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CA RSOL Meeting in Los Angeles – October 24

California RSOL will return its monthly meeting to Los Angeles on October 24. As usual, the location is the ACLU Building at 1313 W. 8th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90017. Start time is 10 am.

We will focus on current topics, including pending legislation and legal actions as well as offer an opportunity for networking with others.

We welcome registrants, friends and family and other supporters to attend. The meeting is off-limits to media and government officials in order to ensure everyone’s privacy. There is no charge to attend.

Show up, Stand Up, Speak up!

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I came to the last L.A. meeting and was encouraged by it enough to start formulating my own “stand up” story about how PC290 requirements have affected my family. How do you join this organization? I haven’t been able to find a way to do so under any of the drop-down menus or by using the “Donate” button.

it’s not a formality to join up. If you are on the registry or someone close to you we welcome you and yours with open arms. We help each other beyond just the meetings. For me as a registrant it has also been hard, but my story seems to pail in comparison to many of my fellow brothers and sisters on that thing. I have found solace in helping others one-on-one to work helping out in salons throughout California. Although it is a good income but it is also a means to be in touch with the community for good and by so doing I personally used the situation to leverage a couple of politicians inyo office. I required only that they support the Constitution especially when it’s not popular to do so. They knew my status as a registered citizen but they also knew I have a gifted way of harnessing all those salons and relationships for their election. So can you.

Jojo, please come to the next meeting. Together, we are stronger. And the support … just knowing I am not alone … has been very helpful to me. Thanks, CA RSOL and special thanks to Janice for fighting so hard for our rights and our freedom!

Are we able to speak and ask questions on behalf of a family member who is a registered [261.5 (d)] offender and trying to obtain visitation with thier biological children and were denied.

(Case did not involve his children.)

MH – Those who attend the monthly meetings of CA RSOL are encouraged to share information about themselves and/or their loved ones during the meetings. We work together to identify potential solutions to challenges that are raised. I would be pleased to discuss your loved one’s situation much sooner. Please call me at 805-896-7854. Thank you.

Janice, if a registered citizen, has been taken off the Megans Law Website, can private websites still post pictures? you know the so called “mugshot sites” , my theory is once the DOJ takes you off- your RSO info is non-disclosable to the public, am i correct? PLEASE HELP!!!!! may i contact you if necessary? this is a very serious issue, Thank You

I have real strong feelings and compassion about registered sex offenders not being able to see their own children or children of their friends and family. My son is currently serving time with the curse of the 290 hanging on his head. My daughter who is older than my son, asked me “I guess I shouldn’t have any children since my brother can not be around them to watch them grow up?”. That statement just wrenched my heart and squeezed the blood out of it! I also would love to come to the meeting but Saturdays are my visiting days with my son. Good luck to all of you. Janice, you are an angel for everyone on the registry. Thank you!

It is fairly rare for an offender who has completed his sentence, parole and etc. to be restricted from interaction with children, especially family.
I’m sorry for your situation.

I am a registered citizen who served my time and completed parole a few years ago. Most of my close friends know about my status as a registered citizen and why I am one…and they have young children. They do not hesitate to spend time with me, have me visit their homes, and be around their children. Unless his case is one of the rare and extreme ones where his sentence included no interaction with children as a lifetime ban, he should have no problem being in the presence of children or even interacting with them.

After spending countless hours online looking for support in California, I come to this website and I feel so much better. My fiancee has a long and upsetting story which could have possible ending better had he been properly represented. He was disadvantaged by not having money to pay for trial and has been in prison for a little over 5 years. He is coming home soon, although we don’t know where home is yet because we lack so much knowledge about his restrictions at this point in time. I will be attending the meeting on the 24th. I am thankful for those who take time to help one another in such difficult circumstances. And thankful for Ms. Bellucci for her dedication to our families.

After spending countless hours online looking for support in California, I come to this website and I feel so much better. My fiancee has a long and upsetting story which could have possible ending better had he been properly represented. He was disadvantaged by not having money to pay for trial and has been in prison for a little over 5 years. He is coming home soon, although we don’t know where home is yet because we lack so much knowledge about his restrictions at this point in time. I will be attending the meeting on the 24th. I am thankful for those who take time to help one another in such difficult circumstances. And thankful for Ms. Bellucci for her dedication to our families.

Janice may i call also? Im similar 261.5d and off probation. Yet have a 10 year restraining order against all minors including my 3 children. No crimes against them. Idk what to do. It was consensual.

Maybe the presiding judge in your case could write a judgement that you can live with your children, or at least have visits. Have a couple different therapists (and others in positions of trust) write letters documenting how this is hurting your kids, not to have any contact with you! Certainly it distracts them from schooling to worry about you every day, wishing they could see you; and it destroys your family bond!

Yes, please call.

My husband put my kids in therapy with an MFT starting right after I was incarcerated so they could deal with their confusion, anger and abandonment feelings. I first learned about this “no contact” with minors, including my own, to be one of my parole conditions only shortly before I paroled from prison, and was so upset, I insisted my Attorney get us a court date for a Judgement saying I could live with my kids. It was granted! However, since the presiding Judge had earlier turned my case over to the State, Parole didn’t care that I now had such a Judgement from him. It would have been valid if I was on probation.
I had a 2 year sentence (half for good behavior). It’s nonsensical to be denied even making telephone calls and sending birthday cards to one’s kids, when one has proof of talking to them over the phone daily and writing letters to them every week from prison!
With my Attorney’s continued help, after 6 months on Parole I was allowed one 15 minute phone call divided between them every other week from the Parole office. Maybe this is rare. The therapist sent the Parole Administrator reports about how the separation affected my kids, especially their school and social life. My church pastor and some others sent letters how they would supervise me at church if I was allowed back there; a Psychologist met with my kids and sent a report, and then, Hallelujah, I was allowed supervised visits with my kids in their therapist’s office every other week! Reports of these visits were sent to my Parole Officer. I was careful to have my husband text me when I could leave my car (not parked in the same lot with his) and join them in the therapist’s office so that there would never be any accidental “unsupervised” meeting that could result in a violation. After nine months of parole, the District Office level decided they would rather see me live with my family than be homeless, or at a motel.. But later, without any violation, I was yanked out of my home (having lived there almost 2 years!) with only about 2 hours notice! They still allowed me the supervised visits, but now required mandatory treatment with lie detector testing. I completed parole five months later, had the ankle cuff removed, and moved back home; and we retained our family bond.

Just curious, with all the people registered now, near a million, why aren’t there “sites” or organizations that help people find work, start a business or attend support meetings? Is everybody poor that has to register? Has anyone thought of google alerts to stories relevant to sex offender laws to make proactive comments to? Why aren’t there proactive ideas like this?

Maybe you can start something like Goggle Alerts for new laws in process. People on this site do alert us to those laws, sometimes, but it would be good to do formally. I am wondering why a group of us doesn’t start a company and employ ourselves.

Who knows the answer to your question? I agree, we have the numbers and a latent power we don’t know how to harness. But I think many believe it takes the level of involvement of a Janice or Frank to make a difference, and we just don’t have the time or the means, or are involved deeply in other meaningful tasks like keeping a family together or finding a way to pay the rent or get a meal or have just so bad an image of ourselves that we don’t think we are capable of doing anything valuable for anyone. Our own poor image of ourselves is probably our greatest enemy. So I think there is hope when more of us are doing something, even a little thing, like writing a letter, going to a meeting, holding up a sign at a protest — in addition to the more involved tasks of filing lawsuits, writing books, forming support groups, maintaining web sites, etc.. I think if we all do at least a little we will make an impact and, you will start to see the things you describe happen. As Robert Kennedy said in his visit to Apartheid South Africa:

“Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.”

Start a ripple if you can’t yet see any waves.

Good post Hillary and Timmr!

I am a career finance professional (and registered citizen) interested in networking with software developers and data scientists in a similar situation as myself. I have business opportunities in the finance sector to exploit. Interested parties with the aforementioned skills please reply and we will discuss.

Hillary, I certainly agree that such a network for jobs, housing, and support would be very helpful to a lot of folks. And, FYI, you can indeed easily set your own Google alerts for whatever key words or phrases interest you. Also, as for positive, fact-referencing responses to news articles, please click through on some of the news articles cited on this website. Frequently, you will indeed find honest a

(continued)….. frequently you will find positive, fact-based comments after the cited news articles.

Hillary, I hear your frustration regarding the timidness and lack of proactivity amongst the many who carry the burden and stigma of being on the registry. At the next CA-RSOL meeting, I will make an announcement to inquire who may be interested in having a support group that addresses the emotional impact being on the registry has for us.
I agree with you that we need to become more proactive, and I believe that the first step could be to be able to deal with the shame, anger, and frustrations that we all carry with us. I also agree with Timmr who points out that our poor image of ourselves is our greatest enemy. Mostly it is the shame that keeps us from speaking up and becoming proactive. My hope is that we can have a support group where we can address these emotional issues in a safe environment, and share our experiences, strengths and hopes with each other in a mutually supportive and non-judgmental forum.
So look forward to an announcement regarding a support group at our next meeting.

I was naive when I started my probation 15 years ago. I had found a psychologist who had lead me to discover some of the imbalances in my life and as a true healer facilitated my recovery to a healthy state of mind. I was in desperate need of employment to fulfill my court ordered obligations, had applied for several jobs and got accepted after an interview for one. At that point, I was of the mind that I was ressponsible for what I had did, but that through the actions I had taken, admitting guilt, seeking help, attempting to heal the wounds I caused to my family, I was in no way ashamed of myself as a person seeking to do the best thing in an awful situation. So I told my new boss exactly what I did in enough detail to get the idea across. I don’t know why I went that far, I guess I just felt I didn’t want to live a lie. Also, who knows, maybe my experience could help someone. If you feel like this, don’t do that. If you are under some sort of emotional distress that may lead to harm to yourself or others, seek help. In a moment of serendipity, I found an employer who had a father who had committed a similar crime to mine, and saw that I had skills that went far beyond what the job called for. So I was kept on.
Long story shortened, I had to switch therapists, because the one I chose was not on the approved list — meaning he would not take on the function of deputized law enforcement, that is, informing my probation officer of what I said in the sessions, having to confess my offense to a bunch of strangers, taking sexual preference tests and polygraphs, stressing over being punished for thinking the wrong thoughts. Anyway, after so long living as a pariah, I am to the point were I need to say to hell with them, I need to get involved in making some sort of difference in this scenario, if only for my own sense of dignity and emotional balance.

Well said Timmr. We all need to summon the courage and will to fight back.

Does anyone have any experience with moving into a new apartment? I’m looking for a new place and was wondering if the manager finds out that I’m a registrant after moving in, can he kick me out for not telling him?

I don’t think he can kick me out for being a registrant but he may find some other reason. Anybody have any experience with this?

Harry –
I lived in one place in the valley for 3 years, they found out AFTER i moved in, but since there was NO question regarding this or anything else on the application, there is NOTHING they can do to make you move. Even in subsequent years, my lease was always renewed, my guess is that their attorneys told them that if I pay my rent on time, which I did every month, am a good tenant, which I was, that they have no reason not to renew and did it to avoid litigation. They DID change the application to address this for future residents, and they will NO LONGER rent to ANYONE with ANY felony conviction. I moved out of that place this past spring, but only because I wanted a larger place. The new place I moved to ALSO DID NOT ASK ANYTHING, but had VERY STRICT credit requirements, above 750 FICO score ONLY. I had no trouble getting this place, and yes they now know, as the police scum made their “compliance” check in May. I was not home so they rang the manager’s apartment. I don’t think anyone else here knows except her, but I have had NO trouble whatsoever. As long as you DON’T LIE on the application, they have no ability to evict you for being on the registry. It’s hard to find places that don’t ask, but they DO EXIST, just keep looking. I will be at the meeting on Saturday if you want to talk.

Rob, thanks for your reply. I will be at the meeting too. Maybe I’ll find you. It’s pretty discouraging when so many applications ask you that question but I believe you if you’ve been able to find a place that didn’t ask. Besides the cops and their compliance check, did people find out via the website?

Barry –
Look for me tomorrow, tall skinny guy with glasses. I do not know if any tenants here know, only the manager knows as far as I know. She is the ONLY one those thugs spoke to when they came for the “compliance” check, I was at work. She even texted me to tell me they were here and warn me. They have not been back as far as I know. The building I live in is small, with only studios and 1 bedroom apartments, so there are NO CHILDREN whatsoever. People without kids give little thought to checking the website, so, no, I am guessing that no one here has ever checked.

(I was in my apartment for about 5 years before they put us all on the public website. I was a good tenant. When I knew the website was coming, I told the building’s resident manager. He said, “Don’t worry. I doubt anyone will see it.”
About a year later, an registered citizen in a neighboring town did something and landlords started worrying about their liability if they rent to a registered citizen and he or she does something wrong. So the owner of my apartment’s building asked the resident manager for a criminal background check on all tenants. Bless his soul, unbeknownst to me, that manager “created” a perfectly clean rap sheet on my behalf and gave that to the owner! LOL! I guess good tenants are difficult to find and he really wanted to keep me around!)

This message is for Janice, do you know what happened with the mug shot sites? i put my name and my pictures come up!!!!!, IS THIS LEGAL? I WAS TAKEN OFF THE MEGANS LAW WEBSITE IN 2008, MY INFO IS NOT DISCLOSABLE, ACCORDING TO THE CA ATTORNEY GENERALS OFFICE. I NEED TO HAVE THIS INFO REMOVED PLEASE HELP, I’m going to try to make it to the meeting on saturday, IM AFRAID FOR MY FAMILIES SAFETY, AS WELL AS MY OWN.

I will be attending this months meeting. I’ve never come before, so I’m excited. I’m looking for advice, or even to hire a lawyer.
The last time I was in court, the judge took my felonies and turned them into mistermeaners, then he expunged my case. Except for having to continue to register. What are my chances of having the Govenor excuse my need to register? By the way, No prison, just county jail time.
Thank you,

California RSOL does not provide legal advice, however, there will be at least two attorneys at the meeting with whom you may speak and set up an appointment.

Eight years ago I moved into a new subsidized apartment complex. I informed the managers and owners of the complex of “my background.” I was still given a lease.
About two years after moving into this apartment complex, some vigilantes found my background information online and put a letter in front of the 104 apartments informing everyone of my background.

About three weeks after the letter was posted to all of the tenants of my complex,
a letter was sent to all of the apartments from the law firm representing the owners of my apt complex. It informed everyone that IT WAS A CRIME to harass me. And, furthermore the lawyer for the owner stated that the manager would investigate to see if the vigilantes might be able to be identified.
The vigilantes were never identified, but the manager was very sweet to me after the incident.
But, I have walked around since the incident feeling that I have “A Scarlett Letter” on my forehead. I never interact with any fellow tenant because I do not know who the vigilantes are.
But, I intend to stay in my apt until I pass away! I am 72…
If anyone has questions, you may contact me at my email address:


Alex, I would be interested in the Support Group as well. Not only will it help to address some of the emotional issues and hardships, but maybe it can be used for networking as well. Finding a job, a place to live, etc. Maybe someone knows someone or has insight on jobs, apartments, etc. We are all in this together, and we might be able to help each other out, in every aspect. Please keep us posted!

Well the meeting was wonderful. Janice Frank and Chance did a great job. I had some emotional residue from the previous day from helping out with homeless veterans so forgive my off point and out of focus presentation. Janice kindly interjected and got me back on track. Our greatest strength is our unity and focus towards a common goal.

It is refreshing to learn that others are protecting registered citizens and asserting their rights. Thank you for sharing this positive news. As for your continued living in that apartment complex, I believe that you can keep your head high knowing that others are looking out for you.

Janice did you see my comment for you? about the mugshot sites?
can they do this to us, even after we are taken off megans law?

Is there a November meeting?

Was not financially able to attend the L.A. October Meeting this year and wondered how that went? Did not hear from anyone including Janice or a new vid vs. the 2013, did alot show in attendance or topics discussed>
I thought alot of new info was going to be disemminated during that time.
Where is this on this site? I just located about the meeting date itself.
I appologize for any grammatical or spelling errors, this inexpensive laptop has no spellcheck.

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