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Living with 290

Living with 290: Counseling or treatment

Most if not all individuals who are convicted of registerable sex offenses must participate in a counseling or treatment program as a condition of post conviction/supervised release terms. These programs are overall geared towards individuals who were convicted of hands on offenses. With an increase in prosecutions for non contact offenses including pornography cases it is curious that even in the past ten years few if any non contact programs have started.

Additionally most conditions state that the offender will pay for part or all costs associated with the treatment program. The program I am has monthly fee which starts at fifty dollars. Anyone fortunate enough to be employed with enough money left over pays more. Making me be part of a program geared towards hands on offenses when I was convicted of a non contact possession of pornography offense is weird. Then without any say in the curriculum of the program I must pay a monthly fee.

The best part is that many of the discussions about dating, relationships, and sex brought up by the group are like listening to a language I don’t speak. What separates me from most others with the same offense or many adults convicted of sex offenses, is I have no dating, relationship, or sexual experience. Due to no experience there are entire categories of acts, situations, and circumstances I am clueless about. I have not even been in the same room as a naked woman and haven’t seen a nude woman in person. Imagine me sitting in a room where everyone else has way more experience. For example some months back one person talked about fooling around with a girlfriend years ago and used a specific term to describe their exact activity. I sat there having heard the term before, but still unaware of its meaning. Not wanting to appear uninformed I did not ask about the meaning.

I have found the saying “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade” to be useful from time to time, but what if someone doesn’t know what lemons are? How can progress be expected when the basics are far from understood?

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Since I have a noncontact offense I was only required to attend a couple of those group therapy sessions during parole as my psych concluded that they had no relevence to my situation. I still had one on one meetings monthly with him during parole and even those decreased to once every three months by the end of my second year on parole. The most detrimental aspect of parole was the residency restrictions which made it almost impossible to comply with all the other conditions such as charging the gps

I was convicted of a 647.6, no-touching offense. My crime was done through social media. I was placed on 3 years of summary probation and ordered to attend 52 weeks of sex compulsive anonymous, but no other treatments/counseling was ordered.

Oftentimes, the sentences for a sex crime make no sense. My loved one also had a non-contact crime. He was required to go to group counseling every week as a condition of his probation. We, too, had to absorb the entire cost into our very limited income. He would come home disgusted with the counseling because so much of it was inconceivable scenarios that he could in no way wrap his mind around much less think to commit. I have concluded that the mandatory sex rehabilitation classes are just another way to punish the offender and have the unjustified employment… Read more »

I was convicted of a noncontact misdemeanor in OC, and probation made me attend one of many programs offered on their approved list. I was lucky that the one I chose was VERY good and was based mostly on your own experiences and working through your issue. It was run by Dr Paul Lingren. I heard many a horror story of other classes where all that went on was the leader would yell at people and tell them the were terrible people.

The story above seems to be about a federal program. Being convicted of possessing child pornography I have experience with a program similar to the one described above. Here are some facts regarding treatment during federal supervised release. 1. Except in rare cases (none I personally know about) someone is required to attend counseling or treatment for the duration of their supervised release. Group sessions go for 90 minutes once a week. If a person has five years of supervised release they can expect to be required to attend counseling for the entire five years. I have met people with… Read more »

The offender treatment regime is a culling approach. Everyone involved knows that group sessions without confidentiality are not treatment and won’t heal anyone. It’s not psychotherapy and doesn’t purport to be. You’re on your own if you want therapy or healing. Twelve step groups are one free, option. Having gone through group offender treatment, I believe it’s true purpose is to provide a forum for those who are so poorly socialized or mentally ill that they can’t participate and follow the rules, to identify themselves. Those people may find themselves back in jail for noncompliance, which is a proxy for… Read more »

There are group programs in San Diego specific for pornography cases. Look into corrigan and associates. I believe they currently have the federal contract for the federal system and a majority of county and state cases are refered to them. On a different note. If you don’t agree with going to therapy, for some weird reason. Or would rather attend therapy of your own free will. I recommend you carefully read CA Title 15 and you will find a way out. You just have to be bold enough to stand up for yourself. It has worked for everyone i know… Read more »

Immediately after my arrest, and before sentencing, I began attending counseling before it was mandated. My counselor/group was not the least interested in what I had done, but were concerned that I was able to not do that again. FYI, it was an internet sting. The counselor was fabulous, teaching me to think differently in times of stress and to look at the outcomes of my actions before it happened. I also learned that I had choices to do or not do this again.There were no accusations, not angry counselors, no polygraphs, just a very peaceful, non-threatening environment. The groups… Read more »

It’s surprising the amount of disparity between therapists for those convicted of sex offenses. I guess I’m among the lucky few who actually had a very good treatment program. Upon initial assessment, my assigned therapist determined that I didn’t need group therapy. After only 5 months, she contacted my probation officer and said that she was ending sex offender treatment because clearly I was not a sex offender. Unfortunately, I was bound to have one calendar year of treatment, but my P.O. was not opposed to having a different type of treatment so long as I was with the same… Read more »

I did court ordered group and did individual therapy on my own. Best thing I ever did and wish I understood what therapy was about BEFORE I got into trouble.

This is in response to NMV and the comments about Corrigan and Associates. This is the program that my loved one and many other registered citizens that I know have attended. Most of us are in agreement that the counselors employed there are geared to bully, insult and publically humiliate those required to participate in the group therapy program. The counselor continually reminded them they are “sex offenders” and are the “dregs of society”. Every week for the two years it took for my loved one to successfully complete this course he had to endure this type of harassment from… Read more »

I researched Corrigan in 2003 and decided to go with Center for Change in Vista. I actually enjoyed going there most of the time.

In reference to hannah grace. I attended all the different programs in San Diego. As a registered citizen, i can honestly say the only program that treated me with any respect and actually tried to help everyone there, was corrigan and associates!

As an fyi, the therapist you referenced is no longer there. The existing therapists are excellent.

again, as a registered citizen on parole, if you dont want to go, read the Title 15.

Therapy at corrigan and associates helped change my life!

Does anyone know what section of Title 15 that deals with opting out of the therapy ?

Below is a link to the casomb, that lists the certified therapists as of 1/2014. As noted, some programs are better then others. All these programs follow a similar course curriculum. If you are on state parole, or county probation, you will more then likely be ordered to attend one of these programs.

This lists all the certified providers for california.

Again, if you feel that you do not need therapy, you can always look into the Title 15 to get relief.

Narum Clinical Associates was absolutely devastating to me. I cannot say much without identifying myself to them or to anyone else, but i can certainly say they successfully destroyed my ability to have any intimacy in what is supposed to be a healthy relationship. * did things to my mind and my spirit that made me consider suicide. I was absolutely relieved when i finally went to prison. Emotionally, i did get stronger but now i deal with serious issues from that “program”.

The outpatient treatment program I was court-ordered to attend took things one step further. The offenders got together and produced a report of setup behavior examples they used on their victims. The County probations dep’t liked it and put it on their website for the public. Take a look at it. Google: “Marion County, Oregon-Protecting your children”. The statistics in the thing I don’t agree with, but the behaviors and signs are right on.

I was with David Pruvis.
From what I understand he was able to get some RSO out of the Coalinga State Hospital in California.

I do not know if he is still in biz.

Hey what’s the chapter of the code section?? Would be helpful!!

As I’ve stated before the treatment programs for sex offenders are not designed to rehabilitate but to punish people and even encourage reoffending. My SO counselor continually made remarks that in a therapeutic sense, were counterproductive. “What color were the little girl’s panties?” “Do you jerk off thinking about her little p—y?” I went to my federal probation officer about those remarks, because I assumed that the focus would not be about objectifying people, but about making healthy relationships. At the hearing, even the judge who sentenced me to probation for possession of CP agreed that those remarks were highly… Read more »

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