molest children (Pen. Code § 647.6.), exclusion must be granted if there is no other registrable offense, or a felony child pornography (Pen. Code §§ 311.1, 311.2 subd. (b), (c), or (d), or Pen. Code §§ 311.3, 311.4, 311.10, or 311.11), where the victim was at least 16 years or older. Offenders who successfully complete probation for an offense in which the victim was their child, stepchild, sibling, or grandchild, and which did not involve either oral copulation or penetration of the victim, may also be granted exclusion. Beginning January 1, 2012, exclusion cannot be granted unless the person’s risk level is low or moderate-low. Offenders in this category must also register as a sex offender with a local law enforcement agency.

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