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Sex assault, cyberbullying preceded Calif. girl’s suicide by John Bacon on Jan. 16, 2014 Will another revenge law named for the tragic death of a child prevent any sexual assault by reckless disrespectful youths? Or will this law pad the resume of a legislator that wants to be known as “Tough On Crime”? It’s one more case of exploiting horrible consequences by an opportunistic legislator for personal gain in my opinion. If passed this posterity law will likely go on to have unforeseen flaws without preventing any rare instances like the one it’s named for. I understand the parents… Read more »

Is there ANY HOPE LEFT for AB 702 (which remains stuck in the “Suspense File” of the Assembly Appropriations Committee)? Has Assemblyman Ammiano totally given up on this legislation? What is going on with it? WHY does this legislator continue to TEASE CA RSO’s with “legislative hope” if it won’t GO anywhere?

Some GREAT INFORMATION from the ACLU on your rights when encountering/harassment law enforcement (compliance checks). This information is really short, simple to understand and to the point. The PDF’s are downloadable.

Thank you for that link. Strange (but not surprising) that there is no penalty for law enforcement to prey on citizen’s ignorance and trusting natures, that you have to arm yourself against the police.

Hi Tim;
GOOD POINT!!! Have you ever noticed that all “law enforcement” does is to try to get around your rights so they can arrest you? I find it insulting that they are usually wearing an American flag on their uniform as they do this.

There is 1 lil Civil Rights Issue & I for the Life of Me can not understand “WHY” This has not been addressed in Court. & This is it DVI Tracy Ca east & west halls ARE as is the Whole institution HAS BEEN CONDEMNED FOR HUMAN HABITATION YEARS AGO! Yet East & west Halls where the so’s are housed has contaminated water and no or few windows in the winter cold water showers & the food is 2 pieces of moldy bread and some kind of Mystery Meat! WHY ARE THEY NOT Up ON Human rights Violations. There is… Read more »

For Those with a set and some skills I Am not the only one that has done this but if You want to be creative & Your Bored,,It Does have some,,Lets say beneficial side effects.
This is only for the Brave or stupid so Here it is!;-)
Hope You All get a laugh,, I had fun doing it & they have some Interesting Groups like offenders helping offenders; read, Laugh and explore I’ll connect with Any of You And show You what & Where but beware there are traps when dealing with people You Really do not Know.

I have 30% Stupid & 60% Brave that leaves 10% Margin for error…lol

“Never, never be afraid to do what’s right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society’s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

I can see a park storm brewing in Long Beach…. and it won’t be good 🙁

Apparently the parents did everything right. They watched over their child and helped catch the bad guy. Now if the court does the same and recognizes this creep as a dangerous predator and incarcerates him for the rest of his life, imho, the world will be a safer place. I have no doubt he would have killed the child.
Certainly, being a registrant didn’t prevent him from this deplorable act nor did failing to register. He is a dangerous criminal who would have ignored any park bans just as he did with existing laws against kidnapping and etc.

No doubt this will feed the hysteria, but a park ban may have not stopped this guy, maybe proper therapy would have. It’s an individual case. Fact is most of the kidnappings are done by relatives. Same with murders and other molestations. They don’t have a solution for that because they only see one solution:Lockup.

Does anyone know if there’s a Nevada RSOL chapter or lobbying group I can hook up with?


Cops War On People Deadlier Than Iraq

Don’t miss the chance to cast your vote for what offends the offender at “The Shitake Awards” website. Only one week left to cast your ballot.

Giving those who abuse sex offender laws and issues back the load of shiitake they give to us!

Hi there. Can anyone help me understand the current CA laws in regards to having to wear a GPS ankle bracelet? We live in Orange County and my boyfriend is currently on probation. He was told by his PO he is considered “High Risk” and will have to wear the GPS the entire 3 years of probation. He was charged with a felony indecent exposure charge, and the prior incident dates back 15 years. His life has turned around. He has held the same job for 18 years, has a great family support system, a place to live, a long… Read more »

He may simply fall under prop 83 which is a very wide net as far as gps. They are putting on ankle bracelets on people who were incarcerated for non-registerable offenses if they were previously imprisoned (not county jail) on a prior registerable offense. Thank the guv (then AG) for that… Contact your local representative or a TV station if you think is it something that is not compliant with current law. The fact that it is Orange County sets off a whole bunch of alerts according to what I’ve read on this site. When M’s law was first packaged,… Read more »

Exerpt from; US or Nazi Germany…you decide. The Shame of Sex Offender Registries Shamefully, our politicians have resorted to lies and misinformation all too often in the name of “justice” or to “protect our citizens”. One might think that Congress and state lawmakers would not only have access to reliable information, but to use that information in the formulation of our laws. Sadly this is seldom the case and lawmakers are more likely to decide the fate of our citizens based on emotional rather than factual considerations. If a position looks good on a politician’s resume, that appearance becomes more… Read more »

Excerpts from; APA Opposes Civil Commitment of Sex Offenders After Prison

APA’s Board of Trustees approved a task force report on sexually dangerous offenders at its meeting last month in San Diego recommending that psychiatrists vigorously oppose sexual predator laws.

“We were concerned that psychiatry was being used to preventively detain a class of people for whom confinement rather than treatment was the real goal. This struck many people as a misuse of psychiatry.”

Full article here

Prison stocks, prisoner ranks seen rising-Barron’s

This is from 2007, But it is about the $$$$ of the prison industrial complex.

Just to remind everyone how attitudes have changed. There was a worker in my kids’ elementary school in the early 90’s who had committed a sex crime against his daughter. Not only was he allowed to continue his job, and he had not be convicted of hurting anyone else, but he retired with honorable service.

@Tim….that would be the preferential treatment status….crime pays…public funded….if you’re in public
service job.

… for some people in public service. When I tried to save my job, I found a case of a campus policeman who was charged with a sex crime with a minor. He was allowed back on the job. The reason they gave me: he had completed three years of therapy. I showed them that I had a favorable psych report, the crime did not involve students, and I was in therapy and had letters of support from the community. So what. After completing therapy they they said don’t come back. During my employ, I had ruffled the feathers of… Read more »

BTW Bakersfield Kern County is actively using a drone seen it Myself last night if You hear a plane but do not see any lights get a good set of Binoculars or NVision and listen & look not Up really only about 1500 ft and they like to set out and Circle about 30degrees from the Horizon line but they will fly over You but their weird & THE ONLY REASON I could see it was it was briefly silhouetted by city lights & the Moon light after I turned on My IR NV I could see it plane as… Read more »

Hey Bruce, I think I’ve had those around my place. Heard like a big model plane nearby, but couldn’t see anything. Maybe this is a new compliance check tool. If I see one nearby, you think I could throw a rock at it? I guess I am allowed a slingshot? Who knows, it might be from some hobbyist techno-vigilante checking my neighbors out, too. Some of them would shoot it down.

YEP Thats the noise but the Real 1’s sound like a flyin’ lawnmower I was thinking of Training suicide pigeons for a bird strike….ROTFLMAO,,Just kidding! but that whole vigilante thing IS VERY worrisome & they Can carry More than just a camera as Amazon has proven Delivery? Yikes Laser pointer or laser red dot sight @ big 5 10$ will blind their camera but then Your not Actually hitting a pilot but destroying GOV property UNLESS it IS a Vigilante. Sling shot Nah too weak A Compound Bow would MAyBE reach the lil ones but not the Gov ones My… Read more »

Hi Bruce; The state and local government are increasingly using military equipment and tactics against We The People. Have you, or anyone else noticed that even the cop on the street will dress up like J.I. Joe as if he is in a war zone? I can not recall the last time I saw a cop walking around talking to and meeting people, trying to be a part of the community. All I can remember is seeing cops hiding behind bushes or buildings and harassing people. I suspect their latest craze is to see what it’s like to kill/murder someone.… Read more »

Yea the last time I saw a cop that was cool & walked the beat was when I was about 12 @ My Grampas jewelry store when I would help from the age of 2-3 til I was 19-21 IDK after that Meh, Not @ all that was about 1980 & No I was not the 1 Who TKO’d that guy But I Knew Him…

There was this guy when I was on Parole We went To THOSE MTGS/TREATMENT CLASSES? You all know those,,Anyway 1 day he was in his garden and some due all official looking came up too him and said he was parole This guy happened to have a shovel in his hand & He Knew ALL of the local PO’s they traded us all like baseball cards so We all Knew them ALL. So this ” PO”? said put Your hands on Your head & called him by Name This guy said show me Yer Badge & this PO reached for… Read more »

Hi Bruce;
I’ll bet it felt REALLY GOOD to smack that A-Hole up the side of the head!

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