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What is happening with the stay on California’s Proposition that would require RSO’s to disclose their internet ID’s and passwords? Can they ask who my internet provider is? Where can I find a copy of the court’s order? If a County violates this order, what are the consequences? Thank you for your efforts.

Ron , Do a search for prop 35 on this website and you should find the answer to your questions

How exactly does the San Diego mayor, touch a women’s tush over clothes and say… I’m gonna go get therapy and I’m not stepping down as mayor! I did something similar while drunk in 2002 and got charged with CSC 4th degree and am a registered sex offender until 2025.

I don’t hear anyone calling him a sex offender. They call it sexual Harrassment! Really?? I’m a tier two sex offender and he’s mayor.

Did anyone else get an Amber Alert via txt msg last night?

As a parent and decent person I of course think that the public must help in finding kidnapped people, especially kids. Putting information on the signs on the freeway close to the site might be a good idea, especially if done in a timely fashion. Unless, of course, those big signs distract drivers to the point of causing accidents and harm. Oh well.

But what is the point of last nights alert? I just found out this was a blanket message to all cell phones in the state?,0,2233972.story. I am asleep on my sofa at the time! I have never heard of Boulevard California (is that a town?). Apparently it is. I know this now. It is also hours and hours from my house. Where, mind you, I am sound asleep! What am I to do with this information???

All the other well meaning warnings. Amber Alerts statewide. Global terrorist warnings. National Registries. Stuff like that. When have we become so afraid?

The point of my rant is – what is the point of all of this? Make us all afraid and distract us? Of what? From what?

Can you be fired if your employer finds out you are a registered offender?

I do not get directly harassed by a criminal regime all that often because I don’t allow them to get near me. But I did have the displeasure of interacting with one of their criminal employees last week. This particular criminal wanted to harass me about something particularly idiotic and wasteful.

It seems that a law enforcement criminal in another state was not happy about where a vehicle that I own was parked a while ago. So he/she contacted a law enforcement criminal in my state to waste their time too. Then that criminal wanted to talk to me about it. The hilarious thing about it all is that I have never driven that vehicle even once. They wasted quite a bit of time, effort, and money on all of it, at the expense of not doing anything about actual crime.

I thought I had made it pretty clear to this particular criminal regime that I do not ever have any interest in speaking to them. I give the information that I am forced to under threat of arrest/confinement/harassment and other than that, they need to keep their stupid mouths shut and stay away from me. But this particular criminal was very insistent that I talk to him about the vehicle. He threatened to arrest me for “obstruction of justice”. I offered to let him speak to my attorney instead but he insisted that he would just arrest me. He is a real criminal P.O.S. and I will legally retaliate for his harassment. I intend to make him pay. Which, again, will distract everyone from doing anything about actual crime.

Interactions with these types of criminals make me think that I should have a video camera running everywhere at all times and carry cards for my attorney. Then I should be able to just give the criminal a card and tell them I have nothing to say to them.

P.S. The criminal regimes still have no excuses that they have not created the rest of their Registries. The main reason the Sex Offender Registries exist is to harass families. They are not for “public safety” or “protecting children” as the nanny, big governments lie.

A first time event! Tonight, while enjoying a cold drink at a local pub which I have frequented for 10 years, the bartender came up to me and asked if he could speak to me. I said yes, and we proceeded to a hallway. He asked me if I was a RSO, which I said yes. He then said, “get the f**k out of my bar and don’t ever come back!” I asked if he would like some facts, to that he said, the law is the law. Well, I left with my friend. I’m glad a scene wasn’t made, but I’m really curious how he knew that bit of information. Could this be a glimpse into the future of RSO’s everywhere?
One thing for sure, if you live by the law, you’ll die by the law. Hoping Ms. Karma shows up there soon.

I do appreciate all the encouragement, comments and feedback. I just find it unusual that I’m a “great” customer and this guy has been quite jovial with us in the past. I think that possibly something happened to a family member sometime and that’s why he reacted so vehemently. Other workers there have been more than kind, but then they don’t know the deep, dark secret. My response is this: First, he is ignorant; second, my bowel movements are more significant than he is. Kinda gross, I know, but they’re not worth the effort. Stupid is as stupid does!

I was suspended for 30 days from my local restaurant because of complaints that people didn’t want to be around a RSO. That was 6 months ago. This is after me being a good customer since they opened 8 years ago. I haven’t went back since. They said me being their was hurting business. Not possible as it’s the only restaurant in town. And it’s always busy when I’m their. The owner (a Chinese Citizen, Chinese Restaurant) said he has a right to refuse service to anyone.

It seems like you may have a law suit here:

What Conditions Allow a Restaurant to Refuse Service?
There a number of legitimate reasons for a restaurant to refuse service, some of which include:

Patrons who are unreasonably rowdy or causing trouble
Patrons that may overfill capacity if let in
Patrons who come in just before closing time or when the kitchen is closed
Patrons accompanied by large groups of non-customers looking to sit in
Patrons lacking adequate hygiene (e.g. excess dirt, extreme body odor, etc.)
In most cases, refusal of service is warranted where a customer’s presence in the restaurant detracts from the safety, welfare, and well-being of other patrons and the restaurant itself.

How Can a Lawyer Help Me?
If you were unjustly refused service at a restaurant, you should contact a constitutional law attorney immediately. A lawyer can help determine the existence of any unlawful discrimination, as well as the overall strength of your individual case.

Certainly being an ex offender, required to register with local law enforcement, shouldn’t be grounds for dismissal from a public place.??

So.. Something interesting happened last week.. I came home and one of my neighbors who knows of my past pointed out on the “Registry” that I had a label saying “In Violation.” I panicked.. In violation with what??? Since I wasn’t on parole/probation I had to get to the bottom of this and contacted the Long Beach PD, who after a time bounced my phone call to Sex Offender Unit… (do to the cut backs, I don’t think anyone at that office works full time anymore). Apparently a police officer did 2 random residence checks and I wasn’t home.. and they couldn’t confirm if I lived there or not… I asked what times did they police officer come by? I’m either going grocery shopping and just overall out and about.. They didn’t specify the times.. I was told to stop by with proof of address, mail or driver license.. Told them it was bullshit I did my yearly trip there with my driver license which has my current address.. And that was it.. No warning.. no “We’ll send someone by to verify”.. No anything… What the Hell? Am I to be a prisoner in my own home like I was under house arrest so they can “verify” if I actually live here? This random residency check is complete and utter bullshit.. Its like try to impose parole/probation rules on someone who have already did their time…

I hate to ask… But if anyone is in Long Beach… Do you guys notice a “silent” hard stance against sex offenders in this city? or is it just me?

Reading whatt folks are posting about house checks scares us … Fortunately, even though we live in one of the strictest OC cities …. They have NEVER come to check, not in three years. Not that we don’t think they won’t, they just haven’t. And, we’ve got “one of those neighbors” who tells everyone about us! Even the poor family that moved in directly across the street from us … ON THE DAY THEY MOVED IN. We could tell something was wrong when we greeted them from across the street about a week later… I let a week go by and went over (shaking in my boots) … I’m not the registrant my fiancé is … Anyway, I went over with a small bouquet of flowers. Learned in our 45 minute conversation that he is a police officer, from another city, had done his homework before buying and already knew. I shared with him what I thought appropriate and at the end …. All was OK …. He appreciated me coming over and said I was a sweet lady. Just as I was leaving my fiancé came home and saw me across the way, he pulled into the driveway and came over (I’m sure shaking in his boots). They introduced each other, shook hands and well …. Only time will tell. It could have turned out differently but I felt I needed to show up, stand up and speak up and change at least THIS family’s perception of what a “sex offender” is!

He did mention that he had gone on to Megans site, looked the address up and DID SEE the year of conviction, 1987 (fiancé was 19 at the time) said that made a BIG difference in his decision to buy …. But also calling the police department about us. I share this because its a true life story … If you don’t have your year of conviction listed on megans website it looks as though the offense just happened because of the recent photo. Do whatever you can to get the year listed. We believe it will at least help some of the burden (nightmare) we ALL face.

Thanks for reading …. I realize my posts aren’t so eloquently written about the laws, etc. I’ve just got real stories and the feelings that go with them ….

By the way, where can I find a lawyer that knows 290 law? Is there a directory? The reason I even started looking at this forum is to keep up with the laws after prop 35. I had no idea there were so many.

CA Assembly Person Tim Donnelly, Is he a moron? Tell me more. We need a list of which politicians we should support and not.

My 5 year old daughter started kindergarten last week and the stress of not being able to participate and repeatedly disappoint her by not attending events is spiking my stress level, let alone the impact it has on her.

I know I am not alone in this. Can anyone recommend a web site or coping mechanisms to get through this?
Participating in the meetings and fighting for changes in the law great for the long haul, but for these more immediate issues any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Was doesn’t the government come out with a approve map of where register SOs can live? It seems easy enough to say “If your crimes consisted of 290 , you can’t live 2000ft from where ever”.. is it attempt not to sound “290 registers can only live in this area”.. granted if it’s said that way it does sound like a punishment and very similar to past history involving race and religion and pure race…

Just wanted to put it out there … Whenever you have an opportunity, when & if you feel comfortable, share what you know about what is going on. Personal experience … I recently spoke to a police officer (new neighbor across the street) that works in a nearby city. Began explaining to him about how there are vigilante killings across the country simply based on the fact you are listed on the registry and he had no idea. I truly believed him, he was listening. I actually shared the story about the recent SJC killing (which yesterday gave him life in prison with no parole) … San Juan Capistrano …. for goodness sake were in the OC and he didn’t know! Until someone is EXPOSED to what they don’t KNOW they DON’T KNOW. I don’t speak with everyone … but, given the opportunity and the right circumstances … take the opportunity to speak up. It’s scary, I know I was shaking in my boots … but felt better after having known I enlightened someone!

Has there ever been a study done on the unemployment rates of RSO ?

Seem another “upholder of the law” or dirty cop got busted for having sex with a minor, then intimidating the witness and having a controlled substance. This will be a good one to watch and see what, if any, sentence will be handed down. Research and statistics prove that law enforcement is a far greater threat to minors than any other profession. Another one bites the dust!