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Living with 290

Living with 290: Continuous and Greater Punishment

Living with 290 Unlike most post on the subject, I am not going to share, much, details about my crime, except I pleaded to 1 count 288(a) and four counts 647.6 in 1989 and I received some jail time, SO Treatment and 5 years probation, which I deserved.

I was able to keep my government job and after becoming adults, my victims voluntarily sought me and we have been reconciled. My conviction was “Set-a side” and I have a “Expungement” and “COR” all before 1997. Therefore, my punishment was light and fare. As of this day, I have maintained an clean criminal record.

The 290 was fairly easy until 1996, when I had to report annually to the PD and in 2000, when I was listed on line. Since most of local knew about my situation this was no shocker to them. In 2004 I got a new boss and he found out that I was a 290 he started to harass me and made very difficult for me do my job until my retirement in 2005. In 2006 I married a Filipino woman, whom I have known since 1991. We have been to the Philippines a few times visiting family, prior to 2012 and with no entry issues. In 2012 my wife, open a restaurant and I helped her run the business. We was doing very well until a competitor restaurant found out that I was a 290, the owner printed posters and place them several businesses in town. Yreka is a small city of <10,000 and it did not take long before people stop coming. In April, 2014 we have closed the business.

Because of my last boss, the business failure and not be able to travel to the Philippines with my wife, anymore. California Megan’s Law is a continuous and greater punishment than my original sentence.

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  1. wonderin

    And not only are you a victim of this over zealous campaign to sterilize the world from a recovering SO but now it encompasses your wife and all of her family who might benefit from her business. Sorry.

  2. Timmr

    If you had not said you were an ex offender in California, I could have pictured this story in 1930’s Germany, and the posters saying “Jude”. Oh wait, the only difference is that it is in California. I heard the Nazis sent the sex offenders to the camps first, along with doing a lot of other nasty things to them. Now look at the comments on the UT article posted recently on this site, from a defender of the park ordinances in San Diego County: there you have your obligatory castration advocates, too common, there is one commenting so at the end of just about every article. Hey, this all opens the door for the next group to be collectively hated and turned into dangerous commodities, controlled and profited off of. Americans think they are better than that, because we don’t have just one identifiable furer screaming them on? Fascism doesn’t need a dictator. People are capable enough on their own, enacting policies of hatred, and they pass the role of screaming maniac one to the next like social ebola. Win or lose, they need to be opposed if we are going to call ourselves free.

    • Tired of hiding

      This is an excellent point that has been made time and time again…it is simple a legalized HATE CRIME.

      How many of us have simply followed their rules to the letter only to be harassed by neighbors, a competitor in your case, or someone we don’t even know BUT is given our exact address for their twisted stalking and in some cases murder!

      The government is telling foreign governments that we are monsters planning on invading their countries and attach their children when we attempt a vacation.

      The government demands under threat of being locked up that we report or movements so they can alert those who would harm us – the government is encouraging discrimination against us!

      The government is maintaining internet websites and posting our private information which aids in these hate crimes being committed against those of us who have cooperated with their rules.

      The government is ignoring the constitution of the United States of America against us – American citizens – and by default is committing hate crimes against us as a group.

  3. Ron

    Yes, the public registry is far greater punishment than my original 4 month sentence at a minimum non-fenced facility. (The Santa Cruz County Farm. I highly recommend that jail if you have the option). I was told by my attorney that the registry was no big deal as it was not public for me in 2001. But since 2010, I was placed on the web site and that’s when my punishment began. Lost my job, friends and the trustworthiness I had earned from my small community. Now I am an outcast will few people willing to be seen associated with me, I get threats of physical harm and am banned from my favorite restaurant because other patrons have requested I not be allowed in or they will not do business there if I am present. I’m so glad this is not punishment.

    I did not plea my case out but was found guilty after agreeing not to call any witnesses and let the judge find me guilty under threat of many years of prison time, leaving me the ability to appeal my case to a higher court. I thought mistakenly I could win on appeal, but when the original case is poorly handled, that makes an appeal is almost impossible to win. Plus I found that the appeals court and the CA Supreme court does not have to look at all the case evidence if it’s not all submitted by the DA. I also found that when the Attorney Generals office submits their second response to an appeal they can (purposely?) make mistakes and mix up the case facts without the defendant having the right to correct them. So glad this is not all continued punishment.

    • Anonymous Nobody

      You are right — but the courts say you are wrong because they lie about the key point, saying it is not punishment. Thus, they say, if it is not punishment, it is no problem.

      At its root, the court system exists so that people don’t take matters into their own hands. Unfortunately, if the courts are this corrupted, they are no better, maybe even worse, than no court system at all. And so, without that justice-oriented court system, we have no choice but to take matters into our own hands — it is the only possibility.

      We cannot have a strategy of going to the courts – they are the problem! There is no body we can go to at this time for justice,and will not be at least for multiple decades, probably longer — not in any proper definition of the word (and take note of that because the powers that be have been twisting the definition to mean revenge). There is not going to be anybody we can go to any time in the foreseeable future – unless we take matters into our own hand and force it.

      In the aftermath of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, I point out that the black people then were in a similar situation – and they had to and did take matters into their own hands. All the years they hoped the system would work, it did not – until they forced it.

      We, too, will have no relief in our plight – until we force it. We can’t simply ask for it. We must march like King did, like the gays did. En masse. Until we do, all the comments here will be nothing but noise.

      We are human beings and none of the registrants are criminals, they are FORMER offenders — if they were current offenders, they would n be registering, they would be in prison. Registration is ONLY for former offenders. That is ALL registrants are now respectable people – and should not accept anything less than respect. Demand it, take it. March en masse and scream for it and don’t stop until the oppression stops. Make common sense, justice and civil rights the biggest topic before the country, as MLK did.

      Oppressors are not stopped until there is a rebellion. If we sit down and accept it and just moan and grown and ask the oppressors pretty please to stop it, there will only be more and more. Fight.

      But this can’t be done by one, or even several or even many registrants — those kind of numbers will simply be ignored. It must be done by a mass of registrants and their supporters — only big numbers will get the attention needed.

      Until that is done, we are just twiddling our thumbs.

  4. Someone who cares

    I had mentioned this before. With this many people affected (registrants and their families), we are a group of people who need to take action. Class Action Suits don’t work, I guess, but there is something called a “Mass Action Suit”. Maybe, an attorney who specializes in these type of suits could assist. We are all being punished without ever having done a crime. We have to relocate, become targets of hate, we have to work two jobs since our “Registrant” can’t find a job, we lose our homes…the list goes on. How can that type of suffering be ignored?

  5. USA

    No offense, but I’m very sorry for all your trouble. How on earth did you retain your job? These are some serious charges. Secondly, I would have imagined that if you (I have did the same) obtained an expungement, you would no longer have your information online for all to see. Lastly, if you did in fact obtain a COR, you should no longer be required to register? So, your either not being completely honest or your facts are incorrect? I’m truly sorry, but this is a little confusing. Thank you and best of luck to you.

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