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Janice’s Journal: SB 267 Withdrawn

We did it! We stopped SB 267! The California state legislature will not consider for the remainder of this year any bill that would authorize cities and counties to pass laws that prohibit registered citizens from being present in or near public and private places.

“This great victory is the result of individuals writing letters and making phone calls to state senators as well as testifying before the Senate Public Safety Committee,” stated CA RSOL president Janice Bellucci. “It is also the result of support from like minded organizations including the ACLU, California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, Housing California and Alameda County.”

During the Senate Public Safety Committee hearing, there was overwhelming support from those who opposed the bill. The support began with formal testimony from ACLU, Housing California and California RSOL and was followed by informal testimony from like minded organizations and individuals, including registered citizens.

Senator Loni Hancock, chair of the Public Safety Committee, thanked the registered citizens who testified and added, “It takes a lot of courage to speak out due to the stigma of being on the registry.”

Following the testimony, Senators Mark Leno and Loni Hancock stated they could not support SB 267. Leno stated his position was based in large part on recommendations from the California Sex Offender Management Board (CA SOMB). Hancock agreed with Leno and then asked the author of the bill to withdraw it. The author of the bill, Senator Connie Leyva agreed to that request.

Because Senator Leyva withdrew the bill, it cannot be considered in 2015. The bill could, however, be amended and considered in 2016 provided that the amended bill is introduced in January 2016. The Assembly version of the bill, AB 201, was also withdrawn by its author and faces a similar fate.

– Janice Bellucci

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Excellent- thank you Janice:)

Great news!!!! Thank you Janice! And thank you to everyone who testified before the committee, wrote letters, made phone calls and sent their prayers. God is Good!

Wow that’s amazing thank you Janice and everyone that participated in getting these bills stopped. Our phone calls and voices seem to have made a difference.

This is AWESOME! Thank you Janice, CA RSOL, and everyone who contributed any effort in getting this bill withdrawn.

Oh Holy Moly!!!!! (keepin’ it clean) You are awesome!!!!!! Unbelievable, awesome, amazing!!!!! *huge smile*

An applaud to Janice, all the board members and to everyone that helped for the cause!

Thank you all!

Two-year bill
A bill that is “dead,” “stalled,” “held” or simply “not moved” by the author in the first year of a two-year session and cannot be heard again until the second year of the session. Gener- ally a bill becomes a two-year bill when it fails to meet a legislative deadline, such as a fiscal committee or policy committee deadline. A bill cannot become a two-year bill in the second year of the session, since there is no additional year to which the bill would be carried over.

Great News!!! I knew we would do it. It just makes sense and was the only right thing to do. I am glad I made the calls and mailed the letters, along with all of you who did the same. Thank YOU Janice and Team.

Yeah! This is the best news ever. So excited that all of our phone calls and letters were effective. Thank you too to Janice and to everyone else that made the trip to Sacramento today to speak out against SB 267.

I also feel more motivated than ever to continue to speak out against the injustices placed on registered citizens. And if all of us continue to work together we will indeed one day succeed.

THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who wrote letters, made phone calls, and stood up for our rights and our freedom! Especially thank you Janice, Frank, and CA RSOL!

“It takes a lot of courage to speak out due to the stigma of being on the registry.” There is a lot being said, here, that we can use. Thanks to everyone.

best news I,ve heard all year!thank you janice.I wrote and called my ass off .

i,m so happy about this!!!!!!!!!!!

WOOT!!!! The pen is mightier than the sword!

Let this be a reminder as to why we should not fall prey to the hatred and ignorance of a past fueled by ignorant tough-on-crime politicians and a public misled by the media. At some point as we, and most people in general, learn that ostracizing and demonizing any group only leads to outright hate and prejudice, we can begin to heal, forgive and move forward with our lives by using our own good judgement and conscience. Everyone who participated in opposing SB 201 and SB 267 gets to bask in this victory and should enjoy it. Thank you Janice,… Read more »

Thank you to Janice, and to all of us involved, whether by showing up to testify, writing letters, or in any way speaking on our behalf…CONGRATS!

One more win. A little more hope for the future. Thanks Janice and all those involved.

Thank you Janice thank you ALL! Let’s make sure to send out thank you calls and emails too just to let these people know we are human, we are voters and we matter.

I’m so excited that this was withdrawn. Thank you so much! What’s next, Janice? Hopefully this can inspire more people to prevent things like this from hindering registered citizens from rebuilding and living their lives.

This poor man was trying to live as a homeless registered citizen and he just left CA for this?!?

This is a great day to feel good about standing up, writing letters, making calls and being heard. And it’s a great time to thank those amazing people who lead this fight on the front lines. Janice, Frank, Chance and all those from CARSOL, we salute you, we appreciate you, we are blessed to have you.

My take away from this is they ARE listening to the board which is highly encouraging

Thank you very much Janice!.. Also to all whom helped, sent letters and mad calls. Your all appreciated much.

Video of the hearing is up.
Senate Public Safety Committee, May 12, 2015

First agenda item.

Thanks to all!

Thanks for this link. I feel so proud of all that spoke out against this issue.

I just took the time to watch the video. It. Was. Awesome. 🙂

For anyone who needs their spirit lifted when facing a seemingly uphill battle, i have this to say: After watching the video, it’s apparent to me the tide has turned and the pendulum is swinging the other way now.

Thank God for Janice

Thank you, Janice and to everyone who called and wrote letters and especially to those who testified on our behalf!

Thank You Janice and all parties/people involved including myself. I think this was a wise move by the State of California also. Create a tiered registry and add restrictions for the period prescribed appropriately. Blanket restrictions are illogical and a waste of time and effort and a false security.

I am going to go the park with my dogs, my kids and my grandchildren.

God Bless this Victory, I for one am going to celebrate.

Tootles, I am stoked and relieved

New “Myth” for the top of the site

“Registered Citizens are meek and frightened, don’t vote and will not fight for their rights”

Thank you everyone! It is people like you who see the vindictiveness and the punishment that these laws place on registrants and their families. I was grateful to do my part and will continue to do so until this kind of fear-based thinking is eliminated. Gratitude to Janet for your hard work in ensuring that we all get a fair shake in society.

Galatians 6:9 “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.”

Deuteronomy 31:6 “Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the LORD thy God, he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.”

We can’t lose unless we stop fighting the “good fight” (no matter how hard or long). We are all winners!

Last night, I was praying about this matter and I fell asleep before finishing and I slept through the whole night. When I got up, this morning, I realize that I did not finish the prayer, however, I did not have to finish, because God had already taken care of the issue.

My Pastor always says “right always prevails,” and “truth always wins,” and he is right.

I recently viewed the video and I was very happy to see and hear my district’s representative Mark Leno’s comments in opposition to this bill. I just sent him a thank you e-mail.

This was an amazing win for us. I just want to thank everybody involved. I am a registrant who made the trip up today after years of thinking I could never make a difference. I found that that thinking couldn’t be farther from the truth. Everyday people getting involved can make change happen. If your a registrant get involved your voice will be heard and can be the difference to push things in the direction we are fighting for. We don’t need to live in this fear that has been created for us.

Good job Russ, proud of you!

like I usually say on my posts..

Another WIN for RSO (RC)

Great link guest. My god it was great to hear leno talk sense and show the courage to speak up I love the fact that our people are using the reports and making the points that matter. Those reports are the keystones to get the registry overturned completely. The registry is useless and counterproductive and can be proven as such by the reports. Great job.

CONGRATULATIONS CA RSOL !!!!!!!!!!! We are two states east of you, and we can hear the celebration !!!!!

Thank you Janice, Frank, et al; I was thinking of you two and everyone else all day. Today I was in a park guiding another man through a spiritual process and found it hard to stay focused. A cop kept driving by and I couldn’t help thinking that after today I could possibly go to jail for doing what I was doing; guiding a man through the 12 step process in a park because we had no where else to go; trying to help him to help his self. This win proves that darkness can’t compete with light. I also… Read more »

If you can make sure you tell Connie Thanks for withdrawing SB267



I tried to leave a comment but it didn’t post.

Thank you Janice and EVERYONE who showed up and spoke up!!!!

The best time to prepare for the next battle is the day after a victory. We need to do everything that is legal to alert every RC and their family members about CA RSOL so there will be a bigger army, not only to defend us from these Terrorist attacks, also, launch an offensive in this war.

Great News! Thank you to Janice for another victory! And thanks goes to everyone that made the effort to call or write and had friends and family do the same. It proves that the system does work and that common sense can prevail. The city of Carson and others who have refused to budge on this issue need to take great stock of this turn of events. It is now their turn to do the right thing and get rid of their hateful draconian laws. Its time for everyone to donate to CA RSOL so that even more work can… Read more »

I too watched the video and I was so impressed with what he had to say. Suggesting to Leyva to come back with a tier system bill was classic. Hancock is from Alameda County who testified against the bill. Both Hancock and Leno are California Bay Area representatives.

City of CARSON Mayor/Councilman ALBERT ROBLES faces SEXAUL ASSSSUALT allegations:

I always thought he was a little too vocal about the RSO issue. This would explain it.
It seems it was a case of , “Hey! Look over there!”

This is a good one! With luck he will be number 100 on the registry in the city of Carson!

Michael; thanks! Most interesting and informative article, indeed!!!! If I am the scum of society and all the other things said of me by the likes of Robles, as well as the press because I looked at some pictures then he is a total monster of the worst variety; incurable and sorely in need of lifetime monitoring by the state! What he did is attempted rape, as well as other crimes while in office. Yup; he’s a pervert, predator, child molester, stalker, and everything else we are called in the press. I hope to see him at a CA-RSOL meeting… Read more »

Poetic justice. This is sexual battery, not harassment. One day Robles will wake up and find out he qualifies to be on the registry. Maybe then he will understand what goes around comes around.

Amazing victory, Janice and company!! After hearing Leno speak, it’s obvious that the powers to be are understanding the depth of this issue. He totally gets it. Thank you so very much for all that you do!!

Leno’s comment to “come back with a tier bill” is epic. It’s almost a warning shot to anyone else who wants to come up with BS bills to come with something substantial that reflects CASOMB’s reccomendations to help fix the situation. I dread to think what our situation would be if the far right was in charge.

All the more reason to research who you vote for.

Some believe in luck. I practice Prayer and Action! AV Homeless Veteran… Thanks to all who signed and to those of us California Citizens who: lobby, make, enforce, and obey the LAW!

I have developed a system of influencing that if taken to heart and acted on will make a difference at city, county, state and federal levels. Forgive me and my lacking towards defining what resources are available to you via your local hair salons and barber shops. These people are directly in touch with voters …they are the boots on the ground. How can you use their relationships with community to promote our rights in this war? What does a hairstylist and barber value most? Their cutting tools. If you determine to sharpen their scissors for free stating (XYZ politician)… Read more »

Robert Curtis is the real deal. He is a man with a mission….and a lot of courage. He has stood before the state legislature, county supervisors and city council members sharing his truth. Robert has made and continues to make a difference in our worthy cause. Thank you, Robert!

With humble thanks to you Janice and the RSOL staff for giving us a means and support to do so (to show-up, stand-up and speak-up). Together we can and will do marvelous things! When I look on the faces of those amongst us what I see is Hope.

thank you Janice Bellucci and RSOL for fighting for us! The favor of God is on you!

Janice and the RSOL and the people who testified – THANK YOU for all your work. You’ve made a difference in our life and our families’ lives. We’ve suffered too long and too much from this injustice. Please continue the fight. If not for anything then for justice. To end this suffering. Only you believe in us and our cause. THANK YOU again and again.

My father survived 1939 Berlin because good German citizens saw the wrong in their governments laws. I’m here today because people came together to help each other. He would be happy to people standing up for their rights.

I just wrote President Obama a letter and in it I voiced the concerned of the nation’s community of registered citizens. I also sent the same letter to each of my representatives. I want to be heard, it’s my right as a citizen of this nation and of this world.

I am writing to my Assemblyman (who voted in favor of AB201 in the Local Governance Committee prior to it being withdrawn) and I am including a link to the Senate Public Safety Hearing video) with the suggestion that he learn from Senator Leno. I’m irritated by my Assemblyman’s pandering cowardice!

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