How I Became a Monster

Hello. I’m a monster. Not just any kind of monster. Vampires and werewolves get to star in movies. They’re monsters, but they can also be heroes. I’m the worst kind of monster. I’m a sex offender. And the worst kind of sex offender. I’m a pedophile.

Don’t worry. I’m locked up. I’ve been in a federal penitentiary for almost two years and I’ll be here for at least another seven. No time off for good behavior. Not for monsters like me. When I get out, I’ll be on lifetime probation. That means that every couple of weeks, for the rest of my life, I’ll have to report to a parole officer and tell them what I’m doing. They can tell me where to live. They can tell me where I can’t live, or work or go. And everywhere I live my neighbors will get flyers warning them about me. If they miss the flyer, a handy database is there to show the address where I live. That makes it easy for anyone to find me and tell me what they think of me. Anyone. It’s perfectly legal to deny me an apartment, or service. You’re probably thinking that I deserve it. Being a monster and all.  So… want to know what I did? Full Article

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This is what happened to you – your government attacked you and they have ruined your life.

“The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals.
Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them.
One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for man to live without breaking laws.”
– Ayn Rand, 1957

It’s beyond me how the sentences are meted out…the selective unfairness. Seems that now internet crimes have become the “crime d’jour”, the easiest to prosecute, the easiest to convict. This is simple entrapment, the begging, pleading and cajoling by the police to get a person to do what they’d normally not do. The excessive bail, the effed up “deal” .
I know, been there, done it. This really hurts to read how the police have created yet another criminal, how it’s been sensationalized and how they’re applauded for such great police investigative work. I was lucky, got probation only, but still lifetime registration, loss of everything, trying to rebuild a life at 50. Do-able, but not easy. No trial and it still cost $50K in fees, fines, testing, bail. The police are to blame, they know the right buttons to push…they drag it out for months just to get their convictions. I don’t have enough expletives for the police…

Another life thrown on the heap and cut short of promise. Just imagine all those student loans accumulated that he’ll never be able to pay off because the government has deemed his as unemployable when he gets out.

Also, just wait until CSI: Cyber premiers. This guy is going to be the poster boy for the stories they will run along with CP and other related Internet “grooming” nonsense.

“I’m a pedophile.”

WRONG! WRONG!! WRONG!!!!!!!!!!
If that’s the case, then ALL CANADIANS ARE PEDOPHILES as 14 was the age of consent in Canada until a few years ago.

I’m SO SICK of the P-word being used out of context.

I agree that this man used very poor judgment in all of this but entrapment and bullying by authorities of any rank should be a crime. Criminals come in all colors, shapes and ranks. It is hard in this day in age to be a young person and do what young people did not so long ago, without being arrested and put into juvenile facilities or prisons. The excessive laws mean that the corporate world and corruption is well and thriving in the world-hence all the prisons they keep building. It’s all about money unfortunately. And where there is money involved, there is evil lurking all around. I sure hope we can change things for the better in this world, with LOVE

Yep it used to be that a girl was lucky to have a experienced older man as her first sexual experience. Someone tbat was gentler and more compassionate so as to make her experience more pleasurable and meaningful. Just read the series clan of the cave bear by jean auel about prehistoric man and it is supposed to be historically accurate. For generations upon generations grown men have married and had sexually experiences with young Edmonton as soon as they became sexually mature and in the animal world every species has males that are attracted to the females as soon as they become sexually mature. I’m not condoning such behaviors because our societies now condemn it but I’m just saying its bs to call men pedophiles and sexual predators simply for doing what nature has preprogramed us to do. I’ve had to talk to many psychologist as a result of my conviction and even they have all told me that its perfectly normal for grown men to be sexually attracted to sexually mature young females its just that in modern society its against the law and supposedly immoral.

It seems like this whole thing that destroyed this man’s life and career was manufactured because there wasn’t a problem until the police created the problem.

No. No. No. Anyone who supports cybercrime teams using these tactics is the real monster. Want to know what true evil looks like? The people who turned this man into a criminal are excellent examples of what pure evil looks like. Very few of these cases end up involving individuals who were at risk of doing anything remotely sexual with someone under the age of consent. I seem to remember a law or two or more about it being illegal for minors (even pretend ones) to proposition other minors or adults for sex or alcohol on the internet. If anyone should get in trouble it’s the team of idiots who cooked this scheme and acted in an inappropriate manner consistent with their supposed age. Oh if no such laws exist then someone should absolutely send the idea to as many state congresses and the federal congressional houses asap. Make sure that the legal text leaves no loopholes for law enforcement to entrap or entice anyone. If this makes it more difficult for cyber sex crime units to catch people then fine because apparently very few real threats are identified by this method anyway. While we are on the subject let’s also prevent groups and government agencies from setting up child pornography sites and if they took over a site prevent them from allowing new members to join.