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NV: New Law Puts More Sex Offenders on the Map

LAS VEGAS — People may soon find out there are more sex offenders living in their neighborhood than they thought. That is because a newly enforced state law is about to re-define who is considered a sex offender who must register.

Judges and child welfare advocates say that it is going to be more difficult to tell who is a sexual predator because the sex offender map is now going to flag anyone who has committed a sexual offense, even those who teenagers at the time. The starting point for being on the website is 14 years old.

Despite the sex offender map getting a lot more crowded, you can tell the severity of an offender’s crime by looking at which tier they are in. Coleman says there are long-overdue improvements that the law, which is called the Adam Walsh Law, has for tracking adult sex offenders. Full Article

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It’s bad enough having adults on these lists, but to put children on them – all in the name of PROTECTING CHILDREN – is pure evil!!!

Once again, politicians are proving beyond a shadow of a doubt, this is not about protecting anyone, but about creating public hysteria for their own gain.

I believe The original article said they are going back as far as 1956. I find it odd that people convicted going back years and years and obviously never committed another crime (if anyone ever did you know it would have been blasted in the media statewide, and nothing has) will now be punished AGAIN, and for the rest of their lives; as well as their family and friends, children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren. Why do these people, dark and evil people fail to see the harm this is going to do? We will now be reading of even more murders of innocent people that have already paid their debt to society. This is ludicrous! Their logic is flawed. I’ll bet if anyone these laws are named after knew what is happening they would not approve or allow their names to be used in this way.

If John Walsh was caught he would have been a sex offender. John Walsh was 22 and the girl who’s name was Reve was 16. How can they make a law for him about this when if he was caught he would of been a sex offender.

Not only that BUT he has made an entire career off of his dead child.

He has also destroyed thousands of lives and caused countless misery to other children by the disruption of their families due to this unjust “law”…this individual is not a man but a monster.

Stay away from Nevada! My question is, just exactly who won’t be on their registry? Maybe Harry Reid and his cohorts, a handful of judges, police (even the ones who do commit offenses will be “exempt”)and influential millionaires? Looks like they’ll have everyone else in NV on the registry!

Hopefully, what happens in Nevada, stays in Nevada.

When I was 16 I was convicted of Lewdness with a Minor which happened when I was 15. I had to leave my family for 4 months to be detained in the Juvenile Detention Center. After I was released I was immediately put on probation and had to take counseling which I still do to this day. I believe I deserved this as punishment for what I did. I was told that when I was 21 I would have a clean, and healthy slate and I would be treated like any other normal person who lives in my area. Now because of this new law I am automatically a Tier 3 Offender!.. I still go to school, I have friends this will ruin me for life! I am worried for my safety. I am openly Transgender in this small and rural cowboy town.. I get plenty of hate crimes just for being myself, but now I have to tack this on as well? I don’t understand how they can do this to me! I wanted a future and someday a family, I feel like they are ripping those dreams away from me and replacing it with a scarlet letter for the rest of my life! My parents run a motel were people come all the time… I constantly will have to worry about how people are going to react to seeing my profile online with my address… if this was not bad enough they are mailing my stats to anyone who lives near me… this is so life altering. How can they look me in the face and say I can never be a normal person because I messed up when I was 15? I’m afraid I don’t know what to do to get my life back…. If my life will be controlled by a stigma put on me… then I would rather not be alive to see it… it takes away everything that is me as a person…. and I’m not even 18 yet… how will I manage adulthood… it’s just to overwhelming to live with

Hi Taylor; I sympathize with you and I agree that this is just plain WRONG. My suggestion, if you are open to suggestions, is to move to another state, like California where we have some really great people like Janice Belluci and others taking up the fight against these kinds of injustices. Good luck and God bless.

lol, DONT move to california! worst thing you could do! no only will you be ONLINE, but you will have to live 2000 feet away from a school or park. damn near impossible in a city where i have 4 parks and the 3 schools i went to within 2000 ft of my moms house

I think they take the law literally. While laws may state when a person has to register (and update), there is usually nothing in the law which requires them to remove you from the list.

I have cruised the lists in various states, and seen statuses such as “deported,” and even “deceased.”

Leaving the state doesn’t help. I left in 2004, and they still put me on their registry. Where I’m from I only had to report until 2008, but Vegas thinks otherwise.

I think they take the law literally. While laws may state when a person has to register (and update), there is usually nothing in the law which requires them to remove you from the list.

I have cruised the lists in various states, and seen statuses such as “deported,” and even “deceased.”

Don’t react to this. Take a step back and breathe. So you have a few more hurdles to overcome. What I’ve found living with this branding is that people who hate you will hate you those who love you will love you. Big deal. Live your life and hold your head high. You obviously took responsibility for your actions. It’s done. Don’t let them beat you down. Only you can keep your attitude beat down and defeated. Uphill battle? Yes. But battle you will and must. You’re a human being, you made a mistake, you move forward. Don’t give up. Choose some goals and push towards them.

I think the article has been removed as the link now goes to a Indy 500 news bit.

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