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Monterey County deputies probe shooting of sex offender

Monterey County sheriff’s deputies grappled with a mysterious double homicide followed by the shooting of a convicted sex offender late Sunday and early Monday.

Around 10:30 a.m. Monday, sheriff’s deputies and Salinas police officers found convicted rapist Donald Crisp, 58, seriously wounded by gunshots near the address listed as his residence on the state’s registered sex offender website. Full Article

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This is a tragedy! No one had to die or to be hurt in any way. The fact that anyone can be denied mental health counseling is also a tragedy which may have led to the murder of two people as well as to serious injury to a third person. This must be stopped! Mental health services need to be provided to those who require them regardless of their label as a “sex offender”. I mourn today for those who have died as well as those who continue to be harmed due to their labeling as a sex offender.

I know it sounds almost impossible to accomplish, but I wish you (Janice) and/or others in CA and even in other states could file for a TRO against the public online registry and get it shut down. It seems like these vigilante killings of registrants are escalating lately. In my opinion, public registries are tantamount to online hit lists!
Before Nicole Para and Governor Terminator made the registry public online in 2004, CA seemed to have a good system of checks and balances of having to go to the police station and give your ID, etc. It made attacks like this much less likely to happen.
Just venting….

Wow! But quite the misguided story. Newspapers being what they are, that could be because it was too rushed to be better. But inthe eh4adline, ir purports to be about the killing of a sex offender folowing to othere killingns. But the story simoply mentioned the two other killingns int heelade, but then went on and on and on about all the sex offense background about this guy. Only at the very end does it finnaly mention the other two shooting deaths.

What the faeld to talk about here was whether this was a possible drive byshooting, maybe a gang iniutiation tokill some people. Youhave two peoplee laying dead of gonshot wouds,and apparnlynot far away,a third. Teh thrid happens tohave a background as an SO and is lsited, wiht his address, on the Web.

OK. And I’m happy to have them consider whether he was shot because of that listing — but they didn’t need to list every last detail of his sex offender background! They could have left it at simply saying he was on the list on the Web. But because of these other two killings, and the possibility they are connected, it would seem more likely it was a drive by picking out any old target — which sometimes is a gang initiation, although three is a lot for that.

But I do find it very unconscionable what happened to this guy in the past. He sued the county after being refused mental health services — because he is an SO. And the court ruled against him! From the story:

“Crisp claimed, he was refused services by the county’s Behavioral Health Department because he was a sex offender and an employee told him, “they have children in this office.”

“He said the employee “could not resist showing (Crisp) his picture from the Internet.”

“He said the county caused him to suffer extreme mental hardship. “One can only pound one’s head against the wall so many times before damage is done,” he wrote.

“The case was dismissed in late 2009.”

While the story does not give the county’s point of view on it, it leaves you wit the impression that now even if an SO seeks mental health services to address their SO issues, they will not be allowed — because after all, sometimes children will be in the office! It is deemed far better to deny an SO mental health services to address his SO issues than to let him any place on the planet where a child might be once in a while!

Which brings me to raise another issue I have long spoken out against: the state law that requires any mental health professional to report to police anything a patient might say or otherwise divulge about ever having had any sex offense involvement with any child, no matter what that might have been.

This is a unique hole in the mental health privacy laws — all other matters between a therapist and patient must remain private, even other crimes; the mental health professional has legal protection for doing so and a legal requirement for doing so. But not for anything related to a sex offense.

This means that anyone whose issues involve children who wants to stop being an SO and goes for mental health treatment will instead not get mental health treatment, will get reported to police, arrested and jailed.

We won’t even allow them to get help and stop offending! As a result, such a person will not go for mental health treatment, will just keep on offending if they can’t control themselves, kind of the opposite of what you would think the public would want.

How many have to die to get people to wake up and see what’s happening in their own country?

Wow, another person dead because of their Sex Offender Status. I mean, if Detectives aren’t putting two and two together, they are retarded. There is no doubt this man committed a crime, but he paid his debt to society and was obviously viciously gunned down! THis is getting serious. How many times does this have to happen? I mean, this isn’t funny. I think its a great reason why we need a Tiered System here in Ca.

I have to disagree…this is not a great reason for a tiered registry, this is a great reason for the public registry to be removed permanently!

Absolutely right td777. This guy could easily have been in a tiered registry system and have this happen. This actually is reason for no public notice of registrations. But event hat is not enough — someone who has completed probation or parole, which is supposed to be the test of rehabilitation, should not have to face registry at all — since the already have shown rehabilitation! Besides, other than the 1% of the worst SOs, SOs actually have a lower recidivism rater than other criminals — yet, other criminals don’t have to register.

But USA, I also point out again, you really are jumping the gun on what happened here, are presuming he was shot because he was a registrant. In fact, if this actually is linked to the other two nearby shootings, it is unlikely his SO status had anything to do with it. It might have — but so far, we don’t have enough info to jump to a conclusion.

I don’t know that a tiered system would have prevented this tragedy. Any time someone’s name and personal information and criminal history are made available to the general public, vigilante behavior will follow. California stopped allowing its citizens to get other drivers’ vehicle registration/addresses several decades ago, after someone obtained a celebrity’s address via the DMV and attacked her. Apparently our priorities are ass-backwards. I think that letters should be written, as were in the wake of the South Carolina murders, requesting private information be removed from the public registry — this is a public safety measure necessary to curtail a senseless, heartbreaking and recurring tragedy.

You are right Virginia, the real threat to registrants is taking away their privacy and protection. To expose them publicly is a far greater crime against their civil rights than restricting them from certain places.

There is an update in this case. The “sex offender” has died from his wounds. We have lost another human being in this tragedy. It is all so senseless and preventable.

What a tragedy that this guy sought help and it was refused. We don’t know why, but somehow a turn of events led to this guy being shot to death.
The other tragedy is the headline of this story, clearly designed to sell papers, get eyeballs on the page and adverts.

I hope everyone contacts Julia “Scoop” Reynolds at 648-1187 or and gives their opinion of her reporting style.

I note, the writer of this story did NOT write the headline — a copy editor did. As for the story itself, as I noted above, it is very likely it had to be written is a dramatic rush at the last minute — that is the nature of late breaking news in a daily newspaper, so you have to give a little bit of leeway for that.

We need to start posting on other countries sites telling our stories. They can’t convience me that my decade old misdemeanor should subject me to 25 years of unemployment and public shaming! They use public shaming maybe we should also! Minors lives on the registry being destroyed! Maybe these senseless murders need to have us leaving comments on countries more concerned about the truth! The Internet is world wide!

If you were convicted of a misdemeanor more than 10 years ago, you may be eligible to apply for a certificate of rehabilitation (CoR). If granted, the CoR will take you off of the registry. For more information, got to the Frequently Asked Questions or contact me directly.

That is true. However, the investigation for it can be more destruction to a misdemeanant than even the registration itself, as neighbors will be informed and questioned, employers will be informed and questioned — and there goes any good recommendation — their home will be searched. And it costs a lot of money to hire a lawyer to handle this, not to mention others who will have to be paid, such as a psychiatrist to give an evaluation. All because of an ancient misdemeanor that should not face registration in the first place as it is classified as a minor offense, poor demeanor.

I note, this deep investigation is because a Certificate of Rehabilitation is actually a request for a pardon, is the first step. Thus, you are evaluated on the basis of seeking a pardon, even though a misdemeanant has no need of the pardon.

As you know, in the end, there is no standard whatsoever that an application can meet to be entitled to the certificate, it is a completely capricious decision by each and every individual judge. They can cite anything at all to justify denying it, and they can be very imaginative about what they cite. So, after all that destructive investigation, lawyer and other costs, time, hassle, loss of job, etc., in the end no one can even suggest that you stand much of a chance of getting the certificate, and even though one judge would give it, the one you get might be of a different mind frame and deny it.

Yes, it is there, so it is a possibility. But it is not reasonable.

The other two killings happened too far away for it to be connected. I hate to say it, but it seems this unfortunate soul was targeted. It looks like he made a very, very, very bad mistake over 20 years ago. But the fact that he was seeking help from mental health stands as a testimony to his willingness and desire to seek help. As I’ve said before, we need rehabilitation, not incarceration. Prevention, NOT more detention! A parent may give the child a swift swat on the behind for misbehaving, but its the stern talk that comes afterward that teaches them why it was wrong and how to do better next time.

I’m doubtful the the vigilanty killings and crimes against SO’s will stop. The general public’s perception is that all SO’s are horrid child molesters, rapists and animal sodomizers and should die! Thanks to politicians, news media and law enforcement for putting out false and misleading statistics showing how evil and likely SO’s are to reoffend. Facts won’t bring in federal grant money to law enforcement, facts won’t get politicians re-elected, facts don’t sell newspapers; as long as there is fear mongering by select groups, we’d better all watch each other’s backs. Killing a RSO is considered a “righteous” killing.

Its hard to dodge bullets but always know where you are, who you’re with and where you’re going. Don’t open the door unless its someone you know and someone you’re expecting. If possible, get a dog (or several!) for protection. (i.e. German Shepherds are known for their intelligence, loyalty and security. Most attackers wouldn’t want to mess with you if they know you have one in your home. Other good protection breeds are dobermans, rottweilers, chow chow’s…etc…)

Also, if at all possible, keep a cell phone on you at all times so you can call for help. If you own your own home, put up a fence with a locked gate so just anyone can’t come on your property. Another thing is always be aware of your surroundings. If a car stops in front of your home, if you see the same vehicle drive by frequently within a short span of time, if someone is loitering outside your home…etc…Pay attention, these could be warning signs. If anything happens you won’t have much time to react. I know some people have taken self-defense classes, setup cameras on their home, and keep certain non-firearm, projectile arms on their property just in case. There are many ways we can protect ourselves, we just have to be smart and a little creative.

Always…if in doubt, call the police. It is their duty to protect us, like it or not.

Janice, what mch says here is what we all know and decry. You have been going around and speaking. Perhaps a more targeted approach at some of the foundations of news reporting would be more productive. I’m suggesting getting in at the major journalism schools and talking with the professors, and maybe at a class, on this matter in particular as the perfect example of a violation of journalistic ethics. The schools are big on teaching the ethics of journalism, about fairly reporting it, about proper research. All of that has been violated on this topic — and that makes it a prime example for them all to be using in teaching, the prime example of what not to do.

Secondly, do similarly with some of the major journalism think tanks, such as the Pointer institution. They influence journalism across the country.

This topic of reporting on SOR needs to be made the top, major example for all journalists, at least equal to the example of teaching about the McCarthy era.

The idea is that this would influence ALL news reporting on this topic — it would put ethical reporting on sex offenders right up front at all the new organizations. They would no longer be simply regurgitating the din but stopping and thinking and considering the ethics and knowing that it is now something they will decidedly be judged on.

This won’t stop the organizations that outright intend to hurt SORs. Those organizations have never let ethics get in the way of any reporting on anything. But MOST news operations would take far greater care with this topic to present honest, truthful news stories related to it — including more reporting about the horrors it is imposing and the senselessness of it. They would stop letting themselves be manipulated by the voices of hate and deceit.

As it is now, for every one honest report we get, there are 30+ negative, terrifying, bludgeoning reports based on hate and emotion and designed to manipulate, and any good report gets buried in it. That needs to be reversed.

And from much more honest news reporting will come a change in public attitude and a change in politician attitude, even with judicial attitude.

Yes, you could go to the major newspapers and news organization individually, and that is good to do. But you can probably get the word far more widespread and be more effective by going to the foundations of news reporting.

Ten days later, the Monterey County Sheriffs are still “probing”? Where is the outrage against this killing?

I’m curious again. Anybody know how many drunk drivers, drug dealers, arsonists, embezzelers or paroled murderers have been beaten to death, stabbed or shot because of their crimes? Funny, I’m just not reading of any…OH! I know now, they’re not on a registry! Well, arsonists are kind of, but not like Megan’s. Go figure.
Methinks these are hate crimes against a particular group of people that have been singled out for something done years in their past. Politicians and law enforcement continue to add fuel to the fire of hate with their asinine laws and uber strict enforcement of unconstitutional laws. Soon the fit will hit the shan and blow right back into their faces.

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