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Sex Offender Registry Reform Effort Aims to Parse for Future Risk

California is one of only four states that require sex offenders to register for life. The state board overseeing the registry is once again pushing to overhaul the system. The board wants to make it easier to spot sex offenders at high risk of re-offending. Reporter: Tara Siler. Radio Program

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; this tiered registry is not going to pass. This can be considered inevitable for several reasons, the first being that it’s an election year and the fear of not being popular and looking bad over-rides common sense-honesty and wisdom for the lawmakers in the state capitol; they are ruled by fear, (how has it come to this? that our fates are in the hands of such morally weak men of the lesser variety). Second; you have Marc Klass and his two 501-c3 victims rights groups opposing this change to the registry.… Read more »


While I respect your opinion I to feel the tides are changing. While nobody in the legislature who really thinks change is necessary will speak about it publicly a comment was made last year by one legislator who said something like “people are starting to come around and change will happen”. I believe it was a female on the Public Safety Com. Unfortunately, the only loud mouths we hear on the subject are the fanatical republicans who use this subject as a platform to get re-elected. Keep the faith!

Steve: Thank you. Forgive me for being cynical, but my faith in America has been thoroughly shaken after what I’ve seen and what I’ve been subjected to. I’m sure many others feel the same way. As stated in my original post; “I hope I’m wrong.” In fact I probably am wrong. I just wonder if the change (after all, change is a universal law) will come in my lifetime and If I’ll ever be able to attempt to rebuild the life I once had. Or if I’ll always have to depend upon others for many of my most basic of… Read more »

If you want to harm the “victims rights” groups who are 501(c)(3) organizations and they are “lobbying” or participating in lobbying efforts, then you simply need to point it out to the IRS through complaint forms. They could indeed lose their legal status, which will prob cause them to see red and come after you. This will likely hurt any forms of income they get which i’m sure they use to pay themselves. Losing the non-profit status could actually irreversibly harm the organization. Secondly, it is more likely that if they are lobbying, then they have the 501(c)(4) designation. That… Read more »

Nicholas; You are correct; my bad. a 501 c-3 doesn’t allow lobbying. Lobbying takes a 5014 c-4. They sure do get allot of air time and press coverage though. The thing that raises the hair on the back of my neck is their association with “Crime Victims United.” Since that victims rights group was started and is kept alive by the “California Correctional Peace Officers Association” a 501 c-4 probably a non issue for them if you consider the nature of the California Correctional Peace Officers Association. They have far too much influence and have been known to apply pressure… Read more »

Q, I unfortunately disagree. FIrst, who cares about Marc Klass. Lets be real. Most of the offenses occurring today are being committed by first time offenders. In addition, we have the State of California’s Sex Offender Management Board requesting this! This is surreal. So, if we continue to be negative and view the world in this manner, we might as well jump off a cliff. Now, it might not happen this year, but it will happen. Be positive.

USA: Perhaps I’m wrong, and maybe I’m not. The thing of it is that this is on an entirely different level than what went on in OC. I don’t believe I’m being negative; I view my opinion as more on the realistic side. The California Correctional Peace Officers Association (AKA The prison guards union) is a powerful organization that makes a big difference in state affairs and they have millions to throw around and buy influence. The corrections budget in California was up to $8.2 billion in 2006. (A Paralell Universe, Alex landon Elaine Halleck. Chapter 15 P# 152 ¶3)… Read more »

OH, we just beat the DA from OC? I would never never thought that could occur. Seriously. So, things are changing.

I don’t know anyone who has ever believed we would get a tiered registration system during an even numbered year. None of this publicity is design for action this year, but next year. CCPOA will always support things that fill prisons. Consider that they didn’t object to Brown’s realignment system, except for sex offenders. Why? They understand that the kinds of people who they released are probably going to come back to prison pretty soon. Sex offenders only come back on parole violations. So they want to release those who are coming back and keep those who won’t. Next year… Read more »

@Janice. Please consider filing civil charges against the judges who violated their judicial obligation to weigh cases in an unbiased manner, and instead let their personal emotions influence their impartiality. It is absolutely unconscionable to think that an unbiased judiciary would accept that America now licenses people to live under threat of imprisonment.

No hope for me. Ever. Been on registry since 2000. 288.8a no ‘re offence except in 2004 had a drug charge. Been straight ever since. Learned to accept my life the way it is and will be forever. I live a good life. Have a decent job high pay nice house and cars and a good wife…I guess I do understand where everyone else is coming from who are not as bad as I am. Good luck to u all

tattooarms, more power to you. No kidding. Glad life is going well for you.

For me, it is about the system and the police state as much as anything else. Take the NSA for example. The sheeple were comfortable and didn’t think much about privacy.

Bam! Suddenly they woke.

I think RSOs see what is coming if there is no backlash. Others are starting to see it too.

First they came for the sex offenders. Really, they did. See the documentary about the Nazis: “Paragraph 175” which is from their penal code. Netflix has it.

288.8a isn’t a real offense that I could find.

Paragraph 175 was real enough.

I too believe that a tier system for registration will happen in California. Not only does the California Sex Offender Management board support it so does a lot of law enforcement. And the more of us that keep educating others, public opinion will change.

“Aims to parse for future risk?” That has to be the dumbest goal I have ever heard of for reform efforts on any law. Who cares what someone might do again? I mean if someone breaks the law (federal or state) a second time then they probably shouldn’t have been released when they were the first time. The whole low risk to high risk assessment scale is ridiculous. It all begins with legal language used to describe each offense, no lay person or for that matter legal professional knows what someone is talking about when they mention a penal code… Read more »

Very well said, ab.
It’s too bad people like you aren’t able too lend a hand in judicial reform.
It’s been my experience that people with social problems send out early warning signs which an attuned society should and could intervene earlier than later.

Direct judicial reforms are a waste of time. Real change comes from the power of massive demand and if the mass does not get what it wants history is clear on what happens next. Worst case scenario is what created the pathway for the formation of the United States of America; violent revolution. Best case something akin to the civil rights movement happens again, though this time regarding social stability and human survival. See I am aiming at much more than helping a singular group. What everything really boils down to is the inability of people on large and small… Read more »

Yes, I think social instability is the root cause of this registry. People “feel” they can’t do anything about mass declining wages, declining quality of life and poor outlook for their children, so they jump on the easy answer to bolster the declining outlook for families — create a family threatening demon to attack. Hey, here we are. All this talk about risk is beside the point and a smoke screen. We are an excuse to not focus on some really pressing problems. This is a last gasp effort to save the status quo before the inevitable revolution.

Yes! And this is where the similarity to the Jews in Nazi Germany comes in, Hitler used them as the “fall guys” for the floundering economy, etc.

You are so very right. Bread and Games, my friend, bread and games. Let’s put this in perspective… no ’empire’ has lasted forever. Not the Romans, not the British, not the Third Reich. At some point change and decline is inevitable. The US has achieved its status as a result of the last two world wars. Rightly so, as our men (and women) not only fought valiantly, made great sacrifices but also were gracious and thoughtful victors (at least the second time around). That formula has worn thin. Wars do not produce the results they used to, unless you are… Read more »
Pretty much describes the registry!

Brubaker to ‘ab’…Brubaker to ‘ab’…the so called risk or tier is so farrrrrr after any alleged anything that it goes against the Constitution just for starters ..more …but approach must be at start…notice of level or degree or tier of alleged crime when decision to go to utilize right of fair trial or accept a lesser alleged crime plead guilty…….that risk / tier / degree / level must be at square one ; not the after everything last square.

A few minutes ago I took the Static-99R Coding Form “Risk Factor” test and I scored a 4. I would have scored a 3 except I was convicted of attempting to murder a snitch informant who threatened my life. No such thing as self defense when you defend your life and that of your family against a KlanKracker Informant Snitch. Angry, not really, I did not kill the snitch and I am on the “no not detain list” when I am stopped my law enforcement. I have lived in the AV since 1992 and I have many LA County Sheriff… Read more »

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