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TX: 10-year-old girl arrested for allegedly raping 4-year-old boy

HOUSTON — The mother of a 10-year-old girl accused of raping a 4-year-old boy in their apartment complex said police have got it all wrong.

“She was just being a child having fun and playing,” the woman said. “She didn’t know she was doing anything wrong.” Full Article

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Too bad about this young girl. She may need some therapy (especially) if she is a victim of sexual abuse herself but she shouldn’t have been arrested.
How are folks supposed to have respect for the law when it is clearly out of control.

“The law” is a relative term nowadays. In fact, “the law” is the most manipulated, misrepresented, and exploited phenomenon in our country today.

First, we have the negatively charged media, spoonfeeding heaps of senseless garbage into the minds of the masses, blowing isolated cases up and propagating fear-mongering.

Then you have politicians, law enforcement and special interest groups employing the Availability Heuristic – the easier it is to remember, or to imagine, a type of event, the more likely the masses believe that an event of that type will occur again, or perpetually.

Then they write “laws” based on those false-heuristics. Once signed into effect by the executive branches of government, the new “law” becomes definitive. So even though it went through a quite subjective and dubious process to become a “law”, it is now the defining statute by which future cases will be decided and precedents set. If the law was made in haste without giving any critical thought to unforeseen, reticular implications, then it will take decades to fix it, if ever. Meanwhile, a 10-year-old girl goes to jail and is faced with lifetime registration as a “sex offender”.

I WILL get my law degree. I WILL pass the BAR, somehow, some way. I’ll be damned if kids are going to keep getting prosecuted by the laws that were intended to protect them.

And I WILL propose legislation in California that changes the definition of 288(a) so that kids under 14 will fall into another bracket that offers them relief, privacy and less harsh sentences. First California, then Washington. This $^!% has got to stop. IT’S GOT TO STOP!!!

Maybe you’ll be able to take advantage of this, if they eventually include a law degree.

Very interesting…I’m starting out as a paralegal though. I’m starting school this month, will begin earning an Associates Degree in legal assisting so that I can lend my service in that capacity (with CA RSOL of course) as a fallback in case the BAR gives me problems over my criminal history – I was a kid and it was so long ago that I’m crossing my fingers that they may give me a chance. Their website says they review everyone case-by-case and take into consideration your age and maturity at the time, how long ago it was, and your conduct since the offense/conviction. I think I stand a good chance with them since I was only 13 at the time, the psych evaluation deemed me “Very Low Risk”, and I’ve exhibited exemplary conduct since. But just in case I waste 4 years in law school and can’t meet their approval, I want a fallback career in law, so I’m going for the paralegal AA first, then I’ll do an extra year completing another major in Political Science (should help on the legislative front anyway!), and then I can transfer to a UC school and start studying law, while working as a paralegal part-time.

Cross your fingers!

Kudos on your pursuit of a JD.
Are you the public registry (i.e. Megan’s’ Law site)for something you did when you were 13?
Unbelievable. I wish you all the best – it sounds like you deserve it.

Why 14? 14 year olds are frequently prosecuted and sentenced as as adults. What is special about 14 in this context? The girl in this story is 10. Big difference between 10 and 13/14.

I said “under 14”, I’m sick of kids under 14 being prosecuted by the laws that were designed to protect them. I feel that the law implies that someone under 14 is too immature and naive to consent to sexual acts. Therefore, I feel its inappropriate to turn them back around on kids when they do something. The law needs to be amended with inclusive language that treats perpetrators who are 14 and under with a different set of standards than adults. Personally, I feel that kids who are 14 and up should never be prosecuted as adults either.

If you can’t vote, buy alcohol, enter contracts or consent to sex then you shouldn’t be prosecuted as someone who can.


Sometimes when I read stuff like this I want to rage on and on about “This is what you want people!” Yes, I’m sure every morning that mother is fearful that someone is going to molest her daughter, and she is pushing the government to enforce harsher laws against sex offenders and bam it happens… her daughter is a sex offender… Soon its going to be a paranoid world with crazier laws, kids in parks molesting each other, someone looks at someone its molesting… wait a minute.. its already happening…

This girl did need someone to sit her down and explain to her what she did was wrong and why. This girl did NOT need someone to arrest her and traumatize her by keeping her locked up for four days. If she needed therapy for doing what she is accused of doing to the boy, she would need even more after the police were done with her. This is one of the most ludicrous things I’ve ever heard about, which is saying a lot!

I remember when kids played doctor, house or mutual show and tell, it was just curiosity and a normal thing at least once in a kids life. I still didn’t understand what sex was until I was 14 or 15. Now their going to destroy a child’s life over this? It’s one thing if it’s an adult or almost adult, it’s another thing when their both not even teenagers. I wonder if the 4 year old would even make a good witness? It would suck to have anyone’s life destroyed from the testament of the average 4 year old. One problem is that kids now have access to free porno. That probably doesn’t help the situation. When I was a kid, all we had was the rare chance to look at a playboy at a friends house.

Interesting arrest. If this 10 yr old girl was a male cop, she would walk totally free!

It is truly unconscionable what the authorities are doing to these children. I have come to believe that it is these people; the accusers, are the ones that society and children need to be protected from. Children play and experiment, just as they have been doing since before man first crushed grapes. God gives everyone a sexual instinct for a reason. I only hope the four year old doesn’t understand what the authorities are (and you know they are) trying to ingrain in his mind and grow up with a victim mentality. These accusers are not qualified to be the arbiters of anyone’s sex conduct; this is as obvious as the nose on anyone’s face. Perhaps if some of what they say they know was based on fact I would think differently. As things are, just about all of what they say is rhetorical, said for effect and seldom factual. These people know too much of things that simply are not so.

Someone clicked thumbs down on your posting, good to know those who agree with the hype and hysteria are here. Maybe they will get an education on reality!

If those same people keep pushing for tougher laws and harsher penalties, then don’t worry – it won’t be long before they end up on the registry. They are self-righteous, paranoid people who want to point their fingers at society because they often have their own skeletons in the closet.

How many of these paranoid folks would be locked up if the authorities knew what they themselves did when they were kids/teenagers?

Someone (I apologize, I can’t remember who) made the statement on one of the comments sections here on the site that “Everybody is a “sex offender” to somebody”.

That was me. Feel free to quote anytime. It’s an honor to be remembered. Thank you.

I wish the article would have explored how the 4 year old reacted. Did he act like a victim or like he was playing? Adults might be causing more harm to the kids by elevating sexual exploration to a public criminal offense.

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