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Janice's Journal

Janice’s Journal: This Wall Will Fall

In our community of registered citizens, the wall of injustice is thick and high.  It is thick due to the public’s failure to see the truth and it is high due to laws that have been passed for more than 50 years.

Why does the public fail to see the truth about registered citizens?  After all, there are hundreds of studies and reports published by leading authorities in both the public and private sectors which conclude that individuals convicted of a sex offense are unlikely to commit another sex offense.

For example, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation has concluded that the rate of re-offense for a registered citizen on parole is less than one percent.  And Dr. Karl Hanson, who has studied this topic for decades, has concluded that individuals who committed a violent sex offense such as rape, but who have not re-offended for 17 years, are no more likely to commit a sex offense than someone who has never committed such an offense.  He also concluded that individuals who committed lesser offenses reach the “point of redemption” in as little as five years.

Perhaps the public cannot see the truth about registered citizens because of fear, a siren song sung by the media on a daily basis.  And why does the media sing that song?  To increase their ratings or readership.  They do so with little or no regard for the truth, the truth that more than 90 percent of those who harm children are not registered citizens, but instead are family members, teachers, coaches and members of the clergy.

And why has the government at every level continued to pass laws that violate the Constitution by denying the rights of registered citizens such as Congress’ recent decision to add a Scarlet letter to passports?  Legislators do so because they mistakenly believe that their introduction of one more sex offender law will help them get re-elected.  Their colleagues vote in favor of those laws because they are afraid that if they don’t vote for the laws, they will be defeated in the next election.

The common ingredient to the public’s failure to see the truth and the number of unconstitutional laws that have been passed is FEAR.  The antidote to fear is TRUTH.  Because when the truth about registered citizens is known, fear will vanish and the wall of injustice will fall.

It’s a simple formula but the path to truth may not be easy.  Instead, the path may include steep climbs, such as the creation of a tiered registry in California, and death defying falls, such as the final ruling this week by the Kansas Supreme Court.

Although the path to truth may not be easy, it is a path work taking for it will ultimately lead to the destruction of the wall of injustice.  There have been similar walls in the past….for African Americans…..for Jews……for Japanese Americans….and for gays.  Those walls have tumbled and our wall of injustice will as well.

As we travel down the path to truth and work toward the destruction of our wall of injustice, the words of hip hop artist Biga Ranx may help us on our journey: “No they can’t keep the people under control – this wall will fall – despite the suffering we got to stand tall.”

I am standing tall knowing that we are on the path of truth and that the wall of injustice will fall.  Please join me to hasten its demise by Showing Up, Standing Up, and Speaking Up.



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I think the reasons for hating “sex offenders” goes beyond fear: it’s hatred and disgust and the need to have a despised minority that everyone can feel superior to. I suspect that fear is not even the primary reason for the hatred, but an appetite for rage.

The need for an enemy is, without doubt, deeply entrenched in the psyches of most humans. The removal of so many acceptable hate-objects, such as racial minorities, Jews, homosexuals, etc., has left a deficit in the supply cabinet of the “rightly-hated”.

Who’s left? Well, there’s always pedophiles or people whom we imagine must be.

And then there’s the weird, suspiciously obsessive, preoccupation with the sex lives of others…

“I think the reasons for hating “sex offenders” goes beyond fear: it’s hatred and disgust and the need to have a despised minority that everyone can feel superior to.”

Your typical Millennial in the United States today. And yes I would single out the United States and not other countries in this regard. I’ve dealt with plenty of them in my business, and I can tell you there is a huge difference in the level of “nastiness” and an “air of hatred” in their attitudes, compared with those Customers that I dealt with in the mid 1990’s.

They absolutely LOVE to HATE groups of people that they feel superior to.

Yes, there is definitely a generational issue here. Remember, the Millennials grew up in an utterly paranoid environment, strictly confined to cohorts within several years of age of one another, completely unexposed to unauthorized adults (and, of those who were authorized, they were overwhelmingly women) thoroughly programmed to distrust strangers and especially men, maniacally cosseted and constantly assured of their “specialness” and continuously reminded that the reason that they couldn’t play outside or could not be given the slightest modicum of independence, well into their teens, was because of kidnapping child molesters.

So, is it any wonder? Is it any wonder that children who were loathe to talk to strangers grew up to be narcissistic, entitled, hostile adults who, by the way, are now adults who won’t talk to strangers?

I notice this in my own neighborhood, an increasingly upscale and trendy San Francisco neighborhood where $4,500 a month might get you a one-bedroom apartment. I don’t even say hello anymore to my professional young neighbors, most of whom have graduate degrees, if they are under, say, thirty. I know they won’t answer. If anything, I get a dirty look. Not so with older neighbors who are always cordial and exchange greetings.

Yes, this is a “special” generation and one to be afraid of, I think. There are exceptions, thankfully, but not nearly enough.

You know, I’m a baby-boomer and thank god the millennials have been reported recently as having become a larger share of the population! And I never thought my generation would be such a conservative group of nut-heads; after all we lived through our own social revolution!

But you’re right PK it appears as a whole this Millennial generation has their heads screwed on much better in many ways..

The baby boomers are dying off & I have to disagree that they’re primarily responsible for the new draconian laws. They didn’t need a sex offender registry back then….everyone knew who the neighborhood perverts with the dirty magazines were. My baby boomer parents just told me to stay clear of them. No need for the govt to torment them like today. Although they were like to be more cuddled by their parents, it’s not the fault because they’re too young in their careers to have any significant affect on other people’s lives. The fault mainly lies squarely at the feet of generation x who peaked their careers in the 2000s. My generation. That’s where you find most of the fear mongering politicians, prosecutors, and victims rights groups especially in middle America. Just look at the incoming freshman of the 2012 House elections. Sex offender hysteria went really went on steroids after those generation Xers got in office.

Dearest Janice:

It is only a small help, but I have…not made a donation, this is not charity…but rather sent a contribution for the Future of everyone.

Just the whole idea of a Registry is bad….reintegration into Society where people have a stake is still the goal.

Though this does not directly relate to RSO’s, they are mentioned in this BBC Story. This is how to treat prisoners…as people.

I am not saying there are not compulsively dangerous people out there, but they are the rare exception that however get all the attention without noting that they are an exception to the general rule.

In any case, thank you for fighting my fight for me and all of us.

Best Wishes, James

I blame religion and the need for punishment of “sins” and what is the greatest sin of all – SEX!

Therefore, what more perfect target of hate than SEX OFFENDERS…tie that in with CHILDREN and you have the perfect storm! “If it saves one child” “Better to error on the side of caution” and all the other oversimplified sound bites we hear year after year.

That is why they (political “leaders” and religious “leaders”) have made every effort to make it one and the same in public’s mind.

Please do not be fooled that there is the remotest reality of the separation of church and state. They are fully integrated and America is one of the most conservative and fundamentally religious of the so-called developed countries.

We even have it on every dollar we spend “In God we trust” just in case you might forget it for a second.

Fight the ignorance of religion and this abuse and lifetime punishment might change…not holding my breath however…as David pointed out, having a hated group is part of human evolution and has contributed to our dominance as a species on this planet.

You really can’t change millions of years of evolutionary history in our primitive innate behaviour no matter how intellectually stupid it might actually be.

I still think of this as a definitionial problem, (of course what drives the passion to change the meanings of words may be…religion or well meaning social justice efforts…but as oft noted, The path to Hell is paved with good intentions.)

I mean it in this sense…if every person under 18 is a child, (a wild conception if ever there was one!), and if a child can, by definition not give consent and therefore every sex act, major or minor, is ipso facto a child sex molestation w/o consent…then of course, this appears to be something horrible.

The truth is more nuanced…as is real life. Not everyone one under 18 is a child, often not nearly so, not ever sex act is w/o consent…often it is wildly chased after by this person that is far from being a child…

I’m not saying that falling into such a disaster in waiting is right or excusable…but it is not the height of perversion that this is most often made out to be.

And, of course, if above definitions are honestly applied, there are 20 million more arrests that need to be made this year (40m pop 12~18, 50% of whom will engage in some sexual activity this year!), and this society better get on with these mass arrests and additions to the Registry.

Following the prevailing, though wrong, logic.

We need to change the words back to their proper meaning.

Best Wishes, James

PS I sometimes also forget that many RSO’s are convicted of what really…are thought crimes…there is no sex act at all.

All the above is just crazy.

TierdO ,, I don’t get what your saying , you say you Blame” religion, well religion is all about guilt, sin , and Blame” and spiritual” is about responsabilaty , your responsible for what you do in life , no blame” so some people can be into religion” and be spiritual ” and not be anything like what you might call Religious” in anyway shape or form, spiritual you hold your self responsible, look in side your self , so Blame” needs to stop , or we end up being just as bad as the people that Blame” you, rather than putting all people in the same box that happen to be spiritual” and don’t be leave anything like someone that is religious” so even if there was no religion ” people would find a way to blame” plenty of Blame going around and around. so the people that are passing unjust laws do not and will not take resposabilty for there actions , just passing the buck , and the everyone else is pointing the finger at each other ,Blaming , an easy trap to fall into , because fear + blame can = hate , sad really because blame is much easyer than forgiveness and peace seem to be

Religion is full of storys about guilt, sin, and Blame” , but what about the rest of it? all the positive forgiveness , and love , some chose to use the parts of religion as some kind of a prejugdement stick to beat people with, and to wash there hands of people they eather hate or dislike for what ever reason ,but on the other hand there are people that look at the same book and then look inside them selfs , and look for ways to forgive and look for ways to help because as a spiritual person you must look in side them selfs for what they should do to bring others up rather than kickem when there down , two whole different critters

I find it incredibly ironic that the same man who signed the IML into law a short time ago spoke this weekend on the urgent need to justice reform in the US.

Your efforts are not without deep appreciation.

I think you are all right, but I think it is only a few fanatics that are really afraid of and really angry at registrants, like the Books, the rest could not give a damn about us either way. Out of sight out of mind. Because they know people do not give a damn, the politicians can come up with almost anything to punish registrants. It derives an almost no risk political dividend for them. Few are going to risk questioning it, because it does not affect them at all if they say nothing, but if they speak out then they will also be shamed — for supporting people they care nothing about. Where’s the win?
Only our families, a few friends and some legal professionals care, because the laws affect what they care about and is close to their hearts. I might add some compassionate therapists. They care because it affects them closely, and they feel our situation. Sex offender laws do not affect the vast majority of people down where it motivates people, in the gut, in their day to day existence. If they feel anything there, it is hatred, because that is the ready made, packaged response to get you loved by your peers. Nothing more. Acceptance by one’s peers not any biological response to sex.
We need to find out what is important to people and to show people how the registry plays into that. Is it wasteful government spending? Is it really about protecting children? Is it about growing the corporate police state? These are the questions, if presented with answers to what people care about, that may hook people’s interest in our cause.

Thank you Janice , I can tell by what you right that you truly do listen to the RC , and that you talk to us rather than at us, and I am sorry for all of the times that you have had to carry on your back some of the many things we may have , or may not have done in our life , all the same you go and stand before what I think are some of the most evil people there are on this world , many of us RC’s know this because we stood before them and seen first hand , that all they wanted to do was judge us to better fit the long portfolio of victims they need for more power , and not even care if there was ever a fair trial, they try us in the news papers and TV ,in many cases we are beaten in the jails by the thug cops as well as thug inmates , and we are to go in to courts with black eyes a striped or baggy jump suit stinking for the jail , bond post are fare to high , yet someone that just shot someone to death walks out on OR”,,,,i preyed to GOD for safty and understanding , now I am not religious , BUT I am a spirtul person , and I beleave,, Have Faith” that if we keep pulling together we will pull this wall down , please keep up the great work ,, my wife told me to say hi , so HI !

As my herro Roneld Regan said, “tier down this wall!” I am four a teared registry. MY STATIC SCORE = 0. BOOYA! SO NO LIFE REG. FOUR ME!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

The Static 99, as well as the Static 99r, is a lot more INACCURATE than you’d think. Some of the most violent sex recidivists scored fairly low on the Static system. Hence, a “tiered” registry is flawed because of its assumption the Static 99r is true science. The Static 99r is not true science (and there are many studies & reports to prove this).

Jonah ,, I know your right , and thanks for saying it , I am kind of sick of this whole so called science that they have been basing this tiered system on bunk stats , when I was doing time I seen people leave and be back on new charges in no time flat , and the ones that would get out that were levl 3 would get on and do what the PO said and all that , and if you did see them come back it was always prole set back , and all levls of prol 1 2 3 where hard , but the levl 3 was super hard , , but a lot of these crimes that were levl 1 should not have even been a crime , so I am happy to see anyone get off this crap ,but not at the expence of being called the worst of the worst , and put in the postion of being stepped on and over because some RC’s are levl 1 and everyone going by the real stats say, well ok the old science is bunk so we will change it for levl 1 , but the rest , hell with them, they are all the same these levl 3’s are , lol what the hell is that ? also if your a lev3 it is so easy for the cops to target us and get a new case , and use that worst of the so called worst against us , no case by case judgement , nope its the once fallen you must be good for it , even if you did have to play lets make a deal on your first time down , its all just BS , they need to stop treating all of us like live stock

We have to get the truth out. To do that we need a plan. Every state needs to be aggressive in reaching out to all on the registry and their families to join both their state association and the national RSOL. From there we need to seek monetary help. It does not have to be large donations as there is strength in numbers but a consistent program of contributions for both legal challenges and maybe more importantly, a well conceived PR campaign. Maybe also a concerted letter campaign to our national legislators to push for a comprehensive study on the effectiveness and the costs of all things Registry centered. Some national researchers and representatives of national victims groups as well as members of RSOL, Carsol and other effective groups could come together to develop guidelines to guide the project. At any rate we need a plan.

I see what your talking about Mike , hell it hard to get anything going even here in CA to where we can do something that everyone can be part of , even if they don’t have money, some kind of get together that could generate some money as well have a little fun maybe , poor people cant afford to drive , ride a bus , to LA or SD to even make a meeting , and be able to eat out and leave alittle money , it sucks , I cant speak for everyone else but it would be great to meet other RC’s , maybe a week end camping , and it would give everyone a chance to give sound ideas on ways we can go to do what ever it is that we need to do , lol if that makes any since, but we could all use some fun and laughs , and fun and laughs makes more money than just meetings , now I know we cant do that like every week, but it would help a lot in helping people pull together , maybe someone could show me how to really use this lap top lol, but I” think it would be great to be able to really talk to some cool folks, as well as my wife , because I try to tell her whats up and in the wind with all this RC stuff , but it would be great if she knew another women in the same boat , if its hard for me I know it is for her , when I get jumpy I know she feels real fear , like the other day I took my dog out , and this guy ask me if some of the kids here had put up a swing in the tree I like to set under at night , I told him I had not seen one and I don’t care because I don’t own this place anyway, he just laugh at me , most here know I am RC , well I walked my dog out there and looked around wial my dog was taking care of biz , and I seen a rope , so I thought Dang I guess I have to find me a new space to chill at night because I really don’t need to be set up or something like that, so that night I went out to my tree with my cup of coffee , and really got a good look at the rope , it was a noose , and it was not some little kid that made that , at first I just went cold , then I got mad , I looked around and there was like 5or6 people standing out looking at me ,some getting a good chuckle at me , I just stood there looking at the rope in my hand , well I could see it was really good rope , new matter of fact , so I grabbed my old bucket that I sit on most of the time and got on top of it and un tied the rope , and undone the noose and walked back to the parking lot and tossed the rope in the back of my truck , at that very moment I thought about my wife , I thought I cant tell her about this because it would scared her , as well as make her feel so sad , she don’t have that coming , so I guess our days are yet again numbered here , the land lord likes us but he is a slum lord and don’t make waves over no RC , and if something was to happen to me I don’t want her stuck here with all these cold drug infested pimps and hookers , in this bed bug motel, I am just not real sure where to go, I guess it don’t really matter as long as we are together , but any way it would be nice to get together with some folks that have to live this RC life , and have alittle fun as well as relax ,

Justice is blind, but legislators are not. While the court system punished us and let us off after our punishment, legislators have picked up the ball and added restrictions, another word for punishment, to further punish us. This punishment will continue until someone somewhere along the lines re-establishes that once we have served our sentence, we are no longer to be punished. The list of restrictions is growing by the day, and it has to end.

I agree , cheers

If the public continues to only be exposed to the worst examples of sex crimes and RCs by the media, then they’ll continue to assume that’s what all RCs are like.

Does anyone know when the static 99 is taken ? Can it be retaken ? What if you never had it performed on you ? i guess I am a little confused. My husband said he never took this or had ever seen it. Obviously the answers to the questions 15 years ago are different than they are today. If anyone has knowledge on this it would be nice to hear.

I think there are many who never had to take it, myself included. If it’s been longer than 10 years since your conviction you can’t take it.

“Point of redemption?” Is that a math statistic term (because it sounds more evangelical Christian to me)? As for Karl Hanson, he is one of the creators of the Static 99. I feel the Static 99 grossly exaggerates recidivism and unfairly lumps non-violent and violent offenses together. In fact, the Static 99R perversely gives 1 point for non-violent offenses and 0 points for violent offenses. There are many more flaws to the Static system, but to predicate a “tiered” registry on it is foolish, arbitrary, inaccurate, and not scientific. Personally, I feel the Static 99 is a scam. And Hanson, Thornton, Phenix, and Harris are snake oil salesmen trying to make a name for themselves. I mean none of the Static 99 “developers” (they try to make themselves SEEM so scientific) are even statisticians! Yet they are peddling a statistical model veiled in complete secrecy. I mean the data has never been verified because Hanson et al. claim their Static 99R a “trade secret.” The Static 99R is a complete fraud I tell you!

Keep in mind that the term “violence” has been re-defined in criminal statutes and by the child sexual abuse lobby.

“Violence” can simply mean that the “victim” was under some arbitrary age, e.g. fourteen.

Use of force or coercion is completely unnecessary now to finding that a sex offense is “violent” or that the offender is a “sexually violent predator”.

It’s a great way to inflame the emotions of the public and to misrepresent, decidedly non-violent, individuals as something akin to the Night Stalker or Ted Bundy or John Wayne Gacy.

This “violence” done to the English language has been essential to the success of the anti-sex offender juggernaut. It guarantees that the unaware (which is virtually everyone) can hold not a modicum of sympathy for the offender.

even better NY has a statute called “Forcible Touching” that requires one to “forcibly touch” and there are people convicted whose Registration sheets say Force used: None.

Explain that?

So what does that mean if a tiered system
Were to pass and there’s a ton of people who never took the static 99 , where do they fall ?

I definitely am sensitive to all here. As I am also here fighting this fight with you all. I don’t comment very often but I try and stay in tune with what is going on on the board. Many people all continue to make very similar points. Yes , each is us is being punished one way or another by registering or by having a family member register. I urge you , if you want to make a difference continue donating , continue writing letters , get involved some way some how. Myself and a few others here are working towards a way to really get those not knowledgable of this site and our fight , knowledgable and involved. Tell yourself , donate a $1 per comment 🙂 something manageable . The only way we can win this fight is if we work together in NUMBERS. Can you imagine the power this group would have if even half of the RC in Ca were aware of this site , even half donated $10 a month , half wrote letters and made phone calls. They could not and would not be able to pass these outrageous laws. Janice cannot do this alone. Skip Starbucks today , donate towards your future !

Much needs to be done to utilize all forms of media to promote and detail the truth. Television (those outlets that will give unbiased reporting, NPR and RT). The internet, YOUTUBE. All print media. Publications produced by RSOL. An entire focus on media and the message. Dedicated focus on visually and literally presenting the truth. RSOL should have an entire staff devoted to legal and media issues. A new point of reference is needed based on real people, real lives, and the devastation that the registry and all the subsequent laws has created. The promotion of trust.

I’ve witnessed Janice’s work evolve in this movement since the beginning. This cause needs a fighter like her. While virtually all of the remarks in this journal entry are spot on I do take issue with this paragraph.

“The common ingredient to the public’s failure to see the truth and the number of unconstitutional laws that have been passed is FEAR. The antidote to fear is TRUTH. Because when the truth about registered citizens is known, fear will vanish and the wall of injustice will fall.”

The public has seen the “truth” of all discriminated people groups the world over for eons. Exposing “truth” does not remove fear nor will it stop the plight of the registered citizen. Only a look back in history whether recent or distant reveals human nature does not stop punishing humankind even in the face of the evils against various groups.

The only thing that seems to topple the atrocities of one group or another is to threaten the political leaders who allow them to happen. Fear must be placed in the lives of the power structure and its ongoing quest for power and wealth. Until we chop off the heads “figuratively” of political leaders and threaten their power the laws and the battle will continue to rage.

I walked out of the probation office after two days in county jail from a 10 day sentence for a SINGLE MISDEMEANOR count of indecent exposure. First time (and trust me – only time) offense. I am given papers to sign, and on the top it is marked “HRSO”. I ask my P.O., “What does this mean?” She says it means High Risk Sex Offender. I could not believe it!! I ask how? She says its based on “sophisticated” science called the Static 99. Apparently, I have a score of 6. And apparently, as I do more research, I am learning the Static 99R is a complete and utter fraud. We should call the Static 99R the Static 99 scam! I have to do more “therapy” sessions because of the Static 99 scam inaccurately labeling me high risk. Apparently, my county probation does not look at any other factor except for whether one is HRSO or not! Each “therapy” session cost me $50 and believe me it adds up! I cannot stress how much the Static 99R is a complete bogus scam!! A tiered registry would require me to LIFETIME registration!!

If it’s any consolation, the Static 99 doesn’t really help low levels at all, or at least in my case. I have to register for life despite scoring as low risk.

I really don’t know what the point of the Static 99 is if the courts don’t use it as their scientific test.

Static 99 is an arrow in their quiver to use, selectively, to support their position, when convenient.

None of their “forensic instruments” are very good but they are necessary to providing the illusion that there is a semblance of scientific rigor undergirding their pseudo-science.

Well said, David. I was once a proponent for the tier of sex offenses, but when I researched of how it relies on a measure of alleged risk determined by the STATIC 99R “scam,” I no longer believe a tiered registry is a good alternative. As I read in a different post on this website a few months ago, a tiered registry indeed aims to divide and conquer our cause. I also read somewhere that about 30 or so percent of registrants are designated a 6 or higher score, so that is about 30% of registrants still subject to lifetime registration under the tiered registry scam REGARDLESS of crime. Then add all the other many crimes still requiring lifetime registration under the tiered registry scam regardless if one has a low STATIC 99R score, it seems we’d still be left with an oversized registry. Then remains the lucky ones, who still have to wait 20 or 10 years (depending on crime AND assuming they don’t score more than 6 on the STATIC 99R scam). That’s not “justice.” It’s bad science and bad policy.


Are there any countries in this world we can travel to without rejection? I wanted to take my wife to Paris for the first time. I’ve been battling this crazy world of uneducated people for 34 years when I had my first and last offence. But every year i register people think its my first offense. I am saddened for all the guys and gals that only have 1-5 years of this tragic label. Gods blessings to Janice and all you young people in this family. I pray for intervention from God and someone in this world to destroy these terrible laws that Bill Clinton and Obama have placed on our society. They have made the internet a nightmare for our life.


It has been reported that the 26 Schengen nations in Europe allow registered citizens to visit even after receiving notifications from the U.S. government. A list of those nations is available online.

Pedro, people seem to want certainty…where there is none. But I have thought on your Paris problem while driving, and here is an elegant solution:
(though I caution that I think you should just go with your wife and you will be fine…bu this is an alternative…)

Buy two tickets, you flying to Paris 36 hours early. God forbid you get turned around, Your wife can cancel her ticket. As an added benefit, if there are no problems in Paris for you, your Wife can make last minute internet reservations at hotels and whatnots that you might have planned, or will need (ie be sure to buy a Paris Museum Pass).

Here again, there is no advance money to be lost, (except your ticket) if your wife waits and makes reservations after you clear customs.

Just an idea.

Best Wishes, James

PS I have set something like this up with a friend that will make the necessary reservations if I clear Customs in Rome.

I would be interested to hear of any information about China and if anyone has been there and back.

So I have a question. Does any other state have a tiered or other sex offender registry that relies on “risk” as opposed to actual offense? Is California trying to be novel in pretending “risk” is a better alternative to determine if one must be required to register for lifetime? Because if “risk” is determined by the Static-99/R scam, it seems hardly better than the current system. At least the current system relies on the objective factor of an actual conviction, whereas a tiered system would rely on a number (they go into the negatives now, lol) set by the Static-99/R scam! Relying on the Static-99/R fraud science, which is what a tiered proposal suggests, is NOT an improvement from the current system. I actually feel a tiered proposal would be a step back, as it encourages society to blindly accept a scam as true statistical science. When you look at the facts behind the Static system, you will begin to see the type of hocus pocus fraud the State of California has imposed on its people.

I also feel a “risk-based” tiered registry is even worse. It’s even more stupid than a conviction-based registry because a “risk-based” registry assumes truth to the STATIC-99R scam. A passage of a tiered registry bill will give unfeathered credence to the STATIC-99 tests and such would be intellectual dishonesty and a disservice to public safety. I have actually thought of suing the “developers” of the STATIC-99 tests (Andrew Harris, Amy Phenix, R. Karl Hanson, and David Thornton). I want to sue because like many of you, I feel the STATIC-99R is not accurate in having labeled me a “high risk sex offender.” Harris, Phenix, Karl Hanson, and Thornton should be held accountable for the many misrepresetations of the STATIC-99 tests!! The STATIC-99 tests have destroyed many lives. And when the STATIC-99 “developers” are so secretive of the underlying data to call it a “trade secret,” it makes me wonder what’s really going down behind the scenes…

My thoughts only without knowing any facts– A tiered system is preferred to a statutory assignment of risk as there could be many stuck at the 288 level, for example, that will all be considered risky–without taking a number of factors into consideration. I personally want risk assessment

Well, yes….but a real Risk Assessment…by a Court or a live person, not this Static 99r BS.

If society wants to punish us this much, then it must invest in making real and honest evaluations of us, individually.

Doing so would face few objections from most of us…and besides, doing so would be called….Justice.

Best Wishes, James

I was part of an internet sting, no real person. I’m in the Low-Moderate category, only because of the very last three questions. Unrelated, Stranger, Male. So if I tried to hook up with my sister, female cousin, aunt, grandmother, etc., I’d be at a 0. Does any of that make sense??

The Unforgiven: You would actually be scored, at minimum, in the Moderate-High category — as you also earn 1 point for your crime having been “non-contact.” See Question Number 7 of the Static-99R scam. Don’t worry. I am also Moderate-High risk under the Static-99R scam. It would be a good idea, as mentioned above, to sue the creators of the Static-99 scam. I Googled Andrew Harris, Amy Phenix, Karl Hanson and David Thornton (the so-called Static-99R scam developers) and noticed they are all Canadians whose Static-99R scam is imposed on U.S. Citizens. As Wilbur suggested, can a class of people harmed by foreign citizen’s scam be sued in American courts? Also, this makes me wonder if the Static-99R scam uses CANADIAN or American samples to base its data off of? A lot of questions I now have.

Not sure how I missed that. Thanks. Even makes less sense now. So if I actually made contact with my sister, female cousin, aunt, grandmother, etc., I’d be at a 0. So by rating the two scenario’s, the one that would be considered more wrong is actually right. Keep it in the family??

No, not more right, just less likely to repeat, that is where they are coming from. Whether their statistics are accurate I don’t know, but it is clear that is the measurement they are looking at. And it is not without an intuitive logic behind it. Remember, the most horrendous crime, murder, has the lowest re-offense rate. Those who have the family related contact crimes have such a measure of unbearable shame, akin to murdering family relationships, that it can be said it acts as a deterrent to future acts and have a generally lower re-offense rate. I can see your point, the registry is a form of punishment and as such it seems unfair to punish someone longer for a no contact crime than for a contact crime. That is the reasoning behind the Adam Walsh Act. And the courts still can’t see that it is all based on punishing certain crimes. You have just made that very case.

Timmr, you said: “Those who have the family related contact crimes have such a measure of unbearable shame, akin to murdering family relationships that it acts as a deterrent to future acts and have generally lower re-offense rate.” Do you have a study or scientific source to corroborate your claim? If I am not mistaken, the man responsible for committing the crimes behind Chelsea’s Law had a first offense of molesting an underage relative. He was convicted, scored low on the Static 99/R, and went on to rape and kill two teens. My point being every person is unique. And your claim rests on the premise that there is “not without an intuitive logic” behind the Static 99/R “developer’s” claim when the Static 99/R creators have never even released its sample. Indeed, R. Karl Hanson, etc. say their conception is a “…trade secret…”, but it could very well be a fraud (because independent statisticians are not free to scrutinize the statistical methodology behind the Static-99R).

Indeed, everyone is unique, and no one should be judged by what Mr. Gardner did except Mr. Gardner, and his behavior is extremely rare.

I think it would be sweet to file lawsuits against the California Department of Justice, as well as the Static 99 developers (Hanson, Thornton, etc.). They endose and created the Static 99 which seems intimidatingly scientific at first glance; but beneath its facade, the Static 99R is nothing more than junk psuedo-science. I say let’s hold California and the Static 99 developers accountable for creating false misrepresentations in their Static 99R scam. The Static 99R has undoubtedly harmed many lives and its unfair!

I want to stand up and fight… but i fear that when and if i do… local authorities or even federal authorities will hound me, find reasons to pull me over, make up stories or vigilantes will hurt my family or myself. I have tried very hard to get my family back, in a safe environment. I am a lucky one who has skills that are in such high demand that i was able to get back on my feet… I am grateful i spent so many years in front of the computer as a child…

My name is already blasted in the media and of course they only reported the juicy stuff but failed to report anything when the truth actually came out…

Even still as a convicted felon… I can not own a firearm to defend my family… I have no protection… except for defensive things such as alarms and having certain people on speed dial. I occasionally once every so often get calls from the agents who prosecuted me asking for information or help.. I feel like i am constantly being watched… One of the main reasons we moved out of the state i originally lived in.

This is life as i know it now… and it’s just getting worse and worse every day. The thing i do notice however is people are actually starting to see things and how wrong this is… mostly because it’s affecting their families as well.

The Adam Walsh Act needs to be reformed… along with the IML and others… I have a feeling that eventually we will all have nowhere to go….

My goal is to fight, however, with young kids I have to protect them to make sure my past isn’t the reason why they are harmed… how ironic these laws are…

So is the Static 99R accurate or not accurate? There are some studies claiming it is accurate, while others claim the Static 99 and its “revised” version is not accurate. I just find it interesting that based on 10 questions, Karl Hanson and his Canadian Static 99 cohorts claim to have ability to predict one’s future. Being released at age 60 or older, for example, would automatically give a person a -3 score (note the negative number). So Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, and the other extreme cases would score fairly low at present day. Really does not make sense at all. But then again, the “experts” at casomb say the Static 99R is “very accurate.” Maybe the experts at casomb are not so expert? Just a thought.

The Static-99R will sometimes prove right, sometimes wrong. Sort of like a flip of a coin or a random guess. I am convinced the “99” in Static-99R represents “99% bull$*!*”. The Static tests are in use to make the risk assessment process seem more scientific than it really is. People — and human behavior — are not “static,” despite the claims of Kamala Harris’ Department of “Justice” and Tom Tobin’s CASOMB. Each person has the ability to change, learn, and evolve for the better. None of the Static-99R’s so-called “Risk Factors” (there are 10 of them) even take positive effort and/or even treatment into account. So in a sense, by accepting the Static-99R as truth, the use of the Static-99R invalidates and dismisses efficacy of sex offender treatment when studies show treatment as greatly reducing recidivism. In sum, acceptance of the Static-99R invalidates the millions spent (by taxpayers) on mandated sex offender “treatment” programs as useless.

Static99R is pure garbage. Non-contact sex offenses make you “higher” risk. Unrelated victims make you higher risk. Which means someone who physically committed a sex offense against a relative who’s a minor is less riskier than someone who only viewed a picture of a minor who you didn’t know. If the victim was male, then you are higher risk. If you never lived with a lover for over two years, you’re higher risk.
……there’s nothing scientific or accurate about static99. Canadians who invented the test had to know the American penal system is much more draconian. You better hope your state doesn’t use it

Webster said “If I am not mistaken, the man responsible for committing the crimes behind Chelsea’s Law had a first offense of molesting an underage relative”

Wiki says it was a 13 yr. old neighbor, not a relative.

So he got ZERO points for a contact offense (molesting her), whereas if he exposed himself or did a peeping tom offense to her (a non contact), he would have got 1 point? Then because the victim was female he got ZERO points, rather then 1 point if the victim was male? Then ZERO points because she was not a “stranger.” Anyway in the Response to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Request for Review (a report by ca somb), the guy scored a “2” on the Static (which translates to “low-moderate” risk). So he turned out to be pretty “low-moderate,” eh? In sum, the Static-99R is bogus fraud. I just wonder how many false-positives exist for those unfairly classified “high risk.” And how many truly dangerous ones are classified non high risk by the Static-99R fraud (or as one of you suggested, we just call it Static-99R SCAM).

I remember reading this article awhile back and was able to dig it up again.

This college student got bumped upped to level 2 because of a “non-contact” “stranger” offense. New York State won’t admit it but they, pattern their registry point system after Static-99R.

Article also says (now you got to love this)

“Had officials probed into Daniel’s case, they may have learned Daniel, who was never accused of touching anyone in any way, has a higher level sex offender ranking than some offenders who have molested children”

The ironic thing is this kid was coming from the home country of the creators of Static-99R. But I will say Daniel better thank his lucky stars he wasn’t sent to prison for his offense

Good point Erwin. I don’t think the Static-99R should be used. The thing has a credibly intimidating name, but that’s about as credible as it gets. It’s a cheap and shallow way to predict a person’s future.

I think law law enforcement favors simple, mechanical solutions like Static 99. Just punch in a few numbers and there is your answer. Really, nothing is going to get any better unless the penal solution is recognized for its constitutional limits and the problems of sexual abuse are looked at by people trained to handle complexity and offer individualized solutions that don’t always have to have punisment attached to them.

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