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The most prestigious legal body in America is considering changing the Model Penal Code to criminalize holding your girlfriend’s hand on a date

The American Law Institute is the most important and most prestigious organization of legal scholars and prominent attorneys in the United States. The ALI drafts model laws that become statutes and Restatements of the Law that are widely cited as authority in judicial opinions. Full Article

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What in the actual f**k?!

It is evident that the past racial divisions have been escalated by our government and the race baiting minions that are sent out to fuel those fires. Now it appears that there will be a growing divide between genders with crap like this sprouting up. We all know that this stuff only applies to “Joe Blue Collar” and not to gov’t officials and/or law enforcement.
I suppose the goal is to have all males live like hermits and turn all females into some sort of victim. When will this crap ever stop? (when I die!)

Seriously, as bizarre as this world has become, this appears to be the only practical and safe answer: Abstinence for all.
I would note that rape can also occur within the bonds of marriage, so hubbies & wives beware – no hand-holding without a signed, notarized agreement (required for each occurrence).
I’m not sure I have the patience to wade through all 250+ pages, but I’m wondering if they’ve included a section on non-consensual self-gratification for each participating personality of a multiple-personality schizophrenic person(s).

…In all of these cases, the draft creates a conclusive presumption that the relationship constitutes felonious sexual exploitation regardless of whether the relationship has continued through years of marriage, and regardless of whether the “victim” objects to any prosecution. The draft acknowledges that these new crimes, “are largely a new departure for American law”…

As many thousands of people have been required to register and are being required to register under the exact circumstances described above this is NOT a new departure for American law, IT IS JUST VERY BAD LAW.

Now if both A and B consent to the handshake and kissing, bystander C may find the escalating sexual feelings offensive or even disgusting, photograph it all and call the police, resulting in A and B being arrested and facing lewd and lascivious charges. The news makes a big deal out of it and takes the opportunity to present themselves as virtuous defenders of modern puritanism. The Chinese communists had thought reform, the Americans had McCarthyism, the Nazis had purity of blood. Now we are developing this mad concept of sexual purity and it is spinning out of control as… Read more »

You are forgetting the best part….if A and B are underage the photographs bystander C took might constitute child pornography so all three end up in trouble.

…and if C posts it online, then everyone who sees it commits a crime.

Except for the law enforcement who finds it online…that’s not a crime its part of the job.

Something to think about:

If a person, act, situation, or circumstance is viewed/perceived as sexual by law regardless of whether or not it is actually sexual has the law forced society to share the same perspective? By combating sexual exploitation, abuse, and trafficking these things must be legally defined or explained thus removing the possibility that personal agency could exist in certain cases. Which in turn potentially creates the very things seeking to be prevented by quantifying what they are and raising awareness.

If like me you found yourself as a POW in the war against sexual deviance, you probably have been subjected to thought reform. That is, the incarceration facilities, the PO’s and the therapists collude to ensure you view yourself as a deviant person and your only salvation, or hope to leave the system, is to confess your sins and agree that the law is scripture and the state is pure and infallible. So yes, in its own view of itself, a self proclaimed infallible entity can look at what it calls impure photos and not be corrupted (in its own… Read more »

These “legal scholars and prominent attorneys” are clearly guilty of mental masturbation in an ivory tower. They should be deeply ashamed to be associated with such foolishness!

Their kind have sunk into a twilight zone type of Victorian puritanism.

Hmmm, wondering if our policy makers got together with the mullahs of the middle east to drive the world back about 1000 years. That way the vast majority of powerless serfs created will be too suspicious of their own natural instincts to dare question their self proclaimed betters — the absolute moral authorities who maintain their tyranny until someone nails objections on the church’s door. History is not a pendulum moving this way and that of its own weight; it needs movers and the people fed up enough to throw themselves in its path.

There seems to be some pretty handy sections in this article that cover the legal pitfalls of hand holding. I immediately went to my very old MP-3 files. I found the early Beatles song ” I Wanna Hold Your Hand” and have been playing it as I type this…. On this thread we don’t get much into the campus rape mania, but from what I can find these American Legal Institoot people are timing this to ride on the crest of all the hoopla of campus rape and AFFIRMATIVE CONSENT. Yes, Calif became first to enact their (er… your) college… Read more »

This is total FemiNazi Bulls**t!!!!!

Good! It will not be long that everyone will be a sex offender and on the registry, especially if it is made retroactive to the beginning of time. The Runners, John & Mark and company held hands at least once

And the net widens and is cast ever farther into the sea of the ignorant masses

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