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IN: Unregistered sex offenders featured on local billboards

NDIANAPOLIS –Marion County is launching a new effort to go after sex offenders who have not registered by putting them out there for the world to see. It is required by law for sex offenders to register with their local law enforcement so police – and citizens – know where they live.

Those who have not registered in Marion County now risk being featured on billboard around town. The pictures of 40 unregistered sex offenders will be placed on one of three billboards around town to help police find them. One is an electronic billboard by the State Fairgrounds on Fall Creek. The other two are conventional billboards on the east and west sides. Full Article

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  1. Avig

    Well, these people have been un-registered for a while and it hasn’t caused any problems.
    Why should they register now? They are not out there committing crimes. No one seems to be claiming they are “wanted” as suspects for anything.

    This situation is not a problem. It is merely another proof, as if one were needed, that registration is irrational and unnecessary—–and possibly, in fact, counter-productive.

  2. Tired of hiding

    I only hope that if they ever do that here that they don’t use my driver’s license photo! It’s horrible. I would gladly go to Glamour Shots for a makeover. The last thing I want is for my face to be 40 feet high and have a zit!

    • Ron

      Don’t worry, they will probably use your 290 photo. Just make sure you dress and groom nicely on your next Birthday. 😉

  3. mike

    I had a compliance check three weeks ago by the local sheriff. I was at work, but my overly curious neighbor was interested in their presence and approached them to see what was going on. They showed him a photo of me and asked him if the guy in their photo lived at this residence. He tells me that after seeing the photo he denied ever seeing THAT person before. I guessed that between the snarly expression on my face and that they were displaying a copy of a copy of a copy that was converted to black and white it probably looked really bad.
    Then he asked them who they were looking for and they gave him my name. He told them “Oh, Mike? Yeah, he lives there. He’s a great neighbor.” and they moved on.

    That incident gave me an opportunity to once again stress to my son, who stays with me sometimes, how to handle and confront the sheriff if they make a visit when he’s there and I’m not. I told him that most cops are good, but that there are some that are overzealous and will look for any reason, due to prejudice, to put me back in jail and we can’t afford that. So, unless they have a warrant, stand in the doorway and don’t allow them in. I told my son that all he should do is confirm that I live there and nothing more.

    • FRegistryTerrorists

      It is great that you have taught your son to not speak to law enforcement. That is one of the best things that you can do to protect him.

      How about instructing your son to never answer the door? It would be even better if you can put a wall or fence around your property and never allow nanny big government employees there.

    • td777

      Since it’s not a legal requirement for your son to acknowledge that you live there, no real reason for him to even do that much.

    • mike

      I understand that there is no segment of PC290 that requires a compliance check. But these officers are doing what their superiors are requesting. While I was on parole I had many encounters with law enforcement officers from a wide range of offices including the DA’s office, Customs and immigration, marshal, police, sheriff, probation, and parole all rooting through my home. This is what makes up the S.A.F.E. team in here in RivCo. One of The days they were making a sweep in my area, one fellow got mouthy with them. According to my P.O. they violated him for having beer cans in a bag of aluminum cans he picked up on the side of the road (his source of income). He had a no alcohol clause in his conditions of parole. I never found out what the board of parole hearings decided in his case, But I do know that he would have to wait in jail until his fate was decided.
      Though I’m not on parole anymore I believe it is in my best interest to let them do their job as they understand it and not try to aggravate them as they have the power to make my life miserable. Live and let live. I’ve seen a few aggressive officers who will question me on items in my home, while there was another officer standing close behind him rolling their eyes in disbelief that he would try to make something out of nothing. I don’t want to arouse suspicions that I may be hiding something. I’m just a human being that’s caught up in this ugly mess and am doing my best to move on.
      I believe that by the end of this decade we will see some dramatic reform in these awful laws that are preventing us and our families from living normal lives. The evidence is surmounting that the hardships created are having little impact on public safety. We had no voice in congress when AWA was passed due to emotion and misinformation from numerous victim advocacy groups. Today we have reports from Human Rights Watch, CASOMB, Jill Levenson, et al. as well as many advocacy groups on our side.

      Know this:
      Officials from a majority of the public defender and probation offices said that SORNA implementation has made it more difficult for registered sex offenders to obtain housing and employment, which can negatively affect their ability to reintegrate into their communities. The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) IS STATUTORILY REQUIRED to study SORNA’s effectiveness in increasing compliance with requirements and the effect of these requirements on increasing public safety. As of December 2012, DOJ had not requested the funding to conduct this study and the funding had not been appropriated. NIJ officials stated that NIJ does not proactively request funding for specific studies, but waits for Congress to decide when to appropriate the funding.

      I HAVE to believe there will be a day of reckoning, that the truth will prevail, and that the noose around our necks will crumble. This is what keeps me motivated. We WILL have a loud voice when this travesty (SORNA) is reviewed as a public safety measure. I believe that those who rape and murder a young child should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I believe that those individuals who travel to impoverished countries with the intent to have sex with preadolescent children should rot in foreign prisons. Just don’t punish me for their behavior. Please!
      I have seen too many reformed registrants murdered in the name of “Public Safety”!

      • FRegistryTerrorists

        You allow law enforcement to question you? Sweet Jesus. Tell them to go F themselves.

        In the state where I live, I am forced to give nanny big government certain information. That is the law. So that is what I do and all I do. I have made it very clear to them that I will not waste a single second or bit of effort more for their BS. It is really not a big deal at all. They know that if they come to my property, they will not be allowed to step foot on it. They know that because of the SORs, I’m not ever going to support them for anything.

        If you want to live in peace and not be arrested for any of this nonsense, limit your interactions with law enforcement to the absolute minimum possible. Give the information that is forced, in writing only, and do not interact with them any further.

        You said, “I believe that by the end of this decade we will see some dramatic reform in these awful laws that are preventing us and our families from living normal lives.” As someone who has been Registered coming up on 2 decades, I don’t believe that. The general U.S. public is getting dumber and less moral by the day. I think that’s clear.

        • Timmr

          It’s kind of like in that book The Lord of The Flies, about the kids stranded on the island. The smart ones convince the dumber ones that there is a monster on the island in order to gain political control of them through fear, and civil society devolves. When the kid with a sense of morality points out that the beast is just a dead man with a parachute, the bearer of the news becomes the enemy, and the whole island is torched in an attempt to kill the truth bearer. I never wanted to believe in this story until I became the monster, and saw those who tried to inject a little truth into the discussion get accused of enabling crimes against women and children. Now I can see this little island in space burn, before people come to their senses.

        • mike

          @ FRegistryTerrorists

          I’m sorry, but I’ll have to pass on your advise “Tell them to go F themselves.” I’ve seen enough YouTube videos where one cop is tasering a guy while three others beat him like a pinata filled with jelly doughnuts because he/she was being defiant. I think I’ll try a more diplomatic approach.
          I was questioned a lot while I was on parole about certain inane possessions, like a book (Journal) written by a guy who circumnavigated the coast of Baja California on foot. Therefore the officer from immigration and customs assumed that I was making plans on fleeing the country to Mexico. I had a nifty reading lamp hand made by a fellow inmate while I was incarcerated. It was made out of paper clips for a plug, ear bud wire for a cord, a lotion bottle cap for a bulb socket, and the bulb/socket was housed in an empty peanut butter jar. Totally Macguyverized. A Sheriff who found this item in my closet after my release and immediately called my parole officer and told her I had materials for making bombs! I also had cash in my fire safe which they thought was for illicit purposes until I pointed out the inevitable fact that we live in earthquake country and ATMs are useless when there is no electricity.
          In that last 9 months since I’ve been off parole I’ve had no contact with police other then my annual registration at the local sheriff station. I don’t plan on answering intrusive questions and will tell them that my lawyer has advised me not to answer such questions. But… I will not tell them to go F themselves.
          I’m sorry your outlook is so grim, but I’ve seen much progress in the last few years and I believe in this movement. In 2014, we have seen ‘presence restriction’ and ‘internet restriction’ laws rescinded (in Ca.) and we look forward to a positive outcome on “residency restrictions” due to the overwhelming evidence against this policy as being a “public safety” measure.

        • FRegistryTerrorists

          “Tell them to go F themselves” doesn’t have to be literal. You can be polite about it. I just won’t talk to them for any reason. I certainly won’t answer any questions.

          It is great that you “don’t plan on answering intrusive questions”. I wouldn’t answer any.

  4. Harry

    Most of these guys, most likely, left town, dead or inapacitated some how. We will never know if these billboards will do any good.

  5. Robert Curtis

    I hate to glorify law breaking, but since the whole of the registry concept is a form of breaking Constitutional law and the rights of those that have otherwise paid their debt to society I see the list of those that refuse to be registered as a sort of list of Patriots and Hero’s that refuse to bow to a draconian system of tyranny. It’s actually a list of Honor NOT to have registered. TRUTH

  6. USA

    Mike, nice comment. ITs kind of strange, but I reside in OC and haven’t had a compliance check for over a year? Anyone with similar changes to their compliance checks? Maybe they have came and I have missed them? I normally have two checks a year? (Battery/misdemeanor/expunged/non child related/summary probation)? Just curious.

    • FRegistryTerrorists

      You know, “compliance check” is far, far too nice of a way to phrase that nanny big government idiotic nonsense. We need to adopt some other way to describe it. I haven’t put much thought into it but perhaps something like “Registered Citizen Visitation Flaunt and Boondoggle”? I think that describes it well but it is a mouthful. It is kind of funny though and I think people would better remember it because it is a little strange. We could just use “RCVFB”.

      These are the definitions my dictionary has:

      flaunt – Display proudly; act ostentatiously or pretentiously

      boondoggle – Do useless, wasteful, or trivial work (Noun is: Work of little or no value done merely to look busy)

      Registry Terrorists support the Registries by using inflammatory language and terms. It’s a weapon that should be used against them.

  7. USA

    I believe this is a little absurd. What if the person non registered is an elderly person or someone who has passed away? Or, what if the person is incarcerated in another city or state? Or, what if the person has been involved in a serious accident and is unable to? I would imagine that many of the individuals might also have left the country and perhaps went back to their own country if they are foreigners? ie: Mexico. So, it sounds like a lot of money to spend on, while there might be more important things to do with the finances of tax payers. Hmmm

    • Bluewall

      From what I heard the California list has alot of dead people on it…. I remember along time ago there was a write up about a mom or someone who was trying to get a love one removed from the list because he was dead… I wonder how did that turn out…

      • Harry

        I am sure, that the US Marshall Service is running their tail all over the Country looking for these folks and may have some on billboards in Indy.

    • Eric Knight

      Funny you should ask about dead people…

      “Sex offender billboard campaign includes two deceased men”

      If I were advising their families, I would consider a major lawsuit, actually.

  8. stephen

    Can they fit all 100.000 missing offenders on their Boards ? Sure would be a shame if someone threw a rock at their electronic Board. Sign company might not to picture offenders again.

  9. ab

    Ah darn the headline got my hopes up. See I thought (silly me), that these unregistered sex offenders were people who had committed sex offenses but had not been prosecuted. I know it seems outlandish to think a community would know the identities of some individuals who committed offenses and not use the full extent of the law to enact justice. However, we humans aren’t always the most logical in arranging priorities so nothing would surprise me and I am sure stranger circumstances have existed somewhere.

    Reading into what this is actually about makes even less sense. Correct me if I am wrong but isn’t not registering if required to do so, a crime in of itself? Why waste time or money putting up pictures on billboards when law enforcement should be tracking these unregistered people down? Do we….forget it, yes society is THAT dumb.

  10. anonymously

    Most victimization comes from unconvicted friends, family, aquaintances. etc. A victim, with the same name last name as their abuser might not want their family business put on a billboard that practically forces anyone who drives by to look at and bring shame to the family and victim, might be deterred from reporting their abuse. This is not only cruel and unusual punishment for the ex-offender which is not warranted by something so uneventful as not registering on time or making some clerical error -I could see this making more sense if the person was wanted for something heinous/vicious, to use Law and Order, SVU television show propaganda words- , but also counterproductive in stopping victimization. Perhaps those who came up with this idea have some family victims they are trying to pressure not to turn them in.

  11. anonymously

    2 weeks ago, I turned on 640AM radio, a station owned by Clear Channel, I Heart Radio.
    The newsbreak every 15 minutes or every half hour reported a parolee sex offender child rapist who cut off his GPS later found many miles away hiding under a mattress. He was released in April of this year from prison and absconded, I had read in a newspaper article before I heard this misleading radio newsbreak. The next newsbreak, they just called him a rapist, not a child rapist. But no corrections from the previous newsbreak. This is the same company, Clear Channel, I Heart Radio, Clear Channel Outdoors. Clearly, Clear Channel has made a lot of money through fear mongering sex offender issues and cannot be trusted in these matters. This is the same company that owns the billboards in Indiana that also owns the radio station who made this error here in Southern California.

  12. anonymously

    This guy who was reported to have cut his GPS monitor off was not a child rapist, but a rapist whose victim was 31 years old. Why does Clear Channel, owners of 640am radio station, disregard the truth and not correct the error of their previous news report?
    Maybe this was not an error, but a planned event to cause more hysteria.

  13. stephen long

    Indianapolis is setting themselves up for trouble by posting pics of unregistered sex offenders!!!!! How dare you do that to anyone? Are you posting the pics of the murderers? Are you registering repeat burglars? Are you registering and “outing” unregistered sex offender politicians? Take care that you post pics like that. Your time card may get punched one last time…..

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