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I Saw a Man Get Arrested For a Sex Crime Because He Made a Scheduling Error

When I agreed to keynote the Reform Sex Offender Laws conference this week in Dallas, Texas, I didn’t expect it to hit quite so close to home.

But before I arrived, I got a phone call from a soft-spoken, super-articulate young man, Joshua Gravens, who is a Soros Justice Scholar based in Dallas. His specialty is the injustice of the sex offender registry and the fact that it isn’t making kids any safer (see this study and this article). He is also a registered sex offender and invited me to come with him to the police department to give notice he had moved. Who could resist? Full Article

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  1. USA

    Wow, thats really disturbing. I mean, you have two people who are going through a lot and this cop arrests them for totally stupid things! I mean, this is outrageous! The woman is homeless and living in her car and (where or what will happen to her car) the guy is a parent and just trying to get on with his life? Seriously. I mean, if you are a cop and want to arrest someone, you can. This is a prime example of an overzealous police officer who is overstepping the boundaries of the law and taking advantage of his title! I no longer address questions when being asked. If I register, I answer the questions on the document and thats it! If someone (19 years after being arrested and convicted of a misdemeanor expunged with summary probation) comes to my door and asks questions, I respond, I dont answer questions! THey can’t force you to! If you are pulled over and a cop starts asking questions, respond with a question? Why am I being pulled over? Then, if he starts asking detail questions, I’m sorry officer, I don’t answer questions. Thats it? What else can I help you with? Let him or her get angry. Be smart. THey are!

    • Anonymous Nobody

      Well, this sure is a stupid and egregious arrest. However, it is not the least bit an aberration. At least in California, the authorities always look for ANY excuse whatsoever to arrest registration for the smallest, most obscure, most vague offense. I note, that arresting officer said he was told to go make that arrest — so I don’t simply blame him, it was a supervisor, although probably more likely a flat out department policy: zero tolerance.

      I read a case out of California years ago a bit similar to this one — but worse. That registrant moved 10 days before his birthday, and he registered then, right after the move. About 10 days after his birthday, he was arrested for failure to register — because he was required to register all over again a week after he just registered — within five days of his birthday — but did not do so because he had just finished registering a few days earlier and didn’t realize it mattered to go in again. Appellate court sent him to prison. Technically, this guy wasn’t even late, like in this story above — he was EARLY, so that makes it even worse since he is info was as recent and up to date as can be.

      Besides, for anyone to have to be sidetracked for registration in the middle of a move is a horrendous burden. Everything is upside down and inside out and utilities getting turned on and arranged and still trying to get to work — and to have to throw into that mix what will end up being a day to sit at a police station trying to register.

      There is no reason any registrant should have to go in in person any more often than one has to go in for a driver’s license, which is something like once every 12 years. There is no reason a registrant should not be able to simply mail in a completed form. Fingerprints, pictures — not needed any more often than for a driver’s license. Hey, they already have your fingerprints!

  2. Q

    I think what happened to Josh Gravens never should have happened. I also think what happened to Josh Gravens is a perfect example of how stupid things have become; an example of how lust about every entity in the US from the presidents office to the lowliest cop on the street that swore to uphold our rights and way of life has let America down. Josh never should have been arrested when he was a 12 year old school boy for doing something allot of school boys would have done at a time when his God given sexual instinct was awakening.

    The counselor his mother called sounds like just another quack fronting themselves off as someone that actually knew something about human nature. This counselor was more like an unethical set of ears for the police, as so many of these government funded counselor’s are. His mother was equally remiss in her parenting skills; she couldn’t even counsel her son and daughter through a natural part of life all young boys and girls go through.

    She in effect was passing on what a wise mother could have handled with ease to a third party that didn’t even know her son and daughter. I’m sure this quack-counselor was required to report this to the police as long as he/she wanted to keep their government money rolling in, and I’m equally sure Josh’s mother didn’t have to, but sadly she was too ignorant to know better and is/was probably just one more of the masses that believe everything they are told, weather it’s true or not.

    Granted; Josh probably should have been aware of the rules and conditions that came with his unconstitutional lifetime parole commitment; but then again, things change so fast and so often that there is a good chance he wasn’t aware of all of it. It’s not like anyone in any government agency usually bothers to tell anyone anything until after the fact. I was told the same thing Josh was arrested for; that if I moved I am obligated to tell LE I’m planning to move, and I am also required to un-register with the LE agency whose jurisdiction I am leaving as well as re-register. It’s horrendous that I am treated like a Jew in 1930s-40s Nazi Germany. I’m not a criminal and It sounds like Josh isn’t a criminal either. The fact the woman was arrested is equally outrageous. I wish to God I was in a position to escape from the USA to a free country. Freedom in this country is a sham.

    “I’ll bet allot of people that would post to this site won’t post to this site because of the math related question required to post. Allot of people hate math and allot more people struggle with it.”

  3. FRegistryTerrorists

    This story is a great example of how a person should never tell any government employee about any crime for any reason. This person should never have been arrested in the first place. It was a family matter that should have been handled by them. The end.

    • Tim

      If at all possible avoid involving Big Brother in any serious family matters. He promised us he would help and heal. We soon found out his plan was to divide and destroy.

  4. G4Change

    This is sickening!!! What was supposedly meant to protect children is now more of a threat to children than the actual perpetrators out there.

  5. C

    Sickening, as someone else mentioned, is the best way to describe this poor guy’s ordeal. The story sounds more like something to come out of North Korea, except there the whole family would be sent to a labor camp for the offense of Comrade Brother touching Comrade Sister’s pee pee.

    To think that the mother sent the kid for counseling for touching his sister’s privates does not sound too bad if this was a chronic issue. But twice and then to have the kid locked up for 4 years? This is just insane. Absolutely, positively insane.

    I hope and pray he is released quickly and that his wife and kids have a support network through this next phase of this tragedy.

    Way go go, ‘Murica!

  6. Jason Shelton

    Aside from all the comments about how wrong this was and all…..

    Does anyone know how Josh is doing? Does he or his family need anything. What can we do to help?

    • WantstoHelp

      Josh wrote this to the members of Texas Voices: “Lots of folks have asked what they can do for me, the answer: Fight, fight these registration laws like hell… Thank you all for your support and encouragement. It will take a whole lot more than being carted down to jail to slow me down.”

      There was more, but I don’t know if it was intended to be posted on a public website, so I’m merely answering your specific question about how you can help and how he is doing.

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