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The Disappearing Sex Offender (Opinion)

As a legislator, one of the biggest concerns I have is public safety. Keeping the public safe from the many dangers that are prevalent in today’s society is a challenge. One area of work I have spent a great deal of time on is keeping children safe from sex abuse. And unfortunately, I have found that there are too many things that are a false sense of security. One I have a big problem with is the sex offender registry. The research shows that sex offender registries don’t reduce recidivism. Full Opinion Piece

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  1. Q

    This guy is F-ed up. Basically an OK article; however the guy has some deeply embedded myths running around in his brain.

    ” Think of sex offenders like cancer. There are all different types. They attack differently. They respond to treatment and punishment differently. They should all be taken serious but there are some that are more awful than others”

    Apparently this man believes even something that is not “sex” but is considered “sex” because some sick people that see “sex” everywhere they look convinced lawmakers to pass a law are a cancer that needs to be killed (this is what is done to cancer cells;’ they are killed).

    Can someone PLEASE shed a little light on this statement that sounds like utter BS every time I hear it?

    “Out of 100 sex offenders, 60 to 70 go unreported.”

    If something is not reported I always wonder if this statement is being made to keep people thinking that these unconstitutional registries are a good thing and still needed. They must be just making up a number they think sounds good.

    • David

      I wonder if lawmakers realize that the existence of registries has increased the number of sexual abuse crimes that go unreported? *shrugs* Of course, that would only benefit them because it then appears that sex crimes are decreasing, when in fact, the are simply not being reported. They create their own success. *scratches head* (I guess I never thought of it that way before.)

    • Fed Up

      Agreed. I wrote the author of this letter after his last editorial. This is his third one. While it seems he tries to highlight some of the issues with the registries and point out all offenders are not the same, he continuously sabotages his own articles with stupid, inaccurate statements and statistics as you have highlighted Q.

      • Q

        Quacks like this guy really need to cite statements like the mythical “unreported sex crimes” statement. I’ve heard this unreported sex crimes statement dozens of times and the numbers are never the same. It really sounds like one of those baseless pulled out of thin air claims used to convince lawmakers of the need for tougher laws concerning citizens forced to register; this is why this quack needs to cite his articles.

    • Kevin

      The “Out of 100 sex offenders…” statement threw me off too. After reading it a few times I realized that “sex offenders” in this context refers to those individuals that commit a sex offense. That would include those that are arrested and/or convicted for the offense and those that are not.

    • Timmr

      What bothers me is this guy can equate people to a cancer, which brings me to believe he’d have no compunction about killing the “cancer” people off.

    • LM

      He dances around the issue like he’s “in the know” but stops short of addressing the controversy out of fear of becoming part of it. Coward.

  2. j

    Paul Heroux is legislative cancer and is rapidly spreading to his most vulnerable victims; his constituents and the uninformed voter populace.

  3. Two states east

    To: Q. I tried to find that usually obscure and usually inaccurate history of the “60 to 70 ” statistic. All I could find was a town meeting in Holder, Masschusits (typo) that took place on Feb. 8, 2007 where Robert Baker of the Sex Offender Registration Board barfed out to the crowded room of seventy people saying, “..the staggering statistic… 60 to 70%..will go unreported….” Got it from “The Landmark” regional newspaper. Why zit so hard to find this stuff ?

    However, the MOTHER LODE of statistics misused can be found at: WAR / SEX OFFENDER MYTHS dated 2013. Of course it’s Women Against Registry reprinting Derek Logue’s vital work.

    To: Wonderin. THANK YOU for those NoTell California lyrics !! My favorite is ” they stabbed it with their steely knives, but they could not kill the beast”. Not sure why I like that…

    • Q

      Hi Two states east;

      “Why zit so hard to find this stuff ?” – “Because it doesn’t exist.”

      I suspect because it’s a BS at it’s finest; or worst, depending on your point of view.

      Here’s another one for you to check out; try to find one, just one, only one; documented instance where the “sex offender registry” has saved “just one child” from any kind of “sex crime,” or one instance where the sex offender registry has prevented anything, let alone a “sex crime.” I believe (because I’ve looked; a bunch of times) you’ll come up with another big zero because the sex offender registry doesn’t do anything to protect anyone; never has, never will. Then do a search of things directly related to the registry, like murders and assaults, vandalism, suicides, loss of jobs and homes, homelessness, etc – ad nausium, and I know you’ll come up with page after page of results. Then go to You Tube and type in Kat Truth and hear first hand how this BS affects innocent children. This quack shows his true and ignoramus like color with his BS statements.

      (pl. Ignoramuses.) A stupid, ignorant person; a vain
      pretender to knowledge; a dunce.
      [1913 Webster]

    • Q

      Checked out “MOTHER LODE of statistics misused” and thank you. I had read this when it came out then forgot about it; I don’t know how I could have did that!!! This is some good stuff!!!!

  4. anonymously

    “Out of 100 sex offenders, 60 to 70 go unreported.”

    I think he made a typing error, and means ‘sex offenses’. Lets say we accept his numbers of 60-70% unreported, even though in times more current than when this study was made the number could be even higher now due to the counter-productive laws which shame entire families and create more under-reporting by the victim if the victim was abused by a family member, which is common. Since we know registrants commit under 5 percent of sex crimes, it follows non-registrants commit over 95% of sex crimes. Since the crimes are unreported, its hard to definitively know if it is registrants or non-registrants who committed those crimes, but I would venture to guess it is virtually entirely non-registrants committing those unreported crimes because as Heroux pointed out, non-registrants can disappear before they are made to register and then commit more sex crimes unabated, granted they are not politicians like Al Robles, Mark Foley or John Walsh and not be made to register even if their guilt is unquestionable. In Robles case, it is still alleged, however, but I’m confident he is guilty because he fits a scientific pattern of those who advocate for these draconian punishments being offenders themselves. And he is not being accused by someone of low stature either.

    • Q

      I hear what you are saying. I still think is’s BS because if something is not reported then just how; pray tell me, can these people possibly know and state numbers? They can’t; the fact that they do make these statements should set of the warning bells in anyone’s mind. It sounds to me like this quack is subtly trying to convey a false belief to John Q Dumb Sh_t that there’s a huge and largely unseen problem and little children are being terrorized by registrants, and you, John Q Dumb Sh_t need to do something about it the next time some sick person with an agenda who sees sex everywhere they look introduces a bill that further erodes the constitutional principals this nation was founded upon by further oppressing citizens forced to register.

      In short; this is a ad hominem statement, as well as manufacturing consent to attack our rights.

      “The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation.” Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

  5. anonymously

    Q said ‘ ““Out of 100 sex offenders, 60 to 70 go unreported”
    If something is not reported I always wonder if this statement is being made to keep people thinking that these unconstitutional registries are a good thing and still needed. They must be just making up a number they think sounds good.’

    I think it was already pointed out that California registrant parolees are subjected to mandatory lie detector tests. And no surprise, the ones not sent back to jail passed with flying colors and not committing any more offenses. 98+% no new sex crimes. Whatever percent goes under-reported of current sex crimes, it didn’t mostly come from registrants, according to scientific studies. The 60-70% underreported sex crimes number is used as propaganda to confuse and re-enforce the rationale for unconstitutional punishments/restrictions on registrants, as Q acknowledged as a possibility, since it makes for a good soundbite statistic that sounds like it damns registrants, when it really shows the need to get rid of these draconian punishments which shame entire families and lead to under-reporting.

    • Q

      Lie detector tests have been proven to be “junk science.” The fact that the system still uses lie detector tests and seems to love these tests should alert anyone of the need to check and see just how credible these “unreported sex crimes” statements really are. They need to produce tangible evidence; not some number derived from “junk science.”

  6. mike r

    Dissapearing sex offender. Ha! If I could buy a gun and disappear into the bush of Alaska without having to worry bout being a fugitive for failing to register I would be gone. If it wasn’t for my son and grandson I probably would do it anyway just to get away from this weak cowardly draconian thing people call society.

  7. Two states east

    To: Q. Thank you for going to Derek’s statistics. It’s amazing the help he has provided over the years.

    You know, if I got in a bar fight with the Runners, I sure would want Derek by my side….

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