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FL: 10 Investigates gets results with in-depth series on sex stings

TAMPA BAY, Florida — A drawn-out struggle to obtain public records has started to yield results for 10 Investigates, as local agencies have started releasing limited records – and providing insight – regarding how law enforcement conducts controversial sex “predator” stings. Full Article

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It’s time for some serious criminal charges to come against the police, as well as serious civil litigation against the state for such actions, in particular to the confication of vehicles. The fact that a child is introduced into the sting by the cops is NOT a “sting,” but a “solicitation” of the victim, according to their statutes. (I’m using the term “victim” in its true sense here, as the definition of the potential offender being entrapped.)

One point: The seizure of vehicles on alleged offenders whom are suspected or even convicted of visiting sting operators should be illegal. Forfeiture laws were originally designed to prevent alleged offenders from using money that was gained through illegal transactions from drugs or other illegal goods, so that they could not easily bail out or hire high-powered attorneys. The fact that a law was broken using a car should NOT make it illegal, just the the clothes he was wearing when he was arrested or money he had in his wallet not be part of what is confiscated. I am highly surprised that this aspect of state-sponsored theft has never been challenged in court at a high-level court.

Channel 10 should get a standing ovation from all registrants for their investigation and honest reporting concerning a practice this country has tried to justify but is, in reality, nothing more than elaborate and expensive entrapment. All news media in this country would do well to learn from their integrity, and even more, their bold and brave willingness to release the information uncovered when so many others have intentionally worked to hide these hideous truths.

They have some very sick individuals in FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) and I am afraid that some of them are getting their sexual thrills in these stings. I have dealt directly with some of these perverts and simply evil individuals. If they want you they will get you – money is not a consideration for the government.

If they go after you they will push and trick you enough that even if it is a simple online roleplay fantasy they will treat it is if it actually happened! This entrapment is simply creating criminals so they can justify their “jobs” BUT worse of all are the twisted ones who are the people who should actually be on a list and watched! What a mad and insane country we have allowed the USA to become! SAD INDEED


Unfortunately, these stings are just as bad here in California. In Riverside, the DA’s office has a special unit that does this kind of thing specifically. They will modify the chat texts to remove certain things that hurt their case and even go as far as change what the alleged perpetrator has said(especially if he states repeatedly that he believes they are indeed law enforcement and refuses to play along, or pointed out that the law enforcement officer was caught being inconsistent). In addition, they will stall for weeks or even months in turning over “evidence” to a defendant’s attorney and will withhold anything that weakens their case(such as photos that were clearly decades old). The investigator’s report sometimes amounts to nothing more than speculation and the investigators opinions about the alleged perpetrator’s character and motives, even stating them as if they are facts. The DA’s office will try to add every charge they can think of, even to the point in trying to pursue enhancements to a case when the penal code does not even allow for them. It is also obvious they have made a deal with the public defender’s office that public defenders will not move to remove charges/enhancements or dismiss a case even when it is clear the this should be done. Then, when forced into a plea, the judges get in on the collusion by refusing to allow no contest pleas, and instead, force the defendant to state under oath they did something illegal when they simply had gotten to the point they realized they had no chance in fighting the case. And I know all this first hand, because they did ALL of this and more to me.

It’s crazy. Who is going to police the police? When prosecutors who closely work with detectives have to prosecute those same officers for crimes they commit, you know the outcome will be in the officers favor. The justice system in the USA is such a joke. If anything when it comes to prosecuting agents of law enforcement they should be held to the same standards that educators are held to when facing sexual criminal charges. We need some sort of bureau for civilian protection from police.

It’s just like Rodney King and Eric Garner. Clearly they were mistreated by the police yet the police officers get away with murder. There were two clear videos of police behaving badly and yet they get cleared of any wrong doing. It’s sickening to think about how much police officers get away with behind the scenes.

“It’s just like Rodney King and Eric Garner. Clearly they were mistreated by the police yet the police officers get away with murder.”

Yeah right! Poor guys just minding their own business when along comes the ‘man’ and starts thumpin’ on them.

We the people are the policeman’s oversight and employers. But the media has convinced the people that they are going to be molested by gang bangers and roving sex maniacs every time they step out of the house. So fear causes the people to turn their backs when the police are in action. It’s kind of a protection racket mentality.

I applaud Channel 10 for this report because as much as the police engage in malfeasance to affect these bogus arrests it’s usually the news media who work hand-in-hand with them for mutual benefit: the police provide the newspapers with these arrests so the papers can have front page stories thereby selling more newspapers, at the same time the police operations are legitimized by the coverage and the officers involved get their egos stroked and their names in the papers helping with their own career advancement.

It’s usually a win-win situation for the police and news media to publicize these “stings” and “truth & justice” takes a back seat to the interests of the police and news media.

Yeah you talk to anyone who says their under age your going to bs and getting convicted if you go to trial unless you have a expensive inteligent attorney who rely cares and wants to actually put on a real defence. I went to trial after da offered .me one charge and 8 months alternative sentence which I refused. My public pretended did nothing and I mean no defence whatsoever and I ended up getting 5 years and 4 months in prison and then the hell of parole for 3 years and the hell of the rso tag. The judge wouldn’t allow the contractual agreement from the site I was on saying you had to be 18 years old to use this site into evidence public pretender never brought up the fact that I arrived at the store and bought condoms more then 15 minutes before the meeting was to take place and imediatly left the store at least ten minutes before the meeting was to take place and the da wouldn’t give me access to my hard drive which would’ve proved I was on my way to meet with a 23 year old women or the fact that this person used multiple screen names and profiles and had allready stated in a previous conversation that they were over 18. I can tell anyone meeting anyone or even talking to anyone online beware I didn’t listen to my family and friends when they told me to be careful.

I barely touched on the evidence the court wouldn’t allow to the jury or the da wouldn’t let me access on my computer there would’ve been noway I would’ve been convicted of anything if I would’ve had access to my computer and I had a real attorney. A lot of people claim their innocent but without a real attorney and access to evidence to prove it your screwed and you only get one chance once your convicted there’s no do overs. Anyways happy new year to all.

I emailed the reporter and told him to look at What the Government does on Halloween to waste money.

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