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Taking a Stand: Women Against Registry responds to our 14 News investigation

In this week’s Taking a Stand, Vicki Henry with Women Against Registry has a response to our 14 News investigation of sex offenders and school bus stops.

The Women Against Registry is based out of Washington, D.C., but she e-mailed her response to us; Vicki wrote the following:

If we think about registered sex offenders at all, most of us fear them as monsters who have committed terrible sexual crimes against innocent children and are people who need to be carefully watched when released to make sure our children aren’t hurt again.

Nobody wants to protect children more than the members of Women Against Registry. Women Against Registry, or WAR, is the voice of millions of innocent women and children who are wrongly and unfairly punished because we have a family member who has completed their debt to society but now must face a life of unemployment, homelessness, and despair. As registered sex offenders they are targeted for harassment and abuse, can’t get a job, and many cases, can’t even rejoin their own homes. Too many of our husbands, fathers and sons are getting caught up in this registration hysteria even if the offense they committed was minor and years ago.

As the president of WAR, Vicki Henry, says, “In the vast majority of registration cases we’re talking about dumb childish mistakes-offenses like public urination, teen age consensual sex, sexting, lewd behavior, taking pictures of your own children in the bath tub, and clicking on the wrong link on a website. Less than two percent of violent sexual offenses are committed by perfect strangers. It is time to stop acting hysterically in the name of protecting children; it’s time stop public registration of sex offenders and to start treating this serious problem rationally.” Article


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Good article. I’d like to have left a supportive response, but I assume the only way is to have a face book account, and I really dislike facebook.

The Article is By WAR so I understand why the fallowing quote was stated;”Too many of our husbands, fathers and sons are getting caught up in this registration hysteria”! Now My question is this Why Just sons, fathers, Husbands? Are Males The only RSO’s what about Daughters, Moms & Wives? Which leads to My Next question & from a strategic point of view is this, Who is in the military More for combat positions to defend Our National Security,,,Men OR Women,,”Men”. It sounds like sexual warfare & targeting to reduce the Fighting force of the USA? Why Else? Yes some are guilty some are not but it would seem that Men by far are the majority on the lists? In combat & through out history “Men of fighting age were Targeted to reduce the threat of the opposition”. Now I again ask What is going on? I just have to ask looking throughout History’s Conflicts Even the Bible, The Israelite’s were ordered to slay every Man & boy of fighting age sometimes it was every Man woman & child of the opposition depending who they were. Then there is 1 of the Most famous biblical stories of Herod Killing All Males beyond the age of 2 for why? “To eliminate the threat forget collateral damage”. So Boys & Men & a few women,,Very few…Those who do not remember history are Condemned to repeat it. Since Nazi style tactics are always referred to in these RSO Forums I do not feel out of place asking this. WHY & what is the end game? Think about it.

Hi Bruce;

I went in for the annual violation of my constitutional rights (register) and was quite surprised to see a woman registering! I’ve been registering for over 15 years and this is a first. I have known that there’s females on the registry but I think their numbers don’t come close to the numbers of men on the registry. I think we will be seeing a change in this trend, as the witch hunt specialists are going after children more and more, and many of these children are young girls arrested for sexting; a better way to put this is these young girls are exploring their sexuality and being charged as criminals for doing this now that more states have criminalized the basic instinct, sex.

If your theory comes to pass our only hope will be a modern version of Deborah; described as a prophetess (this is saying she was a teacher of God’s word and laws) and a judge. In those day’s Israel did not have King’s; God was their King. What they had were judges, in other words their physical authority/form of government. In other words Israel’s government was a theocracy under God.

“And Deborah, a prophetess, the wife of Lapidoth, she judged Israel at that time.”
Judges 4:4

Since this is somewhat off-topic I will l;eave you this link and you can enjoy the beauty, strength and truth of this history; His-story.


• A prophetess who judged Israel. Judges 4,5. (B.C, 1316.) She lived under the palm
tree of Deborah between Ramah and Bethel in Mount Ephraim, (Judges 4:5) which,
as palm trees were rare in Palestine, “is mentioned as a well-known and solitary
landmark.” She was probably a woman of Ephraim. Lapidoth was probably her
husband, and not Barak as some say. She was not so much a judge as one gifted with
prophetic command (Judges 4:6,14; 5:7) and by virtue of her inspiration “a mother
in Israel.” The tyranny of Jabin, a Canaanitish king, was peculiarly felt in the
northern tribes, who were near his capital and under her jurisdiction. Under her
direction Barak encamped on the broad summit of Tabor. Deborah’s prophecy was
fulfilled, (Judges 4:9) and the enemy’s general perished among the “oaks of the
wanderers” (Zaanaim), in the tent of the Bedouin Kenite’s wife, (Judges 4:21) in the
northern mountains. Deborah’s title of “prophetess” includes the notion of inspired
poetry, as in (Exodus 15:20) and in this sense the glorious triumphal ode, Judges 5,
well vindicates her claim to the office.

Just 1 more thing, If Agenda 21 exists & They have admitted it Does; What is the point in Any of these laws? I will tell You, It isn’t for the Americans Benefit,Safety & well being. Quite the quandary/ Oxymoronic is a better description IMHO.

Nor That of any other Country for that matter.

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